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Summary of necessary kitchen utensils for the family kitchen

by phuong.seo

I. Summary of necessary kitchen utensils for the family kitchen

A fully equipped, the neat kitchen will help increase passion and excitement for cooking, while also making cleaning easier. Check out huttuscon section to find out if you’ve got all the essentials for the kitchen!

1. Rice cooker

Rice cooker

Indispensable in the family kitchen, the rice cooker will help us get delicious, flexible, hot rice quickly. It doesn’t make us wait too long, it only takes 15 – 30 minutes for the rice to be cooked.

Moreover, today’s rice cookers have many more functions and models with extremely reasonable prices, making it easy for housewives to choose one that suits their pocket and kitchen such as:

  • Electromechanical rice cooker: A mechanical rice cooker is a type of rice cooker that cooks rice by steaming rice and has an induction device to help measure the right amount of water, ensuring that the rice is flexible, moderately soft, and not dry. This type of pot includes 2 types, a rice cooker with a lid and a rice cooker with a removable lid.
  • The electronic rice cooker is quite convenient because, in addition to the rice cooking mode, the pot also has a number of other functions such as cooking soup, soup, bone stew, … with a suitable large pot capacity for large families. Common electronic rice cookers include electronic pressure cookers and high-frequency cookers.

2. Kitchens

To be able to cook, every kitchen cannot lack a stove suitable for its kitchen space. Currently, on the market, there are many types of stoves such as gas stoves, induction cookers, infrared cookers with different functions and models for you to choose from.

  • Gas cooker: Gas stove with simple use, easy to adjust the fire temperature when cooking. More specifically, the gas stove is not picky about materials and large and small volumes of pots and pans. However, gas stoves are quite heat-consuming because a large amount of heat is released during cooking.
  • Induction hob: An induction hob with high heat efficiency helps food to cook quickly, saving cooking time. Not only that, the tempered glass surface, makes it easy to clean and clean the kitchen and less heat when cooking, avoiding burns. However, when using an induction cooker, you should choose pots and pans with magnetic bottoms to be used with an induction cooker.
  • Infrared cooker: Similar to the induction cooker, the infrared stove also has many cooking functions along with different timer modes and heat levels. However, the infrared stove has the advantage that it is not picky when you can use both earthen pots and glass pots on the stovetop.

3. Microwaves

Today, microwave ovens are upgraded with a variety of different functions such as reheating, defrosting, steaming, … including frying without oil, grilling food with steam, which is extremely convenient. Therefore, investing in a microwave oven in your kitchen is a very reasonable thing that you should refer to!

4. Blenders

When going out is tough, invest in a blender and make smoothies at home, why not? The blender is available, you just need to prepare more favorite vegetables and fruits, and the smoothie is both delicious, clean and suitable for your taste.

Not only stopping at the blender, but the blender can also help you grind onions, garlic, pepper, meats without fear of being unsanitary.

5. Juicers


In addition to smoothies, a juicer will help you make easy juices at home. The juicer with a variety of designs, compact and not too expensive will make it easy for you to choose a machine for your family!

6. Ovens

Helping you easily make cakes, baked goods, and full-function ovens will be a perfect choice for your kitchen. Not only is it beautiful, but it also offers many uses to make your cooking even easier.

7. Pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are used more and more when it is possible to stew many delicious soups, helping meat bones and vegetables to be tender quickly. Moreover, the pressure cooker can automatically cut off the power when overloaded, and automatically adjust the temperature and time to help you feel more secure when using it.

8. Non-stick pans

For easy frying, the non-stick pan will help prevent the surface of the dish from flaking or peeling. In addition, because of the non-stick layer, you do not need to use too much oil when frying, ensuring that the dish when finished will be both crispy and tender.

9. Steamed baskets

Instead of steaming in a water bath, you can use a steamer to steam delicious dishes such as dumplings and vegetables without worrying about overflowing. Easy to make, the steamer is also easy to clean to make your cooking easier.

10. sets of specialized pots

With a variety of sizes, the pot set will help you make hot pot dishes, braised dishes, stir-fried dishes easily based on the volume of the dish. Moreover, when there is a set of pots in the house, family parties will become more hearty when cooking many dishes at the same time without worrying about shortages or long waits!

The specialized pot sets are not only diverse in size but also in the material of the pot as diverse as earthen pot set, stainless steel pot set, glass pot set, Nippon steel pot set, cast iron pot set You are free to choose to use with each type of dish separately.

11. Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

Depending on each food ingredient such as meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits, you should use a different type of specialized kitchen knife to suit such as a fruit knife, a shaver, …

In addition, while cooking, holding a sharp knife in your hand also makes housework easier and faster.

12. Cutting boards

Not only wooden cutting boards, but plastic cutting boards are also gradually becoming more popular and used. In the process of cooking, you will certainly have to prepare many dishes from fresh to cooked, so having multiple cutting boards and sorting cutting boards is essential. Inexpensive, graded cutting boards will help your family’s health even more.

13. Food Containers

Instead of plastic bags that pollute the environment, beautiful and compact food containers will help you store and store food more easily and scientifically. Not only plastic boxes, glass boxes, stainless steel boxes, paper boxes with different uses will help your food be hygienic but also used for a long time!

14. Spice jars

the spice jars right on the kitchen counter and you will never find them superfluous.

