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54 tips for small kitchens

by phuong.seo

Surely all of us dream of a spacious kitchen with high ceilings and natural light through large windows. In fact, not everyone owns such a kitchen, even if they are a bit strange. But there are ways to improve that situation with small kitchen tips that make them beautiful and functional. Let’s take a look at 54 small kitchen renovation tips below to get inspired to prepare for a whole new kitchen space.


1. Add a lighting system

Add a lighting system

You will need a lighting system that will brighten up the small kitchen. In the upper kitchen, a sconce is installed above the sink. Not only do they brighten up the space on duty, but they also make it more stylish.

2. Some light effects

No one will really notice how big or small your kitchen is when you have an impressive set of lights. We also love the mixtures that include the metal with the olive green color which is very impressive and harmonious.

3. Use the trees

Plants make everything feel happier and more natural even in a small kitchen. Plus, if you get a great light, place a large potted plant on top of the fridge to brighten up the space.

4. Warm it up with a rug

When you can’t do much with a cramped space without making it appear smaller, add a rug. It warms up the space, adding color and pattern without overwhelming the kitchen. A warm color palette and a wealth of materials in this small space make the kitchen both functional and unique.

5. Make it minimalist

Do you really need a lot of things in the kitchen? Cut down on kitchen furniture to ensure that your space is clutter-free and that materials can really stand out.

6. Keep it classic

This is one more reason to love paving bricks like this. Place it horizontally around your kitchen and it will help the space feel larger. And choose a bright, neutral color palette for an extra vintage look.

7. Add a contrast

Realistic colorful fun runner made for long and narrow kitchens. In this kitchen, the combination of materials like cool white marble and matte black tile, creates an unexpected, cool contrast.

8. Increase shine

Here’s a fun stop for you, the light pink and dark blue painted cabinets are reflective, which means they make the space feel larger (a classic mirror-like trick). colorful).

9. Reflecting the walls

Mirror the wall to make the small kitchen feel larger. In this stunning apartment, mirrors accentuate the sweeping views. And with that in mind, who cares about the size of the kitchen?

10. A movable kitchen counter

A movable kitchen counter

To get the space opposite, add a movable bar to the kitchen door. When it needs to be in and out, you can easily roll it out.

11. More storage shelves

If you’re adding shelves for storage, you don’t want them to look cluttered. Arrange bowls and cups by color so everything feels cohesive. In this small kitchen, every space is maximized to accommodate more. Even above the kitchen island, where they mounted a rod to hang cooking utensils.

12. Remove Hardware

Remove the bulk from your cabinets and drawers. It will help your space look neater and more beautiful. Choosing monochrome will also make it look like a jewelry box.

13. Choose light

You know whiter means brighter. Keep everything white, then add color from tools or string lights that don’t take up too much time.

14. Create a flow with color

Creating visual flow between small shared spaces makes a world of difference. The light green paint color blends the small kitchen and dining area, especially when designing with the Moroccan clay tile and bar stool in the living room.

15. Create more cabinets

For more storage, try adding small drawers to fill your space. As long as you make sure it’s convenient enough for use so size shouldn’t matter at all.

16. Install a small wine cabinet

If you have a small kitchen but love to collect wine, invest in a small wine cabinet instead of a large one. It is perfectly suitable for a small kitchen but still meets your taste.

17. Embrace the cozy space

The smaller the cooler, so fill it up with warm colors and gold furniture. In this kitchen, the hardware is classically English and designed to complement the limited size of the space.

18. Store things on top of cabinets

If you have space between the cabinets and the ceiling, you already have a “warehouse”. Add wicker baskets and it’s the perfect spot to keep less frequently used tools. In this design, a vibrant print adorns the entire required area.

19. Add graphics to the space

Certainly, many small kitchens may lack space but you can make up for it by thinking about the space of the station such as the prep area, cooking area on the stove….We suggest you Can make a kitchen according to the assembly process. The ceiling-high cabinets help, while they also contribute a lot of dramatic style with monochrome graphic touches.

20. Choose these fun wallpapers

You may not have a lot of counters and floor space to show off your fun, so put it on the walls. If you don’t want your wallpaper to be too overwhelming, use it as an accent instead of covering the entire wall. Here, the fun yellow and white wallpaper behind the reflection reacting to the hood’s mirror is the perfect choice for a small kitchen.

21. Showcase your items

Keeping everything white will brighten up a small space, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with wood furniture. Wooden shelving takes advantage of the contrast and storage needed. In this kitchen, the most beautiful items are displayed on shelves and the wall decorations are exposed so that the unsightly things are stowed away in the cabinets.

22. A bar car

If your kitchen is too small then you will have to give up your kitchen island dream. The next best and most appropriate is the car bar. It offers a small amount of storage enough for usability.

23. Create your own pantry

If you don’t have the kitchen space, don’t stress out. Create your own storage niche on a nearby wall in your house by placing shelves and placing some stools underneath. You’ll have a place to put your bags, shoes, and hats when you get home, and a place to store all of the gift cake racks you’ve accumulated. That must be an interesting idea, isn’t it?

24. Securing the circulation

Connect the kitchen and dining area with a cute walkway. Not only does it open up to both rooms, but the countertop adds room for breakfast if you don’t have room for a nook in the kitchen.

25. Take advantage of every surface

Use every surface to unexpected advantages, turning it into productive activity spaces. A bar with hooks under the upper shelves for cups and cookware is a smart and chic strategy.

