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How to juice guava ?

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How to juice guava

In this article, I am going to explain how to juice guava.

Firstly, you need to find the proper ingredients and prepare them. You will need two guavas prepared by cutting into chunks, 4 cups of purified water at room temperature and half a cup of fresh lemon juice (or lime juice).
It is also important that you have an appropriate juicer for your fruits. If using an Omega juicer make sure the strainer is in place otherwise the fruits containing seeds might clog it.

The first step is to cut the guava into chunks. You can do this with a knife or a food processor.

After cutting the guava you will need to juice it in the Omega juicer (if you are using an Omega make sure that the strainer is in place). For each guava add half of the lemon juice and half of the water and close the red lid on top.

After adding the ingredients the juicer will start to juice it and the mixture will begin to look like a thick juice.

how to make guava juice

how to make guava juice

The second step is to strain out all of the seeds and pulp using a sieve and a colander. The juice should be clear now so it is time to add some ice cubes. Smear half of them over a large plate and allow it to sit for around 20 minutes, until they are all frozen. Add a few more ice cubes if you need to.

Now it is time to put the remaining ingredients into the juicer and juice them. Slowly pour the juice over the ice cubes, making sure that all of it melts and combines into one mixture. It is now time to serve your guava juice.

Another way of making a delicious guava juice is by using just guava (and no lemon or lime) and a high powered blender such as a Vitamix. Add 4 cup of purified water to the blender and then add 1 1/2 whole guavas. Blend for around 30 seconds or until all of the fruit is pulverized. You now have a delicious guava juice that is full of vitamins and minerals.

About Guava Fruit

Although widely accessible throughout India Guava is an tropical fruit that is indigenous to areas of Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. Although you can place guava in the fruit category, it’s actually the fruit!

Etymologically, the origins of the word “guava” is traced back to the Arawak word ‘guayabo meaning ‘guava and ‘guayaba’ an Spanish word.

The most sweet fruit in nature, round or pear-shaped, with a yellowish or greenish skin, Guavas come in a variety of varieties based on the color and texture of the flesh, as well as the location they are cultivated. Guava Juice Guava Juice is one of the most simple methods to drink it apart from having it as a snack.

There are a variety of guava on the Indian market, and even outside of India. The particular guava with pink flesh is cultivated in abundance across Karnataka along with Andhra Pradesh. No matter where you are, pick the one that is soft, juicy and sweet flesh for the juice.

The Guava Juice Drink

guava juice

guava juice

I have many friends who like to eat guava. It’s also known as the word ‘amrud’ in Hindi and peru in the Marathi language. It has small hard seeds that can become stuck in the teeth, and may become uncomfortable. Therefore, I personally prefer it as a juice. It’s a great recipe. Guava Juice recipe is a favourite in my house too.

I’ve used normal white fleshed guavas in making this Guava Juice However, you can use pink fleshed ones that create a stunning rosy hue for the juice. Be sure to choose ripe guavas that have soft pulp.

It is also important to be aware not to mix the pieces of guava to in a large amount and for an extended duration, because the seeds also begin to grind into a sand-like consistency in the drink. To enhance the taste and to balance the sweetness of the juice make sure to add lemon juice or a pinch of ginger in the juice.

The Guava Juice is served right away since you’ll be using chilled water for mixing. Add ice cubes in the future and serve.


1. Rinse four medium-sized Guavas (500 grams) thoroughly in water. After that, cut them into smaller pieces and put them into the blender in a large jar.

I haven’t removed the fruit, however you may choose to peel them if enjoy. Make sure to choose guavas that are sweet and have soft flesh.

2. Add 1 cup chilled or chilled water to blend the guavas into the consistency of a smooth pulp. Chop the guavas into smaller pieces to blend more quickly and to ensure that the seeds don’t get crushed.

Blending in small batches when the blender size isn’t large enough.

3. Avoid mixing too much since seeds will also be crushed. Additionally, you’ll see tiny grits in the juice, and you will get the sensation of sand in the juice.

4. The pulp can be added to the juice strainer or medium mesh strainer set on the top of the bowl.

5. Utilizing an instrument, stir the pulp until the smooth pulp is absorbed into the bowl. The process of straining the pulp requires a little time.

6. Here is the pulp that we have collected, but without the seeds.

Drink Guava Juice Drink

7. Then, add one cup of chilled water into the pulp of guava inside the bowl. Mix to mix.

It is possible to make the juice thinner by adding water. You could also add lemon juice for a sweet flavor.

8. Add 3 tablespoons of sugar. The sugar can be altered according to your preference in addition to the sweetness of Guavas.

9. Stir it again until the sugar has dissolved.

10. Pour the juice into glasses , and drink Guava Juice right away.

Guava Juice Benefits

Guavas are a great fruit to consume. The good thing about them is that they’re lower in price than other costly fruits, but full of essential nutrients. This makes Guava juice also essential to consume.

Guavas are a fantastic source of fiber in the diet as well as antioxidants, Vitamin C as well as other minerals, like potassium. According to research that a single guava contains Vitamin C about 4 times more than an orange.

