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How to effectively and quickly deodorize food in the kitchen

by phuong.seo
deodorize food in the kitchen

Cooking meals for the family in their own home is what housewives want. After cooking, the smell of fried food will always linger in your house causing discomfort. The scent of delicious dishes in the kitchen always makes you ecstatic. But what if these scents continue to linger in the air longer than you think? Naturally, you’ll want to return some fresh air to the kitchen. Learn how to quickly and effectively deodorize food in the kitchen with Huttonscon!

I. What causes the kitchen to have a bad smell?

There are many causes for the bad room situation, especially in the kitchen, cooking often, the smell of food is overwhelming, there is no way to get rid of the smell, there is no exchange of new air, which easily leads to a smelly, humid room. short. Specific causes of room odor include:
– Bad smell in the kitchen comes from daily cooking activities: While processing, cooking food, the smell of garbage or the smell of food will make the space feel stuffy and stuffy. When there is a build-up of garbage, it often leads to bacteria gathering and making the odor even more unpleasant.

– Insects, dead animals in the kitchen: When there is food, your kitchen is attracting a large number of parasites or animals such as cockroaches, mice, dogs, cats, .. These animals emit odors. body odor and make the space smelly, making it harder to breathe.

– The kitchen is too tight: The space without the exchange of natural air flow easily causes the corners of the wall to be damp. This is also where bacteria often gather and lead to a strong, unpleasant odor. Not only that, high humidity causes mold and this is also the cause of unpleasant odors in enclosed spaces.
You do not think that only cooking can make the room smelly, if you order food from outside, use it in the room and do not handle it promptly and properly, it is also the cause of your room’s bad smell. bear.

Why deodorize food in the kitchen?

II. Summary of ways to deodorize food in the kitchen effectively and quickly.

1. Open the window in the kitchen

The simplest way that you can apply is to open the windows of the family kitchen, helping to circulate air quickly.
Before cooking, you need to open all the closed windows, the circulation of air, light and wind will limit the smell of grease and food stuck in your home.

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2. Close the doors of neighboring rooms before cooking

– Fabrics absorb grease and odors very quickly and deodorize clothes more complex than hard surfaces, so areas containing a lot of clothes and towels such as bedrooms, wardrobes should be closed.
– If your family’s living room uses carpet, you should also close the door between the living room and the kitchen to minimize the spread of odors and absorption by the fabric.
The smell of food will diffuse quickly in the air and easily spread to the whole family, not just in the family kitchen. Therefore, with the opening of the window, it is necessary to combine all doors in the house, such as the bedroom.

3. Use vinegar to deodorize the house

Vinegar is a familiar ingredient, often used to clean food in the process of preparing delicious dishes for the family. Besides, you can use vinegar and water as a mixture to help purify the air extremely effectively.
Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1 and then boil on the stove, depending on your preference you can add orange peel, tangerine peel, during the boiling process, the mixture begins to evaporate and diffuse the scent throughout the house. , remove unpleasant odors.

4. Absorb odors with natural ingredients

You can try using some other easy-to-find ingredients to clean the air in your home, such as:

Fresh ginger
You need about 1 small piece of ginger, crushed or sliced, smashed into a pot of boiling water, the smell of ginger will follow the steam to diffuse evenly in the air.
The characteristic aroma of ginger will overwhelm the unpleasant odor caused by long-standing grease.

Deodorize the food in the kitchen with fresh ginger

The coffee
Keep the coffee grounds after reuse, carefully placed in the family kitchen, you will quickly feel the unpleasant pungent smell in the kitchen instead of the faint aroma of the coffee, much more pleasant.
Coffee grounds have long been known for their effective dehumidifying, deodorizing and bactericidal effects, safe for health, so they are often trusted by Vietnamese housewives!

Orange, tangerine essential oil
You just need to boil water and drop in a few tangerine peels, leftover orange peels after eating, turn off the stove, wait for the mixture to cool and store it in a pre-cleaned glass jar.
When used, just spray a little in the air, your kitchen will very quickly lose all the odor, instead of a pleasant aroma.

