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Design tips for small kitchens

by phuong.seo

I. Tips to design a beautiful and fully equipped small kitchen

To Beautiful small kitchen design but still fully equipped, we have to depend on a lot of different factors such as style, items, color and light…. And here are some suggestions you have. You can refer to your kitchen space as more spacious.

Design tips for small kitchens

1. Combination of floor cabinets and wall cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are an indispensable device to have a comfortable space, this is an effective place to store kitchen utensils and help our space be neater and more scientific.

2. Kitchen design U-shaped, L-shaped, I-shaped

Depending on the space and design of the house, we can choose U-shaped, I-shaped or L-shaped kitchen designs to increase the usable area without making the living area cramped.

3. Design a kitchen island adjacent to the living room

The kitchen island is a smart kitchen design you should not ignore. This design can both take advantage of the empty space and increase the storage area for the kitchen and use it as a dining table.
Especially with the design of the kitchen adjacent to the living room to make the house more spacious, the kitchen island is the part that separates and creates a private space between the two places.

4. Floor-to-ceiling windows increase storage area

Windows help our space to be more airy and spacious, but for the kitchen, the window should be designed with the floor to cheat the area to help increase the storage area. We can take advantage of this small space to wash dishes if near the sink or simply put potted plants to decorate our kitchen fresher.

5. Color and light

In small spaces, bright colors such as white, chalk, and pastel are always the preferred choice. These colors will help open up and reduce the mystery of your space.
Small spaces are often hidden from the light a lot, we should use ceiling lights or use led light through gaps and dark spots to bring a cozy and light-filled space.

6. Minimalist style

Minimalist style always makes a space seem more spacious thanks to its openness and orderliness.
But to ensure comfort, the space still needs the minimum equipment and utensils, but with a reasonable and scientific layout.

7. Using kitchen appliances on the wall

Using kitchen appliances on the wall

Wall-mounted devices are always the first choice for the purpose of saving living space.
Typically, wall-mounted refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, gas stoves, built-in trash cans or built-in cabinets are the perfect combination to create a spacious yet fully equipped space.

8. Decoration and hygiene

The decoration also helps to deceive the human eye effectively even though the space is still the same. For example, you can decorate with a vase of vibrant flowers that will highlight your kitchen when the main color is always a neutral color.
Ensuring hygiene and keeping the kitchen tidy is also a way to create a spacious and comfortable feeling for your space.

9. Choosing an i-shaped kitchen cabinet design for a small kitchen

You are unlucky to have a small kitchen space. But don’t worry about that when you choose an I-shaped kitchen cabinet design. A popular and special kitchen style suitable for small kitchen spaces but still full of features and aesthetics. Quite an interesting idea for a small house, isn’t it?

10. Smart and modern kitchen accessories and equipment

In today’s furniture market, smart kitchen cabinets, accessories and smart modern kitchen equipment are a great help for modern kitchens. Make the process of working in the kitchen more convenient and faster. Their selection is a great idea of beautiful and modern small kitchen design.

11. Artificial light is also a unique idea

A sufficient light source creates a visual effect that makes the room larger. They also make the process of cooking, cleaning or working easier.

12. Remove/transfer unnecessary items.

The kitchen is inherently a smaller space compared to other areas in the house but is always the place to store the most things. “Too much stuff” in one space is the problem you have and it’s the problem we want to fix. Instead of having to regret unused items, why don’t we move them… or if you are in the process of preparing to shop, immediately outline the most essential things, the items that integrate many functions. The better the ability…
The kitchen looks neater and more organized even though there are a lot of items because the owner knows how to divide each area for kitchen utensils, spoons, glasses, plates… to create the most science in the kitchen space. . That makes the kitchen more luxurious and sophisticated. It would be impossible to imagine what all the kitchen utensils strewed around the kitchen and each place in one place would look like! Perhaps no matter how modern the kitchen interior is, it does not make the viewer feel bored and frustrated.

13. Should use furniture with a large capacity:

Instead of choosing small furniture that is cluttered, and annoying, it is best to replace them with multi-purpose furniture, 2-in-1 items, smart furniture, or they have the capacity to hold bigger… to save more without having to arrange them too much.
Instead of having separate cabinets for each type of tool, why not lump all the tools together and store them in one larger cabinet? It’s neat and it saves you the trouble of searching when you need it, right?

14. Inner drawer – Drawer in the drawer!

Inner drawer – Drawer in the drawer

Kitchen cabinets are often built with deep drawers that provide space for your biggest pans. However, these compartments can leave a lot of free space between the pan and the upper drawer – and space, as we know it, is very high. This space can be utilized by installing drawers inside in the form of a mother-and-child combo
The inner drawer is in that middle dead zone and can be manipulated when the main compartment is open. It is hidden inside and is perfect for placing the lids of thinner items, trays and thinner kitchen utensils such as chopsticks, cutlery, etc.

