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Tips for designing a modern, beautiful kitchen interior

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The kitchen is an important space in the architectural design of the house because this is where housewives show off their talents and bring meals together. The layout and arrangement of kitchen furniture need to ensure comfort and warmth to provide an ideal cooking space and increase the overall aesthetic of the house. Join Huttonscon to immediately refer to some beautiful, modern and luxurious kitchen interior designs in the article below!

I. Benefits of kitchen interior design

Kitchen interior design is a series of work including dividing the interior areas to arranging furniture and equipment and using a combination of colors and light to decorate the kitchen space. harmonize and ensure full usability. Here are some benefits of interior design for the kitchen:

Optimizing space for the kitchen: The kitchen is like the heart of the house, this is the place to gather family members. When designing the interior of the kitchen, will help you improve the overall function, optimize the living space, contributed to helping your kitchen become airy, neat and fully equipped. A well-designed kitchen will help housewives feel excited about cooking and cleaning.
Convenience living and increasing aesthetics: The kitchen area is not only a place for cooking, the decoration and arrangement of the kitchen are scientific and aesthetic, bringing the family’s common living space to a warm place. more cozy and comfortable. Besides, housewives will each have their own preferences or eating habits. The optimally designed kitchen area will contribute to making you excited every time you cook.

Benefits of kitchen interior design

II. Notes when designing kitchen furniture

Kitchen design with open space

The open-plan kitchen is designed in an open way connecting with other spaces in the house such as the living room or the garden space. Thanks to that, the kitchen always feels airy, avoiding the secret, limiting the smell of food. In addition, the open kitchen also helps to increase the room area, create depth and easily expand the overall view of the house. Finally, the open-plan kitchen helps all family members connect, interact, and chat with each other more easily.

Choose the right color

When designing the interior of the kitchen, choosing the main color tone is a decisive factor in the aesthetic beauty of the room. Accordingly, the color used will be decided based on the style of the owner as well as the area of ​​the kitchen. If you want a kitchen that brings warmth and elegance, then choose warm, gentle tones such as beige, brown combined with light yellow. And monochrome colors such as black, white, gray and navy blue, emerald green will make the space more modern and modern. In addition, with small kitchens, you can use white as the main color to create a visual trick to make the room feel more spacious.

The choice of color is a prerequisite to keep in mind when designing the interior of the kitchen. Using different colors will bring emotions to the viewer as well as increase the aesthetics of the room. The most commonly used color gamut today is the dark tones that help the kitchen hide stains when cooking. On the other hand, light colors have the effect of bringing a more spacious and airy space.

In addition, when mixing colors for the kitchen, you also need to pay attention to the feng shui element so that it is suitable to bring fortune and ensure abundant health for family members. According to the principle of the five elements, suitable colors for people with par Kim are white and silver, with par wood being green; destiny water includes blue, black, gray; par fire is pink, orange-red; for par, the earth should use brown, yellow, beige.

Besides, ensuring a harmonious color design ratio also helps your kitchen to be more aesthetically pleasing. The golden rule when mixing colors in kitchen design is a ratio of 60-30-10 with 60% of the space carrying the main color, 30% of the secondary tones, and 10% of the accent colors.

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Scientific light source layout

Prioritize the arrangement of kitchen cabinets near the window to take advantage of natural light to help bring a bright and convenient cooking space.

In addition, the use of LED lights attached to the kitchen cabinets helps to keep the cooking area bright, ensuring convenience in all operations.

In addition, depending on preferences, it is possible to install more ceiling chandeliers or wall lights with yellow lights for the dining area to help create a feeling of warmth, closeness, and cohesion among family members.

Decorate the kitchen according to the principle of triangles

The layout of kitchen utensils and items according to the triangle rule is the arrangement of 3 main areas of a kitchen room, namely the stove, sink, and refrigerator in positions forming a triangle. The kitchen triangle helps to shorten the travel distance, easy to use the equipment when cooking as well as more convenient to get the furniture and items in the cupboard. Some rules to keep in mind when designing a kitchen triangle are as follows:

– Each side of the triangle should have a length between 1.1m-2.6m.
– The sum of the lengths of the three sides in a triangle is not more than 8m and not less than 4m
– No object can cut the side of the triangle larger than 30cm.
– Make sure the space in the triangle is clear for easy movement
– The position of the stove is at least 60cm from the sink.
– 2 stoves are at least 30cm apart so that the handles do not touch each other.
– Dishwasher should be located near the sink for convenient use.

kitchen interior

Choose the right furniture size

You need to measure and calculate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen to choose the right size of furniture to avoid entanglement when traveling as well as to ensure the most comfortable use. For example, the most important item of kitchen furniture, which is a kitchen cabinet, usually has a depth of 600mm, a height of 830-900mm – this is the right size for the average height of Vietnamese women. It’s easier to get things on the cupboard.

Add accents with decorations

In addition to the basic interior items, you can use more decorations to help create more accents in the kitchen. The decorations will help the space more beautiful, highlighting the overall. Some decorations you can use such as wall paintings, ceiling lights, flowerpots, plants, mirrors, etc. However, depending on the area of ​​the kitchen and the layout of the room, you need to choose the right items. . Do not overdo the decoration will make the kitchen look messy, easy to get dirty and more cramped.

Kitchen furniture material

In the past few years, because people’s economic conditions are often not too rich, the materials for the kitchen are usually MDF or Acrylic coated HDF wood. However, the modern trend is gradually simplifying things, so natural materials such as natural wood, bamboo, stone, rattan, cork, … are the most popular. This not only ensures aesthetic beauty but also limits the need to repair and renovate regularly for the kitchen.

