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How to turn your kitchen into an eco-friendly green kitchen

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an eco-friendly green kitchen

Let’s go into the kitchen today with the Kitchen Tips section of We to discover ways to turn your kitchen corner into an eco-friendly green kitchen with just small changes in the use of kitchen utensils

How to turn your kitchen into an eco-friendly green kitchen

Use leftover towels or cloths

First, you should use towels or leftover cloths to clean the kitchen instead of using disposable cleaning pads and then throwing them away. Take advantage of the clothes that are no longer used in the family, you can cut them into towels with serrated scissors or sew the hem, and overlock to prevent the fabric from being torn to make it more convenient to clean the kitchen.

Towels and clothes after they are dirty, you can wash with specialized soap and then dry them, you can continue to use them. This helps you save time on cleaning as well as save the maximum cost for single-use towels.

Use leftover towels or cloths

Cotton kitchen towels

Cotton kitchen towels are not only made from sustainable materials but are also biodegradable. Aside from the obvious advantages of natural products, your customers will discover the convenience of cotton towels – they can be put in the washing machine to be reused over and over again.

Use tea strainers instead of tea bags

Normally, in daily life, people will use tea bags quite often, but this tea also has a part of plastic waste into the environment and the more people use it, the more it will affect the living environment.

Instead, you can use pots or cups with tea filters available and just put the tea in the filter and then put it in a pot or glass, add boiling water, and you will have a delicious drink to enjoy right away. okay then!

Use glass jars instead of plastic containers

Plastic boxes have many different designs and sizes and are also quite cheap, but if you use them in the long run, they will no longer be safe. If you often put hot food in plastic containers, the plastic inside is easy to melt and harm your health.

You can use glass jars to replace ordinary plastic containers, the cost is quite high, but the durability is guaranteed, beautiful and can be used for a long time.

Use glass jars instead of plastic containers

Use home appliances to buy things

Next, you should immediately use the utensils at home to buy things outside or modify the small and beautiful items in the house to make the kitchen environmentally friendly.

Typically, after eating ice cream boxes, you can wash them, let them dry, and then store the used batteries to protect the environment.

Use a blender with built-in cups

Certainly, the type of blender with integrated glass for you to take advantage of to store drinks right after processing is no longer strange to everyone, especially housewives.

With this versatile machine, you can not only use it to store drinks at home but also take it out to buy milk tea or juice or use it for other creative purposes. compact, fast and reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Use wooden and metal kitchen utensils

Wood rice patch

Use wooden and metal kitchen utensils

Today, many families still use plastic rice patches in daily meals because the price is quite cheap and the durability is also quite high. But in the long run, when patching plastic rice in contact with the hot temperature of the rice, it will be easy to melt the plastic and cause deformation at the top of the patch, affecting the health of the user.

Therefore, you should consider switching to using a wooden rice patch that is both safe and beautiful, convenient and has a very long time to use.

Solid metal knife

Monolithic metal knives often have quite durable materials, which are safe in the process of preparing different types of food.

This is also a very popular kitchen tool to turn your kitchen into an environmentally friendly green kitchen.

Wooden cutting board

Instead of using plastic cutting boards with plastic parts that will be degraded with long-term use and are not durable, you should change to a cutting board made from wood material that is both good for the environment and clean. more beautiful and durable.

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Bamboo cooking utensils

Bamboo cookware looks simple, and simplicity is always appealing. Bamboo utensils are difficult to melt under the effect of heat when cooking and are easy to clean. In addition, they are very durable. Don’t hesitate to buy a set of bamboo cookware for your kitchen right now!

Use biodegradable bags

Every day, a large amount of plastic bags are discharged into the environment without completely decomposing, greatly affecting the lives of people and different species of creatures.

So, to be able to make the kitchen greener and more environmentally friendly, you can use biodegradable bags made of cornstarch or other natural ingredients. Although the price is high, it is extremely safe and because the high price is also cheap, it helps people create a habit of using more economically.

Barley food containers

Products from barley resin are essentially PP plastic combined with barley fiber powder. This optimizes durability as well as biodegradation when not in use. The product withstands temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Celsius, can be used in both microwave ovens and refrigerators. As a flexible plastic, the little mechanical impact can cause cracking and breaking of the product, so they are safe to use for everyone, including sensitive consumers like children.

Reusable shopping bags

How many nylon bags have been stuck in your kitchen drawer? They can last for the rest of your grandchild’s life, and it’s scary for the environment when these plastic bags are thrown out. Reusable shopping bags are usually made of woven cotton yarn. They are extremely resistant to mechanical forces and extremely durable, with fashionable unique colors. Many stores are considering informing customers that they will receive a discount if they use their personal shopping bags.

Food wrap from beeswax

The main use of beeswax wrap is that it can preserve food for up to a year, it consists of a coated fabric, and is usually cotton, and can be wrapped around food containers or the food itself. . Reusable beeswax wrap keeps food fresh for a long time. After each use, the beeswax wrap can be washed and air-dried on its own.

