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Instructions for preserving wine, beer, soft drinks and fruit in the refrigerator

preserving wine, beer, soft drinks and fruit in the refrigerator

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Instructions for preserving wine, beer, soft drinks and fruit in the refrigerator

I. Guide you on how to store wine, beer, soft drinks in the refrigerator

1. Can beer be refrigerated? What are the appropriate storage temperature and time?

Can beer be refrigerated

Most beer bottles, beer cans, and beer carton packaging of all kinds recommend that beer tastes better when cold, so the beer should be stored in a cool, dry place. The secret in these recommendations is this: inside beers, there is a key ingredient that is hops – this is the key ingredient that determines the taste and bitterness of the beer. If you expose your beer to direct sunlight, only about 1.5 hours of your original beer flavor will be destroyed. Not only is it difficult to drink, but it can also be harmful to drinkers because some chemical reactions in beer are produced that are not beneficial to the health of the drinker.
Therefore, many people come up with the idea of putting beer in the refrigerator, both to preserve the beer for a long time, faster and more convenient when needed, as it has been chilled without adding ice. Can beer be left in the fridge? What are the appropriate storage temperature and time?

If you are wondering about this, the answer is YES. You can absolutely put beer in the fridge but don’t keep it for too long and don’t leave it too much. Leaving for too long when not in use when the cupboard is full, there is no room for storage, forcing you to take out the chilled beer to store other food. Such constant temperature fluctuations can cause your beer’s quality to go downhill faster. According to beer experts, the most suitable temperature to store beer is from 4 to 10 degrees Celsius. If the beer is refrigerated, the shelf life is long, it can be used for about 9 months with the unopened type. If you have opened the lid, you should only store and use it within the day!

2. Chilled soft drink to go out is bad? What are the appropriate storage temperature and time?

Similar to beer, drinking normal soft drinks will feel a bit too sweet, when chilled, the drink is both cool and thirsty, but the sweet feeling is less, so many people have chilled soft drinks in the cabinet for easy access. use. However, in large gatherings, chilled soft drinks that are often taken out for use may not be used at all. So, is it bad for chilled fresh water to go out? What are the appropriate storage temperature and time?
The answer is NO if you have not opened the lid and must plan to use it soon. After the party is over, the cans/bottles of soft drinks that have been refrigerated without opening the lid can be placed in the refrigerator for further preservation. However, it is necessary to mark these cans and plan to prioritize them for use first, as soon as possible to avoid damage or quality not as good as unopened cans.
The appropriate storage temperature for freshwater recommended by experts is from 3.3oC to 5.5oC. If the lid has not been opened, the time to use the refrigerator is from 6 to 9 months. Opened soda cans should be used up within 24 hours, while large soft drinks bottles eg Pepsi 1.5l – 3l bottles can be kept for 2 to 5 days.

3. Should beer be kept in the freezer? Is chilled beer going out bad?

The feeling of drinking snow beer or thick beer always makes people have a new and more exciting experience. However, the temperature in the common freezer is -23 degrees Celsius to -18 degrees Celsius – this is too low a storage temperature that is not suitable for the temperature range of beer storage (4-10 degrees Celsius). Therefore, do not be foolish to put bottled beer or canned beer in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator because, under low pressure, beer cans and beer bottles can turn into unexpected bombs that explode and pose many dangers to you and your family. . There are many ways to enjoy snow beer or thick beer, but don’t risk your life and put beer in the freezer!
And if you’re wondering if chilled beer goes out, the answer is: NO if you haven’t opened the lid and you should plan to use these cans soon. By more or less bringing chilled beer out of the refrigerator, the beer is rhymed again and again, under the influence of external forces, it will affect the quality, if not paying attention, it is easy to sour and spoil.

4. Can soft drinks be stored in the vegetable drawer?

If soft drink beer cannot be stored in the freezer, can soft drink beer be stored in the vegetable compartment? This is a concern of many real consumers. In fact, the normal refrigerator temperature is 1 – 4 degrees Celsius depending on the line. This temperature is still a bit low to preserve beer and soft drinks well. Not to mention placing drinks in the vegetable compartment you will have to put them horizontally or remove the lid of the vegetable compartment which is very annoying. In short, storing soft drinks in the vegetable compartment is also NOT SUITABLE.

5. Do you understand the soft drinks you have in the fridge?

Can’t store soft drinks in the freezer, can’t store vegetables, so where is the right place? Normally, refrigerator manufacturers often design the position of soft drink bottles and cans in the refrigerator door. This is the location with the most suitable temperature to store beer and soft drinks and is also easy to arrange vertically.

6. Teach you how to preserve wine, beer, soft drinks

Teach you how to preserve wine, beer, soft drinks

a. Put all kinds of beer, soft drinks in the right position

Do not put it in the freezer
The temperature in the freezer compartment has a hardening effect suitable for preserving fresh foods such as meat and fish, but not drinks.
Absolutely do not put alcohol, or soft drinks in the freezer compartment, the temperature is too low, it will damage the molecular structure in alcohol, soft drinks, cause loss of taste, more seriously it can cause an explosion due to pressure changes. capacity.
Do not store vegetables and fruits in compartments
The vegetable and fruit storage compartment should be separated from alcohol and soft drinks, minimizing contact with each other to avoid reducing the quality of the drink, as well as not affecting the ability to preserve fruit. delicious tree.
The basic temperature of the vegetable compartment is about 3.3 – 5.3 degrees Celsius, designed for vegetables, too low to store alcohol, easy to change their quality and taste.

b. How to order alcohol, soft drinks

Because the shape of each type of beer, wine and soft drink is different, the placement of each type is also different. Among them, such as:
Wine placed horizontally
With wine usually in the form of a cork, it is important to keep this part of the cork from drying out. Therefore wine should be placed horizontally down in the refrigerator.

