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Secrets to save time and money for housewives

by phuong.seo
Secrets to save time and money for housewives


I. Tips to help housewives save time

Making a work schedule and menu for the whole week, making a list of things to buy when going to the supermarket, preparing everything for the next morning from the evening … are simple ways to help you manage your time.

1. Sort clothes before washing

Sort clothes before washing

The washing machine saves you a lot of time, but you still have to sort your laundry and then dry it, fold it, and store it. To make this simpler, use a laundry bag and keep it in each child’s room – one for light, one for dark. You can put these laundry bags directly in the washing machine, dry them, and then give them back to your child. If your child is older, let them sort, fold and store their clothes in their closet.

2. Make a quick breakfast

Place all fruit, milk, or yogurt in a blender and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, you just put it in the blender and press the button. You’ve got a nutritious drink, add a little cake and you have a nutritious breakfast for the whole family.

3. Schedule a whole week

Buy a weekly calendar. There you can write things like School events, birthdays, meeting schedules, and also write things like bill payment due dates, menus for each day of the week, homework schedules, and children’s studies.

4. Don’t miss the birthdays of acquaintances

You should have a notebook to remember the birthdays of the people you care about, at the beginning of each month send greeting cards to everyone for that month. It’s better to send it early than to forget it.

5. Keep leftovers in the fridge for later use

Keep leftovers in the fridge for later use

If after a cocktail party there are a lot of lemons left over, you can squeeze them and put them in ice trays, in the refrigerator. Once the lemonade has frozen, you can store it in resealable plastic bags and use it as needed, for dishes that require a lemon or sour taste.

6. Make a list of things to buy when going to the market or supermarket

This will save you time and money choosing unnecessary items while forgetting to buy the things you intend to buy.

7. Prepare everything for the next morning from the night before

You can prepare the things you need to cook for breakfast, prepare the clothes you need to wear the next day, store food and utensils in your backpack to bring to school the next day… before going to bed. That way you won’t have to rush in the next morning.

8. Shorten the time in beauty

Hang a mirror near the door, along with a basket of ready-made beauty items such as combs, sunscreen, hand cream, lipstick… You will be surprised at how much this saves. time block.

9. Put personal belongings in a fixed place

Keys, cell phones, office access cards… you should keep them in fixed and visible places so that every morning you don’t have to waste time searching.

10. Get rid of unnecessary items

Put unused items in boxes and put them away: “Future box” for old children’s clothes that are no longer used, for children, “charity box” for things good, can be used but your family no longer needs them, “trash bin” for things that are no longer usable… Then, depending on the purpose of each bin, you will decide where to take it.

11. Prevent dirt

Prevent dirt

The soles of our shoes bring 85% of the dirt into the house. Do not want to waste time cleaning, put a doormat right in front of the door. Another way that can prevent almost 100% of the dust from shoes, is to leave shoes outside the door!

12. Concentrate on cleaning tools

Put all your cleaning supplies in a bucket or basket so you can easily carry them from room to room. This will save you the meaningless time you have to find all the brooms to the cleaning cloths and brushes.

When cleaning, it is recommended to squeeze a few pieces of a damp cloth over your shoulder, they help you clean up to 90% of dust on surfaces, saving you time because you do not have to go back and forth to the sink to rub the towel.

13. Listening to music while working

Don’t have time to read books or listen to music? Do your favorite work while doing housework, cooking, and cleaning. Many people can even regain their social balance from the books and music albums they listen to.

14. Get rid of spam

Filter the messages you want to keep, and delete all spam, promotional mail. This way, your family mailbox is always neat, messy and messy without the opportunity to ask questions and waste your time.

15. Stock up on essentials

Many people have the habit of only buying enough necessities, but if you are a caring housewife, you will know the room is far away. Instead of just buying a pack of coffee when the house is full, buy two, so you never have to rush to replenish.

The secret of a housewife for your reference: “Starting to stock up, I immediately put that item on the list of things that are running out and need to buy. The list is posted right on the refrigerator door for the whole family. Even my children have to list if they need anything. When I go to the market, I buy it for a while, and I never end up in a situation where I don’t know anything about it.”

16. Record your favorite TV show

Research on TV viewing habits shows that men watch an average of 2.7 hours a day, women watch an average of 2.3 hours/day, or more than 16 hours/week! What do you think if you reduce TV viewing time by 5 hours/week, equivalent to 11 days/year? With your whole vacation!

The best way to reduce TV viewing time is to choose your favorite shows first, then record them. That way you don’t have to spend time waiting for the broadcast, nor do you have to spend time watching ads!

