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Tips for dealing with callous and dry hands when doing daily housework

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Tips for dealing with calloused and dry hands when doing daily housework
callous and dry hand skin
The phenomenon of the skin on the hands appearing calloused and dry cracked is no longer strange to women, especially housewives. They not only make you feel self-conscious, but also make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. During regular housework, the skin of women’s hands often shows signs of calluses and dryness. This makes housewives feel uncomfortable and lose confidence because their hands are no longer as smooth as before. How to keep the skin of the hands from getting calloused, but the housework is still handled neatly? Learn with Huttonscon right in the article to immediately treat calloused and dry hands!

I. Causes of calloused and dry hands

Skin plays a very important role for each person and they need to be cherished and cared for carefully. The same goes for hand skin care. However, because of many factors from subjective and objective factors, the skin of the hands appears calloused and dry, such as:

– Due to exposure to chemicals during housework (cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the house…): Do not wear gloves or soak your hands for too long in chemical solutions that make your hands peel skin peels and become dry.

– Hypersensitivity: Causes you to itch and crack when exposed to elements from the environment such as cold air, chemicals…

– Genetic factors: If your family, relatives have a history of skin problems, then you are likely to have the same condition.

– Weather factors: Especially in winter, the skin of the hands is dry due to lack of moisture and cracks and bleeds. During cold days, especially cold weather without much moisture in the air, the skin of the hands is often more prone to dryness. This is because the reduced humidity in the air will take away the moisture from the skin of your hands.

Nutritional deficiencies such as vitamins and minerals.

Workplace conditions can also cause the skin of your hands to become rough. People in jobs that require a lot of hand washing, such as nurses, doctors or teachers, are more likely to experience this condition. In addition, factory workers or hairdressers are also often exposed to chemicals or substances that are strong irritants to the skin, thereby making the skin prone to dryness.

Causes of callous and dry hands

II. Tips to deal with callous and dry skin on hands

1. Use lemon to reduce calluses on hands

Lemon is one of the natural tips used for effective hand skin care. To take care of your calloused hands when doing housework regularly, you just need to apply lemon evenly on your hands and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do this routine regularly for 1-2 weeks, the callus will be replaced by smooth skin. In case you’re worried that lemon might make your skin a little dry, you can also use a hand moisturizer right after.

2. Soak your hands in warm salt water

Did you know, that soaking your hands with warm salt water is a way to take care of your hands at home that not only helps reduce calluses on your hands, but also helps your skin stay soft, and at the same time gives you a feeling of great relaxation. You just need to do a hand soak with warm salt water for about 30 minutes every day. After a week of regular use, you will see that the calluses on your hands will be significantly improved.

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3. Use hand moisturizer

Using a moisturizer for your hands is an important thing that you absolutely cannot forget if you want your hands to be soft and smooth! In particular, moisturizers extracted from natural ingredients are always the first choice to improve rough or calloused hand skin. In case the skin of your hands is often dry and cracked, the trick for you is to put the moisturizer right at the sink to perform the hand care step right after each hand washing. Regular moisturizing will help your hands be fully hydrated, preventing calluses, dryness or peeling.

4. Use safe and gentle hand care products

The condition of calloused and dry hands can also be caused by frequent direct contact with daily household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid. To limit this problem, Huttonscon advises you on a quality and safe dishwashing liquid for hands – Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid Soft Grapefruit & Cherry Blossom. The product with the outstanding advantage is the ability to clean dishes extremely effectively and safely with 100% plant-based cleaning ingredients. In addition, the ingredients in dishwashing liquid contain tested and non-irritating cleaning agents, so they are very benign and gentle to the skin of the hands.

Sunlight Gentle Dishwashing Liquid has been tested and certified as safe by the Central Hospital of Dermatology. At the same time, the product is verified in accordance with Japanese quality. Therefore, you can rest assured to use the product without worrying about using imported goods of unknown origin or poor quality.

With Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid Softly Scented with Grapefruit & Cherry Blossom, you will no longer have to worry about calloused or dry hands when you have to frequently wash dishes or are busy doing housework. Instead, the product will protect your hand skin always smooth and soft.

5. Don’t skip the sunscreen step

The increased pigmentation of the skin, the appearance of many dark spots and age spots on the hands make women very self-deprecating. This can be explained by the effects of the sun factor. They attack the skin tissue and form dark brown, ugly pigments. Therefore, the best way is that you need to use sunscreen and carefully cover your hands before going out.

callous and dry hand skin

6. Wear gloves when working

If you have to expose your hands to water constantly, consider wearing an extra pair of gloves to better protect your skin. Wearing gloves will help prevent water from stripping your skin of its natural oils, in addition to keeping your hands from coming into contact with other chemicals.

