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How to make Sauteed Tomlin fraumeni with Garlic Butter ?

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How to make Sauteed Tomlin fraumeni with Garlic Butter

Stir-fried Tomlin fraumeni with butter or fried with garlic and butter is a way of processing that has a captivating aroma. When eating, enjoy all the layers of spices that cling to the outer shell. It’s going to be cold, but having a plate of snails to sit and sip without having to go out in the street is great, isn’t it? I will show you how to make this sauteed garlic butter Tomlin fraumeni right here.


Tomlin fraumeni 1 kg
lemon grass 2 branches
Minced Garlic 3 ts
Butter 4 tbs
Salt 1.5 ts
White suger 2 tbs
Fish sauce 1 tbs
White suger 1 ts
Minced chili 1 ts
Salt 1 ts

#1 Soak the snails for 20 minutes with sliced chili to let the snails get rid of the dirt. Crush lemongrass, cut into pieces.

#2 Bring 1/2 pot of water to boil. When the water boils, drop the snails in and boil them together with lemongrass to release the characteristic fishy smell. Remove boiled snails to a basket to drain.

#3 Heat a pan on the stove, add cooking oil. Add all the minced garlic + chili to the pan.

#4 When the garlic is fragrant and turns slightly yellow. Then put the screws in. At this time, stir quickly so that the garlic sticks to all the snails.

#5 Add fish sauce, sugar, salt, continue mixing. Taste again to see if the seasoning is to your taste. Reduce the heat to low so the garlic doesn’t burn. The way to make delicious garlic butter fried snails is also in this step.

#6 Next, use a spoon to scoop the butter in. Quickly stir. Stir-fry and see if the butter and oil layer dries up a bit, then remove the pan from the stove immediately. This step must be quick, stir well so that each snail is fully spiced.

#7 Put the sauteed garlic and butter snails on a plate. When eating, suck all the fragrant spices on the outside of the shell, then use a needle or a snail tree to take the intestines and dip them with salt and green chili. Now that you have a way to make delicious “divine” garlic butter and garlic snails, you can try to make it for the whole family when you are free.

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