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Smart appliances for the home kitchen to have

by phuong.seo

In modern life, the kitchen not only plays the role of a cooking place but also a place to cultivate love, where all family members gather together for a meal after a day of work and study. In addition, modern women, in addition to housework and family care, also contribute to work at organizations, agencies and mass organizations, so their time is extremely limited. The introduction of smart kitchen appliances will help housewives both cook delicious food, quickly and extremely conveniently.

I. Why do you choose smart kitchen equipment?

Why do you choose smart kitchen equipment

The busier people are, the more they need the surrounding equipment to meet their needs in the fastest and most accurate way. Therefore, the use of smart products reduces operation time, reduces energy and fuel costs, reduces fatigue, and frees up brains and labor.

Likewise, smart kitchen equipment has great benefits that other conventional appliances do not have, which are:
Save time using and operating the device: Smart kitchen appliance products have pre-programmed modes of use, so just operate like on the control panel, the programming features will perform the above tasks, ensure the kitchen’s tasks are completed in the best way, in the least amount of time.
Saving users’ effort: Smart kitchen equipment is designed with a combination of useful, pre-programmed, mechanized and automated features, so that the operations are easy to use. greatly reduced. Built-in features have helped users to choose recipes, reducing the need to affect the process of using and cooking.
Cost savings: Smart kitchen equipment helps to save costs related to the user process. The recognition of external factors to adjust the range and speed of the engines, suction force, wind distribution, heat distribution, power assist, heat loss reduction…all smart factors This helps users save a lot of different costs. For example, kitchen equipment with an inverter will save more electricity, a device with a temperature sensor will make food more delicious…
Making people happier: Using smart kitchen appliances, liberates labor as well as brings useful cooking experiences, contributing to excitement, freedom and comfort.

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II. Smart appliances for the home kitchen to have

1. Induction cooker – Smart kitchen equipment for cooking

When it comes to induction cookers, no one is unfamiliar with equipment that is considered extremely convenient and smart. Instead of cooking with previous traditional stoves such as gas stoves, coal stoves, induction cookers bring great experiences when in the kitchen. The advantages of these induction cookers are safety, low risk of fire and explosion, friendly to people and the environment, quick cooking, many smart features such as overflow warning, residual heat warning, and function. timer function, automatically turn off the stove … Depending on the model of induction cooker, there are different prices, features and durability.

2. Kitchen hood

The next indispensable device is the hood. Currently, modern kitchen space is often closed, especially in apartments, apartments are often designed with the living room, so when cooking, the smell of food will affect the house, especially food. strong smell. Therefore, the best solution that consumers are choosing to overcome the problem of food odors when cooking is the hood installed above the stove. Helps quickly bring the smell of food to the outside through the pipe and returns a clean and airy atmosphere to the kitchen.

Kitchen hood

3. Oven – Smart baking kitchen equipment

To have delicious and nutritious meals, buying an oven is something housewives are extremely excited about. You can make many dishes for family members, especially baked goods from baking cakes, grilling meats, and grilling seafood to grilling and drying fruits. A more hearty meal with just the oven is extremely easy to make.

4. Dishwasher – Smart dishwasher

With the desire to free up labor for housewives and bring more time to housewives in the family, the dishwasher is an indispensable device in modern kitchens. Although the machine is not really popular in many families’ kitchens, it is still an interior kitchen appliance that helps people save time and effort in the process of cleaning up after meals.

5. Sink, sink faucet

This is an indispensable device not only in modern kitchens but also in any kitchen, which is the sink and faucet. The device helps to bring clean water to wash food and store utensils and food in the basin.

How to choose a washbasin, or sink depends on each kitchen, the cooking needs of each family, your style of preferences… Choose a sink with 1 recess, 2 niches or 3 niches, or one with a table or not. there is a table. Wash the faucet, choose whether to withdraw or not, rotate 180 degrees or 360 degrees.
However, currently, consumers are turning to high-end washbasins and faucets with more advantages and durability compared to conventional lines.

