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Some information about kitchen hoods

by phuong.seo
Some information about kitchen hoods

I. Should a range hood be installed for use in the kitchen?

1. Uses of the hood

Uses of the hood

First of all, let’s find out a few outstanding uses of a range hood to answer the question of whether to buy a hood to use in the kitchen!

a. Helps to keep the house airy, clean, good deodorization

With spacious and airy houses, food and grease from the kitchen can quickly evaporate. However, with apartments with small spaces designed adjacent to the living room, the smell of food, spices, grease, even garbage…. can spread throughout the house very uncomfortable. Not to mention the musty smell from food that is not cleaned for a long time, which will cause respiratory diseases, significantly affecting the health of consumers.

The hood is installed above the kitchen along with the exhaust fan system. Thanks to that, it will suck up all the smelly air, grease particles, water vapor in the air. Your kitchen will be more open and clean. At the same time, kitchen utensils and tools are not worried about being stuck with grease, causing damage, oxidation …

b. Protecting consumers’ health

The next reason you should use a kitchen hood is that it can protect the health of your whole family. Specifically, when cooking, especially with a gas stove , the amount of NO2 gas produced is 5-6 times higher than normal. If the gas accumulates for a long time and stays in the air without treatment, it will be harmful to the health of consumers. But if using a hood, they will be removed quickly and easily.

c. Save energy consumption

Many people are afraid that using a hood will consume a lot of electricity. However, the fact that the hood is rated as one of the devices capable of saving electricity effectively. The capacity of the hood is only about 350-1300m3/h and is capable of continuous operation for 2 hours/day. Therefore, using a hood does not consume too much electricity as many people mistakenly believe.

2. How many types of hoods are there?

There are two basic types of hoods on the market today: hoods using exhaust pipes and hoods using activated carbon.

  • The hood uses the exhaust pipe: the device works on the principle of sucking the smell through the filter, the engine and the exhaust pipe to the kitchen space. The device has high durability, a powerful motor but is a relatively complicated installation.
  • The hood uses activated carbon: activated carbon has the role of effectively purifying the air, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. This hood device will draw air into the engine compartment through the grease filter, the charcoal layer to remove unpleasant odors. The suction machine can be installed simply without punching the wall to place the pipe. However, it is necessary to change the charcoal filter periodically to ensure the device can absorb odors in the best way.

3. Should buy a hood to use in the kitchen?

With closed housing designs such as apartments, the use of a hood is essential. The cost to install the hood is only 3-8 million VND and the monthly electricity bill is not too big. Therefore, we recommend using a kitchen hood to keep the kitchen ventilated and clean, protect the health of the whole family, and save time and effort on cleaning.

II. Does the hood consume electricity? The most economical way to use the hood

1. Working principle of the hood

Working principle of the hood

When the appliance is turned on, the blower system pulls air containing gases, fumes, odors and grease out of the cooking area. Air passes through filters to trap fat and grease. The exhaust control system then pushes air through the filter to trap fat and grease, returning fresh air to the stove.

Each type of machine will have a different suction force depending on the performance of the engine. You can customize the fan’s suction power but do not abuse the higher speed because it will consume more power than usual and reduce the life of the machine.

The popular trend of families today is in closed apartments and houses, so the space is quite narrow, you can’t ventilate, every time the cooking process takes place, the smell of food becomes stronger. The smell even extends to other rooms, so it affects many of your family activities. To solve that problem, you need to own a deodorant right away.

The hood is used to remove the fishy smell or household kitchen food smell for a long time. The machine has a detoxifying effect to protect the health of your family.

You can be absolutely sure that the machine does not consume too much electricity because the way it works is the ventilation fan and the smell of food will be absorbed through the metal filter and the activated carbon filter. The speed adjustment buttons allow you to adjust the suction power of the machine according to your needs. Almost all deodorants today have a power consumption of 250W. This number can include: the machine running continuously for 4 hours will consume 1 amount of electricity (1 number = 1000W ). In fact, you rarely need to use the machine for more than 1 hour. Therefore, the use is very energy efficient.

Although the hood does not consume a lot of energy, users should know how to use the deodorizer properly to bring high efficiency without consuming electricity. So how to use it correctly, apply the following measures.

2. Measures to use the most economical hood

The energy consumption of the hood is comparable to that of a conventional electric fan and should not be a problem for you. With the following ways to use energy-saving machines, you will no longer worry about your monthly electric bill, but also ensure fresh air for your kitchen.

a. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

For hoods using activated carbon: every 6 months to 1 year, it must be changed once to ensure effective deodorization.

About a week or 10 days of use, we must clean the hood once so that the fat does not stick and create bacteria and mold that cause unpleasant odors.

While cleaning the machine, you must disconnect the power supply for 3-4 hours for better machine maintenance. Machine maintenance should be performed once a year to ensure smooth running and optimum energy efficiency.

b. Choose a machine with the right capacity

Depending on the space of your kitchen, choose the machine with the appropriate capacity. For long small kitchen spaces, it is recommended to choose a machine with a high capacity, for these spaces you must choose a straight glass machine or a curved glass hood (the type with a suction capacity of 1000 m3/h or more) to ensure The air in the kitchen is cooler and airier.

c. Sources of energy and usage habits

If your home wants to use a range hood, check that the power supply is stable. Because the machine needs a stable power supply to work better and save energy when it’s working.

It usually does not disconnect the machine from the power source, which only causes the machine to consume more power and shorten its life of the device. It is recommended to disconnect the device from the mains once a week for better maintenance and cleaning.

