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Notes for pregnant women when cleaning the house

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Notes for pregnant women when cleaning the house

If you are a person who likes to be clean, during pregnancy, you will face many difficulties. Do you normally have a habit of cleaning and cleaning when you see the dust on the shelves or bacteria stains on the toilet? However, during pregnancy, it is best to take time off to take care of your pregnancy. Housework should be left to the husband or maid. However, sometimes, family conditions don’t allow it and you have to roll up your sleeves to do those things even while pregnant. At that time, please pay attention to the following notes of huttuscon.


I. Things not to do

1. Move furniture in the house

Move furniture in the house

Pulling a table or pushing a sofa to vacuum can pose some potential dangers to pregnant women. Therefore, if you can’t push, don’t try too hard.

2. Climbing

Cleaning high places is not easy. However, you should not attempt to clean these areas by climbing ladders or standing on chairs. This is very easy to make you lose your balance and fall.

3. Climb the stairs

Climbing up and down the stairs often will make you tired, especially if you carry a lot of things.

4. Clean mold

If your house has mold, do not try to clean it yourself because these molds often emit toxic gases, which are harmful to the fetus.

5. Use sprays

There are many products made in spray form such as insect repellent , room spray, etc. However, when using these products you will easily inhale, cause irritation and nausea.

6. Clean the warehouse or basement

Do not clean in places with tight, dusty spaces such as warehouses and basements because you cannot breathe fresh air.

II. Notes when cleaning the house

1. Carefully read the instructions for use of cleaning products

Always carefully read the information on the properties of the cleaning product printed on the packaging. If there are any harmful ingredients, throw them away immediately.

2. Use products with natural ingredients

Use products made with natural ingredients and low in chemicals.

3. Ventilation

Open the windows to let the air in the room air out. Besides, this also helps the smell of detergents dissipate quickly.

4. Wear a mask and gloves

Wear a mask and gloves

Avoid direct contact with cleaning agents. Wear rubber gloves while wiping and scrubbing. Wear a mask to avoid inhaling these chemicals.

5. Rest

When cleaning, you should take a moment to breathe and avoid swollen feet. If you feel nauseous, you should go outside to get some fresh air.

6. Keep Hygiene

The best way to avoid having to clean your house is to pay attention to keeping it clean. Please leave shoes in the right place, install nets to limit insects and dust.

7. Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Be careful when cleaning windows because you will easily slip and fall. Mothers should avoid cleaning large glass doors and should only use wet newspapers to clean the door.

8. Washing dishes

Do not forget to wear gloves when washing dishes, because the skin of your hands will be very sensitive during pregnancy.

9. Use a vacuum cleaner

Pushing the vacuum cleaner around the house will be very tiring, and you should not try to change the dust filter when you are pregnant. That filter contains a lot of dust, bacterial spores or hair, which will adversely affect the mother’s eyes and lungs.

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III. 9 safety rules for pregnant women when cleaning the house

1. Find help

Pregnant women should seek help during pregnancy.
If the pregnant mother still cleans and cleans the house by herself, at this time, she should seek help from her husband, or can not hire an hourly maid to help do the heavy work. This helps pregnant women have more time to rest, and at the same time limit doing other demanding jobs.

2. Stay away from unsafe cleaners

Household cleaners can contain chemicals that are toxic to mother and baby. Therefore, if pregnant women have to clean the house, they should choose environmentally friendly cleaners.
And remember, when using cleaning and spray products, you should wear a mask. But it’s best to avoid using spray-on cleaners because they make it easier for users to inhale. Or you can’t ask a loved one for help or use a house cleaning service.

3. Check the ingredients of cleaning products before use

Any cleaning product used in home care should be viewed carefully before use. Some products have notes for pregnant women because of their negative effects on the mother and fetus, for these products pregnant women should avoid using.
If you have to clean, you can choose natural cleaners such as lemon, vinegar or baking soda….

4. Open the door to ventilate when cleaning

When cleaning in the house, the mother should open the door to let the air in. This helps the dust as well as toxic gases generated during house cleaning to be diffused out, so pregnant women will feel more comfortable and avoid risks.

5. Always wear rubber gloves

Latex gloves are inseparable when pregnant women clean the house. It not only prevents chemicals in detergents from penetrating the skin, but also prevents bacteria from entering the body. You should also wash your hands with warm water and soap thoroughly after finishing work.
In addition, wearing a mask and wearing long sleeves is also a way for pregnant women to protect themselves when cleaning the house.

6. Say “no” to paint

The chemical composition in paint is very large, they can cause premature birth or negatively affect the nervous system of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should save the house painting and repair work for others not to participate. There are no paints of any kind, even though they are introduced as eco-friendly, that are safe for pregnant women.

