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Suggestions for menus and home party experiences

by phuong.seo
Suggestions for menus and home party experiences

I. Suggestions for home party menus

Party menu

1. Party menu 1

Appetizers: Jellyfish onion salad, steamed rice with lotus leaves, fried shrimp

The first appetizer for the party is the sweet and sour onion jellyfish salad, delicious to stimulate the taste buds.

Next, it is impossible to ignore the attractive steamed rice with lotus leaves with evenly blooming, sweet, and fatty lotus seeds wrapped in a characteristic fragrant lotus leaf.

Eaten with rice is deep-fried shrimp, with sweet and chewy shrimp meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to a crispy golden color. Shrimps are fried until cooked, crispy outside, drained of oil, inside, shrimp meat still retains its softness and moisture.

Main course: Ginseng stewed chicken, roasted pork + rice cake, seafood hot pot

After the light appetizers, the main dishes are equally attractive.

First, treat diners with delicious, nutritious ginseng chicken stew. The chicken is soft, sweet, stewed with slightly bitter ginseng, with a characteristic aroma. Eating a piece of chicken stew with ginseng will help you relieve all the fatigue of the whole year, focus on enjoying the party more.

The next dish that huttuscon wants to introduce to you is Vietnamese food. Roasted pork with crispy skin, richly spiced meat, eaten with a cake with a bit of fragrant onion fat is really attractive, isn’t it? The grilled pork-asked cake dish is very suitable for people to sip and chat with each other.

Finally, at parties where friends, family, and colleagues gather together, a cozy hot pot is indispensable, right? Spicy and rich Thai seafood hotpot will help you relieve your boredom after the greasy, meat-filled dishes on it.

Dessert: Fruit

After a table full of meat and fish with spicy dishes, dessert with cool fruit will help diners effectively relieve boredom!

The fruits are cut into bite-sized pieces, helping people to sip and chat with each other, prolonging the fun time of the party.

2. Party menu 2

Appetizers: Vegetable shrimp soup, green mango squid salad

Opening the party with a warm vegetable shrimp soup as a “warm-up” for diners’ stomachs to be prepared before entering the party.

The soup with a moderate consistency, with the natural sweetness of shrimp, and colorful vegetables makes the bowl of soup look very prominent in the middle of the table.

Sweet and sour mango salad that stimulates the taste buds is probably no longer strange to many people. However, combining mango salad with fresh fried or spicy grilled items is not heard right.

So, this mouth-watering dish not only stimulates the taste buds but also brings a new and special taste to the reception party!

Main course: Honey roasted chicken, Beef with black pepper sauce, mixed sprout soup

Right after 2 appetizers “warm up” gently for the stomach, let’s step right into the extremely attractive main dishes.

The first dish is honey-roasted chicken with shiny, golden, crispy skin, fragrant with honey. The chicken inside after roasting still retains its softness and moisture, the meat is firm and sweet, and the rich spices are extremely delicious.

Besides, there is also beef with fragrant black pepper sauce, sweet and tender beef, stir-fried with delicious pepper sauce and other vegetables. This warm dish is sure to be a favorite on the party table!

After 2 main dishes full of meat, how can you forget a bowl of frugally mixed soup, gently relieving diners’ boredom? The broth is stewed from the bones of the tube so it is extremely delicious.

The soup is cooked with other vegetables such as baby corn, carrots, and mushrooms, … making the soup more special. The sprouted balls are made from meat, raw ham and mushrooms, so when cooked, they have a soft chewy texture. lusciously attractive.

Dessert: Mixed fruit

Mixed fruit

Finally, the simplest but most effective dessert at parties is mixed fruits.

The refreshing and cool fruits will help diners relieve the craving for the spicy dishes above. In addition, eating more or less fruit does not make people feel full.

3. Party menu 2

Appetizers: Chicken soup, shrimp and pork spring rolls

First, let’s open the party table with warm chicken soup to warm up the stomach, warm up the stomach before starting the party.

Chicken soup is cooked from natural juicy chicken bone broth, with a moderate consistency that is easy to eat. Inside the soup, there are also shredded chicken, quail eggs, and shiitake mushrooms, … forming an extremely nutritious dish.

After the light soup, let’s immediately come to the second appetizer, which is spring rolls with shrimp and meat. The way to make spring rolls is also very simple, you just need to roll the meaty shrimp paste firmly with soft and flexible rice paper. Then, fry it until golden and crispy.

Spring rolls with a crispy outer shell, shrimp meat inside is not dry but retains moisture, attractive. Dip spring rolls with sauces. Just enjoying and chatting with people is really fun, isn’t it?

Main dishes: Honey grilled baby rib, chicken cooked with beans, Thai hot pot

After 2 light appetizers to start, let’s start the main meal with delicious honey-grilled pork ribs right away. The young ribs are soft and sweet, imbued with rich spices, grilled to the edges, and fragrant.

