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Smart kitchen tools for simpler housework (Part 1)

by phuong.seo

We always tend to look for modern and convenient gadgets that save a lot of time so that we can balance many things in our busy time with each person. day. And the kitchen space is the place where every family always wants to buy smart kitchen tools to make your kitchen luxurious as well as unexpected utilities when cooking, making housework simple. Easier and less time-consuming to cook.

I. What are smart kitchen tools?

Smart kitchen tools not only bring luxurious beauty to the kitchen but also create unexpected convenience and convenience for you to use, especially, it also saves a lot of space in the kitchen. of your family.

Smart kitchen tools are household products that make your cooking easier and faster, it brings many conveniences and high efficiency, helping you to create medium-sized meals. Rich in nutrition, delicate and eye-catching so that family life can be bonded more firmly through meals prepared by your own hands.
Smart kitchen tools help housewives save kitchen space, and reduce boredom in cooking.

II. Smart kitchen tools for simpler housework

1. Versatile fruit and vegetable slicer

Versatile fruit and vegetable slicer

Not only for slicing vegetables and cutting into many shapes
The machine is not only used to slice vegetables but also can be used to grate cheese, cut jellies, etc.
Slicing is most of the basic shapes commonly used in industrial kitchens and food processing facilities such as: sliced, square, round, and pomegranate .. with thin thickness depending on the blade. a knife that you install in the machine.

2. Handy garlic chili pepper grinder

– Smart kitchen tool hand-held chili garlic grinder helps to crush quickly without being shot or stinging.
– Smart wireless design, large capacity, compact size can be handheld, not entangled, does not take up much storage space.
– Helps you puree meats, fish, vegetables, garlic spices, chili and other foods quickly, saving time.
– You can also grind fruits, chili, rhubarb, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews, …

3. Versatile fruit and vegetable slicer

The 304 stainless steel multi-function vegetable cutter and vegetable slicer has the effect of shaving and slicing vegetables 10 times faster than the manual method, saving you cooking time and creating beautiful dishes. eye, attractive. The machine includes 3 sets of knives: 1 slicer, 1 small fiber planer, 1 large fiber planer or a large slice.
All blades are made of 304 stainless steel. Advantages quick and easy assembly machine. Clever hand crank, gentle slicing, doesn’t need too much force. In addition, you can use the machine as a grain grinder, or stone grinder.

4. Multi-function pineapple peeler

– Multi-function pineapple peeler smart kitchen tool with the ability to quickly peel the pineapple and get the core with just a few steps.
– The design of the pineapple peeler (also known as pineapple) with the blade rotating around the core, with just a few turns, you can take out a delicious pineapple without eyes and pulp.
– Separate the pineapple into 03 separate parts easily: fragrant shell, fragrant rice and fragrant core.
– Made from high-quality metal.

5. Smart food cover

Smart food cover

– Made of high-quality plastic material, does not contain toxic active ingredients, does not affect the health of users.
– High-class 5-layer heat-retaining table cage, is a very effective and convenient method of preserving food and drinks.
Compact design and weight, easy to move and store.
– The design of the smooth surface makes it easy to clean, the product is often used to cover food to prevent alcohol contamination such as stickers, flies, noses, ants, etc., entering and contaminating food.
– Black included knife
– The knife body is made wavy, not clinging to food when slicing
Made of high-quality plastic material, does not contain toxic active ingredients, does not affect the health of users.

6. Smart rice box

– High-quality, durable PP plastic material
– Discreet and safe design, keep away mice, ants, termites, cockroaches
With a delicate and beautiful design and extremely convenient smart rice measuring function, it is a product that is being trusted and chosen by many families.
Recirculating rice according to the principle of first in, first out, helps to keep the rice in the box always new (there will be no old rice left on the bottom of the barrel). With this rice container, you just need to press the button, pull out the tray and have enough rice for the whole family to use, helping you feel secure to use even when your hands are wet.
Not only that, the product also has a smart window that helps you check the rice without opening the lid, keeping the rice clean.
Moreover, smart wheels are designed underneath the product to make it easy to move, without wasting much time and effort.

