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All you need to know about electric pressure cooker

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electric pressure cooker

All you need to know about electric pressure cookers

Pressure cookers are appliances that help you save cooking time and help retain the most vitamins and minerals. The electric pressure cooker has a large capacity, a large heating plate and a closed design that helps to process all dishes extremely quickly, especially stews and stews, so it is chosen by many housewives However, not everyone understands. How to use a pressure cooker for a long time. During use, mistakes in cleaning and storage cause the pressure cooker to be damaged and less durable. Let’s learn and avoid these mistakes with Huttonscon.

I. Learn about electric pressure cookers

What is an electric pressure cooker?

An electric pressure cooker is a type of pot that uses heat from electricity to heat gas and create pressure to cook food. As a result, the food is cooked quickly, evenly and retains all the nutrients inside.

The working principle of the pot is to convert electrical energy into heat. The hot plate of the pot generates a large amount of heat, causing the pot to heat up. At the same time, the heat in the pot also increases, but cannot escape, helping the pressure increase and the temperature in the large pot to cook food quickly.

Although the pressure of the pot is quite high, it still ensures the safety of the user, because the pot has the ability to self-regulate the heat and time, locking when the gas has not been fully discharged.

What is an electric pressure cooker?

How Many Types of Pressure Cookers Are There?

Currently, on the market, there are two popular types of pressure cookers, which are chosen by many families, which are mechanical pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers.

Mechanical pressure cooker: has the same design as other conventional cookers in that the lid is equipped with a rubber seal, with a lock to help seal it more tightly. The pot can be used on gas stoves, infrared stoves, wood stoves, some pots can also be used on induction cookers.

Electric pressure cooker: This type of cooker uses heat from electricity to heat the gas, creating internal pressure for the pot. Most electric pressure cookers are equipped with controls and automatic functions, which can adjust the time or various cooking modes, bringing the most convenience to the user.

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Electric pressure cookers bring some outstanding advantages as follows:

Diverse cooking modes: Like cooking beans, soup, chicken, etc. Some pots also have pre-set cooking programs, making cooking easy.
Safety for users: Thanks to the system of locking the pot lid when the pressure has not been fully discharged, self-regulating heat and time to avoid the case that the pressure in the pot is too high. If the pressure is too large or the pot temperature is too high, the cooker will automatically shut off when overloaded.
Preservation of nutrients: With a sealed pot design, nutrients are always preserved intact, providing a nutritious meal for the whole family.
Save time: The cooker has a large capacity, high heat, so it shortens the cooking time, especially for stews and stews.


Besides many advantages, electric pressure cookers also have two small disadvantages as follows:

Pots without small capacity: Large capacity of 5 liters or more, if you want a pressure cooker with a small capacity, then choose a mechanical pressure cooker.
High price: Electric pressure cookers cost more than mechanical pressure cookers. The price of an electric pressure cooker ranges from 1.3 to 3.3 million VND

II. Benefits of using an electric pressure cooker

Reduce cooking time by up to 70%

The electric pressure cooker is equipped with a large capacity of about 900W or more, so the cooking time is shortened by 70%. The lid of the pot is closed, heat does not escape, helping the dish to be softened quickly.

The pot not only helps to cook quickly but also saves energy. For example, porridge with a regular pot takes more than 1 hour to cook soft, but with an electric pressure cooker, the cooking time is only 7-10 minutes.

Reduce cooking time by up to 70%

Sealed design, preserving nutrients

The pot is closed thanks to the lid with a rubber gasket and pressure valve, helping the temperature in the pot not to be lost out, so the heat is getting higher and higher. As a result, the amount of nutrients is preserved almost completely, providing an abundant amount of nutrients and vitamins for the user’s body.

Can cook a variety of dishes

This is a versatile pot that can process many different dishes from complex stews and stews to simple dishes such as boiling or cooking soup. Some models also have pre-set cooking programs that make cooking even easier.

Automatic cooking function

The electric pressure cooker is equipped with an automatic cooking function with a variety of dishes such as stews, soups, porridge, soups, cakes,… You can cook rice with an electric pressure cooker without having to buy an additional rice cooker. electricity.

Moreover, the pot is also equipped with a timer function and has the ability to automatically adjust the necessary pressure for the dish. Thanks to that, the dishes are cooked evenly, more delicious and the housework is easier.

Safe with automatic pressure relief valve

Electric pressure cookers not only bring delicious and nutritious meals to the family, but also ensure the safety of users with automatic pressure relief valves. So you don’t have to worry about overpressure happening. When the temperature in the pot increases, the pressure is high, the pot automatically releases the pressure.

In addition, you do not have to experience water spills or grease splashes out, ensuring that the kitchen space is always clean. When the pot is working, the lid of the pot will be locked, so that the user does not get burned.

