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Will cleaning dishes in the household dishwasher remove yellow stains ?

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Faced with the decision to “upgrade” a household dishwasher, many housewives are still confused and really skeptical about the machine’s cleaning ability. Can dishwashers clean dishes as rumored and remove yellow stains on dishes? Let’s find the answer with Huttuscon in this article!

Can cleaning dishes in the dishwasher remove yellow stains ?

Today, many housewives look to dishwashers, in order to upgrade and simplify daily house cleaning more quickly and efficiently. However, there are too many rumors about “praising and criticizing” for the dishwasher, so it makes you still confused and skeptical before deciding to “buy” yourself a dishwasher. To make it easier to imagine, Huttuscon will help you learn about the working mechanism of the dishwasher below

Dishwasher cleans dishes based on water pressure and hot water mode

Dishwashers operate based on water pressure, removing grease and food residues left on the surface of dishes, saving cleaning time compared to traditional washing methods. Along with that is the ability to clean dishes with hot water, dishes from there are also removed from bacteria, against mold harmful to the intestinal tract of the whole family. Dishes when washed with hot water also become cleaner and visibly shiny. Accordingly, you can see that dishwashers can overcome problems that ordinary dishwashing cannot do, especially sterilizing dishes.

Does not consume a lot of electricity and water

In fact, dishwashers do not consume as much electricity and water as you often think, because modern models have been integrated with the ability to save electricity and water. Along with that, according to experts, washing dishes by machine will save you 10-20 liters of water compared to the traditional way. With these advantages, you should completely consider buying yourself a dishwasher at home!

Household Dishwasher has many cleaning modes to keep dishes clean and shiny like new

Depending on the type of dishes and cleaning needs, the dishwasher is integrated with many cleaning modes. Different functions will bring diverse cleaning effects, suitable for each type of dish and utensils for eating and drinking. From there, you can save time and money in just one wash.

Dishwashers optimize performance when using the right specialized cleaning products

In fact, dishwashers are very picky and cannot use conventional dishwashing products. If you accidentally use the wrong product, you may face many problems such as dishes not being cleaned effectively, the machine not dissolving soap and foaming, etc. during use . Therefore, in order for the machine to operate smoothly and achieve the same efficiency as mentioned above, you need to pay attention to choosing a specialized cleaning product specifically for dishwashers.

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Compare built-in dishwashers and stand-alone dishwashers, which should you buy ?

It is known that built-in dishwashers and standalone dishwashers have many similarities in size and operating principle, so it is easy to cause confusion for consumers. Let’s learn about how to distinguish between these two dishwashers so that we can easily make the right choice!

Define Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher is a dishwasher that is designed in the form of a cabinet door or a double compartment and it is installed into the kitchen cabinet, kitchen shelf. So you must carefully calculate the size of the machine before buying to fit the kitchen space. Usually, built-in dishwashers are ordered and installed during the construction of the kitchen, giving you a beautiful and modern interior space.

Classify Built-in dishwasher

Currently, there are two types of built-in dishwashers: full built-in dishwashers and partial dishwashers.

Full dishwasher: A machine designed with a completely submerged installation position inside the kitchen cabinet. The front side will not see the machine door, but instead the kitchen cabinet door to synchronize the entire kitchen cabinet. The touch control unit is located on the door handle and when you open the kitchen cabinet you can see it.

Partial dishwasher: A machine with a body design that sinks into the inside and the door will be kept intact and clearly visible on the outside. At the same time, the control panel is also located on the outside and it is easy to press the control button without opening the inside like a full dishwasher.

Advantages of built-in dishwashers:

  1. Elegant and sophisticated design because of the built-in kitchen cabinet design. Bring synchronization, create accents and increase the aesthetics of the kitchen.
  2. Large capacity and size dishwasher capable of washing 12-14 sets of European dishes.
  3. Most are 3-compartment dishwashers, so the dishes are classified and generously placed in each compartment. Thereby avoiding the situation of collision with each other or scratches causing damage to furniture.
  4. Low noise level only from 44dB – 47 dB. Therefore, the device does not cause discomfort during operation.
  5. High-end dishwashers should have many different functions: deep wash, quick wash, mixed wash…
  6. Save water with only 14 – 27 liters of water per wash cycle (10 liters less than conventional hand washing)
  7. Safe for children because there is a security lock, so young children can freely live with their parents in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of built-in dishwashers:

  1. It is necessary to select a dishwasher before designing the kitchen cabinet so that it can be installed. Measure carefully before mounting
  2. The price of the machine is higher than other models.
  3. Built-in dishwasher design will be more suitable for large kitchen space, modern kitchen model, new trend.
  4. It is necessary to use special products for dishwashers. Because if you use the wrong product or lack of products, it will lead to the formation of limescale that will dirty the machine cage, clogged drain pipes, overflowing foam causing damage to the microchip…

Define Independent dishwasher

Define Independent dishwasher

Define Independent dishwasher

Independent dishwasher is a line of dishwashers with a large vertical cabinet design. The operating capacity of the machine is strong and has a large storage compartment. You can use it to wash 10 – 16 sets of dishes and pots and pans at the same time, very convenient. The machine has a modern design, can be installed under the cabinet or placed in any position in the kitchen space.

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Advantages of Independent dishwasher

Calculation and installation is simpler than installing a built-in machine, the machine can be placed in many different positions in the kitchen space such as next to the sink for easy drainage or next to the cupboard to store the dishes after cleaning. washing more convenient.

Disadvantages of Independent dishwasher

The machine has a large size, takes up a lot of space, it is also more difficult to move the machine.

Compare built-in dishwashers with stand-alone dishwashers

Compare built-in dishwashers with stand-alone dishwashers

Compare built-in dishwashers with stand-alone dishwashers

The same

  • Large washing compartment, powerful operation capacity, can wash many sets of dishes, pots and pans … at the same time.
  • Designed with large size and modern design, elegant and luxurious.
  • The operating principle and various washing programs help to clean items quickly, saving time and effort.


  • Built-in dishwasher: Install inside a cabinet or kitchen shelf.
  • Independent dishwasher: Install inside the cabinet or place in any independent position in the kitchen space.

Bảng so sánh máy rửa chén âm tủ với máy rửa chén độc lập

Version Built-in dishwasher Independent dishwasher
Installation location Built-in kitchen cabinet, fixed Flexible installation in many positions, difficult to move
User object Family with 4-6 members Family with 4-6 members
Suitable space Medium kitchen space Large kitchen space
Size Height about 85cm, width 60cm, width 60cm

Equivalent to a mini fridge of about 90 liters

Height about 85cm, width 60cm, width 60cm

Equivalent to a horizontal drum washing machine

Design Design in the form of a cabinet door or a drawer Vertical design, can be placed independently
Number of washable dishes From 10-14 sets of dishes and pots at a time with many programs from normal to drying, polishing. From 8 to 16 sets of dishes
Price About 650$ – 1600$ About 650$ – 1600$


If your kitchen space is tight, you should choose a built-in dishwasher to optimize the use of space. At the same time, this machine helps your kitchen to become more airy, increases the aesthetics, creates a luxurious and modern beauty for the home’s kitchen.

On the contrary, if your family has a spacious kitchen space or your home does not have a built-in design, you can choose a standalone dishwasher as a focal point for the kitchen. In particular, with this machine, users can install it in any position as they like and easily move it when needed.

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