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The secret to remove yellow stains on kitchen wall tiles

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After a long time of use, yellowed kitchen wall tiles is a problem that causes many housewives a headache. They not only make the kitchen unsightly, but also potentially cause many diseases for the whole family. The “obnoxious” yellow stains often appear on kitchen wall tiles after a long time of use. This not only unsightly the kitchen, but also poses health risks to the family. How to remove yellow stains on this kitchen wall tiles quickly and easily? Understanding this concern, Huttonscon would like to tell you small but very simple tips to completely solve this obsession.

I. Causes of yellowed kitchen wall tiles

The use of ceramic tiles for the kitchen is increasingly popular in housing construction. And the problems that arise related to ceramic tiles are increasingly receiving the attention of many people. In particular, there are questions about the problem of yellowed kitchen wall tiles. So what are the causes of yellow stains on the wall tiles in this kitchen? There are many causes of yellow stains on wall tiles. Yellow stains can appear on many wall locations and are most commonly found on walls in bathroom and kitchen areas. Yellow stains not only make the space unsightly but also affect the health of your family.
So the main cause of yellow stains is due to:
– The water you use every day contains a certain amount of iron, the water that sticks to the brick wall for a long time will create yellow rust stains.
– Because bricks have poor waterproofing ability, after a period of use, water infiltrates the bricks gradually forming yellow stains.
– Tiles that are stained but are not handled in time and properly will also cause yellowing to appear.
– The glaze of the bricks is of poor quality, this is quite common, many families are often subjective in choosing bricks, only paying attention to the price criteria but forgetting about the quality, the cheap bricks are often has poor quality enamel, causing after time of use it will lose and no longer be able to protect the color, thereby appearing ugly stains.

II. The secret to remove yellow stains on kitchen wall tiles

1. Use white vinegar to treat stains on kitchen wall tiles

White vinegar is an ingredient that is often available in the kitchen of every family. In addition to being used as a spice for cooking, white vinegar can also be used to treat “obnoxious” stains on kitchen wall tiles.
To remove stains on kitchen wall tiles, you just need to dissolve a sufficient amount of vinegar with a little salt, then use an old cloth in the above solution and rub it on the area to be cleaned. Then, repeat this process several times until the stains disappear completely. With simple ingredients, you can bring a clean and bright kitchen space, no more unsightly yellow stains.

2. Clean the kitchen wall tiles with lemon

Besides white vinegar, you can choose lemon as an ingredient to effectively clean yellow stains on wall tiles. For this method, you need to prepare lemon, wipes, spray. Then, proceed to squeeze the lemon juice and bring to a boil, then pour it into a spray bottle containing dishwashing liquid and shake well to combine. Finally, you just need to spray this solution on the areas to be cleaned, and then use the prepared damp cloth to wipe it clean. By doing this regularly, the yellow stains on the kitchen wall tiles will completely disappear, returning a clean white kitchen space effectively.

remove yellow stains on kitchen wall tiles with lemon

3. Use baking soda to clean kitchen wall tiles

One of the good ingredients for cleaning kitchen wall tiles is baking soda. The use of baking soda in cleaning must be familiar to you. This has been clearly demonstrated in the many household tips that Cleanipedia has shared. With this type of ingredients, you can find them at bakeries near your house.
Once you have baking soda, you can proceed to clean the kitchen wall tiles right away. Depending on the extent of the stain, take out the appropriate amount of baking soda and mix it with water in a ratio of 2:1. Apply the mixture just obtained on the yellow stains and wait for a few minutes. Finally, use the brush to scrub several times. Surely you will be surprised at the unexpected effectiveness of this ingredient in cleaning the kitchen.
If stubborn stains still cannot be removed, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. The essences in these two materials when combined together will help clean the yellow stains on the tiles very well.

4. Use alcohol to remove stains on wall tiles

In addition to the above methods, you can use 90-degree alcohol to remove stains on kitchen wall tiles. Do the same as the above methods, the stains and stains on the kitchen wall will be cleaned effectively. However, when using this method, you need to be careful, it is best to turn off the gas stove, store flammable objects elsewhere to avoid causing a fire.

5. Use toothpaste to remove yellow stains on kitchen walls

It may sound strange, but you can use toothpaste to clean kitchen wall tiles. Use a sponge with a little toothpaste to rub the stain on the kitchen wall. After the stain is clean, use a wet cloth to wipe the wall to regain its original shine.
The above are very effective ways to clean kitchen wall tiles, while ensuring safety for the operator and other members. Hopefully the above information will help housewives to reduce some of the hard work in cleaning the house, kitchen and taking better care of their families.

6. Clean the wall tiles with kitchen ash

Prepare some clean kitchen ash.
Sprinkle kitchen ash on the stained area, after 3 minutes use a brush to scrub vigorously, until this stain disappears, then rinse with clean water, the tiled wall will become shiny like new.