7. . How to treat calluses and dryness of hands with vinegar

Vinegar is known to be an ingredient that works in the antibacterial process, has the ability to exfoliate to bring a soft feeling to the skin. Therefore, you can use vinegar to treat calluses.

The specific method is as follows: before going to bed, please proceed to mix white vinegar with water in the right ratio of 1: 3. Next, use a cotton ball dipped in the solution and apply it to the calloused hands/feet, then use adhesive tape to fix it. Let it pass, the next morning remove the cotton and then exfoliate. Finally, use a moisturizing oil, you can use olive oil on your hands to make your skin softer.

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8. How to treat calluses and dryness of hands with salt

Salt has the ability to clean as well as exfoliate with high efficiency. Accordingly, calluses are considered a form of cell death, but it is in a thicker form. For these cases, you can use salt to treat, then it will help your hands become smoother.
Accordingly, you just need to mix salt with warm water and then soak your hands in a basin of water every day for about 30 minutes. At that time, salt water will have the ability to soften the calloused skin. Adhere to implementation within about 1 week will have the expected results.

9. Using soldering iron

Solder is one of the chemicals used in the garment industry,… Because it has the ability to clean as well as soften the calluses, so you can use this material to Take care of your hands in the most effective way.

The way to do this method is as follows: mix the borax water with a little water and soak your hands in it. Soak your hands for about 30 minutes, then take your hands out, then wash them with tears. This solution, it will support the maximum in the process of exfoliating, softening the calloused hands.

10. Use papaya

Papaya is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for health, and this is also a raw material to help take care of beautiful skin. In particular, it works in the process of softening the skin, helping to remove calluses very effectively.

This solution is straightforward, people only use the papaya pulp/juice on the calloused skin for about 15 minutes. After a while, you will feel your hands become softer and smoother than before.

Use papaya to treat callous and dry hands

11. Improve calluses with Baking soda

How to treat calluses Baking soda can use in one of the following 2 ways:

Method 1: Mix baking soda powder into warm water to prick the limbs for about 15 coatings, then wash the limbs with a pumice stone, it will significantly reduce the condition of calloused limbs after 1 time. Use this method regularly until the calluses on your hands and feet are gone and at the same time, you can effectively eliminate foot sweat.

Method 2: Mix Baking soda with broth and water to form a paste. Then use a cotton ball dipped in this mixture to apply to your calluses. Secure with tape and leave overnight. The next day when you wake up, wash this area with warm water and exfoliate with a very effective pumice stone. Repeat this method until the callus is removed and your skin is smooth and soft

12. Olive oil
Olive oil is used a lot in women’s beauty. It both helps to keep your hair shiny and strong and keeps your skin soft and supple. Today, olive oil is widely used in excellent hand skin care. This type of olive contains an abundant amount of Vitamin E, which works to reduce calluses in the palms and effectively overcome dryness.

Using olive oil to treat calluses is very simple: You just need to put a few drops of olive oil on the palms of your hands and then gently rub them on both hands, especially the calloused areas. After about 3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry your hands with a towel. Immediately you can feel the softness of the skin of your hands. Use daily for best results.

III. Notes on treating calloused and dry hands with the above methods

In addition to the effective ways to treat calluses that we have just instructed above, you also need to have some notes to help prevent this condition from recurring and support more effective treatment:

Drink enough water
Water is an indispensable element in the body. The adequate addition of water will help the skin not to dry out, creating conditions to help calloused skin become softer.
Water also plays a role in promoting nutrient metabolism in tissues, regenerating and healing the skin very effectively
Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, which can be changed with fruit juices to help the skin become smoother and healthier.

Moisturizing hands and feet
How effectively treating calluses is indispensable for moisturizing the skin of hands and feet. You can apply the cream right after taking a shower. Should choose gentle moisturizers that do not irritate the skin with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive, egg yolk, Jojoba …
Avoid spray or water-based moisturizers, but use creams or waxes to help soften the skin and prevent calluses from appearing more.

The above are the secrets to improving the condition of the skin on hands that are callous or dry when having to do daily, regular housework. Try applying these tips to keep your hands soft and youthful! Don’t forget to follow the next useful sharing about home and family care from Huttonscon!

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