26. Keep the configuration to the lowest level

In this small kitchen, the back is double contrasted by the back tile and common wicker stools. The main thing is to keep them to their lowest profile so as not to take up too much visual space.

27. Paint a wall with

If you are a bold person, covering the entire small kitchen space with a light color will seem more interesting. But if you’re not sure which color you want, think you’d prefer a neutral color, or you’re just a tenant who doesn’t want to take the risk, just paint the accent wall. Here, a powder blue accent wall and a sculpture have been added that retains the elegance and harmonize with white.

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28. Mix it all

If you have a small kitchen exposed to your living space, make it blend in as much as possible. Here, the silver fridge, simple white cabinets and marble countertops are both subtle so the dining room can shine in the spotlight, Plus, a farm table can do double duty. as a dining place and work surface.

29. Choose a color scheme of your choice

Once you decide what color to use, don’t forget the finish. A high gloss finish can make a small space feel larger.

30. Cover everything

With this room, the kitchen stands out with its ingenious small space solutions. It made good use of the wooden folding doors to hide the entire counter and cabinet area against the wall. This will be a big changer for small rooms and apartments.

31. Make a statement

This kitchen is quite small so every inch must be both functional and communicate the right style statement. In this kitchen, it’s all about unique patterned reactions and bold paint colors.

32. Turn it into a gorgeous box

This kitchen is the perfect blend of mid-century charm and industrial beauty. We didn’t think it was possible until now, using metallic finishes and lighting to a good effect.

33. Choose a backless stool

Choose a backless stool

The backless stool can slide under the counter to save space. Choose a color that will blend in with your island, unifying the room. These industrial stools in this open kitchen are a perfect fit.

34. Hanging pots and pans

Bulky pans can take up precious space, so install a pot rack above a kitchen pan or on an empty wall. It guarantees function and style. In this kitchen, the classic copper pots and pans perfectly complement this country-style space.

35. Folding door

Create a folding door to close the dining room with the kitchen. If the space is tight, you will be able to room when there are visitors.

36. Go to the dark side

Embrace small spaces by choosing black cabinets. Contrary to popular belief, dark paint colors can actually make a small space feel larger than white paint. In the kitchen above, the area is quite modest but it is offset by a dark color that creates an intimate and gentle atmosphere.

37. Rethink the layout

This small kitchen proves that no space is too small for a pretty and functional kitchen. The bold convex mirror gives a sense of personal interest and also distracts from the stove because in such a small space it shouldn’t be too cumbersome.

38. Add a shelf above the stove

To expand a small kitchen, add extra shelves where they have the most functionality, like above the hob, that way you won’t have to spend a lot of money or take up valuable floor space. This moody farmhouse kitchen also takes advantage of the wide window, using it as a secondary surface.

39. Towards the window

Add as much light from the windows to make the space feel less stuffy. The glossy paint on the cabinet also has the effect of reflecting light back into the room.

40. Impress with bright colors

Choose a metallic material for accent then soften things up with artwork in repetitions of the same color. Take this lovely kitchen, for example.

41. Make a kitchen island a multi-purpose item

If your kitchen is small, you probably won’t have room for an island and a breakfast nook. Choosing an island will do double duty, you can use it as a space for many different purposes.

42. Use the chair

You may not have room for a breakfast nook, but you can make room for a bar. For a slightly more cozy feel, add a patterned rug.

43. A bit of industrial style

Open shelves lend a cool, industrial feel to this kitchen’s exposed pipes. To keep it feeling a bit more polished, go for all white.

44. Color blocks

You probably know that the cabinets in this kitchen stretch all the way to the ceiling. This method of blocking colors helps disguise them as well as the lack of hardware.

45. Ladder in the kitchen

Adding extra memory on top is a great idea, but it also comes with challenges. Installing a permanent ladder to access ceiling-high cabinets is also something to consider.

46. Bring a tall table

A tall table works great in a space that is too small for a dining table and too large for nothing. It can act as a nook and an island. In this kitchen, a wooden table overlaps a modern kitchen island.

47. A place to store leather goods

To keep the countertops ventilated, store the toaster and vamp coffee machine in a place designed like a pretty station. The stand-up egg mixer that pops up from the cabinet is also specified separately if you install a spring-loaded shelf.

48. Single kitchen shelf

Single kitchen shelf

No space? This is not a big deal if there is a single shelf to make more space for unnecessary kitchen items such as candles, vases, and artwork.

49. Put away the devices

Instead of keeping your appliances like toasters or microwaves out of sight, work with your contractor and designer to come up with good ways to hide them. In this kitchen, there is a quartz sliding door on the counter to hide a pull-out tray for the toaster. It blends in with the rest of the kitchen.

50. Copper Shelves

If you have little cabinet space, add more storage with racks. Copper tube shelves with hooks to hang cups, and shelves to arrange dishes, look extremely luxurious.

51. Glass door

In this kitchen, the wooden floor extends to an adjacent floor through a glass door, creating the illusion of a much larger space. It is a modern farm combined.

52. Metallic luster

If the space is small, try with fun wallpaper. Something a little light will make a room sparkle…even if you haven’t cleaned the dishes in a while.

53. Open the shelf

Try open shelves instead of upper cabinets for an airy feel. Just make sure you don’t clutter them up, or it will look too busy.

54. Saturated color

Color it up and make it vibrant by painting it on. Between everything, even the refrigerator is the same color and it will feel uniform.
The above 54 small kitchen layout tips close our today’s article here. Hope it can become an inspiration for your kitchen space. If you have a more unique idea, don’t forget to share it with us right away.

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