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Best Garlic Recipes For Family

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Shrimp with garlic

Garlic is an indispensable spice in every home’s kitchen. Garlic, in addition to having many health effects such as cancer prevention, anti-aging, also brings a characteristic aroma to the dish. Let’s use garlic ingredients to prepare 10 delicious and healthy dishes below!


#1 Crispy Garlic Butter Toast

Crispy Garlic Butter Toast

Crispy Garlic Butter Toast

You are wondering what to make to entertain the whole family for breakfast. It only takes about 15 thousand and 20 minutes to do. When eating, you will feel the greasy taste of butter, the light aroma of garlic, the crunchy rum of irresistible delicious bread.

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#2 Shrimp with garlic

Shrimp with garlic

Shrimp with garlic

With just a little garlic, sugar and ingredients available in the kitchen, we will show you how to make savory, sweet and savory garlic shrimp. When cooked with white rice, only the fingers are delicious. This dish is very familiar, associated with student time.

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#3 Steamed fresh shrimp with garlic

Steamed fresh shrimp with garlic

Steamed fresh shrimp with garlic

On a hot and sunny day, you crave for shrimp but are afraid to fry, then steamed garlic shrimp is the perfect choice for you. In particular, steamed shrimp will not lose its fresh sweetness. The water secreted from the shrimp, mixed with the vermicelli underneath, makes the dish even more attractive.

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#4 Grilled Chicken Wings with Garlic Butter

Grilled Chicken Wings with Garlic Butter

Grilled Chicken Wings with Garlic Butter

Grilled chicken wings with garlic butter, soft, and fragrant will surely make you and your family not disappointed. Try to find out how to make this dish!

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#5 Garlic Chicken

Garlic Chicken

Garlic Chicken

Unlike conventional chicken dishes, garlic chicken gives you a whole new taste with the characteristic aroma of olive oil, combined with the aroma of garlic, giving you a very strange dish. mouthwatering and attractive.

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#6  Fried chicken feet with garlic sauce

Fried chicken feet with garlic sauce

Fried chicken feet with garlic sauce

Chicken feet are soft, the skin is a bit tough, crispy, rich with garlic sauce, spicy and chili, eat it all the time. Let’s go to the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes for your meals!

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#7 Sauteed Frog with Garlic

Sauteed Frog with Garlic

Sauteed Frog with Garlic

The sweet and chewy taste of copper frogs mixed with the delicious aroma of fried garlic in the garlic fried frog makes the family’s everyday meal very special. Frogs look like that, but when cooked, they are delicious!

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#8 Fried anchovies with garlic

Fried anchovies with garlic

Fried anchovies with garlic

Crispy, salty anchovies, the outside is covered with a layer of fragrant garlic and spicy chili, can be eaten with rice or many delicious dishes. Those who haven’t tried it will fall in love with it.

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#9 Sauteed garlic morning glory

Sauteed garlic morning glory

Sauteed garlic morning glory

Stir-fried morning glory with garlic is a stir-fried vegetable dish that is often found on the rice tray of every family. Crispy morning glory, stir-fried with garlic to bring out the aroma, it only takes 15 minutes to have a delicious plate of stir-fried morning glory with garlic for the family.

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#10 Sauteed Tomlin fraumeni with Garlic Butter

Sauteed Tomlin fraumeni with Garlic Butter

Sauteed Tomlin fraumeni with Garlic Butter

Tomlin fraumeni are often processed in many different ways such as salted roasting, boiling… In which, stir-frying with garlic butter is a way of processing full of seductive aroma, to the point of nose. When eating, you have to enjoy all the spices that cling to the outer shell to enjoy the delicious taste.

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FAQs about Best Garlic Recipes

What can I do with lots of garlic ?

HalfPint suggests chop the garlic using a food processorbefore placing it in an enormous jar, then over the garlic with sherry that has been dried. The mixture will last for many months in the refrigerator and is especially delicious as a stir-fry. Regine gives the most straightforward solution: “Put them in the freezer in a bag that is sealed

What are 4 different ways to prepare garlic ?

