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How to clean the dishwasher effectively and simply?

by phuong.seo

A dishwasher is a modern appliance that helps housewives save time and effort in cleaning dishes. Regular cleaning of the dishwasher will help it operate more efficiently and last longer. During use, dishwashers need to be checked, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Cleaning does not take too much time, but it helps the machine operate in the best state, avoiding unnecessary problems and damage. Let’s learn how to clean the dishwasher at home with Huttonscon!

I. Benefits of cleaning the dishwasher

Regular cleaning of the dishwasher will bring benefits such as:

– Make the machine work more smoothly and efficiently.
– Efficiently save electricity and water.
– Make dishes more fragrant, cleaner, and at the same time ensure the health of the whole family.
– Extend the life of the machine.
– Minimize damage.

clean the dishwasher

II. Steps to clean the dishwasher

Basically, there are 5 steps to cleaning the dishwasher, specifically as follows:

Step 1: Clean the filter

You should conduct regular cleaning, at least once a week. And at the end of each wash cycle, don’t forget to check the filter and remove any leftovers to avoid clogging the drain.

– The filter consists of 3 main parts, including:

+ Main filter: Small food debris is often trapped here to prevent food debris from falling down the drain, causing a blockage.

+ Fine filter basket: Food residue and dirt will be kept here.

+ Coarse filter: Retains large pieces of food.

To remove the filter for cleaning, remove each filter element in turn.

+ Unscrew the entire filter from the body, and then lift the filter.

Turn the coarse filter upside down from the filter basket.

+ Finally, lift the filter basket separate from the main filter plate.

– Next, turn the filter elements upside down to make food debris fall out, then place the parts under a strong running tap of water, and scrub them with a brush. You can also soak the filter in a cleaning solution to remove the old grease.

– After cleaning the filter, you put the parts together, put the filter in the position of the machine, press firmly with enough force for the filter to stick to the body of the machine.

You should also pay attention not to knocking the filter during cleaning to avoid distorting, damaging the filter and reducing the performance of the machine when operating.

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Step 2: Clean the dishwasher body

For fully built-in dishwashers such as Malloca Dishwasher WQP12-J7713FB or semi-acoustic machines of the same brand including Malloca Dishwasher WQP6-87CP, WQP12-J7309K E5; WQP12-J7309E E5… you clean by preparing 2 soft towels to support. Besides, experts recommend that you do not use dishwashing liquid to make dishwasher detergent. The reason is that dishwashing liquid creates a lot of foam, making the cleaning process take longer.

– Use a soft cloth dipped in water and wrung it dry. After that, start gently cleaning the control panel, and then use another soft dry cloth to wipe it again to clean the control panel.

– With the inside of the body, if the stain is small, you use a soft damp cloth to clean.

– In case of heavy stains, or hard dry stains, you can use multi-purpose kitchen cleaning solutions to spray the engine compartment and wait for 5-10 minutes. Continue to dip a soft cloth into the detergent to scrub the inside of the engine compartment, scrub the edges, edges of the machine and use a soft brush to scrub stubborn stains.

– When cleaning the dishwasher, you should pull the bottom bracket and check the drain area. Then, you proceed to clean around to make sure there are no hard objects sticking to the pipe, damaging the pump, and preventing the risk of scratching the dishes.

– With the machine door, continue to use a soft cloth to clean the edges of the door. Note that you should not use spray cleaners to clean the machine door. Because these substances can stick to door locks, electrical components, causing machine damage and danger to users.

– Use polishing wax to polish the machine case or mild detergents, absolutely do not use sharp objects, metal cleaning pads, strong corrosive detergents to clean the dishwasher.

Clean the dishwasher body

Step 3: Clean spray hands

The spray arm is the propeller part that sprays water in the dishwasher. As recommended, you should clean the sprayer regularly to avoid the chemical substances in hard water from accumulating, depositing, clogging the sprinkler holes, the machine shaft and reducing the cleaning performance of the machine.

– First of all, you disassemble the hand sprayer and clean it in warm soapy water or vinegar mixed with warm water.

– Use a soft brush to gently scrub the spray holes or use a toothpick to clear the clogged spray holes, then clean it with clean water and then reinstall it into the machine.

– After installing the spray arm into the machine, you proceed to rotate the test. If the spray arms still do not move smoothly, they still have dirt on them and you should remove them and clean them again.

Step 4: Clean the dishwasher compartment and check the dishwasher seal

Dishwasher compartment

To clean the control panel of the dishwasher, gently wipe it with a damp soft cloth, then wipe it with a dry soft cloth again. With the dishwasher compartment, you also use a soft damp cloth to wipe the stains. If you throw a lot of stains and dry hard, dip a soft cloth in a detergent solution with diluted water, then wipe the inside of the engine compartment, rub the edges, edges of the machine, use a soft brush to scrub the stains. stubborn.

Check the dishwasher seal

The seal around the edge of the dishwasher door keeps water from leaking out during the wash cycle. Use water to moisten a cloth and wipe away any dirt or accidental food particles that can cause crevices. After cleaning, check again for any cracks or damage to the seal that could lead to water leakage.

Step 5: Deodorize the dishwasher after cleaning

There are many solutions to help deodorize the dishwasher. You can use specialized preparations or use natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda or lemon.

– With vinegar: put 1 cup of white vinegar in the top basket, run the wash program with the highest temperature. Note, at this time you do not put other utensils into the machine, including dishes. Vinegar will eliminate odors and disinfect the machine optimally.

– With baking soda: Pour 1 cup of baking soda on the bottom of the machine, run the wash program with the shortest cycle. At the end of the cycle, you will see that the stains, odors have been completely removed.

