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Preeminent features and cooking modes of the induction cooker

by phuong.seo
Preeminent features and cooking modes of the induction cooker

I. The preeminent features of the induction cooker you should know

1. First, let’s talk about the safety features of the induction cooker:

+ Child safety lock:

Child safety lock

Induction hobs are the safest cooking equipment today. No fire, no electric shock, no heat transfer outside the cooking zone. Only heat the cooking zone when the induction cooker is placed. Will display or report an error, signal warning to the user when the potting material is not suitable.

When cooking, if the user heats the pot to dry the water, then add food and oil. The induction hob will automatically disconnect or give an error warning signal when the temperature is too hot, or overloaded. Moreover, if the power supply is unstable, insufficient or overloaded, the stove will also automatically disconnect to ensure that the total power of your family is safely protected.
Many safety cooking features such as child lock, are very suitable for families with young children. When this safety lock mode is enabled, all settings and keys on the induction hob will be temporarily deactivated. You will no longer have to worry about your child being bulged, burned or playing, playing in the cooking area.

+ Anti-overflow warning

In the old generation kitchens, when the overflow occurs, the stove will continue to boil and the water will continue to overflow. And if this phenomenon goes on for a long time, it can cause fire and damage to the stove. However, today’s high-end induction cookers are different. When detecting signs of overflow, it will immediately sound an alarm and automatically turn off the stove. Even if boiling water spills over the stove, the water will cool down quickly because of the fast heat dissipation feature of the cooktop, protecting users from kitchen burns.

+ Residual heat warning

This function has the effect of broadcasting a notification to the user that the cooktop is still hot so that the user knows and does not touch it. Specifically, when the stovetop is hot over 65 degrees Celsius, the stove will display the letter H on the control screen. When the stove has cooled below 65 degrees Celsius, the cooktop becomes safer, users can comfortably clean the stovetop without fear of burns.
Overheat warning:
When you cook with a large capacity for a long time, it is easy to damage the internal components of the induction cooker, reduce the life of the stove and put the user in a dangerous situation.
So, if you detect that the hob has overheated and emits an E1 error warning, it’s better to turn off the stove immediately. Then immediately remove the cookware from the stove and make sure that the ventilation system is still working properly to cool the stove in time.

+ Warning whether the pot is cooking:

When the induction cooker detects that you have not placed the pot on the stove for a long time, the stove will immediately report an error, then the stove will stop working. You will easily see this error displayed on the display of the stove, the letter “E2” will appear. The error will only go away when you put the food in the pot.

+ Unsuitable pot warning:

Unsuitable pot warning

This warning will appear on an induction cooker when the pot you are using is not a magnetic cooker – specialized for induction cookers. On the other hand, an unsuitable cooker may also be due to the size of the pot being too small or too large compared to the hob’s magnetic ring.
If you find that the pot is not suitable for the stove, you should check to see if it is a magnetic pot. The simplest way to check is to use a magnet near the bottom of the pot, if the bottom of the pot is attracted by the magnet, it is an induction cooker. Conversely, if the magnet does not attract the bottom of the pot, you should change to another pot that is magnetic. In addition, you need to pay attention, the pot should have a flat bottom, the bottom diameter is larger than 10 cm and less than 26 cm to be compatible with the hob ring and cook better.
+ Automatically turn off the stove when you forget it

When you cook for longer than the default cooking time, the hob will understand that you have left the pot on the stove. The stove will automatically turn off immediately after that to ensure that the food is not burnt and safe for users.

+ Overload and overvoltage protection

The voltage that is too low or too high will also not be good for the operation of the stove and make the user unsafe. Therefore, imported induction cookers of some high-end brands have added an automatic shutdown function when overloaded and over-voltage. Accordingly, every time the power supply to the stove is unstable, the stove will automatically turn off to protect the components inside the kitchen and also to prolong the life of the stove.

+ Customizable temperature

The induction cooker has a wide temperature control panel, from 100 W – 1800 W, equivalent to 60 – 280 degrees C (depending on the type of stove) to help users control the exact cooking temperature. Induction hobs also have self-selected cooking modes, helping users to cook more dishes they like.

