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Time-saving tips for housewives to relax and beautify

by phuong.seo
tips for housewives

Housework, house cleaning, and child-rearing make housewives with messy hair no longer have time to take care of themselves. Gradually, housework became the terror of the sisters, making them feel extremely tired. Friends, you can completely free yourself to beautify and perfect yourself with the time-saving secret that Huttuscon offers right here. Let’s explore together!

Let’s do housework in a relaxed mood

Any job needs to be comfortable to be done quickly and efficiently, so is housework. You can start the cleaning job with an energizing breakfast and happy music. A relaxed spirit will make you feel more excited, thereby embarking on work faster, more efficiently and saving time. To do that, you can clean the house while listening to music to make housework less boring. 

Apply home cleaning tips quickly

Stubborn stains always cause women headaches and take time to overcome. To solve this situation, you should apply good tips or tricks to deal with stains quickly and effectively. You can use an all-purpose cleaner for all surfaces when cleaning your home or use baking soda and vinegar for bleaching. A quick way to help you avoid stubborn stains is to regularly clean your home every day. 

Using machines

Cause the dishwasher has a bad smell

Modern machines and equipment in the house well support household chores, saving women’s time and effort. You can use washing machines, vacuum cleaners,  household dishwashers,  clothes washers and dryers, steam irons… so they can do the housework for you. This method not only saves effort and time but also helps women relax, solve housework quickly and take time to take care of themselves. 

Get help from loved ones

Do not think that the housework is entirely women’s work. These should be shared with all family members. For light work such as storing toys, and folding clothes neatly, you can let your baby do it. For jobs that do not require ingenuity such as drying – collecting clothes, cleaning the house can be assigned to the husband to do the same. This is also a way to help strengthen the relationship of family members.

Collect and sort things

In the culture of Vietnam, most Vietnamese families tend to have at least 2 generations living together under the same roof, or even more than that, so there are many members in the house. together, of course, there will be many different items belonging to the member.

First, in order for the cleaning to be most convenient, we will have to collect them and sort them into groups of utensils, each appropriate category. This will make cleaning more convenient and especially avoid leaving something behind when you’re done cleaning.

So after you have summarized and classified the next job, you will need to go to each cleaning area to clean them, not having to run around the house anymore.
You should clean it all up after that or neatly arrange them in one place so that you will save energy, the items will be cleaner and faster than when you finish cleaning you go and store them.

In addition, you should prioritize cleaning the group of wearable items first, including clothes, shoes, bags, and hats…

Get rid of unnecessary items

In everyone’s home, there will certainly be many items that have not been used for a long time, but homeowners often have the thought “it’s a pity” because these unused items will take up a lot of space in the house. space in your home without bringing any benefits. And of course, your house will never be neat because there are too many such items.

For example A worn-out shirt, an old pair of shoes, a bag or a faded hat… it’s been a long time since you cared about their presence, but in the house, you should throw it away. Or if you are still wondering, try wearing them again on your body, if you still feel like it, keep it, if not, don’t hesitate to do anything more.

If there are too many items, instead of before you throw them into the landfill, you can bring them to old clothes collection points to donate to charity for the poor, because sometimes old people are new. This is really necessary and extremely meaningful.

Always fix the position of objects

Always fix the position of objects

According to the Japanese concept, fixing the position of each object will help the cleaning of the house to take place faster. When you look at the item, you already know where it is and where it needs to be placed without having to spend time thinking about where to put it and not having to suffer every time you look for an item, especially small things. For example, the car key should always be hung on the hook near the door, or the TV remote should always be placed next to the TV, for example.

Only tidying up, not cleaning the room

That is, usually, we will move the house from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen; But according to the survey, that is not the smartest way to clean the house, because, after only a few minutes, everything will be inadvertently scattered from room to room.

Therefore, the main principle of cleaning is to clean by type of items, such as clothes, shoes, books, pictures, etc. If you follow this sequence, your work efficiency will be greatly improved.

Set the cleaning sequence from the start

The usual order of cleaning will be to start with the clothes (clothes, bags, shoes, hats); followed by bookshelves, TV shelves, wardrobes, decorative cabinets, papers; then there are other small things according to each person’s own choice and finally the arrangement of souvenirs.

The arrangement of the cleaning sequence is also a more specific plan for cleaning, you will know what you need to do first and what to do later. Thus, you will no longer have the feeling of bewilderment when standing in front of a bunch of messy things to turn the house upside down.


Store in the house necessary items such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid, bathroom toilet water, floor cleaner, toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel, …. or spices such as salt, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, cooking oil, pepper, paprika, dried onion, garlic, … will be very convenient and super time-saving for you. In addition, when buying in bulk for long-term use, it also helps you save money.


Time-saving tips for housewives to relax and beautify

Set aside at least 15 minutes a day to clean your house. Frequently used items should be arranged in easy-to-find places. Everything in the house must be neat and orderly. Avoid the case when you need something and rummage through the whole house to find it. It will take up a lot of your time. With a way to save time doing housework like this, it’s super effective! Good luck!


Instead of having to go to the market every day, women should take advantage of the time to go to the market for the whole week. Before going to the market, you should plan each meal in advance so that you do not have to repeat the same dishes. It not only saves you time but also saves you money. In addition, you should learn how to store food properly. But don’t buy it and leave it.

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