6. Dish rack lifts and lowers the upper kitchen cabinet

This is the most “cool” accessory in the kitchen cabinet because it is designed as a monolithic stainless steel machine, with hydraulic pistons lifting up and down with 4 levels of support, helping housewives to arrange dishes easily, making the most of the upper kitchen cabinet space.

In the usual way, the upper kitchen cabinet is the place that most families only use to store items that are rarely used often, only when there are guests. Kitchen utensils stored in the upper kitchen cabinet are quite high, so the operation is difficult. The lifting rack will help solve this problem thoroughly when installed right on the sink to help the upper kitchen cabinet space be better exploited.

With two tiers and a drip tray, the raised bowl rack is a great storage accessory for dishes and kitchen utensils. The width is quite diverse from 600mm to 900mm, so most can be installed for the above kitchen cabinets.

7. Shelves for pots and pans

Shelves for pots and pans

The rack of pots and pans in the lower kitchen cabinet is a basic accessory and can be said to be indispensable in the space of the lower kitchen cabinet. Pots and dishes that are frequently used should be arranged below to facilitate cooking, cleaning and storage. The price of pots and pans in terms of material can be divided into 2 types, the stainless steel spokes and the stainless steel boxes are equipped with a damping slide system, so it is very convenient. Depending on the design, if the kitchen is new, it is recommended to use the pull-out type (accessory attached to the cabinet drawer) and vice versa, the open-wing dish rack is also a good choice for used cabinets.

In terms of materials, most of the pots and pans use stainless steel 304 anti-rust and anti-oxidation material with two lines of glossy and matte. However, the recent trend of many customers using electroplated cold rolled steel is also a good choice, beautiful design, anti-rust and smooth, smooth rails with damping are the better choice.

8. Shelves for bottles and knives

It can be said that the shelf for bottles and knives is the best-organized accessory, if you take into account the cm2 containing kitchen utensils, the performance of this kitchen accessory is 10 points for the organization. Although this accessory only takes up a small space in a kitchen cabinet, usually 20 cm to 30 cm wide can have a space to store spices, bottles, and even cutting boards. Like other smart kitchen accessories, the shelves are made of stainless steel, with plastic baskets for added convenience. The shock-absorbing rail system makes the operation and experiences great when using this utility accessory.

9. Built-in rice container

Built-in rice bins are a recent favorite instead of the traditional rice bins. With a built-in rice container, the preservation of rice against moisture and insects effectively brings a delicious meal. There are many different types of built-in rice bins, fixed to the cabinet or pulled open by using a set of sliding rails on the bottom of the cabinet.
With the intelligent operation mechanism, the rice is removed and the rice is continuously operated, so the rice is less exposed to the environment and outside air. Getting cooked rice is also better quantified thanks to a scale or tray instead of a measuring bowl.

10. Built-in trash cans

There are many types of trash cans sold on the smart market, but rice bins under kitchen cabinets with a damping rail system (making the price more expensive) are only a few suppliers and are considered smart kitchen accessories. . Rice bins are usually designed with 2 to 3 compartments depending on the needs of the homeowner to buy reasonable types. Besides, there are also mini dustbins attached to the cabinet doors, which are very convenient for peeling fruit or quickly preparing dishes.

11. Smart deodorizing smoke machine

The hood is also a smart kitchen device, which is usually installed above the stove to absorb odors, smoke and heat spread when cooking food. Consists of a hood and a single/twin turbine or exhaust fan. Two methods of extracting odors are applied in machines on the market today: ventilation (by way of the outlet pipe) and circulation (by activated carbon).

To ensure the quality of operation, you should change the activated carbon at least every 6 months if using the recirculation mode. If your vacuum cleaner uses a ventilation method, clean the filter mesh once a month to remove grease from the mesh with soap or dishwashing liquid.

– Kitchen equipment, the hood is always installed above the stove with a minimum distance of 70cm (for gas stoves) and 65cm (for electric/magnetic stoves). The maximum distance is 75cm.