+ Cooking timer

Cooking timer

You do not have to worry about the dish being burned, nor do you have to stand guard on the stove because the induction cooker with the cooking timer feature will automatically turn off the stove when the preset time is up.

+ Protect your health

Gas stoves or wood stoves when cooking will produce CO2. Although this gas does not affect health, if it is cooked too much and continuously, it is accompanied by an unventilated surrounding space, and an unpleasant odor, and it is possible to suffocate. Induction cookers are not like that, do not burn fuel to generate heat, so they do not produce smoke or CO2. Therefore, induction cookers are the optimal choice for families, especially when there are elderly people or young children in the house.

+ Easy to clean the stove

Induction cooktops have a surface made of glass, so food is difficult to turn on the stovetop like those with metal surfaces. Just a soft damp cloth can wipe away food residues on the surface of the induction hob.

2. Superior cooking features exclusive to some high-end stoves:

Oil temperature control: allows getting a perfect browning of food due to automatic sensors. Advanced DirectSelect control panel: select one – cooking zones and other functions. Flex induction: maximum freedom in cooking. You can set any cooking zone, regardless of the shape, size or position of the hob.
Huge 32cm cooking zone: cook with large cooking zones. Induction: fast, safe, clean and very efficient. The high-end induction hob features a premium DirectSelect control panel with 17 cooking levels. 3 zones of touch with Sprint function and Sprint function: two 23 x 40 cm Flex touch zones. 1 large cooking zone 32 cm in area. 2 Flex touch zones 23 x 40 cm. Oil temperature control with 5 levels
In addition to the modern features and design, the safety features for the user are very important. The safety features integrated on the Bosch induction hob can be mentioned such as an Automatic child safety lock or by hand to prevent accidentally turning on the stove to ensure the safety of children. With two-level residual heat warning (H/h) Auto shut-off function with audible alarm Cleaning function: helps to clean the surface when the hob is in operation with a temporary lock key Program the cooking time for each stove and has an audible alarm. Limit the total cooking capacity of the whole stove

II. Cooking modes of the induction cooker

1. Hot Pot

On induction cookers, there is often a hot pot cooking mode, except for the basic keys such as on / off, plus and minus temperature … on the control panel of the induction cooker will allow you to choose different cooking modes. For the hot pot cooking mode, you put the necessary ingredients in and select the mode, be careful to use the right pot of the right material and do not leave the pot empty on the stove.
After selecting the “Hot” or “Hot pot” mode, the “Hot” function indicator light on the induction hob lights up and the stove starts to work. The temperature of the induction cooker will now automatically adjust to the most appropriate, but if you need to use it, you can completely increase or decrease the temperature as you like. This is one of the most commonly used induction cooker cooking modes.

2. Frying, stir-frying on the induction cooker

Frying, stir-frying on the induction cooker

The “Fry/Fry” or “Fry” mode of the induction cooker will bring you the best-fried. foods. Whether frying fish, sautéing vegetables or any other food, you just need to put the cookware on the induction hob and select the mode. The temperature and power of the stove will automatically adjust. You can also increase or decrease it at will like Hot pot mode.

3. Cooking water

Water cooking mode is the default mode at the highest capacity of the induction cooker. In common kitchens, the highest capacity is 2000W, in more advanced product lines, the kitchen capacity can be up to 2600W for faster water heating time and the stove will automatically turn off when the temperature is enough. Many stoves will have a default time of 30 minutes to ensure safety, whether more or less, the stove will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, please choose the equivalent amount of water to not be interrupted halfway.

4. Stew or Steam with an induction cooker

The induction cooker also has a “Steam/Stew” mode, in some cookers it is “Steam/Stew”, this mode has been adjusted to the appropriate temperature and capacity, when you have finished preparing the ingredients for the pot. steam, then press the “Steam/Stew” key, the induction cooker will steam or stew delicious food for you.
The mode brings you the best stews or steamed dishes with the right temperature level. Prepare delicious ingredients and put them in the pot, the induction cooker will do the rest. Be careful not to manually increase or decrease the temperature too high or too low, it can take time, can cause overload, heat the stove and be dangerous when used for a long time.

