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Instructions on how to clean the blender extremely quickly

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Blenders are a very useful tool and are used by many families, they have many functions such as being able to grind a variety of fruits, vegetables, food, and always make attractive dishes. Cleaning the blender after each use is not easy, especially cleaning the inside of the blender, which not everyone knows. If not done properly, in addition to the blender is not clean, it can also cause injury to the hands. Learn how to clean this blender right away to save cleaning time and be safer for your hands.

How to clean the blender when grinding turmeric in detail

How to clean the blender when grinding turmeric in detail

Step 1 – Filling Blender: Fill your blender jug with hot water from a kettle or faucet about halfway up.

Step 2 – Add dish soap: Add a drop of dish soap.

Step 3 – Turn on the blender: Place the blender jar back on the base and hold the lid down with a towel. Then, turn on the blender and let it run for about 10 seconds.

Step 4 – Pour in hot water and rinse: Rinse the blender thoroughly with more hot water than necessary.

In addition to the detailed instructions for cleaning the blender above, in case your blender is stuck with turmeric for too long or has food residue for a long time, you can add a little vinegar or lemon juice mixed with it. rafters to remove stains.

Instructions on how to clean the blender are usually very easy

– Step 1: Put in the bottle an amount of water equal to half the capacity of the bottle.

– Step 2: Turn on the machine to run for about 30 seconds to clean the tank as well as the cutter.

– Step 3: Remove the bottle from the base and pour that amount of water out of the bottle.

– Step 4: Turn the jar and base in the opposite direction to be able to separate the jar and the blade from each other.

– Step 5: Rinse the cutting blade with water and use a brush or brush to clean.

– Step 6: Wash the jar with water and detergent solution to make it clean, that’s how to clean the blender.

– Step 7: Use a clean towel to dry the jar and the base with the blade, then assemble them together.

– Step 8: Take a damp cloth to wipe the dirt on the engine and the body of the motor.

– Step 9: After cleaning the entire body of the device, the bottle can be reassembled into the body and stored in a dry place or can be used again.

How to clean a multi-function blender?

How to clean a multi-function blender

– Step 1: After use, rinse the mill with water a few times to remove large residues clinging to the machine.

– Step 2: Add water about ½ to 2/3 of the blender along with 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid. If your refrigerator has lemons available, remember to add about half a lemon. The natural ingredients in lemon juice and lemon zest will help eliminate odors and clean the mill effectively while being extremely safe for health.

– Step 3: Put the milk into the machine. Some modern blenders are equipped with a function that only operates when the machine is properly positioned like a multi-function blender, so you need to pay attention to the right joints for the best operation.

Plugin the power plug, close the lid tightly to the jar to ensure that the water inside does not spill and splash out. Press the button to operate the machine within 30 seconds – to 1 minute to clean the stain.

– Step 4: Open the lid, and check if the stains and food still cling to the blender jar or not. Pour soapy water and rinse 1-2 times with clean water. Use a soft towel to dry and place it upside down on a bowl or a clean dry place to use for the next time.

Note: _

– Soak/Wash the machine immediately after use.

– Due to being busy and having no time, many women often do not wash the multi-function blender immediately after use, but rather wash the dishes. This habit not only creates an environment for pathogenic bacteria to reproduce, but also makes cleaning the machine more difficult. In particular, many times, women forget to clean the machine, causing the stains to stick to the mill and give off an unpleasant smell.

– Unplug the power immediately after use to clean and clean the machine.

– To ensure safety when cleaning, please unplug immediately after using the blender. Avoid the case that you accidentally touch the blender start button, causing cracking of the mill or the operating blade which is very dangerous. At the same time, unplugging the power also ensures more safety when water comes into contact with the multi-function blender motor.

– Wear protective gloves when cleaning the multi-function blender.

– A good blender usually has a pretty hard and sharp blade, so when cleaning, please pay attention to wear protective gloves to protect, not injure your hands.

– Do not rinse with hot water and then refrigerate.

– It sounds a bit ridiculous, but a lot of families often have this storage habit after cleaning the multi-function blender. Because the mill is usually made of plastic, it is easy to crack when there is a sudden temperature difference. The advice for women is to keep the parts and components in a cool, dry place and put their face down to drain.

Clean the hand blender

– Step 1: Unplug the hand blender from the electrical outlet, this is the first and most important step when cleaning the hand blender or any other machine because it ensures your safety.

– Step 2: The next step in how to clean the hand blender is to remove the parts of the machine in turn, starting from the body with the blade, then the body with the whisk, blender, The meat grinder also needs to be removed for easy cleaning of the blender.

– Step 3: You put all the parts of the machine into hot water and soak for a few minutes so that the remaining dirt or food particles will disintegrate. Note, do not put the body of the hand blender with the motor in the water because if water gets inside, it will cause an electrical short and damage the machine.

– Step 4: Mix a little dishwashing liquid with warm water, then soak a sponge or soft cloth in it, then wring it out and proceed to wipe the parts of the hand blender that you have soaked in hot water. before. You can use white vinegar to clean instead of dishwashing liquid, which is also highly effective. Next, you wash the parts of the machine again with clean water.

– Step 5: After washing the parts of the hand blender, you can leave it on the shelf to dry or use a dryer to dry, then use a soft cloth to wipe it again to dry.

– Step 6: In step 6 of how to clean the hand blender, you proceed to clean the motor body part, use a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar and proceed gently wipe the stains on it. machine body. For stains around the button, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and scrub it clean. For small hard-to-reach corners, you can also use a cotton swab to clean.

After completing the steps in how to clean the hand blender, you can wind up the power cord and store it in a cool place, avoiding leaving it in humid places that will affect the operation of the machine.

Some notes when cleaning the blender

Some notes when cleaning the blender

Clean the blender as soon as possible

It sounds obvious, but the easiest way to keep your blender clean is to rinse and rinse immediately after use. Letting any food or liquid dry on the blade or bowl will make it much harder to wash. However, be sure to unplug the blender from the power source before rinsing.

Be gentle and careful with your blender

While you’re inclined to use abrasive cleaning tools, such as wire wool, to clean smoothie recipes off your blender, it’s actually detrimental to the product in the long run. Special abrasive products will scratch plastic surfaces/bottles, which means they will not wear well and are likely to stain easily. As such, avoid this if possible.

Do not put the base of the device in the water bath

Remember, you can’t put the entire base in the sink (there are too many electrical elements at work to do that) – but you can easily keep it clean without soaking it in water. Depending on how dirty your blender is, you can apply the right cleaning method accordingly.

No matter which blender model you choose, the treatment is always the same. First, wet a soft sponge cloth with warm water and some washing-up liquid, then buff around the sole. Take extra care to check for food underneath or anything that could be spilled onto the central rotating mechanism. Once finished, polish with a towel or dry cloth, tapping hard with your hand to remove any final fingerprints or water stains.

Do not wash the blender in the dishwasher

While not technically advised by many brands, in some cases you can put your blender in the dishwasher. However, we strongly recommend checking this with the manufacturer of your particular model before attempting this. The best way to clean the blender is to use the traditional cleaning method, which is by hand.

Do not leave strong-smelling foods in the blender for too long

Strong-smelling foods can seem to linger in the blender. If you have a strong-smelling blender, mix the baking soda and water in a 1-to-1 ratio in the blender. Then leave the solution in the blender for 5 to 10 minutes before normal cleaning.

The above are the ways for you to clean the blender when grinding turmeric as well as the notes in the process of cleaning and cleaning the blender to preserve your blender. Do not forget to regularly visit Huttuscon to read useful information about home and family care!

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