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7. Multi-function meat grinder

A meat grinder is a machine used to grind meat, specializing in grinding meat such as pork, chicken, shrimp, crab, fish … with large capacity, high speed. The function of grinding, mincing, even, smoothing, and pureeing all kinds of meat and meat-related foods, meets the requirements of convenient and safe use.

The meat grinder is often used to grind meat for young children, grind meat to make spring rolls, make spring rolls, quickly, without spending much time, especially, it can also grind other ingredients such as vegetables and fruits to make them. porridge or baby food and daily dishes for the family.

Grind meat easily, save time and energy

A meat grinder helps you to shred food quickly and efficiently, overcoming time and energy limitations compared to mincing meat with a traditional chopping knife. With a meat grinder, you will not need to chop meat with a cutting board, nor worry about buying unhygienic pre-ground meat in the market.

Not only meat but also many other foods

Although the name is a meat grinder, it is a versatile food grinder that can grind a lot of other foods such as fish, crabs, shrimp, vegetables, tubers, fresh fruits,… quickly and efficiently.

Compact design, easy to use and clean

The meat grinder has a compact design, which saves kitchen space and is convenient to carry away travel, …

In addition, the machine has a simple structure, making it easy to use and clean.

8. Hot Object Gripper

– Hot pots, dishes in the microwave, in steaming pots can burn our sisters’ hands when accidentally touched. Sometimes the pads don’t work when they’re needed. Don’t worry, there are hot plate tongs, this handy tool makes it easy to grab all the hot items.
– The anti-heat tongs help you lift cups, bowls, plates out of the pot, oven very easily, quickly and safely without burning your hands.
– The gripper is suitable for discs with flat faces and rafters.
– Compact and delicate design for you to easily use to prepare food safely and conveniently.
– The top of the handle has a round hole that makes it easy to hang the product when not in use, helping to keep the kitchen neat and tidy.
– Solid stainless steel material, durable plastic for you to use for a long time, safe for users.
– Modern and convenient design, making it easy to pick up hot bowls and cups without fear of burns.
– Insulated plastic handle, very safe, do not worry about burning hands during use. Specialized hot tongs are an indispensable item in your beautiful kitchen, making life more convenient and safe.
– Specialized hot tongs contribute to helping you operate quickly, safely, and confidently prepare delicious food, giving you the most complete experience of life in the kitchen.

9. Smart dish rack

What is a smart cup holder?

The convenient smart dishwasher shelf on the sink is an extremely useful kitchen item, making the space more neat, tidy and convenient for users. This product line is designed in the right size, fits neatly above the sink, making washing dishes more convenient. Especially, it does not take up much space for the kitchen surface, so it is very suitable for families with limited space.

This dish rack product plays an important role in helping to preserve and store dishes and some other kitchen items in the family. This product has a compact and smartly organized design. Therefore, this is the solution to make the kitchen space optimal, no need to invest extra money to install cabinets.

Outstanding features of smart cup shelves

The smart dishwasher shelf is designed with clutch size, fits neatly above the sink, providing maximum convenience. Some outstanding features of wall-mounted smart bowl shelves include:

– Help save and optimize kitchen space
– Use high-quality stainless steel material, not rust during use
– Smart cup shelf frame is designed to be sturdy and durable
– No need to worry about water dripping on the floor or causing mold in the kitchen cabinets.
– Save time cleaning the kitchen after each processing or washing dishes.
– You can also use a smart cup holder to store fruits and vegetables after preliminary processing or make a very convenient side bowl holder.
Because of the removable design, users can flexibly place the shelves in many different positions in the kitchen. When not in use, it can be folded to store in a corner.

