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How to decorate a simple and beautiful living room for the family?

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Minimalism is always the design style that people want to move towards today. Because the simpler the house, the more luxurious, modern and comfortable. Moreover, the aesthetic effect that this style brings is also very high. If you’re looking for a decor with these elements to revamp your home, check out some of the simple living room decor ideas huttuscon.com suggests below.

1. Simple living room layout

Many people often think that the design of the living room must be decorated, splendid, according to the neoclassical or classical style to show the superiority, power and wealth of the owner. However, the design trend of modern times today is towards minimalism in interior layout while still exuding modern, sophisticated and luxurious features. A simple living room decoration can score points in the eyes of every home thanks to outstanding features such as:

  • Limit the details that are confusing, causing a feeling of cheesy, cumbersome.
  • Towards convenience and versatility.
  • Create a feeling of warmth and comfort when living for family members.
  • Create a feeling of space as expanding.
  • Suitable for many styles of many different rooms, whether the area is small or large can also apply this decoration.
  • Cost-effective, diversified models, suitable for many customer segments.
  • Shows the sophisticated, modern aesthetic of the homeowner.

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2. How to decorate a simple and beautiful living room

To be able to decorate the living room simply but still beautifully, impress the guests who visit your home, you need to note a few principles below.

2.1. Simple living room furniture

Furniture is the “soul” of the living room, and is an indispensable element to create a satisfactory room. The basic furniture of the living room such as tables and chairs, sofas, televisions, shelves, decorations, pictures, … need to ensure the congruity in terms of design, color, size as well as design. must arrange, arrange so that the room looks as harmonious as possible. When decorating the living room, these factors should be prioritized.

  • Location of the living room: The location of the living room should be near the door to facilitate the movement of guests as well as homeowners. This placement will really highlight your interior and layout. Ensuring adequate lighting for the living room space is also important. In addition to the natural light source, the light from the projector lamp also creates a spacious feeling for your living room. The bright space creates a sense of spaciousness for the house.
  • Convenience: It is necessary to arrange furniture so that it is convenient to move and in daily life.
  • Ventilation: With houses with a garden or empty space around, you can take advantage of them to create an open living room design. This helps the space feel more open, creating a feeling of comfort and being closer to nature.
  • Door direction: When arranging the sofa table, you should pay attention to avoid the sitting position facing the door direction to ensure privacy for family members.
  • Feng Shui: Of course, feng shui is an indispensable element in interior design. Furniture should be carefully selected, arranged in accordance with the destiny of the owner to bring money and luck to the family.
  • Special attention should be paid to the light: Lighting plays a very important role in the living room. Therefore, right from the time of architectural design, you should pay special attention to ensure the amount of natural light for the room. However, in addition to natural light, the artificial lighting system is also very important. Make sure the room is always well-lit
  • Pay attention to the principles of arranging living room furniture: In addition to shopping, the arrangement of furniture is also very important. Instead of sorting by inspiration, please refer to the following sorting principles:+ Regardless of the arrangement, you need to remember that the interior should not cover short walls. If you cover it up, the room will look messy and annoying
    + Arrange furniture evenly and evenly to create balance for the entire space.
    + Depending on the different space, please be flexible in the arrangement
  • Pay attention to choose a suitable set of tables and chairs: In the interior of the living room, the table and chairs are the soul of the attraction. Therefore, first you need to pay attention to choose a beautiful and suitable furniture set. Usually, if it is a modern apartment or townhouse, you can prioritize choosing a sofa table. As for level 4 houses or classical-style designers, you should choose wooden tables and chairs.
  • Floor and wall decoration for living room interior: Living room furniture is usually quite simple, it needs to include a set of tables and chairs, a TV shelf, a wardrobe… However, if only it were possible, the room would look quite monotonous. So, help it liven up by decorating the floor and walls. With floors you can consider to use a rug. The carpet is both anti-slip and is also a way to create accents on the floor. As for the wall, there are many ways for you to decorate. You can hang pictures, photos, use other decorative items such as foam, wallpaper or simply invest in a decorative wall shelf, buy a clock …

2.2. Decorating accessories for simple living room

Decorative accessories for the living room not only make the room more lively but also give people a new and exciting feeling when entering the house.

  • Curtains: Curtains are always a favorite decorative item in many families. In addition to helping to adjust the light entering the room, curtains also help create a soft feeling for the room, making the room more harmonious. For living room curtains, you can choose between thin drapes and thick curtains. If you put the element of beauty and decoration first, drapery curtains will be the right choice.
  • Carpet: A large rug under the sofa set will create more accents for the room, making the room feel spacious and luxurious.
  • TV shelf, bookcase: A few shelves or cabinets placed in the living room give you more storage space, as well as more places to display decorations, maybe a few books, small potted plants. beautiful or a desk clock.
  • Decorative lights: Placing lights in the living room has the effect of adding more light to the room. Currently, there are many types of decorative lights with sophisticated designs, helping to create light sources with different shapes that are extremely unique.
  • Bonsai: Try revamping your living room with a few pretty small potted plants in the corner. Help create a green space for the living room and purify the air.
  • Vase: Ceramic vases with sophisticated designs add a few fragrant fresh flowers to make the room more lively and romantic.
  • Clockwatcher: The clock is not only used to tell the time, but it also acts as a space decoration. The clock will help create accents and complete the design style of the room. There are many different styles and sizes of watches available, so you can choose according to your preferences.
  • Statues to decorate the living room: Decorative statues are also items that help create accents for the living room. You can choose unique art statues, feng shui statues, mascots or other statues suitable for the space.
  • Decorative ceiling light: Ceiling lights not only help to illuminate but also an impressive decoration for the living room. The room will be more beautiful, bright and impressive when hanging ceiling lights. In particular, it will create accents and increase the aesthetic depth of the room.
  • Ceiling fans: Using ceiling fans in the house will help the space more airy. However, this item also has a decorative effect, creating accents for the space. If you love the classic western style, you should use wooden fan material, folded wings. If your living room has a modern style, the chandeliers combined with ceiling fans are very suitable.
  • Display of unique: bowls Unique, friendly, flat bowls and plates, lined with colorful fruits and vegetables on the table will be an interesting highlight, and will not cost much to make. beautiful living room of your home.
  • Sofa pillows: not only create a feeling of softness and comfort to help you enjoy life, but with its unique design, color, and material, it becomes an indispensable decorative accessory in the living space

3. The most beautiful simple living room model 2022

Here are some of the most trending simple living room decorations in 2022, with huttuscon.com for reference!

simple living room decorations

Simple luxury living room style (Source: Internet)

Simple luxury living room style

Simple luxury living room style (Source: Internet)

The design of the living room helps to create a feeling of spaciousness and coolness

The design of the living room helps to create a feeling of spaciousness and coolness (Source: Internet)

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