7. Do not climb high to dust

If there is dust on the top of the cabinet or ceiling fan, the mother should ask someone to assist, trying to climb high to clean these positions can cause the pregnant mother to have accidents such as falls. At this time, due to a bulky belly, pregnant women can easily lose their balance.
If you can’t find any help, you can use a long-handled brush or design cleaning tools to help.

8. Not cleaning up cat poop

Toxoplasma is a parasite found in cat feces. This parasite causes birth defects such as blindness or other neurological defects in children. Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid cleaning cat feces.
If you must do this, wear gloves, a mask, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap immediately afterward.
Ideally, a mom should avoid raising cats. If the mother is raising cats, she can send them somewhere during the pregnancy until the baby is born.

9. Avoid overwork

Staying healthy during pregnancy is the most important thing. Therefore, pregnant women should not try to take care of or clean the house if they are not feeling well. Share this with your partner to get support and help.

IV. 10 things to avoid during pregnancy to keep mom and baby healthy

1. Foods to Avoid

During pregnancy, you should avoid eating the following foods:
• Undercooked seafood, sushi,…
• Raw or undercooked beef and poultry
• Cold meats
• Seafood with high mercury content: mackerel, swordfish…
• Smoked seafood
• Raw eggs
• Soft cheeses
• Unpasteurized milk…
There are quite a few foods you need to limit. However, on the contrary, we also have a variety of nutritious foods for pregnant women. For your reference, build a healthy, balanced, and good diet for mother and baby. Combine foods such as lean meat, fresh vegetables, etc.

2. Avoid contact with paint

Avoid contact with paint

The paint has no toxicity. The toxicity of the paint depends on the solvents and chemicals in the paint. Although it is assumed that household paint has a low exposure. However, you need to avoid contact with paint, the smell of paint.

3. Limit caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic. Drinking a few cups of regular coffee a day will increase blood pressure, heart rate and even affect the baby.
Note that caffeine is not only found in and in coffee. It’s also found in chocolate, soda, and even some over-the-counter medications. However, you do not need to completely give up caffeine but should consider limiting and only using 150-300mg per day.

4. Limit the use of drugs

Some medications can harm an unborn baby. Before taking any over-the-counter medications and supplements. Please consult carefully and ask your doctor for details.

5. Don’t wear high heels

One of the things to avoid during pregnancy is wearing high heels. Because during pregnancy your weight will increase, your belly will grow, causing your center of gravity to change. At this time, your legs will appear with some problems such as cramps, edema …
So, choose flat shoes and sandals to ensure safety for mother and baby.

6. Don’t go to saunas or soak in hot water for too long

Many pregnant women will experience aches and pains during pregnancy when relaxing in a hot tub seems ideal.
However, this is something you should not do during pregnancy. Because when the body temperature is highest in the first three months of pregnancy, it can lead to some birth defects. Better yet, you need to maintain a warm bath with a moderate temperature.

7. Avoid inhaling secondhand smoke

Tobacco and secondhand smoke have serious effects on the mother and baby. Because there are about 4000 harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke and it can directly affect both mother and baby during pregnancy.
Exposure to tobacco smoke can cause miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, or even affect the baby’s brain.

8. Don’t drink alcohol

Don't drink alcohol

Avoid alcohol use during pregnancy. Because alcohol, beer will quickly pass from your blood through the placenta and umbilical cord to the baby. This can harm the baby’s developing brain and organs. Even leading to risks such as:
• Premature birth
• Miscarriage
• Birth defects
• Brain damage
• Stillbirth

9. Don’t sit or stand for too long

During pregnancy, you will feel quite tired, uncomfortable and just want to sit and stand in one position for a long time. However, it can cause all kinds of vein problems, swollen ankles, etc.
Tobacco and secondhand smoke have serious effects on the mother and baby. Because there are about 4000 harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke and it can directly affect both mother and baby during pregnancy.
Exposure to tobacco smoke can cause miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, or even affect the baby’s brain.

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How many times a day should surfaces be disinfected when cleaning the house?

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, you should disinfect and sanitize contact surfaces at least 2 times a day at home and at least 4 times a day in public places to protect your health.

Note when disinfecting surfaces when cleaning the house

After disinfecting the surface, you should wait for 10-15 minutes for the product to promote its ability to handle and kill bacteria. And you need to wear extra gloves to protect your hands and limit exposure to the virus.

Can pregnant women eat instant noodles?

Shrimp noodles are an attractive and easy-to-cook instant dish that is loved by many people. However, if a pregnant woman eats too many instant noodles during pregnancy, it can bring health effects not only to the pregnant mother but also to the fetus.

Should I buy a new house while pregnant?

According to the concept of feng shui, between us and the things present around us, there is a connection that cannot be replaced. Simply put, when someone affects the environment, it will have the opposite effect.

Therefore, when we moved, we accidentally broke this link. The effect on family members can be negative or positive depending on many different factors. But because the pregnant wife is weaker than usual, she often encounters bad things.

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