10. Multi-purpose spice rack

Multi-purpose spice rack

Multi-function spice rack to help the kitchen tidier

Spice racks are calculated and designed according to standard sizes. This design will help users to arrange spice bottles easily, firmly and without worrying about spilling

The versatile spice rack also helps users to store fragile items neatly and neatly, out of the reach of children.

Smart spice racks will solve the situation that the kitchen becomes messy, messy, and the containers are not arranged scientifically. This not only makes the user feel uncomfortable but also wastes time in the cooking process

Good sorting and storage capacity

The current spice racks are very diverse, you can choose 2-tier, 3-tier shelves, etc., depending on your needs and space in your home. The versatile spice rack has a very large storage frame, which can hold even large-capacity spice bottles. Besides, the spice shelf also helps users better classify and easily control the types of products, avoiding confusion when cooking.

11. Egg yolk separator

With the egg yolk separator, you can easily separate egg yolks and egg whites quickly and conveniently to prepare a variety of dishes.
– This smart kitchen tool is specially designed to help you cook faster
– High heat resistance, so mothers can rinse with boiling water to disinfect and clean the product.
– A compact, neat device that does not take up space in your kitchen
– Used to separate egg whites easily, serving for making cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, ..

12. Handheld Egg Beater

Thanks to the compact design, the machine have brought convenience to many housewives during use. And this is also the biggest plus point of portable egg beaters.

– Ultra-compact and convenient hand-held design. The machine does not take up much space in your kitchen and is easy to store anywhere.
– The ability to process diverse foods. A hand mixer can mash potatoes, beat cream, mix flour, beat eggs…
– The machine is made of high-quality, stainless materials, ensuring safety for your family’s health.
– Hand mixer is easy to use and also easy to clean.
– Cheap price, affordable for most families

13. Kitchen Knife Set

The knife is an extremely important tool in kitchen work. Whether you are a professional chef or a home chef, you should know the uses and types of knives for each food. Here are the uses of each type of knife in the kitchen!

Before you buy, consider the type of knife you need for your kitchen, in terms of shape, blade size to meet the maximum preparation and cooking needs and depending on your style and habits.

A basic set of kitchen knives includes:
– Multi-purpose knife (blade is about 13cm long)
– Chef’s knife (20-23 cm long blade)
– Vegetable knife (8cm long blade)
– Bread knife (serrated blade)
– Chopper/Mix cutter
– Filter knife/fillet knife
– Meat slicer
Knife sharpener – an indispensable tool in the knife set, ensuring that the knife always promotes its full use.

You should choose a knife that is convenient to use. It is the knife handle that must match the size of the user’s hand. So before you buy, try to hold the knife handle. Good quality knives are balanced to feel like they fit in your hand and move in the direction of the cut with ease.

14. Corn kernel separator

Corn kernel separator

– The mini portable corn kernel separator smart kitchen tool will not be crushed, broken, or watered like when using a knife, or other common products.
– Ensure nutrition from corn kernels, giving your family more delicious, beautiful and aesthetic corn-based dishes than the previous way of separating corn.
– Corn is a food rich in nutrients and starch. Corn is very good for health and strengthens the digestive system of children. We often separate the corn kernels from the cob to cook many dishes such as corn soup, stir-fried corn, cornbread, corn tea, grilled corn … all of which are made from corn, which is very delicious and attractive.

15. Fresh Noodles and Noodles Making Machine

Home noodle machine with automatic kneading and dough pressing mode, allowing you to unleash your creativity to create your favorite fresh noodle dishes. The machine has many types of pressing molds to produce many types of noodles with different shapes and colors. Compact, modern design fits almost any kitchen space in the family.

The home noodle machines will bring most European and Asian noodle dishes to your plate. Your job right now is just to think of your favorite noodle dish and prepare the ingredients to make it. You are completely active in the search and processing of raw materials. There will be no more worries about fat, additives or food safety in each noodle you enjoy. Only after about 7 minutes. You’ve got your favorite noodle dish with extremely eye-catching colors.

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