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II. Small kitchen storage tips

Kitchen or pull-out storage solutions can be great ways to get the most out of those hard-to-handle cabinets. They turn a standard cabinet into a much more accessible and practical one. There are many different storage solutions available. Here are some of my favorite storage solutions that will fit perfectly into a small kitchen.

1. Storage solution for the corner of the kitchen cabinet

Most kitchens are L-shaped and always have a corner cabinet. With the corner of the kitchen cabinet, using smart kitchen cabinet corner accessories will be a great solution to optimize the usability in the kitchen cupboard in the far corner in the corner between the two kitchen cabinets that the housewife has a hard time with. access and manipulation.
Just use smart kitchen cabinet corner accessories with quite a variety of options for different budgets such as the Iron Turntable; Continuous kitchen cabinet corner shelves (two consecutive pull-out baskets) or leaf turntable are both great solutions for kitchen cabinet corners to come alive and smart.

2. Multi-function lifting bowl rack

Multi-function lifting bowl rack

The upper kitchen cabinet is often a difficult place to interact and get things, with a raised and lowered bowl rack that can be pulled up and down, maybe a place to put dishes right next to the sink will be a good solution, providing more storage space. Store kitchen utensils, especially small ones. The lifting bowl rack has a narrow depth and width with distances from 600mm to 900mm capable of matching kitchen cabinet models.

3. Storage rack system for upper kitchen cabinets

The upper kitchen cabinet is equipped with smart accessories, the solution for the upper kitchen storage space is usually a lifting bowl and a fixed bowl. But if you are more creative, the upper kitchen can also install a completely reasonable two-story warehouse rack system and increase storage capacity in areas that are difficult to interact with because of the height.

4. Price of pots and pans

Under the drawer of the Induction Cooker can be a good place to store two drawers for dishes and pots with a smart pull-in and pull-out damping system. Today’s racks of dishes, pots and pans are designed in many sizes and are available with other slotted trays in a scientific way to help keep dishes, pots and pans tidy.

5. Spice rack

the spice rack is one of the well-organized kitchen accessories, only needing a width of 200mm to 400mm to fit the spice racks comfortably in an excess kitchen compartment after installing the accessories. accessories and other kitchen equipment. The spice rack can hold utensils, knives and cutting boards with well-organized dividers, which will definitely help a lot in keeping kitchen utensils tidy.
The spice rack is now made from 304 stainless steel with styles of stainless steel spokes or stainless steel beautifully designed boxes with sliding rails to catch the bottom and pull out a little in a smart way. You can install either a direct pull or an open wing. If it is a new kitchen, it will be more convenient to ask workers and designers to put equipment on the wing

6. Wing racks on kitchen cabinets

The stainless steel rack on the versatile cabinet door is a great solution for making the most of the kitchen space on which there is plenty of space to express your creativity with the support of smart kitchen accessories.
Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean lowering your expectations. By getting creative, thinking outside the box, and investing some time and energy, you can really maximize the space you have.
Many space-saving tricks for small kitchens even have an added benefit, such as lowering the countertop for better access. Celebrate the space you have and enjoy these space-saving solutions!

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III. Notes when choosing a dining table for a small kitchen

Notes when choosing a dining table for a small kitchen

1. Compact size

The area is one of the important factors that determine which table model the homeowner will choose, the style of the dining table. Because even if you like the massive dining table design, but the area is not enough, all values ​​become meaningless.

That’s why, experts recommend giving preference to compact kitchen table models to optimize the area, providing a spacious, comfortable but still comfortable space.

2. Simple and delicate design

Eliminating cumbersome details, and focusing on the functional value of the product is the solution that designers choose to solve the problem of the area.

Today, not only the traditional dining table legs but also many designs of the dining table legs have the ability to expand the circulation space to create the most convenience in the process of use as well as bring high aesthetics to the home kitchen. friend.

3. Harmonious colors

Color is one of the major determinants of the overall appearance of a space. Dining tables for small kitchens should choose bright, elegant and gentle colors. The reason experts recommend using this color range is that they create a feeling of relaxation, expanding the space extremely effectively.

However, the color scheme is an art to ensure the most standard aesthetic value in interior design. Specifically, the color of the dining table must match the dining chair and harmonize with other furniture in the same whole. Besides, interior feng shui is also a matter of great concern for families. Because they have certain effects on the luck in each house.

Frequently asked questions

How to make the kitchen look as neat and tidy as possible?

Unnecessary or rarely used items and spice jars will make your kitchen “crowded” and cluttered. Therefore, you can remove these items to both make the kitchen simple and clean and save time when cleaning.

Is it better to decorate the kitchen with larger furniture?

Many people tend to choose large furniture or items to facilitate the living process. However, do not pay attention to the limitation of space. At the same time, using too large furniture only makes the kitchen look more cramped. Therefore, it is best to choose the right size and suitable for your family’s kitchen.

Why is it important to clean the kitchen regularly and regularly?

A neat, clean and tidy kitchen space will bring you a pleasant feeling when cooking as well as eating. In addition, the quality of the kitchen also affects the health of family members. Therefore, regular and regular cleaning is very necessary and important.


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