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Synthesis of smart kitchen accessories, raising the level of women

by phuong.seo

In today’s modern life, we always tend to look for modern and convenient gadgets that save a lot of time so that we can balance many things in the busy time of each person. day. And the kitchen space is the place where every family always wants to buy smart kitchen tools to make your kitchen luxurious as well as unexpected utilities when cooking, making housework simple. Easier and less time consuming to cook. Not only bringing neatness and convenience to your family’s kitchen, smart kitchen tools also inspire housewives to cook, making cooking easy and time-saving. than. The smart, versatile kitchen accessories below will surely bring interesting experiences for women in the family’s own kitchen space. Let’s find out with Huttonscon right in this article!

I. What are smart kitchen accessories?

Smart kitchen appliances are fully equipped technology product lines that help support all family members in the process of cooking as well as cleaning up after meals. More specifically, these products also help you beautify the kitchen of the family.
Smart kitchen tools not only bring luxurious beauty to the kitchen, but also create unexpected convenience and convenience for you to use, especially, it also saves a lot of space for the kitchen. of your family.
Smart kitchen accessories are household products that make your cooking easier and faster, it brings many conveniences and high efficiency, helping you to create medium meals. Rich in nutrition, delicate and eye-catching so that family life can be bonded more firmly through meals prepared by your own hands. Smart kitchen tools to help housewives save kitchen space and reduce boredom in cooking.

What are smart kitchen accessories?

II. Note when choosing smart kitchen accessories

There are many beautiful kitchen accessories for women to choose from, but how to choose the right item in terms of both price and quality?

1.1. Avoid wasting money
On the market today, there are many models of smart kitchen accessories manufactured by many different units, so you should choose the necessary accessories, suitable for the needs of your family. “Expensive is not necessarily good” – Avoid buying racing according to the brand, wasting money.

1.2. Material and durability
An item is bought and used only when it is really useful and has a long time to use in daily life. So, when you choose smart accessories for the kitchen, pay attention to product quality. Because they will help you get good cooking quality, or use comfort with perfect use, creating a neat and tidy kitchen.

1.3. How to arrange accessories

Layout of smart kitchen accessories is also a difficult problem for housewives. They should be arranged in a neat and scientific manner, so that the family’s kitchen will be cool, comfortable and clean.

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III. Essential smart kitchen accessories for your kitchen

1. Sous Vide slow cooker

The Sous Vide slow cooker is the favorite appliance of professional chefs. Using the machine is quite simple. Ingredients are vacuum sealed in a food-grade plastic bag or placed in an airtight zip bag and placed in a pot of water. You can also use glass jars instead if you want to make thick foods like sauces and jams. When operating, the machine will distribute heat evenly and cook food.

Depending on the type of food, cooking time will vary, usually 1-7 hours, can also be up to 24-48 hours or more. However, food cooked with this method does not overcook because the machine maintains a constant temperature. Cooking with this appliance, you can control the doneness, nutrients and taste of the dish easily.

2. Air fryer

When the trend of kitchen appliances for healthy cooking becomes popular, the air fryer is the typical “star” chosen by many people. With this appliance, ordinary deep-fried dishes become healthier. Just spread a thin layer of oil on the food and put it in the fryer, you will have an attractive crispy cooked dish without being greasy.

3. Low smoke grill

While gas grills produce large amounts of smoke, electric grills are more environmentally friendly. Electric stoves produce less smoke and help cook food evenly, so it is also healthier and safer than gas stoves. Electric grills are very suitable for people living in apartments, apartments, where there is no open yard to organize barbecues.

low smoke grill
4. Multi-cooker

With features like pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, cake maker, cooking enthusiasts can prepare meals in a variety of ways with just one. this electric cooker. The multi-cooker heats food from all around with the heat from the steam.

This device also has a built-in timer to cook food in a certain time period.

5. Induction cooker, induction cooker

This is a high-end kitchen appliance that has been popular in recent years, the most important kitchen appliance in every family’s kitchen. Much more convenient than gas stoves.

The advantage of an induction cooker is that it is very safe to use, limiting fire and explosion during cooking, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and most especially the function of shortening cooking time.

As shared above, this type of high-end induction cooker cooks very quickly, saving a lot of time for housewives thanks to the principle of electric current operation. That is, only the bottom area of ​​the pot has heat generated, along with the non-heat transfer of the kitchen glass so that all the heat generated is used to the maximum for the cooking of the food. In addition, there are product lines possessing modern technology features.
Moreover, because it uses electricity to maintain operation, it has high safety, does not generate toxic gases harmful to human health such as CO2, CO during the combustion of fuel. This is one of the functions that make consumers prefer electric stoves. Just connect to the power source and you don’t have to worry about having to change and check every day like a gas stove. Too easy, safe to use right.

6. Food Vacuum Sealer

The best and fastest way to preserve food is to vacuum it. This advanced technology significantly slows down the degradation of food. With a handy vacuum cleaner in the kitchen, housewives can preserve large amounts of food, keep its freshness for a long time as well as save space in the refrigerator. Vacuum cleaners come in many sizes and forms, you can choose from a removable machine or a kitchen cabinet.