Honey not only helps the meat to have a shiny golden color but also adds a delicious flavor to the grilled young ribs. What’s more appealing than eating ribs with raw vegetables like lettuce?

In addition, there is also a delicious and eye-catching dish of chicken cooked with white beans. The broth is cooked from chicken bones, so it has a naturally sweet taste, white beans and other vegetables such as carrots and mushrooms with a sweet aroma. This chicken bean dish can be eaten with vermicelli or dipped in bread. It’s very delicious!

Ending the main meal with a cozy hot pot with spicy and sour Thai hot pot, served with vermicelli and green vegetables will help diners relieve boredom after the last 2 spicy dishes.

Dessert: Lotus seed tea

After a table full of food, the most suitable dessert is probably the cool and simple lotus seed tea to balance the greasy feeling.

Fragrant lotus seeds, soft cooked with sweet sugar water, served with a few ice cubes to bring a feeling of refreshment and comfort.

4. Party menu 4

Appetizer: Thai beef salad

Appetizer: Thai beef salad

First, you can start the party with a Thai-style beef salad full of sour, spicy, sweet and salty flavors to stimulate the taste buds. Sweet and tender beef is mixed with fragrant roasted rice and a harmonious spicy and sour sauce.

This flavor will definitely help Thai beef salad leave an unforgettable impression on everyone. The eye-catching color of the salad also makes the table more attractive and eye-catching.

Main course: Crispy skin roasted chicken, Braised beef + bread, Fried shrimp with garlic butter

After enjoying the light appetizers, start with the first main course of this menu. In traditional Vietnamese banquets, chicken dishes are often indispensable.

Instead of the usual boiled chicken, today huttuscon will introduce to you a crispy roasted chicken with a beautiful shiny appearance. Roasted chicken with crispy, fragrant golden skin. The chicken inside is soft, succulent and absorbent.

Next is the rich, tender and fragrant braised beef combined with bread that will satisfy the hungry stomach of diners. If you prefer a less filling dish, choose the delicious garlic butter fried shrimp.

Dessert: Ginseng

After the meaty and rich dishes, perhaps the dessert with a glass of sweet and refreshing ginseng tea will be the perfect combination, right?

Sweet sweet soup from alum sugar, combined with ingredients such as universal ear, longan, jujube,… crispy and fragrant, served with a little ice cube is a refreshment after eating too many dishes. rich in spice.

5. Party menu 5

Appetizers: Crab soup, Russian salad, grilled spring rolls

The opening is a warm traditional crab soup, with sweet and firm crab meat, cooked with delicious shiitake mushrooms, sweet sweet corn and characteristic fragrant fatty eggs. Hot soup helps warm your stomach, and “warm up” your stomach before entering the banquet full of delicious dishes.

Along with that is a delicious and strange Russian salad. Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, peas, etc., after being boiled, will be mixed with greasy mayonnaise, delicious patties, or cold cuts.

The final appetizer on this menu is grilled spring rolls, a favorite of all ages. Each grilled spring roll is rich and delicious with shiny colors that look extremely outstanding and attractive in the middle of the table.

Main dishes: Yangzhou fried rice, Fried chicken wings with fish sauce, Beef, Seafood hot pot

Rice is an indispensable dish on any Vietnamese dining table. However, to match the atmosphere of the party, instead of ordinary white rice, huttuscon suggests a simple, easy-to-eat Yangzhou fried rice dish that is especially suitable for many people’s preferences.

The rice grains are dry, and evenly golden, with some slightly scorched crunchy grains that create a sense of fun. Yangzhou fried rice is fried with vegetables such as carrots, peas, … and sausages.

To eat with rice, there is also a delicious fried chicken wing with a fish sauce rich in the characteristic flavor of fish sauce. The taste of the sweet and salty sauce is harmonious, and the outer coat of the chicken wings is fried to an attractive golden brown.

Besides, there is also a strange and mouth-watering dish of beef dodge. The piece of beef is tender, sweet, and marinated with rich spices when stir-fried with bitter bitter melon, making the dish more novel.

In festivals and gatherings, gathering around a hot pot, eating and chatting is a feature of Vietnamese cuisine, right?

Huttuscon will introduce to you the delicious and frugal seafood crab hot pot recipe. Each piece of greasy crab meat dipped in sweet and chewy seafood with green vegetables, and poured over vermicelli, what better dish is there?

Dessert: Coconut jelly

Finally, you can end the party with a delicious and refreshing coconut jelly dish. Jelly is made from natural fresh coconut water, inside there is also a very attractive fragrant white coconut rice. This is sure to be a dessert that will please all ages!

6. Party menu 6

Appetizers: Mixed soup, fried squid with garlic butter, fried shrimp

Mixed soup with a mild sweetness from bone broth. The soup is cooked with mushrooms, vegetables, meat, eggs to make a dish that is full and nutritionally balanced for the body.

This soup is very attractive and easy to eat while it is still hot, using mixed soup as an appetizer will make the party much more delicious.

