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How to clean the kitchen hood quickly and simply

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Kitchen hoods must have been no longer strange in today’s life. However, how to clean the machine is always the question that many people are most interested in. Therefore, today in this article Huttuscon will help you learn about how to clean a kitchen hood simple, fast, and extremely effective. Follow up now!

1. Why does the hood need to be cleaned regularly?

A dust-free hood will bring cleanliness to your home. So this is exactly why you should clean this device regularly. Proper cleaning of the hood will help you remove food odors effectively.

Besides, if you do not clean the hood regularly it will cause many consequences. The worst part is that it can make the device damaged faster. In addition, it can also cause poor usability and slow machine operation. Therefore, cleaning the hood regularly will help the machine work better.

In addition, cleaning the hood also helps you to check the machine. It is possible that some parts of the machine are about to be damaged but cannot be seen from the outside. By cleaning the hood, you can know this and fix it.

2. Prepare tools and materials to clean the hood

Prepare tools and materials to clean the hood

Let’s take a look at the tools and materials you need to prepare to clean the hood :

  • Gloves
  • Filter paper (if available)
  • Toothbrush
  • Styrofoam sponge
  • Fabric
  • Vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Baking soda
  • Cleaning products (surface-specific)

3. How to clean a simple kitchen hood

3.1. How to clean the hood filter

1. Remove the filter and all other removable parts from your hood

One point you need to keep in mind is to make sure the device is turned off and no longer hot before you proceed to remove any parts.

Furthermore, check product labels to find out the best way to remove stains. In the absence of an instruction manual, you can also look it up online to learn more.

2. Remove and replace the filter paper

If you’re cleaning a flatbed machine, there’s a paper filter that can be removed and replaced with paper you bought at the supermarket and cut to the right size. However, for the chimney type, there is a metal mesh filter that is not disposable and also needs to be cleaned from time to time. Besides, choosing to replace the carbon filter is more optimal than cleaning.

3. Soak the metal filter for a long period of time, preferably overnight

Soaking in soapy water at a high temperature combined with a cup of vinegar is the most effective way to clean the hood because it will completely remove grease stains. Remember that the longer you leave it, the more effective it will be, so it’s better to soak it overnight.

4. Carefully scrub with a toothbrush

After soaking, use a toothbrush to carefully scrub the filter and other parts to remove stains. In addition, you can also use a laundry detergent solution or baking soda mixture to help better remove the “stubborn” greasy residue.

When cleaning the metal filter of the machine, there may be slight discoloration, especially when you use dishwashing liquid or cleaning solution, but once reassembled, the machine will still function normally and without damage. influence too much.

However, you need to remember to take the recommended precautions to stay safe!

3.2. How to clean the surface of the hood

Below Huttuscon will detail the steps to help you clean the hood in a simple and effective way:

1. First, use a soft, clean sponge or cloth

A sponge is the best choice because using a brush can leave scratches.

2. Clean with detergent solution

Pour your chosen cleaning solution directly into the machine for effective cleaning of the hood. However, follow the instructions on the label and test it in a small area first to avoid unnecessary damage. yes. Note, you should wear gloves or other hand protection and do not let the solution come into direct contact with the skin.

3. Wipe with a clean cloth

You need to wipe off any remaining cleaning solution with a clean cloth to avoid smudging or staining.

4. Finally, use a toothbrush to remove the remaining substances

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any sticky residue as well as clean the crevices where dirt can accumulate.

4. Tips to keep the kitchen hood clean

Tips to keep the kitchen hood clean

You know, the main cause of the smell phenomenon is frying, frying food. Therefore, cutting down on these foods will not only reduce the amount of work while cleaning the kitchen but also lead to a healthier diet. Here are some “pocket” tips that can help you clean the hood most effectively:

1. Clean regularly

The key to keeping a kitchen hood clean is regular cleaning. Because this will help you to prevent the build-up of grease and oil as well as easy and does not take much time in the cleaning process.

2. Use soapy water or cleaning products

Wipe the entire exterior with soapy water or cleaning product each time you use the hob. However, you need to make sure the device is turned off and the surfaces are cool before proceeding.

3. Dry with a clean cloth

Every time you clean the hood, remember to dry it with a clean towel to avoid remaining water stains and stains. This will help keep the device beautiful and shiny like new.

4. You should clean the filter once a month

If possible, clean the filter once a month with a quick wash in the sink. Because when the machine is deeply cleaned regularly, you will be able to do just a quick clean to get it clean.

5. Note when cleaning the hood

  • When cleaning the hood, you should use a soft cloth to clean it. This will help protect the device from being scratched or damaged by cleaning tools.
  • You should use a specialized cleaning solution for the hood. This product will help clean effectively and safely protect your home appliances.
  • Determine what type of hood you are using to have the most appropriate cleaning method.
  • If your family rarely cooks in the kitchen, you do not need to clean the vacuum too often. If you cook often then you have to clean it periodically.
  • Make sure the parts are dry, before reassembling the machine
  • You should clean the outside of the vacuum cleaner with quality glass cleaner solutions to make the vacuum cleaner look shiny and new, thereby increasing the brightness and elegance of your kitchen.
  • Determine the filter mesh material for proper cleaning.

For all types of kitchen equipment in general and hoods in particular, periodic cleaning is a very important job. Not only keeping the kitchen safe and clean. But also contribute to their maintenance, increase their service life and maintain their performance after a long time of use.

6. Notes when using the hood

Notes when using the hood

In order for the hood to have a long life, in addition to regularly learning how to clean the latest and fastest hood, you need to pay attention to the following additional notes:

– Be careful when cooking fried and fried foods.

+ Fried and fried foods often have a lot of oil and fat, while oil and fat are easy to catch fire, this flame can even reach the hood, affecting the machine.

+ Excessive heat and close distance between the hood and the stove can be harmful agents, causing damage to the device’s components.

– It is especially important that the stove hood must be installed at a minimum distance of 70 – 80cm from the top of the stove.

– After cooking, you should let the hood work for another 5 minutes; This will help the machine absorb the smell of food, the kitchen air becomes fresher.

– With the range of hoods using activated carbon, users should change the charcoal filter every 6 months for the machine to work effectively to protect your device and atmosphere (the maximum delay time can be one year). This will help your hood still work well after a long time of use.

– Do not allow foreign objects and water to enter the device causing loud noises.

– Avoid using the hood when the power supply is short.

– Using the correct speed of the machine should not abuse the highest speed.

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