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Tips to clean the bamboo steamer easily

by phuong.seo
clean the bamboo steamer

The bamboo steamer is a convenient item used to prepare many attractive and delicious dishes. But how to clean and deodorize the steamer after use, not everyone knows. So, save the super easy steaming steamer cleaning tips below!

The bamboo steamer is an important tool used in the steaming of foods to develop delicious and attractive dishes and also has a strange culinary meaning of Vietnamese people. Among steamed dishes, the most popular ones right now are steamed buns such as dumplings, dimsum, and dumplings. The sharpness of both the flavors and the sophisticated methods of making these dishes make these dishes beloved by most.

What is a bamboo steamer?

The steamed bamboo basket consists of bamboo baskets stacked on top of each other with lids on top. The entire basket is placed on a pan or pot of boiling water, and the water rises through the openings in the bottom of the basket so that the food inside is steamed.

What is a bamboo steamer

Outstanding features of the bamboo steamer

Environmentally friendly materials

The steamer is made of 100% bamboo material from natural plants that have been carefully selected and processed without preservatives, pollution, safe and good for health. This is a product line that is meticulously handcrafted by a skilled craftsman, knitted with great care and strength, and with a good-looking design, which takes a lot of time to make this steaming basket.

The product line is used for a long time, avoiding mold and mildew, and can be washed comfortably and comfortably after each use. This steamer has a rounded appearance with a full light gray color tone from comfort and nature. It is a tool used to steam dumplings, dumplings, vegetables, sticky rice, and to own delicious hot dishes. At the same time, it can be used in a pan, saucepan, or rice cooker to put the steamer on, which is very convenient for the family.

The benefits of using a bamboo steamer

Although it is a food steamer, there are many products made from different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, bamboo … However, bamboo steamers are very interested because they are made from natural materials that are good for health. they have quite a few other benefits that users enjoy.

features of the bamboo steamer

The bamboo steamer is safe for users

The first factor that many users are assured of choosing a bamboo steamer is the absolute safety, made from 100% bamboo, specifying preservatives that pollute or cause no harm to consumers during cooking, helping for consumers to have delicious steamed dumplings, dimsum or dumplings and keep the natural and attractive flavors.

Bamboo steaming basket is not only safe for consumers but also close to the natural environment because it is processed from natural bamboo, so the products are damaged and even self-destruct timely and quickly. Helps avoid burdens heavier on the environment than other materials such as plastic and stainless steel. That causes a lower user rating for the restaurant.

Can steam many different foods

With this bamboo steamer, you can not only steam dumplings, dumplings, and cakes, but also steam bread, vegetables, rice, protein, and other desserts.

Bamboo steamer is cheap and easy to use

The regular bamboo steamer has a relatively cheaper price than other types of steaming baskets with a variety of sizes for users, but even choosing the size as you like to make many different dishes. At the same time, the bamboo steamer is also very simple to use, just put the cake on the steamer and put it in a pot or pan containing water, then boil & steam. Pay attention during use so that the dish does not stick to the bamboo stick, making it difficult to clean, so it is necessary to line a layer of paper, cloth, or maybe banana leaves, lotus leaves, natural utensils and help sensitive dishes. attractive smell.

Some tips for cleaning the bamboo steamer

The bamboo steamer is a kitchen appliance that is becoming more and more familiar to many families. In addition to food processing, people also often store food in bamboo baskets to decorate the dining table because it is highly aesthetic. However, how to clean and clean the steamer after use is not known by too many people. Therefore, after a short period of time, bamboo baskets are often fouled with odors and stuck with food residues. Therefore, Huttuscon will dedicate this article to guiding you with some very simple and convenient cleaning tips for bamboo steamers. Apply now!

cleaning the bamboo steamer

Main steps to take

  • First, everyone needs to prepare a clean nail brush to make it easier to clean the steamer.
  • Next, be extremely careful in choosing a cleaning solution or dishwashing liquid. And only use a small amount to avoid damaging the bamboo and staining the bamboo.
  • Regularly clean the steamer after use to avoid food remaining on the bamboo surface.

Regularly clean the steamer after use

Huttuscon wants to reveal a little more tricky, try lining an extra layer of baking paper or parchment paper on the bamboo surface when steaming. This will make the food not come into direct contact with the surface of the basket and reduce food plaque on the bamboo surface. Moreover, when applying this method, you do not need to clean the steamer too much.

Or if people don’t have these in their kitchen, you can completely replace baking paper and parchment paper with vegetables, such as lettuce. Or you can also use a colorless, odorless wet cloth to make a lining underneath the food when processing.

In addition, you should clean the bamboo steamer immediately after use to ensure that it is always clean and easier to do than to let the stains stick for too long and are difficult to clean. Accompanied by some small notes such as:

  • The steamer should be rinsed with hot water after use. But note that you should only use a clean cloth, moistened with hot water, and clean the steamer. Do not immerse the drum directly in hot water.
  • Before starting to clean the steamer with any method, you should still consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean the steamer with the scent 

  • Bamboo is a material that is very easy to smell and retains the smell for a long time, especially the smell of food and the smell of dishwashing liquid. Vinegar will be the first choice in removing these unpleasant odors.
  • Alternatively, you can put half a lemon inside the steamer and steam it for a short time. The scent of lemon can remove the fishy smell of food and the scent of dishwashing liquid is extremely effective.

Clean the bamboo steamer with some available materials and tools 

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can also clean the bamboo steamer with materials that are easy to find right in your kitchen.

Clean the bamboo steamer with lemon

As mentioned above, lemon is a natural cleaning agent that is used a lot in households. Lemon is acidic but not too abrasive which is the biggest advantage. In addition, the use of lemon to clean the bamboo steamer leaves a pleasant scent and acts as an excellent antiseptic.

In addition to the method of steaming lemons in the basket mentioned above, you can cut a thin slice of lemon and use it to clean your steaming basket. Don’t forget to rinse your bamboo steamer with warm water after using the lemon!

Clean the bamboo steamer with tea bags

Another effective method to clean the bamboo steamer is to use a used tea bag or tea bag. Take a black tea bag and steep it in hot water, then gently rub the tea bag over the steamer. This will help remove any food and bacteria left on the bamboo surface. Finally, rinse the steamer with warm water and let it dry.

clean the bamboo steamer

Clean the bamboo steamer with a nylon brush

This is the traditional method applied by many families, scrubbing the steamer with a nylon brush. Since the bamboo steamer is quite thin, everyone should use a soft nylon brush. The bristles are not too hard but still enough to remove the stains on the steamer.

  • First, steam for a while to make it easier to remove stains.
  • Then, use a nylon brush dipped in warm soapy water and gently scrub the bamboo steamer.
  • Finally, rinse the steamer with cold water to remove the soap.

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