17. Let your children be independent

If you have young children, arrange the kitchen so that the kids can “self-serve” when needed. Place all of your baby’s bowls, plates, forks, and cups under the bottom shelf of a bowl or drawer, and pour the milk into an easy-to-open container so your baby can reach it. In the refrigerator, there are always some nutritious food for children, so when you want to eat, your child can take it by himself without bothering you. Allowing children to be independent is also a way to train them to be more confident. When your child is 5 years old, you can let him bathe by himself, he will be very proud, although at first, he may show his disapproval.

18. Share with husband

If you are lucky enough to have a husband you love and trust, share with him the decisions you make regarding the family. For example, if your husband is a chef, let him decide what the family will eat. In return, you are the one who decides the issue of insurance or the general budget. So be content with the fact that it’s not something we should get our hands on.

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II. Tips for saving money for housewives

1. Use cash

Prevent dirt

Although the husband’s salary is always deposited into the bank account, housewives should choose to withdraw cash, to be able to control expenses better. Because when placing money in the account, we will not be able to perceive exactly how much money we have.

2. Always have a goal to save

When we set a clear goal with a specific number, we are always more motivated to save. Housewives deeply understand that when saving money we often set a clear plan such as saving A money for travel, B money for house repair…

3. Don’t make the change lightly

When there are odd coins, we often want to spend them quickly to lighten the wallet. However many small coins can make up a large amount. Housewives should not take those small coins lightly, even if it is a small amount, they still have to plan to spend them or put them in a jar to save.

4. Always compare prices

Price comparison is an extremely important thing before spending that every housewife should not forget. From there they will find the product with the best price to save money.

For example, instead of eating out, husbands who bring lunch boxes to work 3 times a week can save up to 63,000 yen per year (about 7.5 million VND). Or if the husband switched from drinking expensive beer to a cheaper brand, their family could save up to 30,000 yen per year.

5. Use the envelope method to allocate spending money

Use the envelope method to allocate spending money


The principle and implementation of this method are very simple. After deducting the amount to save, the spending part is divided into envelopes with different uses such as travel money, living expenses, etc.

Every time the shopping season, you will take money from the corresponding envelope, helping us spend money in a more controlled manner.

6. Only spend 10% to 15% of income for entertainment purposes

Entertainment is a non-essential expenditure, if you spend too much of your income on this purpose, the budget will be broken. Therefore, when allocating salaries, housewives should only spend a maximum of 10% – 15% of the money on entertainment, promoting the goal of saving.

7. Tips to save money when going to the supermarket

When shopping at the supermarket, housewives should only take what they need and pay immediately. They don’t like walking around the shelves, because that behavior will motivate you to buy items that are not on the list.

In addition, they often compare prices in different supermarkets, because goods can be sold at different prices between supermarkets.

8. Open and close the refrigerator within 3 seconds

Before opening the refrigerator, housewives always have in mind what they need to get. Because the food in it was arranged in a neat and orderly manner, it only took them about 3 seconds to pick up the items. Close the refrigerator immediately to save electricity and at the same time not affect the quality of the food stored inside.

9. Take advantage of hot water from the bath to clean the house

Take advantage of hot water from the bath to clean the house

Filling the tub with hot water after taking a bath, would be a waste to throw it away. Women, we should take advantage of it to clean the house, both clean and save on water bills.

10. Buy energy-saving machines and equipment

Energy-saving appliances will help families significantly reduce their electricity bills each month. Using these devices is a way to save money in the long run.

11. Buy clothes only when there is a discount

Stores and websites that sell clothes often have discounts each season. Japanese housewives understand that clothes are one of the items that consumers should not buy at the original listed price. Just wait a little while for them to be discounted, then you can buy the products you need at a discounted price.

12. Eat at home often

One of the expenses that are considered expensive is the fact that the family often eats at the restaurant. This makes the monthly expenditure of the family superior if the couple and children choose to eat out too much but it is not healthy.

Some tips from health experts say, try to limit eating out and increase home meals that both ensure quality and safety for the family. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for housewives to show off their ability to cook delicious and delicious dishes with members.

13. Only shop for useful items

Before buying an item, housewives should consider it carefully before deciding. It is better to buy something that is useful and can be used more often than to buy it in a hurry and not use it.

This is also the psychology of most women when they are excited to buy a lot of unnecessary things, which are not suitable for the needs or purposes of the family. This will also cause waste, especially a large expenditure on housewives.

14. Learn how to “motivate yourself”

One of the ways that Japanese housewives often apply to save money is to mobilize some things they can do themselves.

For example, cleaning the house, housewives can spend 1-2 hours on weekends cleaning and arranging things neatly and cleanly. Instead of hiring a maid, this is also a way to exercise for housewives to move their limbs and expend energy.

Even small things in the house such as burning a light bulb, closing a broken chair leg or a broken cabinet door can be done by your husband or by yourself, saving time and money if you hire a mechanic to fix it.

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