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Tips for safe use of spoons and chopsticks

Tips for using and cleaning spoons and chopsticks safely

by phuong.seo
Tips for safe use of spoons and chopsticks

Not only dishes, other eating utensils such as spoons and chopsticks also need to be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the safety of the family’s health. Find out some useful information when using and storing spoons and chopsticks with huttuscon!

Signs that you need a new spoon and chopsticks

The most obvious sign to recognize the need to replace a new spoon is the discoloration, peeling of the spray paint layer. At the same time, some types of stainless steel spoons and chopsticks will also show signs of scratches and deformation such as bent, distorted, … due to being used for cooking on high temperature, or in direct contact on fire with dishes, Grilled.

Not to mention, for some wooden spoons and chopsticks, this material is often moldy and easy to catch bacteria if not washed and stored in a dry place. Similarly, high-quality porcelain spoons and chopsticks will easily chip or have cracks on the items.

Therefore, after 3-6 months, you need to replace the spoon and chopsticks with new ones, even though they can still be used as good as they were just bought. Because this is the eating utensil that your family uses every day, when they are exposed to many different environments and temperatures, spoons and chopsticks will not be able to ensure the same safety and hygiene as the original.

Tips for storing and cleaning spoons and chopsticks

Tips for storing and cleaning spoons and chopsticks

To keep spoons and chopsticks clean and safe, you need to know how to properly store and clean items. Here are some great tips that huttuscon shares with you. 

Clean spoons and chopsticks thoroughly before and after eating to prevent mold

Spoon and chopsticks are indispensable tools in every meal, cleaning these eating utensils is extremely important to minimize mold and germs from multiplying and “hiding”. Therefore, you need to apply disinfection and cleaning measures before and after eating to ensure hygiene and safety such as:

  • Immerse spoons and chopsticks in boiling water before using.
  • Pre-wash the spoon and chopsticks with tap water and then start rinsing with dishwashing liquid.
  • Soak spoons and chopsticks in hot water for 15 minutes to half an hour to kill germs and bacteria.

Let the spoons and chopsticks dry after washing

After completing the washing process, soak the spoon and chopsticks in hot water to completely evaporate the bacteria and soap. Soaking time should last from 15-30 minutes, depending on the amount of spoons and chopsticks in one wash.

After soaking in hot water, you can dry the spoon and chopsticks in the sun, or leave it on a cool, dry kitchen counter. Do not place spoons and chopsticks in a humid place, many insects such as mice, cockroaches, or grease to avoid bacteria residing on the surface of the tool, causing unsanitary.

Clean the cutlery tray regularly

One of the things to pay special attention to when maintaining hygienic spoons and chopsticks that most women often overlook, is cleaning the spoon and chopsticks tray. Did you know that sealed trays are always a favorable environment for bacteria to grow? These harmful bacteria will stick around the spoon and chopsticks and cause a number of diseases for humans such as dysentery, diarrhea, … Therefore, do not forget to clean the tray containing the spoon and chopsticks regularly, about 2 Once every 3 months!

When to replace chopsticks, new spoons?

The replacement time will depend on the material of each type of chopsticks and spoon.

For plastic chopsticks and spoons

For plastic chopsticks and spoons

You should replace it after about 3 – 6 months. In case of external observation, chopsticks are deformed, turn dark, etc., they should not be used.

When choosing to buy chopsticks and spoons, you should choose brands of clear origin, good durable materials such as melamine, polymer plastic.

When using plastic chopsticks and spoons, they should not be exposed to high temperatures used to bake food or stir-fry on high heat because it will easily melt, deform and create substances that are not good for users’ health.

For wooden and bamboo chopsticks and spoons

For this type of material, about 6 months, you should replace it with a new one. When you see that the chopsticks and spoons are peeling, corroded or deformed, they should not be used.

Wooden spoons and spoons are recommended to use because they are safer. This material has the disadvantage of being difficult to clean, easy to stick to bacteria and mold, so it needs to be cleaned very carefully and stored in a dry place.

