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Ways to clean the infrared stove clean and shiny when it is yellowed, plastic residue

by phuong.seo

Infrared cookers are familiar electrical appliances of many Vietnamese families. However, many women forget to clean the infrared stove regularly or clean it the wrong way. This leads to reduced efficiency of the kitchen and is prone to common errors.
Unfortunately, the hob gets dirty very easily, for example when you accidentally let food spill out or when sautéing vegetable splashes of grease on the stove, and most of us don’t have much time to clean the stove every time. cooking.
Food spills will dry out and become a cleaning nightmare, so it’s better to clean them up as quickly as possible or you don’t want to spend all day scraping off the dirty food on the stove. Continue reading Huttonscon’s article on how to clean infrared cooktops quickly and without scratches below for helpful tips on cleaning methods and products to use to clean different types of stoves.

What is the working principle of the infrared cooker?

Before getting to the ways to clean infrared stove surfaces, let’s learn about the function of this wonderful cookware. The operating principle of the infrared stove is based on radiant heat to form an electric current. You will see the halogen bulb give off bright red heat by letting the halogen bulb and the mayso wire have a current through it. The infrared cooktop is made from heat-resistant glass materials such as ceramic, crystallite and Schott ceran and focuses the heat for easier cooking. An outstanding advantage of infrared cookers is that they can be used for many different types of pot materials due to the temperature from 250-600 degrees, not as picky as conventional induction cookers.
Now you can notice the difference from that traditional stove that uses a flame to cook food because induction mode does not use an external heat source so only the element in use below the utensil will Warm up due to heat transfer from utensils and the kitchen surface is completely insulated.
There are also ways to overcome these limitations. You can quickly find all-metal induction cooktops available on the market using much higher frequencies very quickly. From there we will enjoy using any metal utensils for cooking.

clean the infrared stove

 What are the advantages of using infrared cookers?

Cooking is quite flexible with almost no delay in heating the cookware easily delivers maximum efficiency and helps save energy compared to traditional gas or electric cooking because it is very versatile. Less thermal energy is wasted.
Using an infrared stove does not have heat loss to the outside, so only the part where the tool is kept warm and the remaining surface is still cooking, there is no flame, so there is no risk of burning hot.
With the heat generated instantly, it only takes you 2 minutes to boil 1 liter of water and is completely guaranteed not to waste heat energy. Modern infrared cookers save up to 70% of energy for maximum power savings. Now, cooking time with an infrared stove is reduced by 50%, which will help you have more time for your own activities.
A handy advantage is to ensure absolute safety because each infrared cooker model, it is fully equipped with functions such as a keypad lock, timer function, automatic shutdown function when there is no pot and easily can be turned on and off quickly for use. In addition, it provides stable heating for a long time. There is no fire hazard and no gas leak problem.
It gives you precise control over the desired temperature. This makes cooking very efficient. As a result, you control the cooking so that there is no undercooking or overcooking.
The cleaning of the stovetop will be very easy because the stovetop is anti-fouling and does not generate heat. Also, it cools down very quickly as soon as you turn off the stove.

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Why is an infrared cooker so easy to get dirty?

The stove is designed with a glass-ceramic surface that is resistant to abrasion and scratches due to spills
Over time, if we do not regularly clean it or do not know how to clean it, it will not work well, reducing its life and safety due to deposits of dirt.
At this time, the magnetic field and heat production can be hindered because some stains on the surface damage the cooktop.
There are many techniques by which one can clean the infrared stove quite effectively, that is, instead of waiting for a period of time to clean the kitchen, the easiest and fastest way to clean the induction cooker is to wipe the stove right after each use. times of use. So how to clean the surface of the infrared cooker like, continue reading the article below.

Things to be careful about before cleaning the infrared cooker

It is very important to remember that you need to turn off the sensor before cleaning. It may seem harmless enough to give you a false sense of security, but it can actually burn your hands.

So let’s turn off the stove first to save yourself from unnecessary burns. It’s better to prioritize your own safety because your wrist or metal jewelry you wear often can suddenly cause burns.
Let the sensor cool for 5 to 10 minutes before starting the cleaning process. You absolutely should not use any cleaning chemicals on the electric stove because when the smoke comes out from the electric stove, it can be harmful to your health.

Tools that should not be used when cleaning infrared cookers

– Steel wool pads or steel scouring products can cause scratches on the glass surface, affecting the operation of the infrared cooker.
– Hard and rough fabrics will create scratches on the glass surface, affecting the quality and aesthetics of cookware.
– Flammable materials cause an explosion
– Sharp knives or tools as they can scratch and damage the glass surface
– Chlorine and Ammonia based bleach can permanently stain the cooktop and damage the glass top.

Tools that should not be used when cleaning infrared cookers

The ways to clean infrared cookers are extremely simple and easy to do

Clean the infrared stove with yellow stains caused by hard water with vinegar

In case of dirty touch parts, wipe with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt. Then use the razor gently to remove food particles crumbling at a 45-degree angle.
You shouldn’t use a lot of pressure as we don’t want to see the cooktop scratched. You can use a scraper designed for glass and ceramic.
For stains and stains caused by hard water, use white vinegar to fix them. Use a cloth then dip in white vinegar and rub the area. To clean you can use a damp paper towel or wipe with a soft dry cloth to remove all excess.
Next, use a specialized kitchen cleaning cream with the help of a damp cloth to rub into this area. After waiting a short while, use a dry cloth to remove all excess on the glass surface. We can also take advantage of a toothbrush to apply the cream to the glass surface.
For other parts of the touch that are not glass or eg stainless steel, use soapy water and a toothbrush or soft cloth.
To avoid scratching and corroding the glass surface of the infrared cooker. If you use detergents you need to consider that they do not contain abrasives and do not contain chlorine.
In case the crack is too severe, you can replace the infrared stove glass at a genuine store or exchange it if there is still a warranty period.