Because of the composition of nutrient of the guava, it’s beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The antioxidants found in guava can help boost and make the immune system stronger. A higher level of immunity means a lower risk of infections and illnesses as well as healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Ideal for weight loss and weight loss since guavas are a an excellent source of fiber and are high in fats. Take it as a nutritious full-filling snack that is low in calories.
  • It could reduce the chance of developing cancer as well as prevent constipation. It can also improve digestion and bowel movements. system.
  • Vital for cardiovascular and blood health. Aids in controlling blood sugar levels. It can also aid in relieving menstrual cramps and discomforts.

Expert Tips

  1. The white and pink fleshed guavas can be utilized for this recipe. Juice recipe. The guavas need to possess soft, smooth flesh as well as be at least ripe.
  2. If you use super ripe Guavas, the juice will be sweet by itself. There is no need to add sugar.
  3. Be careful with the seeds that are in the juice. Take care of the seeds in this Guava Juice drink. Be careful not to mix the seeds too much or you’ll get something like sand inside the juice.
  4. You can also blend chilled water or regular room temperature water for mixing. In this instance you could also add the addition of ice cubes prior drinking.
  5. Here are some ingredients that go well with guava – red chilli powder (also known as cayenne) lime juice, lemon juice pineapple, pear. You can mix any of them while mixing to create a distinct taste.
  6. Triple or double the quantities to make a bigger the guava juice drink. Make sure to freeze the juice inside popsicle molds to enjoy a refreshing, delicious dessert!

How Long Will Guava Juice Last?

Guava juice is able to last up to one week in the refrigerator. It is possible to extend this time when the pulp is removed prior to the juice is made.

Alongside the way in which it is stored, bacteria and enzymes are the two elements that impact the freshness of juices most. The other ingredients added to the juice could make a huge differences.

The majority of organisms are called neutrophils which means that they develop most efficiently in a pH that is neutral (around seven). Therefore, juices that have high acidity fruit (with pH 4.6 or lower) are least likely to be at risk of loss of flavor.

FAQs about How to juice guava 

What fruits go well with Guava?

What fruit pairs well with Guava? Guava, a fruit from the tropical region that belongs to the Myrtle Family. It is a great match for strawberries, pineapple mango, coconut, citrus fruits, as well as any tropical fruit.

Does it make sense drinking guava juice every day?

Dietary Value from Guava juice:
They should include them in your daily eating habits. Guava juice is an excellent healthy addition to your diet since it is rich in water than other fruits, and it is lower in saturated fat. It’s a great source of fibre from the diet as well as vitamins and minerals that are essential to your diet.

What’s the best combination of Guava?

What’s the Best Pairing for Guava?

  • Produce: bananas, apples Ginger, kiwi lime, lemon, mango onions, oranges and papaya. Also, pear, plum, pineapple as well as leafy greens for salad, star fruits and strawberries.
  • Proteins such as cashews and hazelnuts macadamia nuts, and cashews.

Does guava make good juice?

The health benefits of drinking Guava Juice

Guava has been proven to reduce blood pressure, boost good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol. Thus one of the primary advantages from Guava juice is it’s healthy for the heart. It also has antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Who is not advised to take Guava?

If you suffer from diabetes and consume Guava, be sure to examine your blood sugar closely. Surgery: Guava could reduce blood sugar levels. In theory, guava could increase the risk of bleeding, or hinder blood sugar control before or after surgery. Stop using guava medication at least two weeks prior to a scheduled procedure.

What are the top 10 benefits of Guava?

  • Guava helps boost your immunity.
  • Could reduce the risk to develop Cancer.
  • Helps control your blood sugar levels.
  • Guavas help in keeping your heart healthy.
  • Helps during constipation.
  • Improves vision.
  • Guava is an anti-stress ingredient.
  • Guava helps women during pregnancy.

Does guava raise blood sugar?

Guava fruit that is not peeled is more effective in reducing blood sugar levels and also total cholesterol levels, the triglycerides, and LDLc. It raises HDLc levels as well.

Does guava have more value than Apple?

Guavas contain a higher amount of all vitamins, particularly vitamin C and vitamin A when compared with apples. Guava also has higher levels of Vitamin E and vitamin K, and vitamins B1 and B2 as well as B3, B5 and B6. The two fruits are not rich in vitamin D. Vitamin B9, or vitamin B12.

Guava is it acidic or alkaline?

Acids. Acidity of guavas is reported as ranging from 14-18 mg per 100 grams Ascorbic acid is determined to range between 62 and 364 mg/100 grams. Guavas’ tartness is attributed to the pH of 3-4, which is primarily because of the presence of citric and malic acids.

What are the reasons we shouldn’t consume guava on empty stomachs?

Fruits that contain citrus, like guava or oranges could increase the amount of acid produced in your gut, thereby increasing the risk of gastritis as well as gastric ulcers. Additionally, the high concentration of fructose and fiber found in these fruits may hinder your digestion when eaten with a full stomach.

Do I have to mix apple and Guava?

Guava Apple Smoothie is one of my boys’ most loved smoothie that has the sweetness of guava, and the sweetness of apples. Fruits are always beneficial for your health. They contain a variety of vital minerals and vitamins. It is also helpful in building an improved immune system.

When is the right time to consume Guava juice?

As Guavas are a low-calorie fruit, they are at the same also a great vitamin and mineral source. Guava Juice is a great supplement to your healthy diet. It could be part in your breakfast or lunch, as well as dinner without affecting your calorie intake.

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