Lemon and sea salt
By mixing lemon (with deodorizing effect) and sea salt (with the effect of purifying the air), creating a convenient deodorizing mixture, quickly improving the situation of food odors, grease and cleaning. more breathable.

Charcoal is quite hygroscopic and effectively prevents mold, so you can try placing charcoal carefully in the most humid space in the kitchen. Helps limit unpleasant odors that accumulate after cooking.

Coke and Baking soda
If it is difficult to clean grease stains on kitchen counters and walls, you can immediately mix a mixture of Coca and Baking soda.
Just a little bit of the mixture is enough to clean the stains and odors caused by grease and oil accumulated for a long time easily!

More simply, you can use directly available soaps in the house, typically dishwashing liquid to clean the smell of grease in the kitchen.
Soak a little and start the familiar cleaning process after cooking, helping your kitchen always be clean.

Pineapple leaves
Pineapple leaves leave a good impression on people thanks to their pleasant scent. Therefore, you just need to hang a bunch of fresh pandan leaves in the kitchen. Pineapple leaves act as an effective deodorizer, dehumidifier, and at the same time bring a gentle fragrance that almost everyone likes!

Deodorant candle
Scented candles are known as aromatherapy to help relieve stress and relax the spirit, today you can put a few more scented candles in the family kitchen.
When burning the candle, the aroma will spread evenly, quickly and help overwhelm the odors caused by cooking.

Use potatoes to absorb odors
Potatoes are not only great-tasting tubers for delicious meals, but they also have the ability to absorb odors naturally. Therefore, you can use potatoes as an effective way to deodorize food in the kitchen: Place diced potatoes in a pan and sprinkle a few grains of sea salt on top and leave for about two hours for the potatoes to develop. deodorizing effect.

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5. Use the aroma of food to deodorize the kitchen

Surely you will feel quite absurd, but in fact, when you try to apply this method by baking the simplest batch of cakes, the aroma of the cake becomes the most effective deodorant, quickly completely overpowering the smell. grease in the air after the cooking process.

6. Deodorize fried food in the kitchen with room spray

Room sprays are sold quite commonly on the market with a variety of different scents, but the common use is still simple cleaning and air purification.
Just spray a little into the kitchen space, making sure any unpleasant smell will quickly disappear!

7. Deodorize fried food in the kitchen with a disinfectant solution

Outstanding with the effect of deodorizing, dehumidifying, preventing the growth of mold, disinfectant solution is also a popular solution that many people apply today.
Spray disinfectant solution directly on kitchen counters, walls, kitchen space, .. the smell of grease will disappear cleanly in a split second!

Deodorize food in the kitchen with disinfectant solution

8. Deodorize fried food in the kitchen with an oil extractor system

If you remove the economic obstacle, then buying yourself an oil extraction system will make your life much more comfortable and comfortable.
True to its name, the machine will suck up smoke, food odors, and grease directly during processing, keeping the kitchen clean and ventilated!

9. Deodorize fried food in the kitchen with aromatic wax

Similar to scented candles, scented wax is a preparation produced in the form of soft wax, with a pleasant scent.
If you want the kitchen space to be more comfortable and fresh, you can try to put a few boxes of scented wax on the kitchen shelf, both effectively and safely, without worrying about burning like scented candles.

10. Heat lemons and oranges to scent the kitchen

The natural aroma of lemon and orange essential oils after cooking, present in their peels, can bring freshness to the room. To release this amount of essential oil, boil orange or lemon zest on low heat so that the fragrance spreads in the room.

11. Soak cotton balls in vanilla

The vanilla scent is very strong and it will instantly dispel the odors. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla and place it on the counter.

12. Put the aloe vera plant in the corner of the kitchen

Aloe vera, fern, or lemongrass are plants that, if you put them in the kitchen, will clean the air very effectively.