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High non-stick ability

The inner pot is equipped with a high non-stick layer, limiting burning at the bottom of the pot and making cleaning and cleaning work easier. This non-stick layer is also capable of ensuring safety for users’ health

Electric pressure cooker with high non-stick ability

III. How to properly clean an electric pressure cooker?

Cleaning and caring for the pressure cooker is a way to preserve the quality, maintain and use the cookware for a long time. If you can keep your pressure cooker clean and properly maintained, you can use them for a long time without any problems. Here is a pressure cooker cleaning order that you can easily apply to both mechanical and electric pressure cookers:

B1: Remove and wash the rubber gasket/anti-spill gasket separately.
Wash the rubber gaskets in warm water with a small amount of mild soap and a cloth or dish soap.

Step 2: Wash the pressure cooker lid, pot and gasket with mild dish soap and a soft sponge.
Rinse the pressure cooker under clean running water – except for the electric pressure cooker motor unit.

B3: Dry the entire pot.
You must make sure that every part of the pot is completely dry.

B4: Carefully install the rubber gasket on the cover.
Rubber gaskets are very important for pressure cookers. Make sure you have installed this rubber pad correctly and in the correct condenser.

Some manufacturers state that the pressure relief valve is removable for cleaning after each use, so you should check the manufacturer’s manual for more information.

IV: Mistakes when cleaning electric pressure cookers

During use, there are some mistakes when cleaning and maintaining pressure cookers, causing them to quickly become damaged, less durable, and electrified. Let’s learn and immediately note these mistakes to avoid.

#1 Do not remove the rubber ring on the pot lid and wash it separately

This is a common pressure cooker mistake that you need to avoid. Pressure cookers usually have a rubber ring in the lid. When cleaning the pot, many people do not separate the rubber ring for separate cleaning. This causes food residues left on the rubber ring to not be cleaned up.

#2 Do not use a dry cloth to clean the pot after washing

To ensure the safe and long-lasting use of the pressure cooker, you should dry the cooker thoroughly after washing. However, many people skip this step, causing the pot to spoil quickly. To properly maintain the pot, after cleaning the pot, use a cloth to dry the parts. Be careful not to leave water, stains or dishwashing liquid on the parts. Especially dry the pressure valve part, avoid clogging and endangering you when cooking next time.

#3 Did not read the user manual carefully

How to use the pressure cooker will be fully and detailed by the manufacturer on the user manual. Before using or cleaning the pot, you should read the instructions first. Ignoring the instructions will lead to some common mistakes such as forgetting to remove the pot valve and not cleaning it when using it.

#4 Immerse the pressure cooker in water to wash it

Immersing the pressure cooker in water when cleaning can easily damage the cooker. Therefore, the correct way to use a pressure cooker is not to immerse the entire pot in water. Instead, you should wash each part of the pot gently, cleanly. Besides, you should not clean the pot with the dishwasher, because it easily causes the pot valve to become clogged with food residue.

#5 Lock the pressure cooker for a long time

When not using the cooker for a long time, you should not lock the pressure cooker. This will damage the rubber ring, causing the rubber ring to deform. Not only that, but you will also not be able to open the pot because the lid and the pot are stuck together.

#6 Do not wash with dishwashing liquid, use unsafe washing water

Another mistake that many women make is not cleaning the pressure cooker with dishwashing liquid, causing grease to stain the pot. Besides, the quality of dishwashing liquid is also something you should pay attention to. Because dishwashing liquid with ingredients from toxic chemicals will seriously affect the skin of your hands, adversely affecting your health as well as your family members. Therefore, you should choose to buy cleaning products with safe ingredients, from reputable brands, trusted by many Vietnamese families.

Sunlight Green Tea dishwashing liquid is the ideal choice to help you clean grease and oil on the pressure cooker. Simultaneously with Japanese green tea extract, Sunlight Green Tea brings a mild fragrance, helping to remove unpleasant fishy odors clinging to cooking utensils. Using Sunlight Green Tea to clean the main pressure cooker is also an extremely safe and effective way to use a pressure cooker.

V. Tips to deodorize electric pressure cookers

When you use the pressure cooker to cook strong-smelling dishes such as beef, sour bamboo shoots, etc., when you immediately clean it with dishwashing liquid, the smell of food still lingers in the pot. Or you haven’t cleaned the electric pressure cooker for a long time. Then to deodorize and help the pressure cooker stay clean and fragrant, besides cleaning it, you can apply the following tips to deodorize the electronic pressure cooker.
You put a little vinegar, lemon peel or orange, tangerine with the same amount of water into the pot. Then put in the pot, cover and select the cooking mode for about 2 minutes.

Lemon and vinegar in the mixture work to effectively and quickly eliminate odors, so your electric pressure cooker will no longer have unpleasant odors.

In addition, when the electric pressure cooker you do not use for a long time and need to be preserved and stored, you can add a small cloth bag for tea. The tea bag has the effect of absorbing the odor in the pot when it is not in use, so if you take the pot out to use it, the pot will not have a strange smell and you can save time on cleaning and at the same time be safe. more attentive when using.
If you want the pot to be durable, beautiful, and especially not smelly, you should clean the pressure cooker as often as you usually wash pots or dishes at home.

Above is the basic information about electric pressure cookers. Hope the information in the article will help you find a suitable pot for your family. Follow Huttconscon now for more great tips to make your home more beautiful!

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