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All about the oven – origin, features and usage

by phuong.seo

The oven is considered one of the familiar appliances in every household. With many built-in functions, the product allows housewives to cook many different dishes, in addition to having a food defrost function that is very convenient for users. To better understand the function as well as discover more things from this product, let’s learn about the origin as well as the outstanding features and features of this device with Huttonscon!

I. Concept and origin:

An oven is a device that heats the materials it is subjected to. Originating quite a long time, inherited from the primitive furnaces of ancient Egypt, the oven generates heat thanks to two factors: The first is an object that generates heat to heat (this method is applied). used since ancient times and widely used because using wood to make fire is a simple way from ancient times), the second factor is using electric current to generate heat.

Currently, based on the second factor, the inventors have improved the classic furnace line to become more and more perfect, best suited to human needs.

Traditionally, in addition to the function of grilling food, this device is also used to warm and keep humans and animals warm in winter. Besides, people also use the oven as a storage compartment to dry food and food for livestock and poultry.

Is a device with the oldest dating

The first generation of ovens was found in Central Europe around 29,000 BC, they used the oven as a tool to fry and boil food inside a giant pit. Furnace products of this period can be used to serve an entire town or a castle.

The oldest appliance in the world, according to researchers, is the Aga oven discovered in Croatia in 2014 dating back to 6,500 years ago. In Ukraine, in 20,000 BC, they used pits with hot coals covered in ash, the first forerunner of the oven. The food is wrapped in foil and placed on top, then covered with soil.

During the Mezhirich period, each mammoth bone house had an oven for heating and cooking. Ovens were used by cultures living in the Indus Valley and before the Egyptian dynasty.

By 3200 BC, each mud-brick house had an oven in settlements throughout the Indus valley. The oven is used to cook food. The pre-dynastic civilization in Egypt used kilns around 5000-4000 BC to make pottery. Greek cuisine evolved toast into an art.

1490: The first modern ovens in recorded history were built in France, built of brick and tile.

1735: François Cuvilliés invents the Castrol oven, also known as the casserole. Wood stove. This is an advancement because it helps contain the smoke coming from the flames in the oven.

1800: An iron furnace is invented by Count Rumford that not only multi-pots hot water, but can also be adjusted to cook each pot at a different temperature.

1900: Electric products were invented, but they did not become prominent until the late 1920s. The first patents for an electric oven were issued in 1896 by William Hadaway, who also designed the first Westinghouse oven.

1940: Percy Spencer – an engineer at Raytheon – discovered the thermal qualities of a microwave beam during his radar research project. By the end of the decade, microwave ovens were invented and sold commercially. Historically, the forerunner of the microwave oven was the oven, so now many microwave ovens have a specialized baking function such as the Victoria 45S combined microwave oven.

the oven

II. Structure and working principle for the oven:

Currently, there are two most popular types of ovens: table ovens and built-in ovens. However, they all share the same structure and operating principle.

2.1 Structure:

Oven cavity: Designed with heat-resistant material, durable and rust-free, helping to keep and insulate well.

Radiator bar: The inside of the oven usually has a number of heat bars, mounted at the top of the oven, below the floor of the oven and a ring inside the oven in the same position as the fan. This part can be straight or curved, when the user customizes the grill program, this heatsink will operate according to the selected function.

Convection fan: This has the effect of distributing heat inside the oven cavity to help food cook evenly and faster.

Control panel: This part is very important, helping to control the operation of the device, different baking modes, temperature reduction, heat and cooling fan to help food cook evenly. This control panel can be a manual knob or a touch panel.

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2.2 Classification:

– In terms of fuel source: Ovens are divided into 2 types electric ovens and gas ovens, but electric ovens are most popular because of their convenience.

– In terms of control function: Includes 2 types, mechanically controlled (knob for each temperature level and function) and an electronic circuit display screen (with LCD control screen displaying temperature parameters). , grill function…)

– In terms of design: It can be divided into 2 basic styles.

+ Built-in type: This is a popular and popular oven line today because of its high aesthetics as well as being very neat. Built-in ovens are usually fixed to the kitchen cabinets and only the front is visible.

The advantage of this oven line lies in its art and neatness, because it is designed under the cabinet, so it is very suitable for families with European-style kitchens. The oven’s size is relatively large, which can be used to bake chicken, duck, etc. Due to the high temperature and stable heat maintenance, baking food in a built-in oven will be evenly golden and delicious to eat.

+ Table type: Unlike a built-in oven, with a tabletop oven you can place it anywhere you want. Desktop ovens have a softer price than built-in ovens, with many different sizes, desktop oven equipment is widely sold in supermarkets, home appliance stores… but most products. These are all originated from China or assembled in Vietnam. The biggest disadvantage of this type of oven is that the temperature is uneven and the product life is not high, easy to damage if used continuously.

Table ovens can be divided into 3 types as follows: Toaster Oven, Convention Oven and Convection Oven

Toaster Oven:

This is a type of oven with a very small baking cavity, specialized for baking bread or some meat and fish. With an oven capacity of 8L-10L, this type of mini oven is not really suitable for baking.

