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Features and experiences when using a range hood

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Features and experiences when using a range hood

I. Features of the hood you should know

Features of the hood you should know

 Currently, on the market there are countless new models of hoods, when you are shopping for a hood there will be many choices and they will tell you which one is necessary for you. There are many models with features that are particularly appealing to any consumer.

In fact, during the cooking process, in addition to the smell of food, there are also toxic gases generated, for example, your family uses a honeycomb charcoal stove for cooking or toxic gases will be released from excess food. that you haven’t cleaned for a long time, etc. For spacious and airy kitchens, this problem is not at all worrying, because this toxic gas will quickly escape to the outside environment and has almost no effect. to the health of the user.

Here is a list of some of the most common features in hoods:

1. Lamp hood:

The light of the hood lamp serves as an additional source of illumination in the kitchen and makes it easy to see things when you are working near the kitchen.

2. Thermal sensor:

It monitors the temperature levels around the stove and automatically increases and decreases the fan speed to provide the right wind mode when it detects a change in temperature and humidity during the cooking process. Keeps air quality under control. Some types of range hoods can also distinguish between stove types – gas, magnetic or electric to provide the right wind mode for conditions with heat levels.

3. Air quality control mode:

This system monitors ensures and maintains high air quality for a long time. Users can pre-set the necessary parameters, when the air quality has a slight change, the sensors will activate the hood to ensure that the air in the kitchen is always fresh. Special sensors will react to even the smallest changes like cigarette smoke etc

4. Quiet mode operation:

Since the modern kitchen has become a central space in the house, people are increasingly concerned about the noise level generated during the operation of the hood. In recent years, along with the increase in suction capacity, the hoods have also gradually increased the use of soundproofing materials to reduce noise and make the kitchen space quieter.

5. Timer off:

Timer off

With this feature, the hood will automatically turn off after a certain period of time or when you need to leave the kitchen but cannot turn it off, it will automatically turn off after the set number of hours is up and help you save more energy than with times to forget. This function displayed on the screen of the hood is very easy to control.

6. Electronic control:

Makes the hood setup easy to operate and observe. This is standard in most quality hoods.

7. Filter change indicator light:

This feature ensures that you never forget to change the filter or clean the filter when the time is up through the indicator light’s glowing signal.

Function Oxygen gene: regenerate oxygen from the exhaust gases absorbed by the machine. This function will automatically set when you let the machine operate at the lowest level, ensuring your family a freshest and most comfortable atmosphere.

The hood is not only used to absorb odors, but it also works very well in cleaning the air, removing toxic gases, creating a pleasant, cool and clean space for the family’s kitchen. friend. In addition to the usual features, these types of hoods also have a smoke sensor in the air to speed up the exhaust fan; The sensor receives the dirt of the filter layer to notify the user to clean or the delay shuts off so that after processing, the machine continues to work to make the air really clean.

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II. Experience in choosing and using a long-lasting effective hood

1. Experience in choosing the right range hood for the family

Experience in choosing the right range hood for the family

On the market today, there are 5 main types of hoods, you can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of these types of hoods to suit the area and needs of your family:

– Classic hood: Has a compact size and light style, which is chosen by many consumers. Classic hood has a relatively soft price.

Cabinet hood: Has a slimmer and more modern design, suitable for small kitchens, usually machines built in sync with cabinets and stoves. This type of cabinet hood is highly aesthetic, can be placed in the kitchen cabinet, only the mobile pull-out part protrudes out.

Curved glass hood: Suitable for families with large kitchen space with high demand for kitchen use. This type of machine also has the ability to absorb heat and soften the air, deodorizing the kitchen.

– Modern hood: Produced on the most advanced technology line to bring high satisfaction to users, modern hoods have a large suction capacity, low noise to help clean odors in the air. Instantly brings freshness and tranquility to the kitchen space.

Modern hoods of origin: PRC, Spain, Germany. Powerful twin-turbine engine. The case is made of high-grade monolithic steel with a glossy finish that doesn’t print fingerprints. The 5-layer stainless steel filter is super durable and easy to clean.

Modern inverted T-shaped design, easy-to-use touch or mechanical control panel, suitable for luxurious kitchen spaces.

Modern hoods use LED lights to save energy, convenient in the cooking process. Smart timer feature. In particular, the P function increases the suction power to help you remove heavy odors during the cooking process.

– Decorative hoods: Known as a super impressive line of trendy hoods because of the uniqueness that no other hood has, decorative range hoods are therefore always appreciated by those with good taste. Unique beauty and quality highlight the kitchen space.

The decorative hood with luxurious high-end beveled design, flexible door opening and closing, large suction capacity of up to 1000m3/h helps the family kitchen space to be both beautiful and surprisingly clean.

