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How do you make beet juice ?

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How do you make beet juice


Beet Juice Homemade

This homemade recipe for beet juice is powerful, energetic refreshing, and beneficial to health. The greatest benefit of this beetroot juice recipe is it’s naturally sweet. In the sense that it doesn’t need any additional sugar. On the other aspect, as this is a homemade juice it’s free of preservatives or other additives, unlike commercially-produced juices. If you’re interested in knowing my thoughts about certain juices, like celery juice, cucumber-pineapple juice, grapefruit juice the juice of pomegranate and so on. Make it at home! yet to hear about anyone who makes an item that proceeds to include something that could cause harm to their health.

When food items are manufactured in large quantities, the companies that manufacture these products are more concerned with making profits! Though that’s not necessarily a negative issue, often the quality of the food is sacrificed. For a quick summary that, when it comes down to beet juice, you should stick to making it by hand!

Fresh and delicious home-cooked beet juice recipe containing ginger, lemon and sweetened with apples is the energy-rich, immune-boosting and overall health-enhancing drink you’ve been looking for!
Here are a few reasons to be making juice from beets at home. The benefits of making your own juices are immense and if you’re not sure about eating beets or beetroots, start small with this recipe for beet juice as soon as you can.

Beets (beetroot) are a great source of reduce blood pressure. (more than 100 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, as per heart.org) And it is estimated that 1.13 billion people suffer from the disease worldwide in accordance with WHO. If you don’t have HBP, it is still possible to drink a glass of beet juice made at home for the overall health benefits!
Beetroot can aid in weight loss due to its low in calories. You can juice them as you are doing now or incorporate them into smoothies along with other fruits and vegetables. Additionally beets make a great addition to salads. My chopped beet salad and beetroot and the feta cheese are fantastic salads to explore!
Body Detox: Beet juice is great for helping the body eliminate toxic substances! This is why many people make use of it to cleansing or detox. Personally, I like to include beet juice in my five-day cleanse/detox.
In one way, I’ve always been adamant about beetroot being able to get going early in the morning! There is no doubt that beetroot has the ability to help improve digestion and help you say goodbye to stool softeners; beetroot will help you get rid of it!
Instead of Gatorade Make this homemade beet juice recipe. It is loaded with electrolytes that improve health which is the reason, it is believed to enhance the performance of athletes! The majority of sports drinks contain artificial sweeteners however this recipe is not!

Benefits of BEET/BEETROOT for SKIN.

The advantages of beetroot juice on your skin are due to its high content of vitamin C. Additionally, adding cucumber into the recipe for beet juice specifically improves skin health and also. Beets and beet juices are beneficial for skin health in these ways:

Anti-aging the rich vitamin C content in beetroot may keep your skin free from wrinkles and premature aging.
Treatment for acne: Beetroot is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are great for skin. Beet juice has been reported to be extremely helpful in treating pimples and oily skin.
Brightening the skin Some studies suggest that the richness of vitamin C in beets could aid in fighting skin pigmentation which can improve the glow of your skin! Note that skin brightening differs in comparison to “skin lighterening.” The latter signifies glow, shine or radiance. Radiant and glowing skin is the goal. We are not concerned with glowing skin here!
Beetroot juice is also associated with assisting with hair growth.
The main point is the fact that there’s a variety of benefits to drinking beet juice. Beet (beetroot) is, like many other vegetables, can enhance the overall health of our skin, and the sooner we begin to embrace it the more beneficial.

The benefits that come from Apple, Lemon, and Ginger.


This fruit is so popular that we can easily forget all the advantages. Do you remember the old saying that “an apple every day keeps the doctor away?” This is the truth (and applicable to all vegetables and fruits. ) Although in this recipe, apple is used primarily to sweeten the drink (to ensure that the drinks delicious) However, apple has many benefits. In fact, they offer a variety of advantages.

A component of antioxidants in apple can improve the health of your brain This means that apple has the potential to aid in improving memory. A study published in the Journal of Food in 2008 confirmed this claim. The risk of developing such diseases as dementia might be lessened through regular apple consumption. It could lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes and also is great for those trying to shed weight.


The citrus king is one of my favorite herbs to sprinkle on everything! Get for my fruit-infused water recipes to get glowing complexion! I legit add lemon to every dish! Positively, lemon is healthy for your heart, helps improve digestion, is loaded with vitamin C great for your skin and may help to keep kidney stones from forming! It is important to note that I am thankful of the many health advantages that come from this gorgeous fruit!


Ginger is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can ease body pains like those caused by muscle pains, arthritis and so on. Like beetroot, ginger is also heart-healthy and may reduce the risk of developing heart disease. I often tell my acquaintances that I’m more ginger-based because I consume more than I should, instead of eating smaller portions! It is a great herb for those looking to reduce cholesterol. Go ginger, go ginger, go ginger! (In my singing voice)

I usually serve my beet juice in these beautiful mason jars or bottles! Each bottle holds 500ml

How to prepare beetroot juice ?


This recipe for beets juice has four ingredients, that is: beet or beetroot lemon, ginger and apples. However, if you’re making this recipe in a blender, it is necessary to include water. Each of these ingredients is highly good for health and vitality. Have fun Juicing!

These are the ingredients for making beets juice in the blender.
Ingredients to make the Juicer:
The ingredients I use are slightly different as I prepare this juice using a blender, which you will see. I typically triple or triple the ingredients in order to make the same amount of liquid blenders can produce using just the ingredients listed above (which is enough for the needs of two adult and four kids). Also, I like mixing in cucumber whenever I have some in my fridge when I make use of the juicer for making beet juice. Cucumber is the most potent source of water source, it’s full of water, and is useful when making beetroot juice.