The hood should be turned on for 5 minutes before cooking and should be operated for an additional 5 minutes after you have finished eating. This will ensure stable operation and eliminate all smoke and unpleasant odors in the process. cooking.

d. Use genuine machine

If you’ve done all of the above and your machine isn’t genuine, it’s a waste of money. You must choose the right place to distribute genuine, reputable machines.

Do not waste money on cheap hoods, machines of unknown origin and brands. In general, the products of famous companies will be integrated with many functions and technologies (start-up function, automatic disconnection, timer, …) to save energy optimally.

III. Instructions on how to use the hood correctly

1. Install the hood properly

Install the hood properly

Measure and accurately mark the screw hole in the wall. Use a concrete drill to drill the wall according to the size. Always make sure the bottom of the machine is at least 70cm from the stovetop.

Fasten the machine to the wall. Installing the last gas outlet pipe to the outside house must install a connection. Make sure that the air outlet pipe is exactly as the design of the machine, do not shrink the wrong pipe because doing so will not allow the gas source to escape, resulting in compression when it will create noise.

Connect the power cord to the electrical panel. Select the suction or discharge mode in the machine switch. Exhaust is the method of sucking the air to filter the air out. Start using.

Installing cabinet and classic hoods

Determine the distance from the stove to the machine to ensure the best vacuum, so the distance should be 70 cm as suggested by the manufacturer. For built-in machines, you need to determine the positions, mark, and use a concrete drill with a nose of 8mm – 10mm.

Install the hood of curved glass, straight glass, beveled glass

The standard distance from the stove to the machine is 60-80cm, most of these machines are installed close to the wall, so it is also necessary to comply with the size of the machine in accordance with the waiting compartment of the cabinet and suitable for the stove.

Install island hood, stand-alone

All these models have a large capacity, completely independent of the cabinet, but still, have to comply with the distance rule, according to experts, the minimum distance from the kitchen to the appliance is 90cm higher than all other lines

2. Clean the hood regularly:

Cleaning of the body must be done regularly with a soft cloth and detergent to keep the machine fresh and clean. This not only increases the aesthetics of your kitchen but also avoids the accumulation of stains and dirt for a long time, making it very difficult to clean. Note that only normal cleaning agents should be used, not too strong or corrosive.

The filter mesh/filter plate is one of the parts that need the most attention. In order for the machine to operate stably and effectively, cleaning the filter mesh is indispensable because this is the place where dirt and grease are retained during the extraction process. Even users have to regularly clean this part. Cleaning frequency can be from 1 month/time to 2 months/time depending on how dirty it is.

Clean the hood regularly

For families who have just bought a cheap kitchen hood, after about 1 to 2 weeks, it is necessary to remove the filter mesh and clean it. Cleaning this mesh is very easy, just soak it in water mixed with a cleaning solution (soap, dishwashing liquid, …) and then use a towel or soft brush to clean the mesh, then dry and reinstall the machine.

For hoods using activated carbon, users must change activated carbon 1-2 times a year so that this layer of charcoal can promote the best cleaning effect. You can buy coal instead or ask for the help of technicians.

Finally, to ensure the best, users should maintain the hood once a year so that the service units can check the overall status of use as well as the operation of the machine, thereby fixing the problem. Thoroughly and thoroughly clean the whole machine.

3. The hood needs a stable power source.

Therefore, users need to avoid flickering power sources because it can affect the life and performance of the hood.

The kitchen hood supports multiple speeds depending on the type of food or the user’s deodorizing needs. Do not use the highest speed too often because it can cause the machine to be overloaded, quickly damaged and the efficiency of the hood is also affected. Choosing the right speed is the most guaranteed.

The inside of the body is an important part. Therefore, absolutely do not let hard objects get into the machine, on the other hand, you must regularly check the inside to see if there are any hard objects in it or see if the propeller is cracked or broken. These things can be the cause of loud squeaks and noises when the machine is operating

4. Turn off the hood when the stove has stopped cooking for 5-10 minutes.

The hood and the stove start at the same time, but the hood must be turned off after 5-15 minutes of cooking. Doing so ensures that food odors, smoke odors, and toxic gases are completely eliminated, returning you to a safe kitchen.

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IV. Some problems and how to handle them

1. The machine makes noise

a. Illness: The exhaust pipe is too small for the design, the pipe is folded into too many pieces, the joints are not tight.

b. How to handle: Go back to the pipe with the correct technique, re-tighten the machine, re-tighten the joints.

  1. Last resort: Call the customer service center.
  2. The machine makes a chirping sound
  3. Disease: Foreign objects get inside the propeller.
  4. Handling: Remove or replace the propeller when broken.
  5. Last resort: Call the customer service center.
  6. Light does not light
  7. Disease: Burning lights.
  8. Remedy: Replace the bulb.
  9. Last resort: Call the customer service center.
  10. The machine does not work
  11. Illness: Loss of power
  12. Solution: Check all electrical switches.
  13. Last resort: Call the customer service center.
  14. There is a little smell of food left

a. Illness: It is normal for the machine to have 2 modes of suction and discharge and desorption.

b. How to handle: Replace activated carbon cake.

  1. Last resort: Call the customer service center.
  2. There is a strong wind blowing in front of the machine
  3. Disease: Due to the de-aspiration mode.
  4. How to handle: Flip the switch in the machine to let the air blow in the right way.
  5. Last resort: Call the customer service center.
  6. Switch flickers
  7. Illness: Due to a dirty switch.
  8. How to handle: Use EP7 to clean the switch.
  9. Last resort: Call the customer service center.

V. Note when using the hood

All machines in the process of use need to be cleaned and maintained, cleaning once every 1-2 weeks. If the machine uses activated carbon, it also needs to be replaced after 6-8 months, for machines with pipes to space, the coal should be removed after a period of use to achieve the most effective capacity.

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