Low noise is not annoying. In addition, the machine can be wall mounted without fear of falling to other devices, saving kitchen space.

2. Experience in buying an economical and effective hood

To make sure you can choose to buy a hood that is both economical and effective when used, you should consult the opinions as well as practical experiences. This is the experience of choosing to buy a hood that you should know.

Select the capacity of the machine

Each hood will have a different operating capacity. This capacity represents the strong and weak suction capacity of each machine. At the same time, the machine capacity also reflects the state of using electricity to operate. Therefore, if the demand for use is low and infrequent, you just need to choose a machine with a small capacity and vice versa.

Choose by Model

The design of the machine also affects the performance of the hood. The hoods with curved shapes, straight glass will quickly absorb a large amount of air and smell, so the air will be fresher and airier.

Select according to the power used

You will not fall into a state of “crying or laughing” when the hood is not compatible with the power source in use at home. Therefore, always check the power source in use at home to choose the right type of hood.

Choose the brand, the origin of the machine

Compared with branded machines, with a clear origin, floating products will be of poor quality and unsafe to use. Therefore, in order to avoid “losing money,” you should only choose to buy hood products of reputable brands with clear origins.

3. Tips for using a good and durable range hood

Tips for using a good and durable range hood

Do not leave the maximum suction power level at the beginning

You should gradually increase the power level, not the largest level at the beginning, just leave it at the right suction capacity to prevent the machine from working for a long time, it will be overloaded.

Install in the right position

In order for the machine to work at its best, the installation distance from the machine to the stovetop is 80cm, so the machine will work most effectively.

Regular cleaning

In order for the machine to function properly and for a long time, regular cleaning is essential. When used for a long time, the filter membrane may be stuck with grease stains, reducing the suction ability of the machine, the machine will have to operate with a large capacity but the performance achieved is not high. If using an activated carbon filter, it should be changed periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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III. 4 basic operations to know when using a hood.

1. Keep cleaning and sanitizing the hood equipment regularly

With the function of removing dirt, unpleasant odors and filtering the airflow that is sucked in for fresher air, and naturally, the hood device has retained a lot of dirt, especially excess grease during the process. cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly and continuously keep cleaning and sanitizing equipment.

In the cleaning process, the most important is the filter screen because this is the part that retains all the cooking oil, as well as dirt, next to it, are the propellers that suck and push the air out. You can use mild detergents such as baking soda, vinegar or lemon… to clean stubborn stains here.

For hoods that use activated carbon to filter the air and kill bacteria, you need to change the charcoal layer every 6 months to ensure that the filtered air is clean and kills bacteria.

In addition, you can note, that the parts of the hood are quite easy to disassemble for easy cleaning, so before cleaning them you can completely remove each necessary part to perform the job. his job. After cleaning, you should let the equipment and accessories dry before reinstalling and using them to avoid absolutely no water and hard and sharp objects getting into the machine.

2. Adjust suction power to suit different suction needs at different times

Adjust suction power to suit different suction needs at different times

A common habit of all of us when starting to cook is to activate and exploit the maximum capacity of the hood, but this is not reasonable and requires adjusting the capacity. Smoke to suit the needs of each different cooking time

The maximum suction power not only increases your costs, but they are not really necessary to start the day from the very beginning. Instead, you should make appropriate adjustments such as: Turning on the lowest power right from the start of cooking, then if you cook fried, sautéed dishes, or dishes with a special scent, you can adjust the Incremental mode this will help you remove the most effective odor and also the smart way to use the device.

In some current high-end Bosch range of hoods that integrate modern technologies such as PerfectAir Sensor or EcoSensor, which will increase the required capacity at each time, depending on the amount of smoke and odor detected thanks to the sensor mode. . After 10 minutes without detecting anything, it will disconnect automatically.

3. Use LEDs as an assistive device

Most hoods are equipped with an LED light as an aid to provide light for your cooking process. However, most kitchens are equipped with lighting systems, so it seems that this part is not too important, so you can completely save fuel by turning them off when not needed.

LEDs will only be really effective and effective when you know how to use them properly and for the right needs, not necessarily exploiting their features whenever you open the device.

4. Turn on the hood first and keep it on after a few minutes when the hob is turned off:

You should activate the hood about five minutes before you start cooking. This way, the work is done during the cooking time. And like we said, it’s better when it’s done cooking, it should keep running for about fifteen minutes so that it’s done purifying the atmosphere.

With Bosch hoods, we – the manufacturer will make it easier for you with smart features built into the device and you only have to activate the PerfectAir Sensor or EcoSensor function five minutes ago. when you start cooking, you will completely forget to touch the hood again while cooking.


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