Beer, soft drinks placed upright

However, in contrast to alcohol, soft drinks, champagne, and whiskey must be placed in an upright position. When the yeast is in the soft drink, the beer will be pushed to the bottom of the bottle, contributing to reducing the oxidation of the drink, ensuring the flavor is preserved for a certain period of time.
Put bottles of the same type together
In addition, the material of the bottle (or can) also determines the placement of beer and soft drinks in your refrigerator. With bottles made of glass, they should be placed next to each other to maintain a certain distance from the group of bottles (or cans) made of aluminum, to ensure the best storage of beer, wine and soft drinks.

c. Precise temperature setting

Precise temperature setting

The ingredients in alcohol and soft drinks all have the participation of yeasts (microorganisms), they are often sensitive to temperature, easily causing changes in taste, color and quality. amount of drink if the environment temperature changes.
Therefore, you need to note that the storage temperature is suitable for each type of beer, wine, and soft drink.

d. Important Notes

Check expiry date
The time of use determines the taste and safety of the drink, so you must pay attention to check the expiration date carefully and often.
It is best to use alcohol, soft drinks before the expiration of 1 month to enjoy the best taste and safety.
Check alcohol concentration
You should note to check the concentration of alcohol before placing it in the refrigerator, those with high concentrations should be stored at a higher temperature, but still within the allowable temperature range.
Quickly use up all opened bottles of beer and soft drinks
The storage time can be extended as long as the bottle cap is still closed, but if opened, it is best to use it up within the day, right after opening to ensure the quality of the drink.

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II. Guide you on how to store fruit in the refrigerator how is it right?

Guide you on how to store fruit in the refrigerator how is it right

1. Choose delicious fruit from the start

To keep fruit in the refrigerator for a long time, the first thing to remember is to choose quality fruits. The main principles are:
• The berries should be fresh, some have a very specific aroma and should not have scratches on the outside.
• Holding ripe fruit feels firm, not too soft.
• Check by pinching the stem of the fruit. If there is a slight fragrance that comes out, it is an essential oil and you should choose this fruit.

2. Prepare before putting in the refrigerator

Some notes when storing fruit in the refrigerator properly is to prepare fruit before putting it in the refrigerator as follows:
• Use a clean knife to remove damaged and waterlogged parts. Remember to clean the kitchen area first to avoid bacteria entering the fruit.
• Absolutely “do not” be washed before putting in the refrigerator so as not to lose the natural antibody layer on the outside, making the fruit more susceptible to bacterial infection. When you want to eat, wash it, this way helps the food to spoil longer.
• Using mesh bags to store fruit not only makes the fruit last longer but also makes it easier to keep the fruit in the fridge organized.
• If using a plastic bag or box, make sure it is well-ventilated. Make a few holes in the bag, this will help the fruit stay fresh longer.
• A common mistake is that users often put fruit in the same place as vegetables and tubers. This causes your fruit to ripen faster in the fridge, leading to quicker spoilage and waterlogging.

3. Ways to preserve some popular fruits

Some fruits should not be stored in the refrigerator such as sweet potatoes, watermelons, tomatoes, .. because when these fruits are put in the refrigerator, the temperature is not suitable will make these fruits lose their flavor. as well as essential nutrition. For example, sweet potatoes can become firmer or take longer to ripen.
• Those that contain a lot of sugar or have a soft fruit structure such as bananas, avocados, etc., should be stored outside until ripe before being refrigerated.
• The appropriate temperature to store fruits and vegetables is 3.3 ℃ to 5.6 ℃ (Usually the refrigerator vegetable compartment is designed for this temperature).
• The fruit that is bought first should be arranged in a conspicuous position to take out first.

4. Some notes when storing fruit in the refrigerator properly

Huttuscon gives you some tips on how to properly refrigerate fruit:
• Apples, if put in a mesh bag and then refrigerated immediately after purchase, can be stored for 3 weeks.
• Bananas are left outside, in a paper bag until ripe, then refrigerated to keep them longer (5 days).
• Keep avocado in a paper bag until soft, then refrigerate (3 days).
• Keep apricots in a paper bag until ripe, then refrigerate (5 days).
• Guava immediately in the refrigerator after purchase will be preserved for 5 days.
• Kiwi will stay fresh for 4 days in the fridge right after you buy it.
• Papaya can be kept for 1 week if ripe in a cool place and then refrigerated.
• Remember to put lemon in the refrigerator immediately after buying it (3 weeks).
• Unpeeled corn needs to be placed in the refrigerator immediately and can be kept for up to 3 days.
• Mangoes are kept in a paper bag outside until ripe, then put in the refrigerator (4 days).
Common fruits such as bananas, apples, and strawberries, … can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days depending on the type.

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