I have about 3 large beetroots chopped according to the size of my juicer’s finding hole. Love adding cucumber, too.

how to prepare beetroot juice

how to prepare beetroot juice

Tools to make Beetroot Juice at Home:

  • High-powered blender. I have my Oster Blender (I absolutely love it)!

  • Meshstrainer or sieve mine comes purchased from KitchenAid.

  • The best way to do this is with a Clean Bowl is essential; you’ll need this when you are separating the juice

  • A slow Masticating Juicer makes the ideal juicer for making cold-pressed drinks. Any slow-masticating juicer will work and I own one of these Breville Juicer (check out the photo of the process of juicer that is massive). However, I do make use of the AICOK Juicer more often. Do not worry about a juicer , if you don’t have one at present. Blender will work just fine!


This recipe for homemade beet juice is healthy and easy to make I will walk you through two ways to make it. First I will show you ways to create it using a blender. In the second, I will teach you how to make this juice with the juicer.

How to make Beet Juice in Blender ?

The steps to make the most effective juice from beets in the Blender includes:

  • Peel and wash all vegetables (I do not usually peel the apples).
  • Cut the fruits and vegetables in the same way.
  • Blend all the vegetables in the blender and then add water.
  • Blend till smooth.
  • Make sure to strain the juice with an mesh strainer. Use an actual spoon to push out the maximum amount of juice.
  • Take advantage of anytime during the day. I’ve heard that people are particularly fond of drinking beet juice prior to bed, and it is due to a digestion purpose.
  • Cool for a cool and refreshing drink If you want. 

The steps to make homemade beetroot juice using a blender.

The Method to Create Beet Juice with the Juicer:
Making beet juice using the juicer is a lot simpler than using blender. For this recipe to be made in the juicer, first wash and peel the fruits and vegetables in accordance with the juicer’s size for the feeding hole. Second, juice according to the instruction manual of the manufacturer. Drink it as you like! Cool down for a more relaxing as well as refreshing drinks!
Additionally, I don’t typically peel the cucumbers or apples but I do cut them up and juice the juice.
What happens to what happens to pulp from the juice? Add them to the dough of baked products like donuts, cookies pizzas, breads, pizzas etc. Add them to burgers that are grown. These are two ways I make use of this pulp. Let me know what you are doing using pulp juice in the comment section.

It is not unusual for the juice to foam; it will probably disappear as you pour and serve.

The Difference Between Making Beet Juice with the Blender in contrast to using a Juicer.

When you first make beet juice by blending it, you use fewer ingredients. For instance, I’d need one apple, one beetroot and a fresh thumb of ginger, half of a lemon, and 500 milliliters of water to make around 4 cups of beet juice that I have made myself.

However in order to make the same amount of liquid by using the juicer, I’ll require three large beetroots two apples, a lemon, and a decent quantity freshly-cut ginger. I’m sure you’re well aware, however the juicer will require that you use more of the produce. Therefore, blenders are a better option. blender is the better option for people who are trying to eat healthier on the budget.

The second reason is that juices created in the juicer are stronger than those created by blending. Personally, I haven’t had any issues adding water along with other ingredients to mix my own juices.

Thirdly, both methods take nearly the same amount time! The juicer can take longer due to cutting and washing the vegetables more than what you require for a blender.

In the end, I’ve mentioned that my preferred method for making juice was with the blender even though I own the blender as well as an juicer. However, in the end the matter isn’t the method you use to make it; it’s only about how you create it!

Beet Juice Recipe FAQs

Does Beetroot Juice beneficial to you?

This homemade recipe for beet juice is perfect for those of you. I’m not a huge person who buys juices in stores because I am a fan of the real juice!

Do you want to drink this homemade beet juice recipe throughout the throughout the day?

You can drink this beetroot juice throughout the day. If you plan for beet juice throughout the day, make sure to plan your the grocery store and juice making prior to time.

What is the most effective method to prepare a recipe for homemade beet juice?

The best method of making beet juice in your home using a blender or slow mashing juicer. However I believe that the most effective method create beet juice by using the blender. Let’s go with the old-fashioned method – blend it, strain it, and drink it!

What can you do to the beet juice in order to enhance its taste?

I often add apples into my beet juice recipes in order to enhance the flavor! Apples are excellent sweeteners. If you’re thinking of making a juice from carrots and beets and carrots, there is an absence of apples. If you add apples to the juice of beets the juice naturally sweetens and makes the juice taste better.

Can I make use of Beet juice to detoxify?

It is possible to utilize this recipe of beet juice for detoxifying. Depending on your goal for detoxing it is possible to include this recipe in your two to five-day detox program! Take a look at the Celery juice cleanse article where I gave a few more details about my five-day detox and cleanse.

How Long Will Homemade Beet Juice Last?

Beet juice from home will last for as long as 72 hours. However I usually will not keep them for longer than 48hrs (2 day). Be sure that you keep it refrigerated well.

Naturally sweet and healthy homemade recipes for beet juice is refreshingly tasty with a hint in sweetness thanks to the sweet apple and the earthy beetroot. Plus, a flavor from the lemon and ginger! Create this nutritious juice today, and then thank… 

Tips and Variations for the Best Beet Juice Recipe Homemade.

Include cucumber when making it using the juicer (it assists in obtaining greater liquid).
It’s surprising, (well it’s not) leafy greens are excellent to use in this juice; I generally mix spinach and kale. It’s not required but I love including leafy greens in juices to provide additional fiber and an increase of iron.
Get rid of weight gain with beet juice If you are taking on a 10-day Beets Juice Challenge. You can use beetroot juice for your breakfast over the following ten days. Also, be sure to avoid unhealthy snacks.

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