Having a neat and tidy spice container with a label affixed to the body of the jar will help you quickly distinguish, no longer get confused between sugar and salt. From there, the kitchen will also look much cleaner and more compact.

15. Measuring Instruments

Measuring tools are increasingly trusted by housewives, especially when making cakes that require accurate numbers. In addition to the small scale, the measuring spoon set will also be a great assistant to help you taste more deliciously, not afraid of being overdone.

16. Sets of dishes

The Vietnamese people have one thing in common they like to collect dishes in the house, more or less, the homeowner will also have one set to eat and one set to display as a precious item.

Bowls and bowls of all sizes, patterns and materials are not only used to store food, decorate the rice tray more beautifully, but also joy and pride that grandmothers and mothers always cherish.

17. Chopsticks

Not only a pair of chopsticks to eat, but chopsticks are also a cultural feature for many countries. Chopsticks help us pick up food more easily, eat rice more deliciously, and hold food more tightly. Moreover, the use of chopsticks also requires ingenuity and sophistication of the user, although simple, it still makes us learn a lot.

18. Spoons

In addition to using chopsticks, spoons are also used a lot to scoop food, especially for children. In addition, in some cases, spoons are also used to stir-fry, cook food in small amounts quickly.

19. Brass, basket

Brass and baskets will be a difficult duo to separate, supporting each other and supporting us in the kitchen. Baskets with large or small round holes to help water drain easily, depending on the type of food that we can choose the appropriate type of basket. To contain that excess water, the basin will support under the basket, helping to prevent the kitchen or floor from getting watery and cleaner.

20. Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels play an important role in the kitchen, especially when cooking. Whenever grease is splashed, water is spilled or there are stains, kitchen towels will quickly remove stains.

Instead of using paper towels, you can use kitchen towels because they can be washed and reused, helping the family save as much money as possible.

21. Rice bins

To avoid spilling rice on the floor, a decent-sized rice container neatly placed in the corner of your kitchen is a good idea. With plastic material, the rice container will be easy to move, clean, and easy to clean.

However, you should keep the rice bin away from the gas stove, gas tank so that your kitchen is always safe!

22. Sets of cups

Sets of cups

The cups are not just a drinking tool, but also a decorative item to help the kitchen and living room be more luxurious and sophisticated and make the drink more beautiful and attractive.

Especially on the days when guests come to visit the house, the presentation of glasses and cups to invite guests to water also partly shows the thoughtfulness and sophistication of your family!

23. Cleaning solution

To ensure that the kitchen is always fresh and clean, it is indispensable specialized cleaning solutions, especially for the stove tops, bottoms of pots and pans, which are always easy places to leave food residues and stains. The most greasy stains will require multi-purpose stain remover creams for a deeper clean.

Not only that, but the clean kitchen utensils also ensure the safety of your family’s health!

24. Hangers

Surely the number of pots, pans or even lids, … of the kitchens is countless, so to keep the kitchen tidy and at the same time help you get the items easily and quickly. without having to rummage around, looking for all kinds of racks will be a great solution!

25. Smart faucets

Installing more smart faucets in the house not only helps to increase the aesthetics of the kitchen space but also saves space.

In addition, the use of a smart faucet helps you to adjust the amount of washing water, saving more water. Currently, on the market, there are more types of faucets with functions such as hot and cold faucets, pressure washers, 360-degree rotating faucets, etc.

26. Hoods


Just hearing the name, you already know what the main use of the hood is, right? However, do not confuse the hood will lose the aroma of food, but the hood helps to limit the situation of food odors in the kitchen after many hours, especially in small kitchen spaces. longer.

27. Water Purifiers

In order to protect the family’s health, in addition to cleaning and sanitizing, it is also important to pay attention to drinking water from the family, that’s why today many families have “purchased” more water purifiers.

A water purifier with an RO membrane will help remove impurities, unpleasant odors in water, helping to obtain pure water for you. Besides, the water purifiers also add minerals and balance the pH of the water!

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II. Rules to keep in mind when buying new household products

1. Keep the purchase receipt

Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, it’s essential to keep receipts for purchases at all costs. Whether it is a cash or credit card bill, it will be of great help to you in the future. You may need it in the event of a repair, warranty or product renewal. If your product has a technical defect or has incorrect product information or a shortage of accessories, the invoice will be your “guarantee” in this case.

2. Carefully preserve the warranty card and user manual

If you can, the bills should be pooled and stored carefully, of course, you still have to keep the warranty paperwork and the manual. Although all the above documents are very important, sometimes you can still forget them or just throw them away. Many times you have trouble using a product even though you are too familiar with daily life, now having the product manual will be very useful. Even if you feel you can safely use the home appliance and properly set up the product without a manual, that is a complete mistake. The manual not only instructs you on the correct use of the device and tips on how to use it but also warns of potential dangers to the user and how to correct them when problems occur. In addition, it is best to record the time of purchase and the warranty period at the top of the book for easy reference.

3. Product installation

Some products do not require a product manual to be consulted when installing, but others require proper setup to ensure safety and avoid problems. In particular, you need to pay attention to the waiting time not to use the product immediately after installation that the seller as well as the manufacturer has recommended as well as the installation requirements.

4. View product features and maintenance tips

Now that the product installation is complete, you need some time to get used to the product. Referring to the product features will be very helpful to you in the installation of the product, now you will be surprised to know it can save you a lot of time and energy and most of all. These features are actually more useful than you think.

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