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How to deodorize kitchen smoke very easily with common ingredients

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The smell of kitchen smoke cannot be avoided when cooking. Even the smell of smoke spreads everywhere, causing a very uncomfortable feeling. Although you have tried many ways such as opening the door, turning on the ceiling fan when cooking or using scented candles to deodorize, the smell of smoke still lingers. Instead of the above methods, have you tried to remove the smell of kitchen smoke from familiar ingredients?

Where does the smell of smoke usually come from?

Here are the reasons why the smell of smoke appears and you must find ways to get rid of the smell of smoke in the house.

Smoke coming from outside the house

In some places, people often have the habit of burning garbage behind or in front of the house. The smoke from the garbage pile will follow the wind into the house. And even if you close the door, it can still get into the house from the crevices. The indoor air becomes stuffy and difficult to breathe.

The smell of smoke coming from burnt food

The smell of smoke coming from burnt food

This is a common cause of smoke in the home. During the cooking process, just a few small mistakes cause the food to burn, thereby creating a burning smell and smoke in the room. The smell of smoke from burning food is easy to lingers on clothes.


If you organize a barbecue at home, whether you use an electric stove or a charcoal stove, it will definitely create smoke. This makes the atmosphere in the house more uncomfortable and stuffy.

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Do not know how to deodorize kitchen smoke is harmful? 

Baby’s health

The smell of kitchen smoke will affect the health of young children, more specifically the respiratory tract. In the long run, it will cause diseases like asthma, cough, bronchitis or even cancer. There are many cases where children have died from asphyxiation when their parents cook in a house that is too tight.

The health of the elderly

If your family has elderly people, the more you need to know how to deodorize the kitchen smoke. Because the elderly are at high risk of respiratory or heart disease if they inhale too much smoke.

Make people with lung disease worse

Toxic substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide will be produced during cooking. Basically, these chemical compounds are not good for the respiratory system, so people with lung disease will have to suffer 2-3 times more. When exposed, people with lung disease may feel dizzy and lightheaded. If you don’t know how to overcome the smell of smoke, the disease will get worse and turn to lung cancer.

Pregnant women’s health

The health of pregnant women is very sensitive. If you have to be exposed to the smell of kitchen smoke regularly, it will not only affect the mother but also adversely affect the baby. Kitchen smoke can cause congenital diseases for babies from the time they are in the womb such as asthma, respiratory diseases. Therefore, the house with pregnant women needs to find a way to eliminate the smell of kitchen smoke thoroughly.

Do not know how to deodorize kitchen smoke is harmful

How to deodorize kitchen smoke with familiar ingredients 

Before embarking on how to deodorize kitchen smoke, you need to clean up the kitchen after cooking. First of all, start with burnt food when cooking, especially meat, which should be thrown out. This is the source of the unpleasant smoke smell that often appears in your home. Next comes the cooking utensils, if the pan or pot is burnt, quickly soak it in soapy water. Finally, use a cleaning cloth to wipe away the stains that are still clinging to the table and kitchen surface.


Surely housewives know well about the use of lemon in the kitchen, most notably its ability to effectively deodorize thanks to its rich citric acid content. At the same time, lemon can also prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. But a place that requires cleanliness and hygiene like the kitchen can’t be without lemon, right?

How to deodorize kitchen smoke with lemon is as follows: boil a pot of water and then add a few slices of lemon to boil. Cook with low heat for 30 minutes so that the scent of lemon can spread throughout every space, dispelling the unpleasant kitchen smell.


Vinegar has the ability to absorb odors quite well. Therefore, instead of dispelling the smell of smoke like lemon, vinegar can be used to absorb the smell of kitchen smoke after cooking. Mix 1 part water with 1 part white vinegar and bring to a boil. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes. Vinegar will neutralize the air and remove odors, especially smoke.

Onion juice

It sounds unbelievable because onions always have a very unpleasant pungent smell, some people can’t even stand the smell of onions. But with this way of removing the smell of kitchen smoke from Huttuscon, you will see unexpected results.

Cut 2 of the onion in half and put them in a large bowl, put about 4 cups of water in it. Place that bowl of onion juice in your kitchen area. Onions will work to dispel the smell of kitchen smoke.

Clove juice

Clove is a herb with a rather special scent, often used to help eliminate odors such as bad breath, body odor. But today Huttuscon will tell you how to deodorize kitchen smoke with clove water.

Put the whole cloves in a pot, add 4 cups of water and turn on the stove to bring to a boil. It is recommended to adjust the heat to low, cook for 40 minutes. Just boiled, the scent of cloves will emanate, blending into the air. If you want to prolong the scent, just add water. You can also add a few cinnamon sticks to the pot, the scent of cloves and cinnamon will make it more pleasant.

Baking soda

Besides cleaning and sanitizing, baking soda will surprise you even more with its ability to deodorize kitchen smoke. Just arrange small bowls of baking soda around the house, especially in the kitchen, so that the baking soda absorbs the smoke smell. Because baking soda will deodorize by absorbing the smell of smoke that is spreading throughout the space, it will take a few hours for you to feel the change.

Eliminate the smell of smoke with coffee powder

Eliminate the smell of smoke with coffee powder

The coffee powder has odor-absorbing and hygroscopic properties, so just place a plate of powdered coffee in the corner of the room, after a night it will help absorb all the odors, replacing it with a more pleasant coffee smell.

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Some other tips to remove the smell of kitchen smoke

Make sure the air is cool

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the air is easier to circulate, so the smoke and burnt odors will be released quickly without being trapped in your kitchen.

Please open all the windows, turn on fans and hoods in the house to help the smell of smoke, burning smell go out and bring fresh air into the house. You should open all windows and doors, especially in the kitchen or smelly areas.

Clean up burnt food

Burnt foods make sure to put them in the trash bags and throw them out in the trash outside the house. Do not leave burnt food in the house because that makes the smell worse.

Clean the place with a lot of smoke smell

Next, use household cleaners such as floor cleaners, laundry detergents to clean the place with a lot of smoke, a burning smell.

Clean smelly items

Items that are prone to odors such as towels, carpets, and fabric items, make sure to be washed, or if you don’t need them anymore, throw them away.

Above are ways to remove the smell of kitchen smoke from familiar ingredients. Moreover, this way of deodorizing smoke is also very easy to do, isn’t it? Therefore, you should do it every time you cook to ensure that the indoor air is always fresh. Do not forget to follow the next articles of Huttuscon to pocket useful tips.

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