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Tips to save money on refrigerators and criteria for choosing to buy a refrigerator

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Tips to save money on refrigerators and criteria for choosing to buy a refrigerator


I. Tell you ways to help the refrigerator always save electricity

1. The refrigerator needs to be placed in a ventilated, cool place

The refrigerator needs to be placed in a ventilated, cool place

You need to arrange the refrigerator in a cool, dry place, avoid placing it near heat sources and dusty places. The back and two sides of the refrigerator should not be placed close to the wall, but at least 10cm away to ensure heat dissipation for the cabinet. Besides, you can place the refrigerator more than 5cm above the ground to allow air to circulate around and prevent moisture.

2. Proper temperature regulation

When the refrigerator does not store too much food, you should adjust the cooling level to medium or low to save more electricity. One piece of advice for you is to use a thermometer to check the cold temperature with the cooler. No need to adjust the maximum cold temperature because the temperature at 7-8ºC is already suitable for food. With the freezer compartment, adjusting the temperature to -18ºC instead of -22º is sufficient.

3. Store food properly

Properly arranging food also helps you save electricity. You should not overload the refrigerator with food, there should be space between the foods for cold air to circulate, which will reduce electricity consumption. The food stored in the refrigerator should be completely cooled down before putting it in the refrigerator, so that the temperature in the refrigerator does not increase too quickly, causing more power consumption. If there is little food in the cupboard, you can add a few bottles of water to save electricity.
You should arrange food properly and neatly in the refrigerator to help save energy

4. Keep the refrigerator clean

You should regularly clean the refrigerator on the surfaces of the outdoor unit, indoor unit, filter, water tray … Each time cleaning the refrigerator is about 1-2 weeks apart so that bacteria and molds do not have conditions. incurred. In addition, do not forget to periodically check and add gas if the refrigerator is short or out of gas! This is one of the main causes of power consumption.

You should regularly clean the refrigerator to avoid bacteria arising that are harmful to the health

5. Limit the number of times the refrigerator is opened

Do not open the refrigerator for too long or open the refrigerator too many times because the cold air will follow it out. At that time, the refrigeration unit will have to work to cool again, which consumes electrical energy, reducing the life of the refrigerator.

6. Limit on/off the refrigerator

Limit on/off the refrigerator

You should limit disconnecting the refrigerator from the power source and turning on / off the refrigerator often to save electricity because each start-up will consume a large amount of electricity. In case the refrigerator is not used for a long time, the power can be turned off, but it is necessary to clean up the items and food in the cabinet, clean the cabinet and let the refrigerator dry before closing the door, do not forget to use a dust cover. cover it on top.

7. Use glass or porcelain dishes

Glass and porcelain help balance the temperature in the refrigerator better than metal or plastic food containers, so using these items will help save some energy. But do not forget to cover the lid to prevent standing water.

8. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator

This is understandable, if you put hot food in the refrigerator, all the heat of the food will spread, increasing the temperature inside the refrigerator.
At that time, the compressor will have to use more electricity, work more to cool the air inside the cabinet. Thus, you can hardly save energy when using the refrigerator.

9. Keep away from heat source

Place the refrigerator away from electrical appliances that emit heat and sunlight
Try not to place your refrigerator near ovens or other heating devices, as this will warm the refrigerator. At the same time, avoid exposing the refrigerator to direct sunlight.

10. Cabinet model

Whether the cabinet consumes a lot of electricity or not is partly determined by the design of the cabinet. Mini cabinets are often more energy efficient. Therefore, if you do not need to use too much, choose small cabinets, the size is suitable for the family. In addition, refrigerators with side-by-side doors often use more electricity than refrigerators with freezers on top.

11. Turn off automatic ice making when not needed

When there is no need to use a lot of ice or have enough ice, you should turn off the automatic ice-making feature to save more electricity.

12. Defrost the freezer periodically for frozen refrigerators

For older refrigerators that are not equipped with the self-defrosting feature, the phenomenon of the snow layer appears to affect power consumption and occupy the space inside the cabinet. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly defrost the refrigerator to save electricity.

13. Clean the condenser regularly

Clean the condenser regularly

The condenser is installed behind the refrigerator, made of metal, with the function of emitting heat.
Clean the condenser at least once every 6 months to avoid dust and dirt. The condenser is clean and works well, the compressor will work more stably, the energy of the new cabinet will be saved.

14. Check the door seal regularly

There is a rubber gasket on the refrigerator door, this border helps keep the temperature inside the refrigerator from leaking to the outside when the door is closed.
If it is detected that the rubber cushion edge is bent or torn, which will cause cold air to escape, the compressor must operate at full capacity, causing electricity waste. When detecting a problem with the door seal, you need to fix it immediately to save electricity!

15. Keep the fridge full

Cold foods will cool each other. Making sure the refrigerator is always full of food can help the refrigerator regulate its internal temperature. If you don’t have a lot of food, you can replace it with an ice pack or cold water bottle inside.

16. Cover food and put it in the fridge

Before placing it in the refrigerator, food should be placed in a food container or covered with food. This will make the food retain its freshness and moisture better in cold environments.
Not only that, the compressor of the refrigerator will work more efficiently to regulate the amount of humid air inside the refrigerator. It can be said that the sealing of food contributes to the compressor operating at less capacity, resulting in the refrigerator using less electricity.