– For machines with side panels, when installing, you should pay attention to widening the distance from 5 to 10cm between the machine and the shelves on both sides for easy custom manipulation if necessary.

– The hood on the market today is not only diverse in color but also in shape and design. You can easily be creative and customize the installation of equipment according to your kitchen style.

12. Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Structure: Grilled dishes are no longer strange to many gourmet families. Basically, grilling is using a certain amount of heat to cook food from one or both sides. The oven kitchen equipment includes a system that uses electricity to generate heat to cook food inside the oven and an external control panel to help adjust the temperature and cooking time.
Structure: Microwave kitchen equipment is composed of a cooking chamber, a control circuit to customize the temperature and a microwave and waveguide system to help reheat food from the inside.
Good tips to know when using the microwave:
– If your kitchen space is quite limited, the microwave smart kitchen device is the optimal solution to save space and maximize your cooking. Microwaves save time on food preparation such as reheating and defrosting.

– The capacity of the microwave kitchen appliance is measured in liters and will usually be estimated based on the number of members in your family. For a family of 2 to 4 members, we should choose a microwave with a capacity of 15 to 20 liters. For families with 4 to 6 members, we should choose a microwave with a capacity of 25 to 30 liters.

– In Japan, according to statistics, the majority of office workers who are too busy with work will often prepare food according to simple recipes just by using the microwave. Because of that, modern microwave ovens are equipped with countless processing programs, including automatic modes that will be an assistant for those who are not familiar with cooking. The automatic program of the microwave kitchen appliance can be up to 13 automatic programs, 5 microwave power levels and 4 combination baking programs.

13. Dishwasher

Structure: Basically, the dishwasher kitchen equipment is composed of a control system for the user to customize the temperature and washing time. The other two parts are the intake valve and the pump. The intake valve is where the water source is directed directly into the machine. The pump is fitted with an electric motor that pushes water into the spray arms to perform the washing of dishes in the machine.
Good tips to know when using the dishwasher:
– Before putting bowls and dishes in the dishwasher, you should remove the food plaques on the dishes instead of rinsing them with water before putting them in the machine. Doing this will help you avoid wasting water in the best way.

– Please read the instructions carefully before use, the performance will be higher. For example, when putting utensils in the dishwasher: Remember knives, spoons, and forks should be inserted upside down in the tube, and dishes placed face down on the tray. Large items such as shovels or racks must be placed in the upper tray. In particular, glass items must use a dedicated tray to place.

– Choose the appropriate washing mode: if it is not possible to fill the dishwasher. You should choose half-load washing mode instead of normal washing to save electricity and water. Similarly, an enhanced wash mode will not be necessary when your dishes are not too dirty.

14. Smart water purifier

Today’s water purifier, in addition to providing clean and safe water for users’ health, the machine also has smart features such as a warning to replace the filter when it is due, automatic washing of the RO membrane, automatic low water report. Smart purifiers bring peace of mind to the whole family when using safe and clean water, but always ensure effective use of the machine.

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III. Frequently asked questions about smart kitchen equipment

What are the benefits of using smart devices in everyday life?

Smart devices help simplify the daily cleaning and sanitizing of most housewives. Instead of spending hours and effort, now with just a few quick settings, you can spend time with your family or relax after a tiring day at work.

Should I buy a built-in dishwasher or a desktop dishwasher?

Depending on the needs of your family, space, and kitchen area, you can consider choosing a reasonable purchase. If the kitchen area is narrow, you should choose a built-in cabinet to save as much space as possible. On the contrary, if the kitchen space is spacious and can accommodate many items, you can choose a desktop machine with a capacity corresponding to the number of dishes that need to be washed each day.

Which smart devices contribute to the care and health of family members?

In addition to dishwashers, some smart home appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. also contribute to protecting the health of your whole family. These are devices that help preserve and store food, and heat food without spending too much time using them.

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