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Revealing the secret to eliminate odors on plastic boxes easily and effectively

by phuong.seo
Eliminate odors on plastic boxes

Plastic boxes are one of the most commonly used materials, but they easily absorb odors and leave unpleasant odors. The removal of odors on plastic boxes is sometimes considered a challenge for housewives, causing a lot of trouble for them during the cleaning process. Understanding those concerns, Huttonscon will tell you how to deodorize the box which is both simple and effective in the article below.

Wash with warm water.

Plastic items after being washed, you should wash a few times with warm water. Some plastic items have a strong smell, you can use a little hotter water, but still, need to be careful because plastic often melts at high temperatures. Then, dry them in direct sunlight if possible.

 Use vinegar to remove odors on plastic containers

Vinegar is one of the effective and safe cleanings and deodorizing ingredients for users’ health. With deodorizing plastic containers, vinegar will help you say goodbye to the trouble with the bad smell on them with just a few simple steps.
Mix a mixture of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1, then, put the solution directly into a plastic container with a bad smell and can soak for about 3 minutes. Wash the box again with soap after the odor has completely been eliminated.

Eliminate odors on plastic boxes with vinegar

 Make use of coffee beans

Coffee is not only an attractive drink but also an effective method to help you deodorize the perfect plastic container. The natural, gentle and pleasant aroma of coffee beans will easily overwhelm all kinds of odors, giving you a scent that cannot be more comfortable. Coffee beans are one of the most effective ways to get rid of plastic odors. This is the method recommended by experts because of its effectiveness as well as its safety. Coffee has a strong aroma and lasts a long time, so it has a very good deodorizing ability.
After rinsing, you can put some coffee beans in a box and leave them like that for a few hours. All the previous odors will be replaced by a faint and extremely pleasant aroma of coffee.
Keep the beans in the box for a few hours and then take them out. You can check immediately by smelling the smell of the slime box that has disappeared. Instead, the smell of coffee is very fragrant and pleasant. If in the process of using the box there is a food smell, you can also apply this method to deodorize very effectively.

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Use baking soda and lemon to eliminate odors on plastic boxes

Similar to vinegar, baking soda is also known as a “refining” material with odors and is especially effective in deodorizing plastic containers. Meanwhile, the acidic lemon helps kill bacteria and also has a natural fragrance, so when you combine these two ingredients, you will have an optimal deodorant and antibacterial mixture.
Use a little lemon juice mixed with baking soda to form a paste placed in a plastic container. After only a few hours, all odors can be eliminated.

Dishwashing liquid, cleaning solution

Even if you prefer to use glass containers for meal preparation and food storage, you probably still keep a small number of plastic containers in your kitchen. Does that mean you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of the smell of plastic? Because no matter how thoroughly you scrub them, they still show signs of stink.
Note: Always start scrubbing your tank with soap and hot water. Then, try one of these methods to get rid of any lingering new plastic smell.
Using dishwashing products or cleaning solutions such as Sunlife, Cif, … is the easiest way. These specialized products have both cleaning agents and a pleasant aroma after use. In particular, these cleaners are very safe, tested by experts. However, you should still rinse it thoroughly with water to remove all the dirt.
In cases where the smell of the plastic box is too strong, after washing it once, the smell still does not go away. You can use detergent to soak the plastic box for about 2 hours. Then clean thoroughly from the lid of the box, the body of the box both inside and outside. Rinse with cold water, dry and smell the box to see if the smell is gone. Usually using this method is very effective, the odor will be eliminated.

use detergent eliminate odors on plastic bosex

Fresh lemon – remove grease, eliminate odors on plastic boxes

Cutting thin slices of lemon and placing them in plastic containers that need to be cleaned within a few days is also a secret to getting rid of fishy odors in plastic containers. In addition, you can also use baking powder mixed with vinegar to form a thick paste and use them to clean smelly plastic containers. This is also considered one of the most effective deodorants.

Vinegar effectively eliminates odors on plastic containers

Vinegar is one of the effective and safe cleanings and deodorizing ingredients for users’ health. With deodorizing plastic containers, vinegar will help you say goodbye to the trouble with the bad smell on them with just a few simple steps.

How to use warm water mixed with dish soap, then rinse the plastic box thoroughly, then put in the plastic box a cup of white vinegar and soak for 3 minutes. Because vinegar is acidic and bactericidal, it will easily remove grease and lingering odors. If the box has stains and a strong odor, add a little baking soda to a cup of vinegar, then rub it on the box and wash it with clean water.

Table salt can also deodorize plastic containers

While Thai curries and other pungent foods add flavor to your meals at work, they often leave an unpleasant odor in the container, even after rinsing. If washing and soaking the box does not remove the smell, you can use table salt, a cooking ingredient that has the ability to absorb odors very well.
In addition to being an important cooking ingredient in our daily meals, salt also has the ability to absorb odors quite well. Therefore, if you find that your plastic box has an unpleasant odor, you can use a little salt to remove them.
It is best to soak the plastic container with salt and let the salt soak for a few hours to promote a better effect. Note that you should wash and wipe the entire plastic box before use.

Store plastic containers overnight (or longer) with a newspapers

Persistent odors in plastic food containers are often eliminated by newspapers because of the paper’s ability to absorb odors. Take a few newspapers, then tear and crumple them, place them inside a covered container. Keep it for 24-48 hours, then wash it off with soap and clean water, the odor will be significantly removed.