– Using multi-purpose CIF cleaning solutions with baking soda and lemon you can skip this step because the solution can already deodorize the inside of the machine.

III. Types of good dishwashers to buy today

1. Electrolux ESF6010BW . Dishwasher

Electrolux ESF6010BW dishwasher is equipped with hot water washing technology, the machine easily removes all grease and bacteria on dishes.

Possessing many convenient modes: quick washing function, dedicated cup washing, washing cycle indicator light, convenient spoon and chopstick holder, equipped with the anti-spill device, automatic shut-off when the bottle is full, child lock, …Striking advantage:

– Compact machine, transparent glass door, easy to see inside
– Washing mode with hot water helps kill bacteria and is safe for health
– Wash many dishes at the same time, save electricity and time6 different washing programs, meet many purposes
– With a noise level of only 60dB (equivalent to listening to light music), it does not affect the activities of family members.
– Modern and an easy-to-use touch panel.

– Capacity: 8 sets
– Amount of water consumed: 8L
– Noise level: 60dB

2. Bosch dishwasher HMH.SMS63L02EA

This is a Bosch series 6 dishwasher that has an independent design with a luxurious, outstanding white color. The outer shell is made of high-quality stainless steel, anti-rust, resistant to large impacts.

VarioFlex basket system is designed to be flexible, easy to change, suitable for many different sizes of pots and pans.

Outstanding advantages:

– VarioSpeed: Up to 50% reduction in washing time but still ensure optimal cleaning and drying efficiency
– EcoSilence Drive: Bosch’s premium brushless motor, the machine is more powerful, quieter and more effective for cleaning
– Height-adjustable tray: The height-adjustable top tray makes it easy to store cookware of different sizes.
– 2 washing rigs, the upper washing rig space is larger, there is space to place large items.
6 washing programs: Wash pots and pans 70 degrees C, Normal wash 65 degrees C, Automatic wash 45-65 degrees C, Eco 50 degrees C, Quick wash 45 degrees C, Rinse
– 2 additional programs: Speed ​​up washing, Sanitizing wash
– 3-layer filtration system optimizes water use
– LED indicator for salt, water and water supply
– Timer (works within 1-24h).
– AquaStop: 100% guaranteed water leakage problems.
– Child safety lock

– Capacity: 12 sets
– Water consumption in the saving program: 11.8L
– Noise level: 52 dB

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3. Dishwasher HAFELE HDW-I50A

This is a product line of high-class kitchen equipment manufactured on modern technological lines and imported to Vietnam.

Besides, this dishwasher is designed to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly, so it only uses about 25% of the water consumed compared to washing by hand.

Outstanding advantages:

– Energy saving standard: A+ (Europe)
– Capacity to hold 6 European tableware
– Has anti-spill and anti-leak function
– Push button control with 6 wash programs
– Equipped with LED display screen
– Stainless steel cabinet body, anti-fingerprint

– Capacity: 6 sets
=- Water consumption: 6.5L
– Noise level: 49dB

4. Nagakawa NK8D01M . Dishwasher

The machine is equipped with a folding rack with a separate design, making it easier to clean the stains as well as comfortably stacking more dishes after each meal.

The washing program uses high-temperature pressure jets of water to create steam, which gently removes stubborn dirt on dishes.

Outstanding advantages:

– Machine room with 2 convenient shelves, optimizes the use of space, can arrange many dishes and pots and pans while ensuring the quality and performance of the dishwasher.

– Rack separate design, easy to use, suitable for Asian dishes.
With 6 wash programs, the Nagakawa NK8D01M high-end dishwasher helps to properly care for dishes while ensuring extremely clean washing efficiency.
– Low noise, super quiet operation.
– Water sensor technology
– Remember the washing program when the power is off.

– dish set: 8 (European dish set)
– Water consumption: 8L (for ECO wash program)
– Noise level: 49dB.

5. Fujishan dishwasher FJVN08-S07F

The machine is suitable for individuals or small families of 1 to 5 people.

The machine has a modern design suitable for small families, a convenient installation that can be placed on the table or under the cabinet.

Outstanding advantages:

– Neat and modern design
Equipped with a smart washing mechanism for efficient and fast cleaning, saving time and effort.
– Possessing a 3.0 scouring core system to remove all stains, combined with a 5-speed washing core for fast, optimal cleaning.
– Cleaning according to the 4-step process: pre-wash, rinse, rinse thoroughly, dry.
– Along with that is a 3-level filter mode for optimal cleaning: Main filter, coarse filter, microfilter.

– Number of sets of dishes: 8 sets
– Water consumption: 8-11L
– Noise level: 49dB.

6. Dishwasher GALANZ W60F12T

TexGio Galanz W60F12T dishwasher is a genuine imported product line, modern design, easy to move and clean. The washing capacity is 12 sets of dishes according to European standards, suitable for most families today.

Outstanding advantages:

– The door is designed with stainless steel material to make the machine’s outer shell always like new.
– Independent design, can be installed sound
– Easy to use touch control with blue LED display.
– 11-minute rinsing feature.
– Save electricity and water today.
– Auto memory function when power failure.
– Timer mode.
– Child lock can be used.
– Smooth operation and does not affect the life of the family.

– Number of sets of dishes: 12 sets
– Water consumption: 11L
– Noise level: 49dB.

With just the above simple steps, you can clean your dishwasher comprehensively. This also helps to ensure the longevity of the machine and provides a better cleaning effect. In addition, we also list for you the best dishwashers on the market for your reference, hope you will choose the right machine for your family. Do not forget to visit Huttonscon every day to update many useful tips and information to take care of the whole family.

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