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Instructions on how to clean the teapot in detail and quickly

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Teapots are used to make water for guests, but after a period of use, they often appear stains and plaque. If they do not know how to handle them, they not only affect the quality of tea but also cause unsightly and more difficult to clean later. Therefore, do not ignore this article, Huttuscon will guide you on how to clean teapots and pots in detail and effectively.

1. Why is there a stain on the teapot?

The stains are formed by the tea, when the tea evaporates on the body of the teapot, it will leave the black-yellow tea, a part of the tea will stick back to the pot, causing the kettle to become dirty. In addition, using other colored drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, … also makes the teapot dirty.

With ceramic cups, you can use cleaning solutions to clean them. However, the teapot is very odorless, so it is completely impossible to use soap or dishwashing liquid to wash it. Is it tight then? But that’s okay, there are other ingredients that can remove those nasty stains.

2. Notes when cleaning the teapot

Notes when cleaning the teapot

Cleaning teacups is very simple, similar to cleaning dishes in the house, just rinse quickly after use and they are shiny again. It is especially easy to overlook your teapot because the teapot is specially designed, you rarely see the inside of it, so many plaques and stains are often missed and we detect them too late. In addition, having the extra part of the faucet is also really difficult to clean thoroughly.

Cups are usually not the problem, but cleaning the teapot is a completely different story. And that’s why you must know how to clean your kettle in the most efficient way so that you can have a clean pot to enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

But how to clean the teapot effectively? 

Not to mention that often teapots often have enamel,… or can be made from high-quality materials, so if you’re not careful, you’ll have a hard time removing stains and even damaging the glaze of the kettle. . Therefore, to avoid damaging the extremely valuable kettle, note a few points as follows:

  • Homemade solutions can be a useful teapot cleaning weapon, but for best results, it’s best to choose a specialized dishwashing liquid. They are specifically designed, can be more effective, and often have a pleasant smell.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or sharp tools.
  • Handle carefully, avoid slipping hands while performing the cleaning.

3. You should regularly clean teapot stains

How often is the best time to clean the kettle separator? This question has no specific numbers, it’s really up to you. But to avoid the accumulation of nasty stains, it can be said to clean them regularly, you should at least rinse the teapot after each use.

You should regularly clean teapot stains 

Choose a more thorough cleanse from time to time, maybe 3-6 months, depending on how often you drink the tea.

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4. How to clean the teapot?

Cleaning the teapot is very easy! Just follow the tips in this article to get rid of those stains:

Choose a very good detergent to clean the teapot 

  • Use dishwashing liquid: Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​using conventional cleaning products for fear that they are ineffective and contain many harmful chemicals. But you absolutely can have a little dishwashing liquid from reputable brands on the market and don’t need to worry too much about health effects when you only use a very small amount and have really rinsed it with clean water.
  • If you want to opt for a homemade cleaning product instead of the usual store-bought cleaning products, lemon juice or vinegar are good choices. They can also be used when cleaning kettles, and clean thermos flasks. You can mix both with some baking soda for a clean teapot. As long as you wash it thoroughly, using vinegar and baking soda will have a more unpleasant smell than using lemon.
  • Some people even use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the teapot. Because the head is thin and easy to move, this method is also used by many people.

Clean the outside of the teapot:

  • After choosing a suitable detergent, you can start cleaning the teapot. However, remember to test cleaning on a small portion of the teapot before scrubbing the entire pot to avoid damaging your lovely pot!

Cleaning the teapot faucet:

  • Don’t forget to clean this often overlooked spot. A scrub brush with a small head will do just fine.

5. How to clean the inside of the teapot?

How to clean the inside of the teapot

How to clean the inside of the teapot is very simple, including 2 small steps:

  • First, soak a sponge in your chosen cleaning solution.
  • Next, scrub the teapot and rinse it afterward with hot water to remove any remaining product.

The following tips will help you clean your teapot thoroughly:

  • If you like to drink sugar tea and have a habit of putting sugar straight into your teapot, you should be a little more careful. In this case, mix a little soap or liquid dishwashing liquid with hot water.
  • If you have some really stubborn stains, dilute dish soap or vinegar with water, fill the teapot, and let it steep overnight. These stains should be easier to remove the next morning.
  • If you are wondering how to clean the tea spout, there are many products available online: teapot cleaner, cup brush, loofah teapot cleaner, etc. Small, narrow head. They are easy to find and the cleaning effect is quite good and rests assured that the use and function are similar.
  • Use baking soda: How to clean the tea set with baking soda is extremely simple. You just need to put baking soda and water in a kettle with a cup of tea and let it steep overnight.Then, use a toothbrush or soft cloth to brush away the stains and yellow stains on the surface. Finally, you wipe the warm surface again and you’re done.
  • Use lemon or vinegar: Squeeze some lemon into the kettle, then fill the pot with boiling water and leave it overnight. The acidity in lemons will help you get rid of the yellow stains on the surface of the kettle and keep it in a very natural and fresh lemon scent.
  • Use velvet and wool yarn
    Cleaning the faucet of the teapot and the small nooks and crannies often makes it difficult for mothers to have a relatively small contact area in these locations. To clean stubborn stains in small corners like this, mothers can make use of velvet and wool fibers.The implementation method is very simple. Wrap the wool around the corduroy, and moisten the tip with water or dishwashing liquid. Then scrub the wool into the dangerous places and then rinse with clean water and you’re done.
  • Use toothpaste
    You pour warm water into the teapot and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then, put the toothpaste on a soft cloth and wipe the entire surface of the teapot. In places with a lot of yellowing, don’t be afraid to put a lot of toothpaste there!Next, use a toothbrush and soft cloth to carefully scrub all surfaces to be cleaned. At the end of the cleaning, you just need to rinse with cold water and rinse again with hot water to get rid of the toothpaste smell and you’re done!

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