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7. Use specialized kitchen cleaning products to treat yellow stains quickly

In case, you are too busy and do not have enough time to prepare or mix like the above methods, then specialized kitchen cleaning products are always the optimal choice for you. With specialized kitchen cleaning products, you can shorten the time for cumbersome preparation stages and finish cleaning wall tiles in just 10 seconds. From there, saving cleaning time while ensuring the kitchen wall tiles are cleaned effectively.
Huttonscon tells you Cif Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Cream with Lemon Flavor – the “multi-function” cleaning solution. The product will help quickly remove a variety of stubborn stains and yellow stains, keeping the family’s kitchen shiny and clean. The product is being favored by many housewives thanks to the following advantages:
+ Special formula: With the formula of surfactant, the product is capable of cleaning all surfaces on the first contact.
+ Good antibacterial: Cif lemon-flavored multi-purpose antibacterial cream also has the ability to effectively and quickly kill bacteria on surfaces.
+ Mild fragrance: The product has a cool lemon scent, bringing a pleasant feeling when used. At the same time, helping you save effort and time in cleaning the house. This is also an advantage that many women love.
+ High safety: With ingredients of clear origin, the product is completely safe and benign for the skin of your hands as well as the health of your family.

8. Treat yellow stains with cleaning chemicals

On the market today, there are many specialized chemicals to remove yellow stains on wall tiles, these chemicals have similar uses. How to clean yellowed walls as follows:
– For yellow stains on tile surface
+ Pour chemicals directly onto the area to be cleaned
+ Use a soft brush to scrub
+ Finally, use clean water to wash the surface
Attention: Wear protective gear when performing yellow stain removal
– For yellow stains appearing in brick veins
+ Use hydrogen peroxide or lime to rub the yellow stain
Use a soft cloth or brush to clean
+ Use clean water to wash the brick circuit

remove yellow stains on kitchen wall tiles with cleaning chemicals

9. Notes when choosing and constructing wall tiles

As for the situation of yellowed wall tiles, with objective causes such as water and dirt, the treatment is very easy. But if yellow streaks appear from within the glaze, this won’t work unless you re-tiling the entire tile.
The reason mentioned in part 1 is that the quality of the wall tiles is not good. Therefore, in order to avoid the patchy walls caused by water-soaked bricks damaging the glaze, please construct them with good quality wall tiles.
With genuine quality wall tiles, they will meet the standards of water absorption. Therefore, the ceramic tile surface will not be affected by water leading to peeling or causing yellow stains.
To own high-quality wall tile products, you should choose products of famous tile brands. If it is a domestic ceramic tile, there will be Dong Tam tile brand, Viglacera tile brand, Taicera tile brand… Imported bricks are appreciated as Vietceramics brand products.

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III. Note when cleaning yellowed kitchen wall tiles

Here are some notes you need to keep in mind when cleaning yellowed wall tiles:
– Use protective gear if cleaning chemicals are used.
– After cleaning the brush, it is necessary to use water to clean all the stains that have just been scrubbed, if you do not wash it, it will cause the stains to continue to stick to a larger area.
– Either way, it will still not be 100% effective, so it is always best to keep the tiles from yellowing such as: regular cleaning with specialized tools, checking the source of domestic water and make sure they don’t contain iron, use high-quality bricks, have good waterproofing, ….

How to clean the wall tiles
The crevices between the tile centers are the most visible as well as the most dirty places. Many people think that grout will help remove stains in these crevices, but in fact, grout does not have any anti-fouling effect. So how to remove the stains on the tile grout?
At this time, use hydrogen peroxide or betel nut of the tools to apply and rub on the grout. If the tiles you choose are granite, you can replace them with mashed potatoes, tie them tightly to a thin towel and rub them.

How to clean bathroom wall tiles

Places such as bathrooms and toilets are often in direct contact with water, when the water does not drain out but sticks to the corner of the wall, the tiles will become yellowed quickly in the long run.
For these stains, the most common way is to use cleaning chemicals, in addition you can use kitchen ash to replace with the following process: Sprinkle kitchen ash on the yellowed area, wait 5 minutes Then use a brush to rub vigorously until the stain disappears, and finally use a strong water hose.

How to clean scratched wall tiles
Scratches are inevitable during use. In addition to the grout, these scratches are an ideal place for stains to stick to become very clear black and dirty lines.
You can use specialized cleaning chemicals to remove stains, black, then use candle wax to gently rub the surface of the scratches. Only this way, no one will be able to recognize any scratches on your wall tiles.

IV. Frequently asked questions when cleaning yellowed kitchen walls

Why are kitchen wall tiles prone to yellowing?

Yellow kitchen wall tiles are usually caused by the following reasons: stains, grease that have not been cleaned for a long time, the type of tile you are using is of poor quality, the water you are using contains many impurities, …

Note when cleaning yellowed kitchen wall tiles

What do I need to do to limit yellowing on kitchen wall tiles?

To avoid the above situation, you need to clean regularly. Ideally, after each cooking, you should wipe off the remaining grease stains, because leaving it for a long time not only causes unsightly but also contains bacteria that are harmful to health. At the same time, it is necessary to choose quality products to bring the highest efficiency in the cleaning process. You can also consider the Cif Lemon multi-purpose antibacterial remover cream that Cleanipedia has just introduced.

Is alcohol effective in removing yellow stains on kitchen wall tiles?

In fact, 90-degree alcohol is also effective in cleaning yellow stains on kitchen wall tiles. However, this is a flammable material, so it is best to turn off the gas stove before applying this method.

Above are the tips to remove yellow stains on kitchen walls, very simple but extremely useful. Hope to help your kitchen space stay clean and shiny all day long. And don’t forget to visit Hutonscon regularly for more useful tips!

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