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How to properly clean and sanitize parts of a gas stove at home

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How to properly clean and sanitize parts of a gas stove at home

Keeping the gas stove clean and free of food residue is very important, but not many of us understand how important it really is. In this article, Huttuscon will help you how to clean a gas stove simply and effectively!

1. Notes when cleaning gas stoves

A clean gas stove can prevent the smell of old, burnt food from being transferred to new dishes. At the same time, a clean gas stove can also help prolong the life of your pots and pans by ensuring even heat distribution throughout the bottom and can even increase your kitchen safety.

However, many homeowners do not know how to clean the stove or see gas stove cleaning as a long, boring, and arduous task. To make it even easier, for the gas stove cleaning you need to pay attention to three things:

  • Using soap and water may oversaturate the burners. Alternatively, use a commercial cleaning spray, following the directions on the bottle.
  • The spray bottle is great for cleaning the stove because you can target the stains directly and easily control the amount of liquid you use.
  • Protect your hands from nasty grease and dirt when scrubbing the stove by wearing a pair of rubber gloves.

2. How to clean the gaskets of the gas stove

How to clean the gaskets of the gas stove

How to clean gas stove washers is similar to how to clean gas stove brackets. Gas hob washers can be easily removed from the hob, which means it’s very simple to get them clean and new. Just lift the rings off the rim of the pot and they’ll straighten out. If the hob washers are attached to the hob, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove them without risking damage to the hob. Just make sure the stove is completely cool before touching it if you don’t want to get burned.

To clean the washers, soak them in a bowl of warm water and dish soap and wipe away dirt and grease with a cloth. For those unwieldy nooks and crannies, an old toothbrush works well. Remove the rings from the bowl, rinse under clean, cold running water, and let them dry completely before placing them back on the stove.

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3. How to clean the burner of a gas stove

Instead of using soap and water, a good option is to use a specially designed kitchen cleaner. During the cleaning process, remember to always test any cleaning product on a small area first and follow the instructions on the product label. The steps are as follows:

  • When your pot is completely cooled, use your hands to remove as much loose food and grime from the stove as possible. It’s best to wear gloves here to protect your hands.
  • Apply your specialized kitchen cleaner. You may find it best to choose a spray cleaner, rather than a pour-over cleaner as it is much easier to apply the desired amount when it is in spray form and it helps you to prevent saturation of the tip. burn. Be sure to follow the instructions on your product.
  • Leave the cleaner on the stove for just a few minutes. This is all the time it takes to get rid of those stains and start breaking down the grease particles, making them easy to wipe off. Make sure not to leave the cleaner on for too long or it may start to dry out, costing you extra work.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution, which will remove all dirt, grease, and old food residue along with it. Continue wiping until your stove looks like new.

4. Clean the fire divider.

When the fire divider is too dirty, it can lead to the gas stove being difficult to ignite or not igniting. To clean it, you need to close the gas valve and let the stove cool before removing it. First, you soak the fire divider in a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Next, use a brush or sharp toothpick to clean the injectors of the gas stove. Then rinse with warm water and turn it upside down to dry completely and then reinstall it in the correct position on the gas stove.

5. Clean gas stovetop and gas stove body.

Clean gas stovetop and gas stove body

With glass cooktops, you should regularly wipe them with a damp cloth. If it is too dirty, you can use a specialized cleaning solution for the kitchen or a glass cleaning solution. For stains that have been around for a long time, you should use angled supports to pry the stain off the kitchen surface. However, when applying this method, the operation should be gentle to avoid sharp objects damaging and scratching the surface. The cleaning the kitchen body you do the same with the kitchen surface, use a damp cloth in combination with detergent to wipe away dust, food, and grease stains. Then use a dry towel or paper towel to wipe it back to help the kitchen stay beautiful.

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6. Quick and clean gas stove cleaning tips:

– Wipe the gas stove right after each cooking time. At this time, the oil and food stains have just adhered to the kitchen surface, so they can be easily wiped off very quickly.
– To keep the kitchen brackets clean, you can buy a gas stove base plate placed on top.
– Cleaning gas stove with salt: Salt can absorb dirty water spilled on the kitchen surface during cooking and then wipe it with warm water.
– Use white radish and dishwashing liquid to clean the gas stove: A little known but effective way is to cut the radish into slices and soak it in dishwashing liquid to clean the kitchen. You can also use cucumber or carrot to replace white radish in this. Dishwashing liquids often contain ingredients that are capable of dissolving grease on dishes and pots. So it also has the ability to remove grease on kitchen surfaces.
– Clean gas stove with lemon: Lemon not only works to remove stains but also effectively deodorizes. How to clean with lemon: cut a fresh lemon in half and rub it on the surface of the gas stove, after 10-15 minutes, wipe it with a clean towel. All stubborn dirt, food, and grease on the gas stove will be blown away quickly, giving it a shiny, fresh look like the original.
– Use rice water to clean the gas stove: Rice water has a very good effect on cleaning the kitchen. The method is quite simple when the rice is boiling, use a spoon to squeeze out some rice water. Then put the rice water on a soft cloth and wipe it on the gas stove for a few minutes so that it absorbs all the grease on the stove. Next, use a towel and dishwashing liquid to wipe it clean.

Quick and clean gas stove cleaning tips

– Cleaning gas stove with vinegar: Vinegar is not only seasoning for cooking but also has many other uses, especially as a cleaning agent. The essences in vinegar can completely remove long-standing stains on gas stoves. Just soak a little vinegar on a soft cloth, then spray it directly on the stovetop and wipe it off with a dry cloth.
– Clean gas stove with multi-purpose cleaner: Another extremely simple way is to use multi-purpose cleaning cream, just spray on stains and then wipe gently, the gas stove will be shiny.

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