Deodorize plastic with charcoal

You can also deal with unpleasant odors by placing a piece of charcoal in the container, sealing the lid, and letting the charcoal absorb the odor for a day or two. Just make sure to use natural charcoal that is free of flammable additives or hemp powder.

Deodorize plastic containers with dishwashing liquid

Dish detergent can reduce stubborn odors. Fill a sink or large basin with warm water, then pour in a generous amount of dish detergent. Soak the plastic container in the solution for at least thirty minutes. If the smell still cannot be removed, use a plastic container scrubbing brush to increase cleaning and deodorizing efficiency.

Deodorize plastic with the dishwasher

Arrange the plastic containers carefully into the dishwasher, then start the cleaning cycle. The high heat and force of the water jet from the dishwasher’s faucet can help remove odors more effectively than washing by hand.

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Vinegar and baking soda eliminate odors on plastic boxes

To perform this method, follow these steps:
Step 1: Pour a cup of white vinegar into a large pot, then add ¼ cup of baking soda. Stir to form a smooth mixture.
Step 2: Drop the plastic box into the pot with the solution. Then add more water to completely cover the containers. Stir with a large spoon and close the lid.
Step 3: Keep the plastic container soaked in the mixture for 24-48 hours. This will help the vinegar and baking soda to fully deodorize the plastic container.
14. Baking soda.
Using baking soda in household cleaning has become popular. So, before you clean the plastic container used for food, you can sprinkle the whole box with baking soda. Rub well to get a clean and fragrant product.

Use salt and baking soda to remove the smell of plastic containers

Vinegar and baking powder mixture

A mixture of vinegar and baking powder can be used to clean plastic to help the odor disappear quickly. A few tablespoons of vinegar is also enough to help clean plastic containers.

Deodorize plastic with chlorine bleach

For items that have a strong, stubborn plastic smell that is difficult to remove, you can soak them in a chlorine bleach solution for 30 minutes, then use hot water mixed with soap, wear gloves to wash the plastic box, dry it with soap and water. the towel is fine.
Plastic items are extremely diverse and often when they are bought, they will have an unpleasant smell. This odor includes both plastic and preservative odors, so deodorizing is both a way to make users feel comfortable and to ensure safety before use.

Deodorize plastic with tea grounds

In addition to coffee grounds, you can use tea grounds to effectively deodorize new plastic on plastic items. With tea grounds, you just need to put them in a plastic box, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water, the odor will be eliminated.


Sunlight works very well in deodorizing food in plastic containers. Leave the plastic containers out in the sun. At that time, the lingering odors of the food will disappear and be replaced by the scent of the sun.

Put the plastic box in the fridge

After the plastic container has been washed and dried, put it in the freezer for a day or so. The smell of the plastic box will disappear.
Putting the box into the refrigerator is also a method used by many housewives. Place the newly purchased plastic container in the refrigerator for a day or so. Then take it out and wash it with dish soap. You will see that the smell of plastic is completely eliminated. You will surely be satisfied with this simple, easy-to-follow new way of deodorizing plastic.

Deodorize plastic with rice and baking soda

Rice and baking soda is a combo that you can use to get rid of new plastic odors quickly, effectively and safely. Just put the rice, baking soda powder, add some salt into the plastic container. Then close the lid for 30-45 minutes and rinse the box with warm water

Tips for using plastic containers that don’t smell

Always wash with warm soap immediately after use

To prevent plastic containers from always emitting odors, you should wash them immediately after use with soap and warm water. In case you can’t wash it right away, you also need to rinse it with clean water

Take advantage of the sun

On sunny days, wash plastic containers with soap and warm water. Then take them out in the sun to dry. Sunlight not only helps disinfect, but also brings a natural smell to the box.

remove the smell of plastic containers

Avoid high temperature

To ensure safety and prolong the use of plastic containers, you must not pour boiling water directly into the box. At the same time, do not leave plastic containers of spices in places with high temperatures such as stoves, or fireplaces, … because high temperatures will cause them to be distorted.

Frequently asked questions about plastic boxes and mistakes when removing odors on plastic boxes

Should the plastic container be soaked in a solution of chlorine water or detergent overnight?

It’s best not to soak the plastic container in a cleaning solution or chlorinated water for too long, especially overnight. Soaking for too long can cause chemicals in the product to penetrate deep into the plastic box, which is very harmful to the health of you and your family, especially young children.

Can pouring dishwashing liquid directly onto plastic containers make them cleaner?

Although using soap directly can still clean, but it will take a lot of work to completely remove the solution and it is also very wasteful. It is better to mix dishwashing liquid with water to save time and avoid waste.

Can homemade dishwashing liquid clean plastic containers?

Homemade dishwashing liquid can completely clean and remove fishy odors on plastic containers. And it may even be safer for your health than other cleaners. However, with long-term soiled plastic containers, too much grease, it is not as effective as dishwashing liquid or detergents.
With the above simple tips to eliminate odors on plastic boxes, Huttonscon firmly believes that the odor clinging to plastic boxes will no longer be an obsession for women. Instead of struggling with smelly plastic containers like before, apply the above tips to save your time and effort!

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