Stainless steel chopsticks and spoons

Stainless steel material is more durable, the use time is about 1 to 2 years. When there is rust, yellowing or deformation, it should be discarded, at this time the metal is exposed to high temperatures and different foods, so it is gradually oxidized to form many harmful substances.

When choosing to buy stainless steel chopsticks and spoons, you should choose good durable materials such as stainless steel 304, 201, 430 to ensure safety.

Chopsticks, ceramic spoons

Usually people will use ceramic and porcelain spoons and chopsticks are rare because they are very fragile, so they are not chosen by many people. Using a porcelain spoon can be used for a long time, the most durable of all spoons, until it fades or cracks, it should be discarded. However, porcelain spoons are easy to break and are quite expensive compared to other types of spoons.

What material should choose chopsticks and spoons to be safe for health?

Chopsticks and spoons made of natural wood and bamboo materials are most recommended because they are easy to handle, durable and safe for health, but need to be carefully preserved and cleaned to prevent mold.
Next, it is possible to use durable, easy-to-clean and hard-to-break stainless steel materials, but less chosen because it is slippery and difficult to pick up food.
As for the spoon, it is recommended to use a ceramic spoon, although it is easy to break, but the safety is very high

How to store chopsticks so that they don’t get moldy?

How to store chopsticks so that they don't get moldy?

The main cause of moldy chopsticks is improper cleaning of the chopsticks, which causes the chopsticks to stay damp for a long time, leading to mold. There are also other causes such as keeping for a long time without washing, washing with homemade dishwashing detergents that do not guarantee the ability to kill bacteria, … also lead to mold in chopsticks, which is harmful to health. health.

If using mold, mild, it will cause gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting, severe liver cancer.

Don’t use chopsticks right after you buy them

Chopsticks when purchased should not be used immediately because these chopsticks have also been left for a long time in an unclean environment. When buying, you should soak the chopsticks in boiling water with diluted salt and then dry them, then you can use them.

Before using chopsticks, clean them

Before using chopsticks, wipe them with a dry towel to avoid the case that the chopsticks are still damp. Avoid using a damp cloth to wipe your chopsticks, as this will make it easier for bacteria to spread from the damp cloth to the chopsticks.

Wash chopsticks thoroughly after use

After using chopsticks, wash them immediately with dishwashing liquid to remove grease and food residue. Grease and excess food are the conditions for bacteria and mold to multiply.

If chopsticks have a lot of grease or food that can’t be removed by normal cleaning, “boil” the chopsticks with a pinch of salt, a few slices of lemon or vinegar to remove the grease or leftovers, and prevent avoid bacteria growth.

Also about once a week you should boil chopsticks with boiling water and lemon or vinegar to kill bacteria and make it harder for chopsticks to mold.

In particular, absolutely do not soak chopsticks for too long in water. Many families do not have the habit of washing dishes immediately after eating, but often leave it for a long time or after a night to wash.

This habit is extremely harmful, because it is easy for bacteria to grow during that time. When soaking chopsticks in water containing grease, leftover food, bacteria from this water easily penetrate into chopsticks and make chopsticks moldy.

Dry chopsticks after washing

After washing the chopsticks, let them dry in the sun.

If you wash your chopsticks at night, leave them in a cool place or leave them over a fire.

Humid air and lack of sunlight are perfect conditions for bacteria and mold to grow.

In addition, if the weather is not very sunny or you can only wash dishes in the evening, you should note the following things when drying chopsticks:

– Chopsticks can be dried in a chopstick tube with an open drain hole, with the tip of the small chopstick facing up.

– Do not place chopsticks in bundles or horizontally when drying. So chopsticks are very difficult to drain, easy to mold.

– Should take advantage of the weekend to boil chopsticks with boiling water and dry in the sun.