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II. 5 tips to choose a good refrigerator that cannot be ignored

1. Choosing a good refrigerator is to have the right capacity

Choosing a good refrigerator is to have the right capacity

Depending on the needs and number of members, the sisters learn and choose the appropriate capacity for optimal use of the refrigerator.
If the family has from 1 to 3 people, it is recommended to buy a good refrigerator with a capacity of fewer than 150 liters, from 3 to 5 people buy a refrigerator under 300 liters, from 5 to 7 people buy a refrigerator from 300 to 400 liters and over 450 liters. family with 7 or more users.
Families with young children, frequent parties, high food storage needs, can choose a refrigerator with a larger capacity.

2. Choosing a good refrigerator must have a design that is suitable for use

On the market today, there are many types of refrigerators with different models and designs, designed with freezer compartments with positions such as upper freezer, lower freezer,and  two-wing style.

– With the top freezer model, this type of cabinet will occupy about 1/3 of the cabinet and is the most popular type of refrigerator today. This refrigerator usually costs less than other high-end refrigerators. The disadvantage of the cabinet is that you have to bend often when getting things, this cabinet is suitable for the conditions of Vietnamese families.

– With a refrigerator with a lower freezer compartment, which is a later product line, overcoming the disadvantages of the upper freezer refrigerator, you can easily get food in a convenient position. The freezer compartment is designed to be pulled or hinged and has a larger size than the top-wing refrigerator, so it will take up more space.

– The two-door cabinet is a side-by-side refrigerator, this cabinet design has two equal wings along the cabinet. That is, the freezer compartment and the food compartment will be equal, In addition, this refrigerator line also has the feature of taking water and taking ice cubes outside the door, so the cabinet saves energy. Because of the special design of the cabinet, the area of the cabinet is very large, the price of the cabinet is also higher than other types of cabinets

3. Select the required features

Automatic ice-making technology, antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-freeze, foreign … are all features that women care about and want to fully converge in their refrigerators. Therefore, when choosing your favorite refrigerator, you need to consider the features of the refrigerator.
Depending on the needs of users, the sisters also choose the appropriate refrigerator. If your family has a need to store fresh fruits and vegetables, you should choose a refrigerator with a large fresh compartment, and if you have a need to store frozen items, make a lot of ice, you should buy a refrigerator with a large freezer compartment.

4. Choosing a good refrigerator must save electricity

The larger the capacity of the refrigerator and the more functions it uses, the more energy it will consume. Huttuscon recommends that you choose an inverter refrigerator.
Although the initial cost for an inverter refrigerator will be higher than a regular refrigerator, you will not have to worry about monthly electricity costs.

5. Check the refrigerator carefully before deciding to buy

Check the refrigerator carefully before deciding to buy

It is necessary to carefully observe and check the outside paint, the shelves inside the refrigerator for scratches, cracks, whether the refrigerator door is closed or not to prevent the risk of power loss during use.

6. Check the outside of the home refrigerator

You need to pay attention when choosing a cabinet that the outside paint layers are not frayed, peeled, scratched, the doors must be sealed, the foam layer is sure to ensure that the temperature inside the cabinet does not escape, no electricity is wasted.

III. 5 criteria to choose a beautiful refrigerator for home kitchen space

1. Beautiful, eye-catching design

Beautiful, eye-catching design

Unlike before, today’s beautiful family refrigerators are designed with many eye-catching designs and colors. Besides white, metallic or black colors, red, purple, blue, yellow refrigerators even have decorative motifs that are extremely attractive to customers, especially housewives.

Along with the shiny mirror surface, the delicate, meticulous, modern and luxurious design lines are enough to make many people “bewildered” at first glance.

2. Comfortable interior

The “glitter” appearance, but the improper arrangement of the inside of the refrigerator, do not meet the needs of your family. Depending on the purpose of use, you will choose the “interior” of the refrigerator.

If the family wants to store a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, they will choose a refrigerator with a large vegetable compartment and vice versa, if they want to store a lot of frozen food, they will choose a large freezer compartment…

A refrigerator that has a beautiful, shiny, comfortable interior and attractive design and style will definitely be the first choice of any fastidious customer.

3. Suitable for use needs

However, you need to carefully consider your needs before deciding to buy a genuine beautiful refrigerator. If your family has only 2-3 people, then using a large capacity side-by-side refrigerator may be a bit wasteful, on the contrary, for a large family but using a refrigerator that is too small will sometimes become a waste of money. should be lacking. Therefore, the refrigerator is only beautiful in your eyes when it properly serves the needs of your family.

4. Suitable for use space

You love the side-by-side refrigerator with a capacity of nearly 700 liters, but the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen is only suitable for a 1-wing, small-capacity refrigerator. What will you do? You can’t deliberately buy a side-by-side and put it in there, it will break the kitchen space, the beautiful refrigerator will naturally become unbalanced and “expand”.

You also cannot put it outside the living room because that way the living room space is narrow and it is completely inappropriate. Therefore, housewives should choose a refrigerator suitable for the space used.

In addition, choosing the color of the refrigerator in harmony with the color of the walls and kitchen cabinets will make the kitchen more beautiful and sophisticated.

5. Decorate the fridge

Usually high-end or cheap refrigerators, all have their own beauty, but as a housewife personality, you can decorate the refrigerator yourself to be more beautiful and different by sticking stickers, Painting or repainting your fridge… That way, your fridge will stand out and give you a personal touch.

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