Clean the infrared stove with the toothpaste you are using

A common at-home technique is to clean the touch with any regular toothpaste.
The way to do it is to take a sufficient amount of toothpaste. Then use your fingers to spread it out to a wider area with rounded strokes.
Then add a few drops of water and with the help of a damp cloth or mop then slowly rub over the sensor both in the stainless steel as well as the glass area. After scrubbing for a while you will see the stain disappear. Then use a dry cloth to clean the glass.

Clean the infrared stove with Baking soda, remove stubborn stains

Baking soda is no longer a strange ingredient for Vietnamese housewives because it often appears in household tips. You can easily buy baking soda at any grocery store.
The method is very simple, you just need to sprinkle baking soda on all the places with hard-to-clean stains, take a damp cloth soaked in soapy water and then cover it, wait for 15 minutes. After the time is up, gently wipe the glass in a circular motion with the cloth until it is completely clean.
Alternatively, you can mix baking soda and lemon juice for 10 minutes, then pour this mixture on the stovetop and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

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Clean the infrared cooker with baking soda and soapy water

This is a very easy technique to do for you. Use some rags and hot soapy water first. Make soapy water by combining regular dishwashing liquid and hot water. And now we come to the implementation step.
How to clean the infrared stove after baking? First, soak the rag in hot soapy water for a while sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda all over the sensor surface.
Now wring the rag so that it is wet but not soggy. Place the rag on the sensor then pour it over the baking soda.
Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 20-30 minutes if the sensor is very dirty.
After that time has elapsed, rub gently all over the sides of the sensor and remove it.

Clean the infrared stove with baking soda and white vinegar

What to do with a blistered infrared cooktop? This is another technique by which one can easily clean the touch.
Make a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water. Spray or rub on the sensor and leave for a while.

After a while wipe with a soft damp cloth, use a generous amount of baking soda or spread baking soda on top of the vinegar and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
Wipe the mixture off with a brush, sponge or damp cloth. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off excess.

baking soda and white vinegar

Clean the infrared stove with rice water

Specialized cleaners give quick results but can be harmful to the kitchen if used regularly for a long time. Then boiling rice water can be an effective way to clean the infrared stove for you. You take a part of the rice water while it is boiling, dilute it and apply a thin layer to the surface of the stove. When the rice water is dry, it is also when the grease is absorbed, you just need to wipe the rice water and the kitchen will be as clean as new. How to clean the kitchen with this folk trick is safe to use and helps you save more money for your family.

Use potatoes to clean the infrared cooker

Potatoes can be easily bought in the market at a low price. Using potatoes is a simple and easy way to clean infrared stoves to bring shine to the kitchen surface. The steps are that you first slice the potato, then rub it on the stovetop and finally wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

Use natural kitchen cleaners and soft cotton fabrics

Why does Huttonscon recommend kitchen cleaners? Because they are specialized cleaners that can kill bacteria, eliminate odors, and give off a fragrant scent to your kitchen. In addition, natural detergents with concentrated formulas help remove stubborn grease and dirt up to 3 times compared to conventional products. Their deodorizing fragrance is also extracted from nature, so it is mild, the concentration is just enough, it is not toxic. So you can rest assured to use it for your kitchen from home.
After using an all-purpose cleaner to remove grease and stubborn stains, you should use a soft cloth to wipe the kitchen surface. This will help you quickly remove the grease stains on the kitchen surface without scratching and damaging them. This is a simple, highly effective way to clean an infrared stove.

Don’t forget to clean the heatsink slot

This is an important step in how to clean an infrared stove. Many people are only used to cleaning the kitchen surface but forget the heat sink slot of the kitchen. Dirty, greasy radiator slots during use will cause the stove to work poorly and break down faster. It is recommended to use small and soft brushes to clean this device.

Clean the heat sink slot when clean the infrared stove

Notes on long-lasting infrared stove maintenance

Do not place the stove near flammable substances and water sources
Infrared cookers are very easy to catch fire, causing unsafety for users if placed in humid places such as near faucets, bathrooms… or near flammable substances. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a cool place and stay away from locations near the above water source.
Turn on the infrared cooker from low mode first
Infrared cookers work by electric current heating, so if you start from too high a power as soon as you turn on the stove, especially if you don’t have time to put food into the pot, it will burn the pot and damage the stove. Therefore, start from low mode and then increase gradually.
Clean the infrared cooker immediately after use
After completing the cooking process, wait for the hob to cool completely and then start cleaning. Regular cleaning after each use helps your stove last longer and reduces glass breakage. If it is not possible to regularly clean it, at least clean the infrared cooker twice a week for better preservation.
Cleaning the kitchen after use is a must if you want your kitchen to always be shiny and reduce the phenomenon of broken glass in the kitchen. After the cooking process is complete, the cooktop should be allowed to cool completely before using a damp cloth to wipe the cooktop.

Above are some ways to clean the infrared stove after the water is simple and easy to do at home for housewives. Hope the above tips will help you always have a clean kitchen and prolong the life of the appliance

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