Clean the chopsticks tray regularly

Note to clean the chopsticks tray regularly, avoiding the situation that the tray is too dirty, leading to bacteria arising and causing mold on the chopsticks.

Note the expiration date of chopsticks

Wooden and bamboo chopsticks have a shelf life of 3 to 5 months, so you should change them regularly. In addition, when chopsticks appear black dots or white streaks, you should not use that chopstick anymore to ensure the health of your family.

You should also update the time when chopsticks and spoons should be replaced once to know the expiry date of each different type of chopsticks and spoon.

How to get rid of mold on wooden spoons and chopsticks

Use table salt

Use table salt

Salt has the ability to clean mold on wooden furniture and disinfect objects very well. This method is also quite simple, you just need to put clean water in a large pot, add about 1 cup of salt and bring to a boil. When the water has boiled, you put the moldy part of the spoon and chopsticks in, cook for another 5 minutes. Next, take out the spoon and chopsticks and dry them with a clean towel and then dry them in direct sunlight for 1-2 days so that the light can kill all the bacteria remaining on the wooden spoons and chopsticks.

After doing the above method, you can continue to use the spoon and chopsticks without having to throw them away.

Use baking soda

Baking soda, also known as baking soda, has the ability to clean many items in the house, so you can replace table salt in method 1 and do the same as above.

Alternatively, you can also mix baking soda with some lemon juice to make a paste. You use this mixture to rub on moldy spoons and chopsticks and then dry them in direct sunlight. After the chopsticks are completely dry, put them in and scrub them with hot water. Finally, dry it again and continue to use it or store it in the refrigerator at will.

Use lemon juice

The acidity in lemon will help you kill bacteria and remove mold quickly and effectively.

The first way, you can squeeze 2 lemons into a large pot of water and bring to a boil with wooden spoons and chopsticks. After boiling for about 5 minutes, turn off the heat and continue to soak the spoon and chopsticks for about 10 more minutes, then remove and dry with a towel before drying in the sun. Make sure the sun is big enough to dry the chopsticks quickly.

The second way, if the amount of moldy spoons and chopsticks is not too much, you can cut the lemon into many slices and then use those lemon slices to rub on the surface of the spoon and chopsticks. Next, you wash it with hot water and dry it in the sun.

Use white vinegar

Vinegar is also an acid-rich ingredient, which can both clean items and deodorize the moldy smell on long-term spoons and chopsticks. Mix 3 teaspoons of honey into 1 cup of vinegar water, stir until the honey dissolves in the vinegar.

Use a clean towel, moistened just enough in the mixture, and then use that towel to wipe the moldy spoons in turn. Vinegar-honey mixture can brighten utensils too.

Hot water

To remove mold, as well as prevent their appearance on chopsticks and spoons on wet rainy days, you can cook 1 pot of boiling water to soak spoons and chopsticks for about 5 minutes. Then you just need to take them out and dry them with a dry towel. You can do this every day without waiting until they are moldy to find a way to fix them.

Note: When performing the above methods, you should rub your hands gently so as not to scratch the spoons and chopsticks, as well as not to wear their outer coating!

How to preserve from mold on wooden spoons and chopsticks

How to preserve from mold on wooden spoons and chopsticks

After buying wooden spoons and chopsticks, you should clean them before use by soaking them in boiling water, or boiling them in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes. Then let it dry in the sun.

In the process of using wooden spoons and chopsticks, you should wipe them with a dry towel to ensure that no moisture is left on the object.

After eating, you should wash your spoon and chopsticks with dish soap. If you soak for too long, the leftovers combined with the humid air will quickly create good conditions for bacteria to form.

It is recommended to store wooden spoons and chopsticks in a dry place, avoid damp or dark places because this is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

It is recommended to take advantage of the sun to dry wooden spoons and chopsticks and kill bacteria.

The implementation of the above methods of mold removal should be done regularly to clean the spoon and chopsticks, as well as prevent mold from having a chance to appear.


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