5. Cooking soup

Cooking soup

No need to sit and watch the soup, you just need to put the ingredients in the pot and press the button, the induction cooker will automatically adjust the cooking time appropriately with the amount of food added. How to use: you find the soup mode on the control panel and press start. A delicious standard soup will be available to you and your family at the touch of a button on the induction hob.

6. Cooking porridge

The “Cooking porridge” mode on the induction cooker will give you a delicious pot of porridge, no longer worrying about being hoarse. Some cooktops only write “Soup” for both porridge and soup cooking modes, or replace “Soup” with “Congee” or “Porridge”, all of which refer to soup and porridge cooking modes.
Like the above modes, you can customize the temperature as you like, select the “+” or “-” up and down keys to customize the capacity. After selecting the right mode and temperature for the induction cooker, the signal light will light up to indicate that the dish is in the cooking process. All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait.

Simplify cooking with an induction hob

Make cooking simple with the above automatic cooking modes, if you do not believe in the modern level of induction cookers, try cooking once, you will find the quality of the food is not lost. What is a professional chef? If you have tried the cooking modes of the induction cooker, let us know what you think!

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III. Instructions on how to use the induction cooker

1. Operation steps | Instructions to turn on the induction cooker

Turning on the induction cooker is the first way to use the induction cooker that you need to know. First, check if the pots and pans you are using are compatible with the induction hob. Induction cookers need a separate set of pots and pans. They are usually made from iron, and stainless steel, which is magnetic. The easiest way to test that is to use a magnet to test it.
If the magnet sticks to the bottom of a pot or pan, it can be used on an induction hob. In case you buy a new set of pots and pans, double-check the specifications and labels to make sure they can work on an induction hob. Usually, it will have an “induction pan” icon.
Next, we will guide the steps to operate the induction cooker
• Step 1: Turn on the power switch of the stove. Usually, this switch will be mounted on the wall or inside the kitchen cabinet. With single cooker models, you only need to plug in the power to be able to use it.
• Step 2: Place pots and pans in the cooking area you want to use
• Step 3: Hold your finger on the stove start button
• Step 4: Start cooking by selecting the sensor related to the cooking zone you use. You can choose the cooking mode you want.
• Step 5: Increase or decrease the temperature with the touch buttons “+”, “-”
• Step 6: After using the stove, hold the start button again to turn off the stove.
Note: If there is no pot or pan in the cooking zone, the stove will not work.

2. How to open the magnetic kitchen when locked

How to open the magnetic kitchen when locked

Some types of induction cookers have a safety lock function, which is convenient for cleaning and protects the children in the house from unfortunate accidents. Depending on the type of stove, the following types of locks are available:

• Lock to clean the kitchen: normally, this feature will lock the kitchen within 30 seconds. During this time, you can wipe the cooktop without disturbing the cooking settings.

• Child lock: This feature is common in all modern induction cookers. When the key icon is pressed for a few seconds, the kitchen control panel will be locked. This feature can be automatically activated every time the stove is turned off. As a result, your induction cooker will be safer. Especially for families with young children.

So how to open the magnetic kitchen when locked, Huttuscon will guide you:

For the Bosch induction hob, you can unlock it very easily.
• Step 1: Hold your finger on the key icon on the control panel for about 10s
• Step 2: Release your hand when you hear 2 beeps, and the lock icon on the control panel turns off.
• Step 3: Restart the control panel to confirm the induction hob is working properly again.

However, for some other types, the above operations are not necessarily unlocked. At that time, turn off the stove and restart it after 20 minutes. This will help the induction cooktop reset the features on the control panel.

Note: During the process of unlocking the induction hob, you should not put your hands on the cooking zone of the hob. Place a small pot of water in the cooking zone. After unlocking, you can turn on the stove and select the cooking mode. If the water in the pot warms up and boils, that’s when the induction cooker is working properly.

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