Create more space with a kitchen island

A few years ago, kitchen islands only appeared in families with a European-style lifestyle. Up to now, the use of islands to create accents and increase convenience for the kitchen space has become a kitchen design trend. Not only that, the kitchen island design is increasingly diverse, giving you more unique choices. Such as a kitchen island combined with a dining table, a kitchen island combined with a bar, kitchen island with a built-in sink, … When arranging the kitchen island table, it is important to pay attention to the design with the right size for the kitchen area to avoid causing entanglement. when moving. In addition, it is necessary to place the island at least 1m away from the kitchen cabinet so that opening the cabinet door does not cause inconvenience.

Prioritize using smart kitchen cabinets

Smartly designed kitchen cabinets will have small drawers and stacks inside the cabinet to help users have more space to store items and kitchen items. From there, it is possible to store all the miscellaneous things in one cabinet to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. It can be said that the trend of using smart kitchen cabinets today is gradually being favored by the versatility and convenience it brings.

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Ceramic tiles for the kitchen ensure aesthetics

When tiling tiles for the kitchen, homeowners can choose to tile the areas behind the kitchen, under the cabinets, the kitchen table wall, and the kitchen top. Because this is a cooking area, easy to splash grease during use, so it is recommended to choose easy-to-clean tiles such as glass mosaic tiles, natural stone, porcelain tiles, or ceramic tiles, … to help ensure hygiene. clean.

In addition, choose the right color and texture of the tile to coordinate with the kitchen cabinets to create a harmonious and flattering space. Finally, give preference to using large tiles because they will limit the brick lines. These seams increase the ability to absorb water, accumulate dirt, which is both unsightly and affects the internal structure, which is easy to crack and peel.

Kitchen floor tiles

When processing food ingredients, the kitchen floor is easy to get wet, prone to a slippery phenomenon, if not careful can cause accidents for users. Therefore, the flooring for the kitchen should also be focused on to ensure safety. Accordingly, the most used material for kitchen flooring is wood because of its durability, strength, impact resistance, moisture resistance, and good slip resistance. In addition, ceramic tiles or PVC imitation wood are also popular thanks to their low cost but a variety of designs as well as ensuring moisture resistance and slip resistance.

III. Tips for designing a beautiful, modern kitchen interior, thousands of people love it

Kitchen design with an area of ​​​​10m2 with L-shaped kitchen cabinets

The L-shaped kitchen cabinet is designed in a square corner of the room that opens to both sides, creating a kitchen with an area of ​​​​only 10m2, but extremely comfortable. Usually, a row will be arranged with a sink, a stove and a cupboard for dishes. The rest are cooking equipment, cupboards, and kitchen items. This layout helps to shorten the distance between cooking utensils and utensils to the stove, bringing convenience when using.

You can use an island table in the center to have more space to prepare cooking ingredients and increase the aesthetics of the room.

modern kitchen interior

The interior design of a kitchen of 15m2 with U-shaped kitchen cabinets

With a kitchen with an area of ​​​​not too small of 15m2, the design of kitchen cabinets with 3 rows arranged into 2 square corners like a U shape will help make the most of the space. The preliminary processing area is separated into a row to help users have a comfortable space to prepare meals for the family. Along with that, there is a range of cooking stoves and a cupboard area to help cooks get things right when needed. In addition, to avoid entanglement when moving, arrange dining tables and chairs next to the outer kitchen row to provide a complete and warm kitchen.

The Interior layout of the kitchen is 12m2 with L-shaped kitchen cabinets

The I-shaped kitchen cabinet is a type of cabinet that is preferred by many homeowners thanks to its simple design that brings a sophisticated and modern kitchen space. This is a special cabinet model suitable for kitchens in homes with long pipes deep to the back. All functional areas of the kitchen are arranged adjacent to each other to form a row next to the wall, providing the most spacious moving space. In addition, to fill the space, homeowners should arrange more items such as dining tables and chairs, kitchen island tables, decorative bars to create more accents for their kitchen.

Kitchen interior 20m2 with parallel kitchen cabinets

Parallel kitchen cabinets are kitchen cabinets that are designed on two independent sides facing each other with a row of sinks, stoves, and the other part is a place to place cabinets, refrigerators, and ovens. In the middle forms a path to help facilitate travel in the kitchen. With a spacious 20m2 kitchen, homeowners can depending on their preferences, design a decorative shelf connected with antique wine bottles, statues, souvenir plates, …

The interior design of a 25m2 kitchen with wooden kitchen cabinets

To take advantage of the spacious space of a large 25m2 kitchen, G-shaped kitchen cabinets are definitely an option you need to consider. This is a variant of a U-shaped kitchen cabinet with a kitchen island or bar connected to the cabinet forming a G shape. Users will be in a space to focus entirely on cooking thanks to the layout encapsulating all the functions of the kitchen in one place. The dead corners in the room are utilized to the fullest extent, resulting in a seamless kitchen design with high aesthetics.

Modern style kitchen interior

A kitchen designed according to modern trends often brings simplicity, the furniture often does not have cumbersome and sophisticated patterns but only uses basic geometric blocks. Typical of which are the square and rectangular dining tables and kitchen cabinets with smooth, non-engraved, seamless surfaces.

In addition, monochromatic and neutral tones are preferred, including white, beige, gray, etc., which especially have the effect of expanding the space as well as avoiding the feeling of being outdated after many years of use.

Here are some kitchen interior design tips that are both modern and classic. Anyone who sees it will love it, Huttonscon wishes you every success with a beautiful kitchen!

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