  1. Garlic bulbs in a bowl.
  2. Garlic placed on cutting boards.
  3. Crushing garlic in ziplock.
  4. Crushing garlic using a knife blade.
  5. Mincing garlic.
  6. Smashing garlic with a knife.
  7. Garlic Lover’s Rub.

Can I put garlic in a freezer ?

The answer is yes. Garlic is quite versatile in the realm of freezing. You can freeze whole bulbs unpeeled, whole cloves (peeled or not peeled) or minced garlic. You can make garlic cook or in different forms, making food preparation easy.

Is it possible to store garlic in the in the refrigerator ?

The leftover chopped or peeled garlic can be kept inside the fridge. The most efficient method of storing left-over garlic is to store the garlic in an airtight sealed container that is kept in the refrigerator. It will last for up to two weeks.

What is the healthiest way to eat garlic ?

However, studies show that roasting, boiling, heating, or pickling garlic can significantly reduce its allicin content. Therefore, while consuming cooked garlic can be beneficial, opting for raw garlic instead may help maximize its nutritional value.

Can you eat garlic in raw form ?

If you take it by mouth: Garlic is likely to be safe for most people. Garlic is safe to use for as long as 7 years. It may cause adverse negative effects, such as bad breath gastric reflux, heartburn and diarrhea. These adverse effects are usually worse when you consume raw garlic.

How can you enhance the flavor of garlic ?

A: The finer chopped garlic is, the more hot and more sour it will taste. Garlic grated with a Microplane grated or crushed in presses will result in smaller pieces than chopping it by hand, which makes it even stronger. Crushing garlic pieces along with a pinch of salt using a mortar and pestle produces the most intense flavor.

How long can garlic keep in the refrigerator ?

A single clove of garlic can last for one month in the refrigerator, and garlic that is chopped can be able to last for one day unless it is covered with olive oil, in which case, it’ll last two, possibly three days.

What is the best method to store fresh garlic ?

Slice garlic and wrap it in a freezer bag or plastic wrap and then freeze. For use, grate or cut off the quantity needed. 2. Garlic bulbs or cloves (peeled or not peeled) in the freezer bag and freeze. Remove cloves as required

Do I have the ability to keep the garlic with olive oil ?

When keeping cloves of garlic inside olive oil an excellent method of preserving it and also provides an added benefit of having plenty of garlic-infused olive oil to cook with, you can keep garlic in the fridge for upto four months if you store your garlic with vinegar. Place your garlic cloves peeled in a container that is heat-safe.

How long can you store fresh garlic from the freezer ?

Six months

Freezing garlic allows you to preserve a crop over many months , without putting yourself at risk of botulism or spoilage (caused due to the Clostridium botulinum bacteria). Pureed or peeled garlic can last for a few months in freezing and whole bulbs will last up to six months

How can you tell when garlic is rotten ?

Spoiled garlic creates small brown spots that appear on the cloves, and transforms from the usual white to a brown or yellow hue. Another characteristic is the growth of green roots within the middle inside the clove. They are the new sprouts which are forming. While they’re not harmful, the roots are extremely bitter and should be removed prior to cooking.

How do you know whether garlic is botulism-infected ?

Danto states that you will not be able to tell if the garlic is poisonous: ” It will not look or taste different. It will not be odorless and does produce gaz.” In the case of pesto Danto advises that you follow the exact guidelines that you should keep the pesto cool and making use of the pesto within two days

Do you need to store onions in a refrigerator ?

Whole onions should be stored in a dark, cool dry, well-ventilated and dry room While cut, peeled and cut, cooked and pickled onions may be kept refrigerated.

How can you store garlic to last an entire year ?

Keep the whole garlic heads in a dry, cool container or bowl with a good circulation (such as mesh bags or a loosely woven containers). Store it in your kitchen pantry or in a basket placed on your counter, away from direct sunlight.

Which cloves do you consume in a day ?

Two cloves
It is not recommended to introduce too much garlic into your diet too fast. ” One to two cloves daily is the minimum amount consumed by everyone,” says Tracey Brigman who is a nutrition and food specialist of the University of Georgia. If you consume more than that, it can cause diarrhea, upset stomachs as well as bloating and bad breath.

