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How to Store, Select and Freeze Lemons as well as Limes

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Store and Freeze Lemons and Limes

Keep your limes and lemons at the optimal temperature for lasting fresh flavor and texture. Avoid dried, shrivelled and dried lemons stored at room temperature, or moldy, squishy lemons stored in the fridge. Here’s what you should be aware of.

If you discover a good deal on delicious lemons, take these steps to learn how to pick the best ones, then store them and freeze the lemons. These guidelines are applicable to limes, pomelo and oranges as well as well as all varieties of citrus.

Tips to Choose the best Lemons and Limes

The fruit of citrus is likely to nevercontinue to ripen, or sweeten after being picked. This means that the fruit that you buy in the stores must be mature, and it’s a bad idea for the grower as well as the grocery store if it isn’t! You might notice some green stains on the rinds however, this is more due to growing conditions than of ripeness.

Being aware that ripeness isn’t the only factor, your objective in choosing citrus is to select the most fresh, sweetest and juiciest citrus. Here are some suggestions to help you attain this aim:

  1. Find clean, unblemished rinds.
  2. Select a citrus that seems heavier than the other fruits surrounding it. The bigger, the more juicy!
  3. Select fruit with a finely texture peel instead of a thick and dimpled one. It will yield more juice and fruits. Below is an instance, you can choose the lime to the left.
  4. Choose smooth texture over bumpy.
  5. Avoid citrus that has soft spots, tender spots or skin wrinkles. The rind must be firm and evenly distributed across every part of the fruit. Mandarins are the only exception, including tangerines as well as Clementines should have a more loose peel. This is what makes their peeling so simple.
  6. Try smelling the citrus, and pick the ones that have the strongest, sweet aroma.

How do I store Limes, Lemons and other citrus ?

The positive side is that the fruit is very durable in a controlled manner. If you love citrus, purchase the big bag. To keep it in a safe place just keep one or two of them on the counter for display, and keep the remainder in the fridge.

Fresh citrus at room temperature tastes slightly sweeter, which is why it’s best to keep a few in the fruit bowl however, for longer storage you can keep the fruit in the fridge.

“On the Counter”

The fruit will remain in the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days (depending on the humidity of your air). A few oranges, grapefruits and tangerines in the fruit basket are a an excellent way to promote healthy snacking.

Within the Fridge

To preserve fresh citrus fruit longer, place your fruit in the fridge. Place it in a plastic bag or mesh, with opening at the top. Be sure that your fruit is dry. Do not wash the fruit prior to storage. When stored in this manner the citrus will last for 2 three weeks.

How to store cut lemons or Limes ?

Wrap cut lemons and limes and place in refrigerator for up to 5 days.

3 ways to Freeze Lemons Limes, Lemons and other citrus
Yes you can freeze whole limes and lemons! It’s best to keep them for at least 3 months. Then they start to feel bitter.

  • Freeze Whole Lemons.
  • Clean and scrub the lemons thoroughly.
  • Dry up well, ensuring that there is no moisture left.
  • Place in a freezer container that is airtight or bag. As many air pockets as is possible, Freeze.
  • Utilize within 3 months of purchase.

My favorite lemon zester It is very simple to use.

If you like the silicon freezer bags I also made use of to store my stuff in my video. They’re expensive, but maybe they’re for sale however they’re the most durable silicone bags I’ve discovered. I bought them at a bargain price , but they’re an absolute expense – in the 12 bags None of them could stay closed. They all burst open regardless of how meticulously I closed them and the amount I put into the bag. I returned them, and, two years later, I’ve not received a reimbursement. That’s why I spent a little extra for Stasher brand.

Stasher Silicone brand bags for reuse. The price is high however, the seal is in a different way than other bags I’ve used.

Make Lemon Freeze Zest as well as Juice separately

If you don’t anticipate that you’ll be able to use the whole lemons in the next three months, it’s better to keep the juice and zest separately. Lemon juice that has been frozen in hot water that is boiling with honey and a pinch of ginger can be a great remedy for sore throats, colds, and other ailments.

  • Cleanse and wash lemons well.
  • Zip and juice the citrus fruits.
  • Place juice and zest in separate freezer containers or bags. Take out as many air pockets as is possible. Freeze.
  • Think about freezing your juice inside an ice tray then transfer to an airtight freezing container. This is my favorite method. I love freezing lemon juice pucks topped with a little honey ( infused honey) to make hot lemon drinks for those who have sore throats or require an energizing and warming drink in the winter months – without the calories from hot cocoa!
  • Use for a period of 12 months.


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