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What is difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers ?

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difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers

Are you wondering what the difference is between a centrifugal and a masticating juicer? Well, this post is intended to help you figure out which one is better for your needs. If you’re interested in the subject matter, read on!

To put it simply, both juicers have different processes when it comes to extracting juice. A centrifugal juicer extracts juice through a fast spinning process which takes less time and less energy. A masticating juicer extracts through a slower, grinding process which involves several processes in order to extract the most juice possible.

Both juicers have their pros and cons, so let’s start with the centrifugal juicer first!

#Centrifugal Juicer

The centrifugal juicer has a cone-shaped basket at the center where fruits and veggies are inserted. Once the engine is activated, the basket spins around at very high speeds and separates the pulp from the juice. This juicer can accommodate a variety of fruits and vegetables of varying sizes, but it’s important to cut them into smaller parts in order to get more juice out of them.

However, since this juicer runs at high speeds, it can also cause oxidation when it is used repeatedly with same ingredients. This means that you need to be careful about what you’re feeding your centrifugal juicer.

#Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer is generally used for leafy vegetables, such as kale and wheatgrass, which contain inorganic compounds that can become oxidized or oxidize even when they are freshly juiced. The masticating juicer has a rotating auger to crush the vegetables before being fed into the basket. These juicers have a bigger basket as well and thus, can accommodate many more vegetables compared to the centrifugal ones.

The masticating juicer is slower in comparison to the centrifugal juicer, but the juice is much more nutritious since the natural enzymes and vitamins are preserved in it. However, this comes at a cost, as maintenance for the masticating juicer tends to be a lot more expensive than that of a centrifugal one.

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What is difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers

What is difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers

FAQs of difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers

Which juicer is more efficient, the centrifugal or masticating juicer?

There is less foaming and less oxygenation is a result of this method, which results in around 30% more output than the centrifugal ones. They generally require longer to use , and are also costlier too and that’s why they’re ideal for serious juicers and those who aren’t afraid of being patient.

Are centrifugal juicers better than centrifugal?

Centrifugal juicers break up the fibers found in vegetables and fruits with the speed of a spinning blade. They’re faster and cost less than Masticating juicers. They typically have more pulp left in the final product, which may appear as if there’s less juice in the event that you decide to squeeze the pulp

Is masticating juicer exactly the same with cold pressing?

Cold-press juicers can be primarily referred to as Masticating juicers. Masticating juicers create higher quality juice and produce more juice from the produce. The majority of slow juicers get considerably greater quantities of juice as compared to “normal” juicers. These are often referred to as centrifugal juicers.

What kind of juicer is the best?

A pneumatic or hydraulic juicer is the most effective kind of juicer that you can purchase. Juice Presses are commonly described as two-stage juicers because they have two phases first, the fruit is crushed into pulp, and then the juice is extracted slowly through pressing it under pressure of thousands of pounds.

Is Nutribullet a masticating juicer?

Nutribullet Slow Juicer Smooth Masticating Slow Juicer Simple to Clean and quiet motor with reverse Function BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer, with Brush, 150 Watts Charcoal Black, NJ50300.

Which juicer is the most healthy?

  1. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor.
  2. Breville Citrus Press Pro.
  3. Breville Juice Fountain Elite.
  4. Cuisinart Juice Extractor.
  5. Hurom HP Slow Juicer.
  6. Kitchen’n FreshForce Fruit Juicer.
  7. Omega Ultimate Juicer as well as Nutrition System.
  8. Tribest Tribest Elite Juicer.

Which juicer is the best source of nutrients?

Juicers that masticate are able to draw more juice, and that means more nutrients. In this way, Masticating juicers are healthier.

Are juicers that are masticating more healthy?

Masticating juicers can be a great option for those who are concerned about their nutritional intake. They have a slow extraction, which permits them to keep more nutrients, which results in better tasting and healthier food.

What should I look out for when purchasing the juicer?

6 Things to Look At Before Buying Your Juicer

  1. Price. Like many appliances in the home it is common to see some correlation between the initial cost of a juicer as well as the quality of the juice that you get. …
  2. Nutrients. Juicing is a method of getting nutrients. many consumers is to enhance the health of their customers. …
  3. Cleaning. …
  4. Noise. …
  5. Speeds. …
  6. Size and Length of Cord.

What vegetables shouldn’t be juiced?

Vegetables that Shouldn’t be Juiced If…

Avoid eating large quantities of raw cruciferous veggies, like broccoli, cabbage as well as kale. A large amount of them can affect the thyroid gland.

How long can the juice last in the maasticating juicer?

2 Days
If you’re employing a Centrifugal Juicer, the juice can last for up to 24-hours (1 day). If you’re using Masticating Juicer your juice can last for up at up to 48 hours (2 days).

What are the three kinds of juicers?

Centrifugal, masticating or triturating juicers are able to handle nearly any kind of food, even tougher foods like carrots. Triturating juicers work well with leafy vegetables such as spinach and make.

What type of juicers are used in juice bars?

Centrifugal juicers

They’re by far the most popular kind of commercial juicer and are commonly used in eateries and juice bars. They can process the produce upwards of 10,000 rpm. They’re ideal for areas that have to produce juice quickly and also where the noisy machines are not in the way of clients.

What kind of juicer is the best one for green leafy vegetables?

Masticating juicers

Unlike centrifugal juicers, Masticating juicers Get the most value from the benefits of green leafy vegetables. This selection from Greenstar includes a three-step mastication procedure and comes with stainless steel gears that cut food into smaller pieces that are ideal to process and juice

Can masticating juicers juice carrots?

But, if , however, you are more focused on your juicing and wish to squeeze every drop of nutrition from hard vegetables like carrots as well as soft greens making the investment of cash on a masticating or triturating juicer is an excellent option.

What is Magic Bullet a masticating juicer?

The mini juicer isn’t exactly an Masticating juicer and isn’t as quiet with it is the NutriBullet slower juicer. Magic Bullet’s Magic Bullet mini juicer contains 400W of power. This base is bigger (and more loud) that it’s NutriBullet slower juicer’s silent 150W base , and 65 RPM.

Which one is more nutritious? Blender or juicer?

One study that looked at the effects of the juicer and. blender, on nutritional content of fruit juices revealed that the whole fruit was preserved by blending the most antioxidants as well as beneficial substances over the long run however, juicing certain fruits yielded greater amounts of Vitamin C (2)

What are the negatives of Juicing?


  • Juicing machines leave nutrient rich and fiber-rich pulp and skin behind. In the absence of fruit fibers your body’s body absorbs fructose sugar faster and can cause a disturbance in your blood sugar levels.
  • Juices made from fruit have an extremely high calorie count.
  • Juicing can be costly.

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