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What you can change from your daily meal to protect your family’s health

by phuong.seo
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Did you know that daily eating habits have an important influence on the health and development of the body? Maintaining bad habits not only causes physical health to be depleted but mental health will also be affected. In this article, Huttuscon will tell you 4 things you can change from your daily meals to protect your family’s health. Let’s find out together!

Do not eat food that is old or past its use-by date

Using old or expired food, food stored for many days in the refrigerator… can cause you to have problems with food poisoning. Usually, to save time for busy days, people tend to store food and food for use, or cooked food is stored in the refrigerator to use for many days later. 

However, using these foods causes serious harm to health, not only not adding nutrients to the body, but also causing the body to develop diseases, causing food poisoning at the same time. mentally fatigued. 

To limit this situation, you should store food properly and use food within the expiry date, expired products should be thrown away immediately. 

Also, store prepared foods properly. You should only use it within the last two days. After the above allowed time, food is often contaminated, when used, it will affect the digestive system, especially the weak digestive system of young children.

Follow a healthy diet

change from your daily meal to protect your family's health

A healthy diet is now becoming the trend these days. As people began to pay more attention to health and spiritual life, healthy diets were adopted in a radical way. This method of eating helps to improve and minimize disease problems in humans. Moreover, a healthy diet is also important in developing mental health. Following a healthy diet, people also begin to be aware of using clean products, organic products and not using products containing chemical ingredients that affect health.

Choose foods that have the ability to protect the immune system

The attack of the epidemic has created a new habit of changing people’s food consumption and living habits. Now, we all have a need to pay more attention to foods that have the ability to protect and strengthen the immune system to ensure safety and health. Foods that supplement nutrients, support immune function and health such as zinc, selenium, vitamins … are used more.

In addition, choosing foods that protect the digestive system is also essential to protect the health of the family. Improving gut health is considered a top concern for many people. At the beginning of the year, in a survey on the Every health website, 46% of consumers said they prefer to use foods with properties good for gut health and the digestive system.

Choose foods that have the ability to protect the immune system

Use safe, natural ingredients to clean dishes

Using safe, natural ingredients in dishwashing liquid is also essential and important to protect family health. In addition, the ingredients do not contain chemicals, so this product line is absolutely safe for health, leaving no residue on dishes. From there, you can safely use it to clean dishes after each family’s daily meal. 

Eat breakfast regularly

Breakfast is a very important meal, ensuring energy to start a new day. Eating breakfast is necessary because we eat dinner from 6 to 8 pm, overnight to the next morning for about 10 hours. So the food has already been metabolized in the stomach, so we need to recharge to operate.

If you don’t eat breakfast, your stomach will be hungry, making concentration not good; Not to mention causing low blood sugar, abnormalities in the body, the brain does not want to work, feeling tired, sluggish, inefficient at work.

Breakfast with food on an empty stomach will help digest better, have better energy, and should eat 40% of the day’s portion for breakfast; 30% for lunch; 20% for snacks and 10% off dinner.

Note both quantity and quality of meals

In nutrition, quality is important, but quantity is just as important. We eat enough energy according to each person, each gender, each working class. Regarding immunity, we are interested in the quality of the meal, which is reflected in the provision of factors that form the immune system in the body such as protein, essential fats, and vitamins involved in the metabolism. in the body. There must be enough materials for the immune system to function in order to create immune factors in the body.

Foods that cause digestive upset should be avoided

Foods that cause digestive upset should be avoided

In case of digestive disorders caused by food poisoning, it is necessary to avoid foods that cause digestive disorders, help the digestive system to be healthy again, and no longer have digestive disorders. Prioritize a well-absorbed, fast-absorbing diet to avoid being absorbed and excreted.

In terms of portion size, it is advisable to prepare minced food and cook it thoroughly, absorption will be more effective, especially for children. Supplementing vitamins and minerals helps to keep the digestive system healthy and balanced. For digestive disorders, it is very likely that taking more antibiotics will cause disturbances in the bacterial system in the intestine. And the beneficial bacteria system will be destroyed, which will cause an immune system disorder that needs to be supplemented with probiotic products.

Do not eat salty food

According to recommendations for adults, should eat less than 5g salt/person/day – ie 5g sodium chloride salt. Sodium-ion does not exceed 2000mg sodium for an adult serving/day. Salt exists a lot in food, in seasoning powder, soup powder, main noodles, fish sauce… If there are 4 people in a family, 2 children also need the same amount of salt as an adult.

Even when eating pho, we should only eat a little noodle soup because the noodle soup is salty; the Same goes for instant noodles. Besides that, ready-to-eat foods such as spring rolls, spring rolls… also have salt, need to be eaten in moderation. Currently, Vietnamese people often eat more salt than recommended by the world, so it is necessary to change the habit of seasoning and dipping a lot of fish sauce to reduce the amount of salt in the body.

Should eat 15-20 different foods a day

Nutrition experts recommend that, regardless of the season, we need to eat enough nutrition for each age group, gender and level of work. In the summer, most people feel tired and lose their appetite, so the cooking method is important. Prepare delicious, varied and nutritious dishes. We should eat 15-20 different foods a day.

Food should provide adequate vitamins and minerals and be rich in antioxidants. Need a balance between protein, sugar and fat. In addition, in the hot summer, it is necessary to drink enough water to make up for the amount of water in the body.

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