13. Use activated carbon, aromatic bags

Put activated charcoal in a small bag and hang it in areas prone to odors, activated carbon filters the air very effectively, you will feel a lot more comfortable when there are bags of activated carbon in the kitchen. In addition to activated carbon, hanging scented bags not only helps you get rid of odors but also brings a pleasant aroma throughout the room.

14. Aromatherapy

Currently, the use of essential oils for the bedroom is very popular, the aroma of essential oils will help you have a deep sleep, reduce stress extremely effectively. So why don’t you use an essential oil diffuser in the kitchen area, this is a way to bring outstanding efficiency.

15. Use fragrant pads

One of the most effective and easy-to-implement deodorizing measures is the use of scented paste. This type of patch has the effect of deodorizing, dehumidifying and creating a pleasant fragrance, spreading the fragrance throughout the room.
Especially with closed rooms, kitchens and without ventilation fans, you should open the scented pad and place it in the center of the table or hang it in the corner of the room to help eliminate odors, mold and food odors as well. gradually disappear.
The advantage of this piece is that there are many different scents such as lemon essential oil, jasmine essential oil, rose essential oil, etc. Therefore, this fragrant patch not only helps the room space become airy but also has a gentle, pleasant fragrance.
You can often hang fragrant pieces in areas that often cause unpleasant odors such as kitchen tables, dining tables, sink areas, etc. Especially the dining table area, where the family has moments of common activities to create a feeling comfortable.

16. Deodorize microwave, oven

– Microwaves, frequently used ovens are easy to stick to grease and food odors. You can use lemon zest or lime juice in a cup and heat it up inside the oven.
– If the oven has a fishy smell, boil the vinegar and use the boiled vinegar water to wipe the entire oven.
The scent of lemon and vinegar combined with the heat from the oven when boiling will help dislodge any unpleasant odors.

17. Deodorize the refrigerator

– A simple way to deodorize the refrigerator is to put hot milk in the refrigerator, the aroma from the evaporated milk will help deodorize.
– In addition, you can use hot 4 tablespoons of sugar and a little water for the sugar to melt and glue, cool and refrigerate all unpleasant odors will quickly disappear.

18. Deodorize trash cans

– Even after being cleaned, your trash can still have an unpleasant smell.
– If the trash can is metal, you can burn a piece of newspaper and drop it in the bin. The hot air will help deodorize the trash can.
– With a plastic container, you can use baking soda mixed with lemon juice to soak the barrel for 5-10 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Deodorize the trash can in the kitchen

19. Deodorize the refrigerator

– A simple way to deodorize the refrigerator is to put hot milk in the refrigerator, the aroma from the evaporated milk will help deodorize.
– In addition, you can use hot 4 tablespoons of sugar and a little water for the sugar to melt and glue, cool and refrigerate all unpleasant odors will quickly disappear.

20. Clean up immediately after cooking

– After cooking, you should start cleaning the used pots, pans, cups and plates, wipe off the stains, food debris on the gas stove, kitchen shelves… In this way the smell will be easily removed along with stains, keeping your furniture long-lasting.
– If you don’t clean it right away, these utensils, especially those covered with grease, just need to be left overnight, the whole kitchen or your whole house will be filled with the smell of grease.

21. Deodorize food in the kitchen by unclogging the sink

Sometimes, food odors can come from leftovers you dump in the sink. If the kitchen sink is emitting an unpleasant odor, boil some water and pour it directly down the sink drain.
Besides, you can also apply the following way to deodorize food in the kitchen: Pour 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda down the sink drain, then add two cups of pure vinegar and leave it for a few minutes. minutes before proceeding, add a little hot water. The chemical reaction formed from the ingredients will form bubbles, helping to effectively deodorize.

Above are ways to quickly and effectively deodorize food in the kitchen. Wish you a successful application and return the kitchen space fresh and clean! Don’t forget to update more useful tips from Huttonscon!

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