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How to make shrimp and bay scallop recipes

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shrimp and bay scallop recipes

Both shrimp and scallops are good sources of heart-healthy nutrients and do not appear to contribute to heart disease or high cholesterol. Both can be included in the American Heart Association’s recommendation of two servings of fish per week.

Scallops are a heart-healthy choice as a main dish. The scallop is a bivalve mollusk with beautiful shells, edible muscles, and fish roe.

They are low in calories and saturated fat and are an excellent source of the nutrients vitamin B12, omega-3 fats, potassium and magnesium.

Shrimp is another heart-healthy option like meat as a main course. Shrimps come in many different sizes and types. Although there are more than 300 varieties of shrimp, the most common types are brown, pink and white shrimp from the Atlantic Ocean. These common names refer to the general coloration of shrimp before cooking.

They are low in calories, saturated fat, and fat, and are a great source of nutritious protein, B12 and vitamin D. Although shrimp was once thought to be high in cholesterol, it is now considered high in cholesterol. part of a heart-healthy diet by nutritionists.

I. Introduction some shrimp and bay scallop recipes

1. How to make Shrimp, Scallop and Vegetable Porridge

How to make Shrimp, Scallop and Vegetable Porridge

Ingredients for Shrimp, Scallop, Vegetable Porridge

  • 100 gr of cooked steamed shrimp with the shell removed
  • 150 gr of scallops
  • 1 handful of clean glutinous rice
  • 1 handful of clean rice
  • 200 gr diced vegetables (carrots, peas, corn …)
  • 2 liters of broth
  • Fried onion, fried garlic
  • 2 tbsp minced onion and garlic
  • Onion
  • Ground pepper

Steps to make Shrimp, Scallop and Vegetable Porridge
Step 1: Saute onion and garlic with a little cooking oil, and stir-fry the opaque scallops until just cooked. This ingredient is already salty, so no seasoning is required.

Step 2: For 2 bowls of broth, add rice and bring to a boil, lower the heat for 10 minutes for the rice to bloom. Add mixed vegetables, scallops, shrimp. Season to taste. Pick up the sprinkles with ground pepper, chopped cilantro, fried onions and garlic.

Porridge is a dish that is easy to cook and delicious to eat. The whole family likes when the meal is changed, someone is sick, needs to be replenished. The ingredients for making porridge are also diverse, whatever you like to cook. Today we still have shrimp and scallops, frozen vegetables, so cooking is convenient

2. Stir-fried palanquin with shrimp, dried scallops


  • 200 gr Cleaned fresh papaya
  • 1 handful of dried shrimp
  • 1 handful of dried scallops
  • Less onion, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate

– Buy fresh palanquin tubers, wash and leave. Beat slightly and then let it sit for about 10 minutes when stir-frying, it will be more fragrant and cook faster.
– Dried shrimp and scallops are put in a little warm water, leave for about 5 minutes to reduce saltiness, clean sand, soften, then drain the water. If you don’t wash it too much, it will lose its sweetness
– Chop a little garlic, fry until fragrant, set aside. Have a hot pan ready for shrimp and coyote on the island quickly, hear the aroma and slightly hunted meat, adjust the heat to high, put the palanquin on the island quickly. Add about 50ml of water, quickly season with a little salt, sugar (ratio of about 1 salt 2 sugar), monosodium glutamate, then close the lid for about 1 minute. Add scallions with a little pepper and you’re done

3. Instructions for making delicious scallop shrimp porridge

Instructions for making delicious scallop shrimp porridge

Selection of ingredients for shrimp and scallop porridge

Scallops (dry)
Dried scallops are often considered a delicacy and are used to enhance the flavor of dishes. Typically different Cantonese soups and other dishes.
Dried scallops are made from fresh scallops after being boiled, peeled, washed and dried. The delicious type has a yellowish color, the surface has small white seeds, the seeds are not crushed, no impurities, the flesh is firm, tight, has a characteristic aroma, and has a light taste.

The secret to making scallop shrimp porridge

Prepare dried scallops
Many recipes call for dried scallops to be pre-soaked before being added to the said dish. This step is usually done by soaking the dried scallops in hot water for 30 minutes to easily separate the dried scallops or cut them into small pieces.

According to experience, scallops should not be left to dry for too long in hot water. Otherwise, they will be very soggy and break up a lot when cooked with the rest of the dish.

How to cook delicious porridge

We should roast the rice for porridge. Roasted rice helps to dilute the porridge, easy to eat even when it is cold, the porridge is still fragrant but not gelatinous.

The roasting of rice does not affect, the loss of nutrients if done properly. Roasted rice for porridge should not be roasted too dry, the rice grain should only turn ivory yellow.

The roasted rice still retains the rice plastic inside to make the porridge delicious and flexible. When rinsing rice with water, do not rub it vigorously, ensuring the best nutrients are preserved.

How to preserve shrimp and scallop porridge?

For fish, shrimp, squid, dried scallops… for a long time often moldy, reducing quality. If you want to preserve dried seafood, you must first dry the ingredients for a long time, then cut the garlic and put it under the tray of squid, fish… Then put the dried seafood on the tray, close the lid tightly, don’t let the air out. Okay.

After buying it, it should be left to dry in 2-3 sunlight. If not eaten right away but needs to be preserved, it should be placed in a glass jar with a lid or sealed with 2-3 layers of newspaper. Then wrap the outside with a plastic wrap to prevent the smell from spreading to other foods and then put it in the freezer compartment with the best temperature of -18 degrees Celsius.

Putting on the freezer compartment does not freeze-dried seafood, but on the contrary, is a way to keep the delicious plasticity of dried seafood. Should not be placed under the refrigerator, the preservation is not long and the dried seafood will be lost moisture. Make dried seafood become hard, eat no longer delicious, sweet. Store in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks, so leave it out to dry and then continue to store it as directed above.

