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How to keep the skin from drying out when you have to cook often?

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How to keep the skin from drying out when you have to cook often

Regular cooking and washing dishes are the reasons why housewives’ hands are prone to dryness and calluses. In this article, huttuscon.com will reveal some hand skin care secrets specifically for housewives who often cook, helping to restore hand skin more softness and smoothness effectively. Don’t miss this post!

I. Why is skin bad due to cooking?

Why is skin bad due to cooking

When cooking, you are often exposed to high heat. This causes two problems for the skin. First of all, the high heat heats up the oil on your face, terminating the liquid and causing more to flow to the surface of the skin. Besides, grease rises up to clog pores, making pores bigger. In particular, oil smoke also contains oxidants (free radicals). When exposed regularly, they cause cell damage, leading to pigmentation, darkening and skin aging, making housewives’ skin worse and worse.

Hands are often exposed to alcohol, detergent is one of the factors that destroy the skin quite badly. In fact, on many social networking sites, many women have complained about this problem. Regular contact with alcohol, detergents, moisture on the surface of the skin will disappear, skin cells become arid, no longer connected and begin to crack and peel into plaques

Besides, the erratic weather like today also makes the hands sweat a lot, which also affects the health of the skin of the hands. Because when you sweat regularly, the surface of the skin is constantly wet, which is a favorable condition for bacteria and fungi to work, causing infections and peeling of the skin.

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II. How to keep the skin from drying out when you have to cook often?

1. Limit exposure to high temperatures to help prevent skin from drying out 

Wear gloves when washing dishes

Frequent exposure to hot food is one of the reasons why housewives’ hands are very dry and lack moisture. Along with that, soaking your hands in warm water for too long every time you clean dishes is also the reason why the skin of the hands is dry and makes the dry skin of the hands worse. Because when the skin is exposed to high temperatures, the heat will cause the pores to expand and take away the inherent moisture layer of the skin, making the skin of the hands easy to dry, rough and wrinkled quickly. 

Therefore, to protect your hands when cooking and washing dishes, limit your hands’ exposure to heat when cooking by wearing extra gloves. At the same time, wash your hands with warm or cool water, so that the skin of the hands does not lose the natural moisture layer.

Wearing gloves when cleaning, washing… to protect hands is an important measure to prevent hands from being directly exposed to chemicals or cleaning tools. However, when wearing rubber gloves, you should note that they only need to be worn for about 10 minutes before taking them off so that your hands are not trapped in this rubber layer. Because when wearing rubber gloves for a long time, the skin of the hands is very susceptible to moisture and allergies, which can easily lead to peeling and cracking.

When washing hands, avoid washing with hot water, which can easily peel off the protective oil on the surface of the skin. Avoid using deodorant, anti-bacterial, foaming or scented soaps because all of those soaps contain additives that strip away your skin’s protective oils.

2. Use hand cream to improve dry skin

Hand cream is considered a savior, providing moisture to the skin of the hands quickly and effectively overcoming the condition of dry, rough hand skin . This is a certain indispensable product for housewives who often cook. You should give priority to choosing soft and smooth hand cream products containing moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, HA, almond oil, shea butter, … to help keep and hydrate dry skin, repelling the condition. dry hands effectively and quickly. 

Use hand cream to improve dry skin

Exfoliating your hands will help improve blood circulation and keep your hands young and beautiful. Use two tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of sugar. Massage your hands with this mixture until the sugar dissolves. Washing with hand sanitizer will make a difference.

Using fresh lemon not only helps to whiten nails but also effectively moisturizes the skin of the hands because of its high vitamin C content. Or puree 1 carrot, mix in it a tablespoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of sour cream, apply on your hands for about 30 minutes, then wash and dry your hands. Maintaining this hand skin care regimen for 1 week in the above ways will have a significant improvement in hand skin.

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3. Use gentle cleansers extracted from nature to help nourish your hands

Performing housework regularly, the hands of housewives cannot avoid being exposed to strong cleaning products, causing the skin of the hands to dry quickly. To overcome this situation, you should prioritize choosing and using home cleaning products with gentle, benign formulas , and extracted from natural ingredients, without chemicals that cause skin corrosion. hands, in order to effectively protect the skin of the hands. 

According to experts, ordinary dishwashing liquid contains up to 30% of chemical components that are harmful to human health. Among them are outstanding salts of Silicate, Formaldehyde, Sulfuric acid and special odorants, Pentasodium Pentetate.

These substances can lead to conditions such as burning eyes, skin irritation, dermatitis, respiratory inflammation, cancer, etc.

Use gentle cleansers extracted from nature to help nourish your hands

Therefore, now many people love to use vegetable dishwashing liquid to ensure safety for the health of themselves and their families.

Plant-based dishwashing liquid will not contain the above harmful ingredients. Instead, there are benign natural ingredients that have a cleansing effect as well as create a safe smell such as soapberry, lemon, grapefruit peel, …

With common dishwashing liquid, the ingredient list will contain substances such as sodium hydroxide. This is a corrosive to the skin of the hands, if you regularly contact it, it will make the skin of your hands dry and flaky. In addition, some products also contain highly alkaline surfactants such as NaOH, Na2SO3 and Na3SO4, along with thickeners, flavoring agents and industrial colorants… These ingredients can be destructive. cells on the skin, causing peeling, dermatitis, itching…

Therefore, to be able to care for soft hands, dishwashing liquid with plant ingredients is one of the users’ best assistants. This product not only helps you clean dishes quickly and cleanly, but also protects the skin of your hands gently, preventing dryness and peeling.

Frequently asked questions

1. How many times a day should I apply hand cream to effectively care for soft and dry hands? 

Similarly when taking care of your face, you should apply hand cream twice a day in the morning and at night. And depending on the condition of your hands, you can apply 1-2 more times a day to help balance the moisture effectively.  

2. Is sunscreen necessary to keep hands from drying out? 

The answer is yes. The sun is the main cause of rapid skin destruction, so always apply sunscreen to your hands before going out to strengthen the skin barrier and repel signs of aging such as: tortoise, dry and wrinkled,…

3. Is transparent dishwashing liquid really good for your hands?

The safety of dishwashing liquid depends not only on the color, but also on many other factors, especially the product composition. Therefore, with just the color of dishwashing liquid, you will not be able to accurately conclude which products are safe for your hands.

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