How do you react when consume garlic every day ?

Consuming a lot of garlic could result in the breath of garlic, stomach issues as well as heartburn. In rare cases garlic consumption can increase the chance of bleeding, especially when you undergo surgery or having blood thinners. Learn about how food influences your mood

Do you prefer garlic cooked or raw ?

Research in the field of medicine has linked garlic to numerous health benefits. Some studies suggest it is possible that raw garlic could be more effective than cooked version as supplements for garlic are the most efficient

What are the advantages from eating a clove of garlic ?

The 5 benefits to health of garlic

  • It contains compounds that have medicinal properties. A large part of the fame for garlic’s healing properties is due to an active substance called allicin. 
  • Might reduce the chance for heart attack. 
  • It may have anti-cancer properties. 
  • It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. 
  • Might help maintain bone health

Do ginger and garlic boost the your immune system ?

Garlic and ginger are powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as antiviral and antimicrobial properties. So, including them into your diet can aid in keeping your immune system in good shape.

Are garlic and garlic blood thinners ?

Garlic is thought as a blood thinner due to its property to reduce platelets. Ajoene is a sulphur-containing ingredient in garlic, permanently blocks platelet aggregation 2 potentiating anticoagulants, like warfarin, aspirin dipyrimadole, clopidogrel, and dipyrima. The chemical composition that the supplement contains influences its effectiveness.

Why is my garlic not flavorful? no flavor ?

When you prepare garlic over an extremely high temperature immediately it will become too dry and bland when the pan is adjusted to a low temperature. Be sure to watch the garlic. Once it starts turning golden-brown reduce the heat and add whatever’s next in the recipe.

What flavor is best with garlic ?

Common flavors that go well with garlic
  • toasted sesame seed. olive oil. black pepper.
  • beer. olive oil. oregano.
  • brown rice. olive oil. oregano.
  • napa cabbage. olive oil. salt.
  • bell pepper. mozzarella cheese. olive oil.

How long will a jar of garlic be is good to keep after opening ?

Approximately 18-24 months
Properly stored, unopened bottle minced garlic that is sold without refrigeration and contains preservatives can generally be in the best condition for about 18-24 months when kept in the refrigerator..

You can eat garlic which has sprouted ?

Even though the sprouts are reminiscent of chives but do not have the mild flavor. In fact, the sprout is rather bitter. It’s sour and sharp but without its naturally sweet flavor that garlic ought to possess. Even though the taste isn’t optimal, sprouted garlic is suitable to consume.

Do you think it is possible to keep the garlic in vinegar ?

Make sure you choose a jar that is large enough to hold the cloves. Fill it with
garlic cloves, leaving approximately one inch of headspace. Then put the vinegar in the jar until all of the cloves are coated in vinegar. 5. Cover the jar, and then store it in the fridge “pickled garlic” in the refrigerator.

How can you make your own fermented garlic ?

  1. Peel garlic according to the instructions above. Fill a quart jar to within 1-inch of its top of the jar with the garlic cloves.
  2. Add the brine and herbs to garlic cloves.
  3. Allow the fermentation to continue for 3-4 weeks before moving them to cold storage. The longer these are in cold storage, the more delicious they become!

How long can fresh, peeled garlic last ?

Garlic that is peeled using either the ice-water or bowl shaking method when completely dry and stored correctly, will last for between 6 to 9 months until it dries out excessively. If you’ve removed the garlic and then cut or pressed the entire clove the shelf life should be about 2-3 days.

Is it possible to store garlic in conjunction with onions ? 

Davison suggests not to fret about them. Take them out as you’re cutting garlic, as they may not taste as good. Be aware of your neighbors: Like garlic, you’ll need to keep your onions in a cool, ventilated area. Actually, it’s perfectly fine to keep the two in close proximity one another Davison says. Davison

Does jarred minced garlic taste the same as fresh ?

Garlic stored in jars can occasionally possess an off flavor that is evident in cooked meals. It’s not as powerful as fresh garlic, which is why it takes just two teaspoons to produce the same flavor as the fresh clove.

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