7. Electronic kitchen scale

Smart food scales are very handy for people who are on a diet or have specific nutritional needs. If you are a person with healthy eating habits, interested in the nutritional ingredients in each meal, a smart scale is a must-have in your kitchen. Not only weighing ingredients, some models can also analyze metrics such as calories, fat, carbohydrates and other nutritional information based on information from the user.

8. Dishwasher

Equipping a dishwasher not only reduces the amount of work in the kitchen cleaning by half, but you also no longer have to worry about your hands being easily dry or irritated by detergents. Put cookware, kitchen utensils and dishes in the dishwasher, put in the detergent and it will all be clean in no time. Moreover, when the dishwasher is working optimally, you can also save water, spending time doing other things or resting.

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9. Household organic garbage crusher

With its superior features, the garbage crusher is popular and becomes a friendly friend of housewives in many developed countries. The machine is located below the sink, has the function of crushing excess food into tiny particles and then draining through the water system. Housewives just need to do a simple operation, put food waste into the machine and turn on the switch to operate, the machine will handle itself.

10. Hood

When you cook, the generation of unpleasant odors is unavoidable. And these odors, if not collected and treated, can take a long time to disappear by themselves. During that time they will stick to clothes, furniture or kitchen walls to form ugly black stains.

Therefore, in order to minimize the amount of odor generated, a hood is extremely important to help your kitchen space always be airy and fragrant. This kitchen appliance features thorough odor treatment technology.

Currently, equipping a high-end hood for the family is very simple because the hood has many functions, designs, capacities, models from many different brands and appears on the market today. now. However, in this article we will give you a few tips to choose these products..
Selection based on function, suction capacity: You know, if your kitchen is small, the smell will be stronger, so you should choose a range of hoods with large capacity to ensure that all odors are absorbed in a short time. best.

Selection of noise level: This is a very important factor because many hoods when operating will generate a large amount of noise, which will cause certain discomfort when you cook. Please carefully check the noise level of the machine before deciding to buy them.

Smart kitchen accessories to have in your kitchen

11. Microwave, oven or microwave combination oven

If in the past we had the habit of using a lot of fat to cook fried foods in our meals, so many diseases such as fatty blood, gout, etc. So the modern trend is that food will be cooked in a microwave oven, oven or combined microwave oven. This function will minimize the amount of fat in the dishes, helping to be safe in health and improve the quality of life.

These high-end smart kitchen appliances not only feature technology to reduce excess grease, but also help food retain its nutritional value. This helps people when using dishes to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients in the body when the food is processed by the oven. A great helper for modern housewives.

In addition, kitchen equipment with many functions installed in a variety and modern way will make it easy for users to get a perfect dish. You just need to press the microwave setting button and choose the right cooking time and a delicious meal has appeared. It’s a device with great functions for a comfortable life, isn’t it?

12. Smart kitchen cabinet accessories inspire cooking for Vietnamese housewives

The kitchen cabinet is a place to store tools, food, smart kitchen appliances, etc. How to put everything in a small and beautiful cabinet in a cozy kitchen. The list of smart kitchen accessories below will transform your kitchen neat and clean:

12.1. Lifting dish rack
This is one of the smart kitchen cabinet accessories that is leading the trend in 2019 and is very popular. It makes organizing dishes easier. The interesting point is that you can change the height of this rack, so this is the number 1 choice for women of modest height.

12.2. Fixed bowl price
Fixed bowl rack is a common and familiar product, indispensable in the kitchen of Vietnamese housewives. Its advantage is a cheap smart kitchen accessory and optimizes storage space.

12.3. Price of pots and pans
With a beautiful, compact, modern smart design, the appearance of the pot rack will help save space and make the kitchen more neat and airy.

12.4. Price of cutting boards and spices
See this smart kitchen accessory, you will be surprised because in addition to the function of storing knives and cutting boards, out of reach of children, this device is also responsible for storing different types of bottles. In particular, when cooking, you can pull out and push in gently.

12.5. Smart rice box
In the past, the old people used to use jars to store rice because it always made sure the rice was fragrant and did not have a bad smell. However, with the current limited house area, housewives tend to look for convenient products. Smart rice container is the optimal solution to help store rice and prevent cockroaches and mold.

12.6. Smart Trash
Perhaps, most of us are too familiar with the use of plastic bags for garbage, which is both harmful to the environment and unhygienic. Ladies, look for smart kitchen accessories – Smart trash cans apply modern touch technology, which can automatically open and close and effectively prevent odors.

12.7. Versatile storage cabinets

Looking at it makes me want to hug it right away! The first choice for women, glass boxes, soft drinks bottles, wine bottles, or spices, etc. can all be stored and packed in this versatile storage cabinet.

Above are the most beautiful smart kitchen accessories that any housewife wants to own. Delicious meals with family, moments of fun chatting at the tray of rice will not be strange anymore. Design a wooden partition between the living room and the kitchen, and try to equip the kitchen with a spice rack, a smart trash can, a lovely induction hob, and so on. warmer and happier than ever.

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