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How to make Sauteed garlic water morning glory ?

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How to make Sauteed garlic water morning glory

Water Morning glory is a very familiar vegetable for every Vietnamese family and every housewife has cooked this vegetable many times for her family meal. To cook delicious vegetables and keep their attractive green color, there are a few small notes that I will share in this article.


Water Morning glory 300 gr
Flour 1 tbs
Garlic 1 bunch
Salt 1/2 ts
Fish sauce 2 ts
Oyster oil 1 tbs
Broth mix 0.67 ts
White suger 1 ts

#1 Pick the vegetables, remove the wilted, old parts. Then rinse and dry. Garlic peeled and sliced.

#2 Put a pot of water on the stove with a little salt. Put the vegetables in the pot for about 1 minute. (If you want to boil, cook longer, about 5-7 minutes on high heat, do not cover). Remove the vegetables from the pot, then immediately dip them in cold water (ice is better), the vegetables will keep their beautiful green color. Then take it out to dry.

#3 Heat 2 tablespoons of cooking oil over medium heat, stir in the garlic. When the garlic is slightly golden, add the water spinach and stir-fry. So 2/3 teaspoon of soup powder, 1 teaspoon of sugar, mix well. Then add 2 teaspoons of fish sauce and 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, mix well to infuse the spices, then turn off the heat.

#4 Put the stir-fried vegetables on a plate, serve hot with rice and you’ll be fine!

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FAQs about Sauteed garlic water morning glory

What is the meaning of the word “morning glory” in Chinese?

Kong Xin Cai
What exactly do you think of morning glory? Morning glory can also be referred to by the name of water spinach, or Kong Xin Cau (kong in cai) in Chinese, which means “hollow heart vegetable.” As you will see, it’s named for its hollow and crunchy stems. Some other names are ong Choy, Kang Kong, pak boong and swamp cabbage, to mention some.

Does the morning glory plant have a healthy health benefit?

Morning glory stir-fried
What? Morning glory is harmful to you as well? It is true.. But only if it’s cooked and coated with white sugar, vegetable oil that has been used previously and an excessive amount of sodium. Morning glory itself is nutritious, containing nutrients like fibre , which is ideal for pregnant women since it has a lot of iron.

What is the best way to make the morning glory stir fry?

  1. Pour cook oil (3-4 Tablespoons) into a wok , or frying pan. Set the heat to medium-high. 
  2. Stir fry until it becomes aromatic. Add in the morning glory flowers. 
  3. Within 30 seconds you can add the leaves. 
  4. Stir fry for an additional 15 seconds. 
  5. Serve right away with hot rice in a bowl!

How long will Morning glory need to be cooked?

The procedure is very simple and, based on the speed at which you’re working, the dish will be completed within five to ten minutes. The ingredients for a delicious Thai Morning glory Stir-Fry are: A mortar and pestle the most efficient way to prepare the chilli and garlic for morning glory stir-fried is to smash them into pieces.

Is water spinach a crime in the US?

Also known as water spinach this plant is among the nation’s most loved foods. However, Water spinaches are an illegal plant within the United States . It is the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is in charge of the agriculture sector of the US oversees and prohibits the sale of kangkung on US markets

Are Kangkong illegal?

Federally Regulated
It is a species that is classified as a Federal Noxious Weed in the Plant Protection Act, which is what makes it a federally prohibited weed. It is unlawful to do so in U.S. to import or transfer between States without an authorization .

Is morning glory similar?

Water spinach is also referred to as morning glory The swamp cabbage, also known as water convolvulus is a multi-purpose vegetable that is used in nearly every Asian culinary. The water spinach plant is an aquatic herbaceous or semi-aquatic perennial of the subtropics and the tropics.

What is kang cong in English?

Ipomoea aquatica, more commonly called Kangkong (also called the word kangkung) or water spinach It is a semi-aquatic tropical plant used as a plant for it’s tender stems.

Does water spinach contain Uric acid?

Vegetables that contain high purity levels Included are spinach, cauliflower include spinach, cauliflower, and include spinach, cauliflower, and. However, these do not appear to boost the production of uric acid in the same way as other foods.

Is morning glory same as kangkong?

Kang Kong is known as water morning glory or water spinach. . The taste is different from the traditional sambal kangkong I’m used to

How do you cut through morning glory while cooking?

To prep morning glory Cut off the roots, then cut them into three sections The stems are cut in a 2 inch piece The next section will be three inches and then keep the leaves as they are. . Then, heat the wok on medium-high heat . Add oil. Add the birds eye chili garlic, ginger and birds eye chili and cook until fragrant for 1 minute.

What else can I make to replace morning glory?

If you aren’t able to find morning glory, you can make use of spinach instead.

What is the frequency of watering the morning glory seeds?

It is important to be sure to water seedlings every week, or when the soil surface is dry . It is essential to fulfill the needs of morning glory for watering as they grow into seedlings to ensure they develop solid root structures. It is recommended to water them in the morning, or at night to avoid loss of water.

How do you define Morning Glory vegetable called in India?

It is believed that in India Morning glory is a plant is known as Ipomoea aquatica

Are Morning Glory illegal in the US?

For home gardeners and farmers Morning glories can be considered to be a pest. One particular species, Ipomoea aquatic, is classified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an invasive plant. Therefore, it is a noxious weed in the U.S. It is illegal to grow, import, sell or even possess it without the approval of a permit .

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