Convention Oven:

With an average capacity of 20-40L, this is the most popular type on the market, suitable for household use. You can easily choose the temperature mode, time and a few other functions.

Convection Oven:

Basically, the conversion is not much different from the convention line. The biggest difference is that this type has an additional convection fan to help distribute the heat evenly in the oven cavity to help the food cook more evenly.

III. Criteria for selection

– Needs to use: To avoid confusion when learning to buy products, you should prepare some information and compare to visualize the product to buy.

– Do you need large or small oven equipment? The size of the kitchen or the structure of the kitchen interior also affects the choice of style. If you can answer the above question, you can already partly imagine the type of furnace you are about to buy.

– The origin and brand of the product will determine its quality and durability. Like other household items, ovens cannot avoid counterfeit goods and poor-quality imitations. Therefore, you should consider buying from a reputable brand to avoid buying the wrong product as well as to ensure safety during use.

– Cleaning the oven after use is one of the important jobs because it both ensures the oven is clean as well as ensures its longevity of the oven. Besides the pyrolysis technology used to clean the oven (in almost all ovens on the market today), another outstanding technology has been introduced in all product lines. oven – that is hydrolysis technology.
As the name suggests, this is basically a method of using steam to clean the oven. After using the oven, we remove the trays and rack system for separate cleaning, then pour water into the grease tray available in the ovens and optionally Vap Clean mode to start this function. Normally, the time for this function to work effectively is from 30-60P depending on the level of dirt in the oven.

Water when heated will evaporate and spread in the baking cavity, condensing on the oven walls and will peel off the grease layer, softening the plaque. After finishing the cleaning process, you just need to use a soft cloth and wipe the stains, the highlight of this technology is that you do not need to use detergents but the oven is still clean.

When heated, it evaporates and spreads throughout the oven cavity, condensing on the walls. Thus, the convection of the steam and the temperature of the hot steam will separate grease and dirt from the oven cavity, hard stains will soften them.

IV. Purpose and level of use?

Consider the purpose of use, on what occasions, and how many people to serve so that you can choose the right oven with the right capacity as well as convenient built-in features. Some smart ovens have built-in many pre-made recipes as well as defrost modes, automatic cleaning after baking is very modern.

V. Budget for buying an oven?

Consider how much budget you can spend on buying an oven. If you don’t have too much budget, a tabletop oven is suitable, because this type is usually not too expensive, but it also means that you can’t ask for too many functions of this product…

And if you have an abundant budget, a built-in oven is a great choice, with many modern features as well as designs and equipment.

And if you have an abundant budget a cabinet oven is a great choice, with many modern features as well as designs, luxurious designs, surely the sound of the table will satisfy the table. friend. Some of the cabinets imported from Europe with beautiful design style and multifunctional, safe and energy saving will be very suitable.

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 VI. Which oven is good on the market

1/ Dudoff London Topaz oven

– Belonging to the cabinet.

– Touch control.

-Save energy, minimize 45-50% of electricity consumption (Effective ranking: A ++).

– Luxurious style.

– Material of powder-coated steel shell, durable stainless steel.

– 2 -layer black glass insulated, combined with stainless steel borders.

– Safety lock function helps you feel more secure when children are in the house.

– The technology of oven hygiene after baking with hydrolysis.

– In the furnace, there is a high-quality glossy enamel that is effective against the adhesion and easy to clean.

– Large capacity of up to 65L with 14 diverse baking functions.

2/ Bosch oven HBN331E1K

– Belonging to the cabinet, genuine imported from Germany.

– A ++ energy-saving standard (according to EU assessment, environmentally friendly.

– Control with buttons and twist, can adjust the temperature as you like to fit the food.

– Designing a multi-layered glass door sound, ensuring safety for users.

– Inside the furnace is made of stainless steel material, durable.

– Self -hygienic function by catalytic pyrolysis method.

3/ Fagor 6h-196AX oven

– Belonging to the cabinet, imported from Spain.

– A versatile line with 9 baking functions. In particular, instantaneous hot function Celeris will help your dishes reach the ideal temperature quickly.

– New type control button and electronic screen display time and temperature.

– Safe, cool door with 3 layers of glass, safe children’s lock, timer.

– Energy Label A – 10%.

– Special enamel interior “Top slide” is easy to clean.

– Large capacity of 69L, capacity up to 3200W.

4/ Teka HX 715

– Belonging to the cabinet.

– Brand A+ energy saving.

– The oven has 8 functions, including the function of checking the temperature inside the food.

– Convection fan helps the fan dissipate evenly inside the furnace cavity.

– Timer mode and child safety lock are very convenient and safe for users.

– Stainless steel material (not printed in fingerprints).

– 2 -layer glass doors safely.

5/ Electrolux mo38dxb oven

– Belonging to the desk.

– Beautiful design, luxury and modern.

– Electronic control panel.

– There are utilities: rotation, convection fan.

– Capacity up to 31 liters.

Hopefully, the article has helped you have more information about the oven and somewhat when deciding the right quality furnace, the right needs for your family.

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