Use sponge dishwashing pads instead of stainless steel and nylon

To make washing dishes more environmentally friendly, you can use sponge sponges instead of stainless steel and nylon.

In addition, you should take advantage of washing pads with natural materials that are super easy to find and cheap. The types of loofah can not only be used to wash dishes but also can be used to clean the kitchen or bathroom extremely quickly and conveniently.

Use rechargeable batteries instead of batteries

Batteries are an item that is used a lot in every household, but this type of battery has a very high potential for water pollution if it is accidentally dropped into the water.

Instead of using this single-use battery, you should refer to rechargeable batteries that are both environmentally friendly and reusable many times.

Use natural cleaning solutions

Use natural cleaning solutions

To contribute to making the kitchen greener and more environmentally friendly around us, you can use natural cleaning solutions to wash dishes, clean the kitchen or clean the house to keep it safe. for the health of everyone in the family and contribute to the protection of the environment.

You should use solutions made from biological products to limit residual chemicals on cups, plates or chopsticks and spoons. In addition, you can also learn about fermented water from soapberries to make a cleaning solution that is both natural and cheap and can be used for a long time.

Use soap bars instead of plastic bottles

Using soap bars instead of soaps contained in plastic bottles is the optimal solution to help your kitchen corner become greener and more environmentally friendly.

You should put the bars of soap on the racks to make sure they are completely dry and hygienic during daily use!

Reuse plastic spray bottles

After using all types of multi-purpose cleaning spray bottles, you should reuse them to continue adding to natural cleaning solutions and use them for the next time.

This both helps you limit plastic waste into the environment and can use plastic spray bottles to change other cleaning solutions for your beloved kitchen.

II. Tips to make your kitchen eco-friendly

Tips to make your kitchen eco-friendly

Prioritize natural ingredients

Live green, eat green right from every meal at home, from the corner of your small kitchen. Start by using more clean and natural ingredients in your meals. Add more green and fiber from vegetables. Even using seasoning, you can also choose seasonings made from natural ingredients, such as marinating pork feet with a little shiitake seasoning, a little oyster sauce and a little soy sauce. Soybean, pork leg pot stewed with soy sauce is rich, fragrant, and full of flavor. Spices made from natural ingredients not only bring health benefits but also help their dishes become more “green”.
You can make use of every part of vegetables and fruits, both cook and decorate the dish more beautifully, the unused parts can be composted to make the potted plants on the balcony lusher. . It is advisable to use materials in the right season because this not only contributes to reducing carbon emissions in the air, protecting the environment but also helps local products have more meaning and promotes economic and agricultural development.

Take advantage of leftovers, show off your talents to create new dishes

With leftovers, don’t throw them away right away because that’s wasteful and also wastes the environment. Pursuing green living means that you will use your own creativity, understanding of ingredients and mastery of spices to turn all those leftovers into new dishes in the most ingenious and skillful way.

Goodbye gas stove, coal stove

In addition to the dangers that are always lurking such as exploding gas cylinders, gas leaks, the use of gas stoves and coal stoves also releases a toxic amount of gas into the environment and our living space, which is harmful to health. According to a study published on 7news (Australia), scientific researchers from the Australian Climate Council have shown that: “Families using gas stoves all have high concentrations of NO2 (nitrogen dioxide). about 50% to more than 400% higher than those using electric stoves. So, if you want to protect yourself and your family, you should clean the atmosphere in your kitchen by using an electric stove.

Use sustainable packaging

Instead of using disposable plastic bags, cups, and plastic containers, you should prepare separate containers with sustainable, easy-to-reuse materials such as glass, thermos bottles, high-quality plastic, etc. biodegradable bags… The use of sustainable packaging or self-destructing packaging, made from recycled and recycled materials, helps to reduce a large amount of plastic waste up to 2,500 tons of plastic waste into the environment every day (statistics in Vietnam) Nam), contributing to a cleaner environment, thereby, improving the health of Vietnamese people.

Save energy with the right equipment

You often worry that using a washing machine, or dishwasher will cost you water. In fact, manufacturers have calculated and applied environmentally friendly technology to help you clean utensils without consuming energy.

Most of the practical experiments of technology followers or specialized product review sites show that washing dishes with a machine saves the amount of normal washing water compared to washing by hand the equivalent number of dishes.

However, in order to save electricity and save water effectively, you should strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturers. Please wash and wash household appliances according to the load and recommended mode of the manufacturer.

Choose detergents of natural origin

Every day, we release a large number of cleaning chemicals into the environment. This chemical continues to be discharged directly into the environment through pipes, greatly affecting soil and water sources. Therefore, instead of using industrial chemicals that are difficult to decompose, you can choose environmentally friendly products of natural origin such as:

Make your own natural cleaning water: fermenting sorrel fruit, locust fruit, leftover fruit and vegetable ingredients, incubating into cleaning enzymes.

Using plant-based dishwashing liquid, natural laundry detergent: The disadvantage of making your own natural dishwashing liquid will produce toxic substances during the incubation and soaking process. If you are not a person with time, learn and choose for yourself a line of natural products from a reputable brand that is both safe for health and environmentally friendly.

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