Uses of shrimp and scallop porridge

Scallops are an excellent source of several trace minerals, including selenium, zinc and copper. These minerals are important to human health, however, some people may not get enough of them.

Low in calories and high in protein, scallops can be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

Scallops contain several nutrients that are important for your brain and nervous system. At 84 grams of scallops contain 18% of the DV for both vitamin B12 and zinc and over 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Scallops contain magnesium and potassium, two nutrients that keep your heart healthy.


  • Scallop 1/2 cup (Dry)
  • Fresh shrimp 100 gr
  • Rice 1/3 cup
  • Minced ginger 1 teaspoon
  • Salt 1 teaspoon
  • Sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon
  • Minced green onions 2 tablespoons


Step 1: Dry scallops are washed, then soaked in water for about 2-3 hours. If the fresh scallops are frozen, you can soak them in water to defrost them. Shred the scallops. Peel the shrimp split the back, remove the black thread, then wash, finely diced. Place shrimp in a small bowl, add wine, 1/2 teaspoon minced ginger and salt. Mix well and set aside.

Step 2: Put the rice in the pot, roast until the rice is fragrant, then cover with water, bring to a boil, and then lower the heat to medium. Stir occasionally until the porridge is cooked through (about 30 minutes). Add the scallops and cook until the porridge is as thick as desired. Finally, add the remaining shrimp and ginger, stirring well. Turn off the heat, season with salt to taste. Add a little sesame oil, green onions and our dish are complete.

Step 3: At this time, add 100g of rice and 2 liters of water and cook on medium heat for 30 minutes. During the cooking process, pay attention to skim if there is any foam and stir occasionally to prevent the porridge from burning at the bottom of the pot.

4. Fried shrimp with salt and pan-fried scallops


– Black tiger shrimp, peeled, head removed, tail kept: 20

– Scallop filling: 12

– A little curry powder, roasted salt powder

– A little minced lemongrass, turmeric, minced garlic, minced celery stalks, minced purple seaweed

– Diced vegetables of all kinds: 400 gr (leek, celery, onion, carrot, shiitake)

– Sprouts salad: 4 moderate pinch

– Salad vinegar oil: 4 tablespoons

– Tamarind sauce: 4 tablespoons


– Slice the shrimp back, remove the black thread, marinate for about 15 minutes with minced garlic, minced celery, minced lemongrass, fish sauce, and pepper powder.

– Fry the cooked shrimp in a hot oil pan, take it out, drain the oil, roll in salted rice flour mixed with a little paprika and purple seaweed.

– Marinate scallops with lemongrass, turmeric, curry, fish sauce, pepper. Cook until just cooked through.

– Stir-fry until the vegetables are sliced, seasoned with fish sauce and pepper.

– Thinly slice each scallop core into 2 slices, arrange in a circle in the middle of the plate, put fried vegetables in the middle, arrange fried shrimp around, put sprout salad mixed with vinegar and oil on top.

– Tamarind sauce can be served, sprinkled around the plate or left on the side

* How to make rice salt powder: Roast 4 tablespoons of glutinous rice, 4 tablespoons of plain rice, 2 tablespoons of peeled green beans, ½ teaspoon of grain salt, Roast each type separately until crispy and fragrant. Crush and mix well.

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II. Shrimp and scallop pasta recipe

Stir-fried noodles with shrimp and scallops

Stir-fried noodles with shrimp and scallops

Stir-fried pasta with shrimp and scallops, adding bok choy, cabbage, scallions, and a little hot and spicy chili are suggestions for a nutritious lunch for the weekend.


– 1 pack of pasta

– 1 tablespoon of ketchup

– 6 shrimps

– Scallops

– Cabbage

– 10 grams of sugar

– Seasoning pack

– Scallion

– 1 red chili


Step 1: Slice the green onions and chop the fresh chili. Wash cabbage and bok choy, blanch in a pot of boiling water.

Step 2: Put the pasta in and blanch for about 5 minutes, note that the noodles should not be too soft, not delicious, should be given out when the noodles are still tough. Then put in a bowl of cool water to make the noodles tougher.

Step 3: Turn on the stove, add scallions and red peppers, stir-fry until fragrant, then shrimp and scallops. Stir quickly until shrimp and scallops are cooked.

Step 4: Put the noodles on the island, then the bok choy and cabbage, add the remaining spices until it’s just right.

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Are you able to cook shrimp and scallops simultaneously?

Cooking Shrimp and Scallops in the Pan

In both cases, there is nothing more crucial to their cooking than the time and temperature. If both cook for a fraction of a second longer then the final result could be a bit rubbery and a bit bland, not to mention the frustration.

What are the benefits of bay scallops? for?

Bay scallops are slightly more sweet side than the sea scallops. They are also a little more delicate and therefore a great option for seafood soups, chowders and stews. Sea scallops have a more acrid, distinctive seafood flavor, which is why they’re the kind you’ll typically serve on their own.

Do I brine my scallops?

What is the reason you need brine scallops? This improves the taste of fresh scallops. If you buy fresh scallops, it balances the flavor and eliminates the chemical smell. It is also possible to include a bit of lemon juice for the flavor to shine.

Should bay scallops be submerged in milk?

Why should you soak in milk? Milk helps soften them and removes the fishy flavor and smell. It may also aid in the removal of with the sand’s extra pieces. To accomplish this, wash with cold water, after that soak for 1 hour, then dry in the manner described above.

How many hours should scallops cook?

between four and five minutes
How to Cook Scallops. Knowing how quickly scallops cook will ensure that you’ll never feel intimidated again! They take only about four to 5 hours in the oven — that’s all it takes! There’s no way of messing up your food in the future.

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