After a light soup, let’s sip delicious crispy garlic butter fried squid and chat with everyone. The squid is chewy and sweet, covered with a layer of deep-fried dough and fried to a crispy golden color. After that, the squid will be served with a sauce with fragrant garlic butter, creating an attractive dish!

Closing the appetizer menu with delicious and rich shrimp porridge. Fresh shrimp meat is pureed and coated to make it tough, then wrapped around fresh lemongrass or sugar cane and then fried until golden. As a result, the dish is fragrant with the smell of fresh shrimp, rich in spices and the characteristic aroma of lemongrass.

Main dishes: Steamed chicken with salt, fried noodles with char siu, beef hot pot

After appetizers with fried dishes, to reduce boredom and rebalance the taste, you can choose the first main course with a simple but strangely attractive salted lemongrass steamed chicken. Steamed chicken with lemongrass salt with chicken skin has an extremely attractive golden color, tender chicken, slightly salty taste, fragrant with lemongrass and lemon leaves.

Next, to “make sure your stomach”, huttuscon will introduce you to the attractive and luxurious fried noodles with char siu. Each fried noodle is soft and evenly soaked in a beautiful sauce color. Vegetables are fried until cooked and fragrant with mushrooms, alternating with the rich taste and characteristic aroma of char siu meat, making the dish even more attractive and attractive.

The last dish that closes the main menu is nothing better than an attractive mixed beef hot pot, isn’t it?

Hot pot broth is cooked from beef bones and other medicinal spices such as jujube, goji berries, star anise, and cinnamon, … creating a sweet, bold flavor that is very impressive. The beef is both tough and tender, in addition, there is taro flesh mixed with other ingredients, making the beef hot pot even more special.

Dessert: Green bean tea

Green beans are cooked but still keep the seeds intact, not crushed. The tea is fragrant, has a moderate sweetness, and is cool, very suitable for making desserts after a banquet table full of delicious dishes like this.

7. Party menu 7

Appetizer: Shrimp and meat spring rolls

Shrimp and meat spring rolls

Have you tried the shrimp and pork spring rolls? This is a popular dish among Vietnamese people with the main ingredients being minced pork, pureed shrimp and seasoning, minced onion and garlic creating the characteristic aroma of spring rolls.

The taste of this dish you should not miss! Shrimp and meat spring rolls are deep-fried and crispy, and the inside is soft and attractive, which will make many people ecstatic by the greatness of this appetizer.

Main dish: Duck bamboo shoot hotpot

If the beef hotpot above makes you unable to stop being surprised by the taste of the dish, the duck bamboo shoots hotpot is no less “hot”. With hot pot dishes, the part that determines the taste of the dish is always the broth. Please gather from the most special broth recipes to make a great pot of duck bamboo shoots hotpot. The clear hot pot sauce served with soft greasy duck meat, combined with some basic vegetables in the hot pot is delicious!

Dessert: Glutinous yogurt

Similar to flan, camo sticky rice yogurt brings a soft, delicious taste. This dessert is not only a cool and refreshing dish but also an ideal suggestion to “purify” the body after receiving greasy dishes at the year-end party.

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II. Experience in organizing parties at home

To organize a successful home party, you need to note the following 8 issues:

1. Choose the style for the party

First of all, you need to decide on the type of party. Formal or intimate party? Big or small party? If you’ve never had a party at home, let’s start with a small party!
You also need to determine: Will you cook everything yourself or will you use a home party service to have more time to prepare other things and chat with friends?

2. Budgeting for the organization

In order not to exceed the cost, you need to budget in advance for the party. You also need to divide your budget and use it clearly to help you spend more rationally, avoiding budget loss.

3. Choose the right menu

You need to consult experienced people to prepare a reasonable menu. The menu selection also needs to not differ too much from the amount of the budget you have previously planned. The party menu must also ensure a full range of dishes from appetizers to desserts. Properly planning the menu will make the guests happier and more satisfied with the party

4. Make a specific guest list

You need to make a list early to see who you will invite. What party is this? You should invite only close family members or more widely. Making the correct list will also contribute significantly to the success of the party.

5. Please invite guests early

Inviting guests early will help them have time to arrange their work and enjoy the full party. If the party at home is formal, you should invite 3-6 weeks in advance, for small cozy parties, just contact 3-7 days in advance. You can call or send a new card as well…

6. Make a specific timetable for the party

For the party to be successful, you need to plan a specific time. When do you need to invite guests, when do you need to arrange the stage, arrange tables and chairs? How and when to prepare the meal… Don’t ignore this note, because if you don’t plan, you can go wrong!

7. Have fun getting along at the party

The host is the host of the party. Therefore, at the party, you need to have fun and get along with the guests. You should also make many friends and talk to many people. The success of the party is largely due to the efforts of the host.

8. Thoroughly clean the house

Holding a party at home needs to be clean for sure. Remember to add this to your party business plan.

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