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Wall tiles design ideas for modern homes

by anhvinh
Wall tiles design ideas for modern homes

The new year heralds the beginning of whole new chapters in everyone’s lives. Regardless of the shift in the calendar, the desire to own a dream house remains a constant goal. Here are some great half wall tiles designs for living room ideas for your living room to get you started on your endeavour.

Types of wall tiles design

Mentioned are the various types of wall tiles design that you can consider while choosing them for your home interiors.

Gres tough ceramic tiles

Wall tile design for living room 01

Source: Pinterest

It is a basic but gorgeous wall tiles design for the living room. A wide range of simple wall tiles designed for the living room is available, from simple to ostentatious, to meet the demands of every decorator. This basic wall tile arrangement will create the right ambience in your house.

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Natural stone finish

Wall tile design for living room 02

Source: Pinterest

Create a striking wall by covering it with a matte texture. Infuse your living area with individuality with these simple wall tiles designed for the living room. Wooden floors and furnishings made of woodwork well with these tiles. These tiles may be used in every area in the home, not just the sitting room, because they are so adaptable.

The warmth of natural tiles

Wall tile design for living room 03

Source: Pinterest

Organic textured tiles in varying colours of gravel, embers, and charcoal are cleverly arranged to give your living space more colour and variation. People will be drawn in by the wall’s visual focus, which accomplishes its aim.

Living room tiles in monochrome

Wall tile design for living room 04

Source: Pinterest

In your living area, you may create a dreamlike feature wall with these exquisite but easy monochromatic ceramic tiles, each with a subtly different tint of the same colour. Decorative curtains and rugs may be paired with these tiles.

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Wooden living room wall tile designs

The Rio wood tiles

Wall tile design for living room 05

Source: Pinterest

With their timeless appeal, wooden wall tiles will never go out of style. Rio Wood is among the most popular colours of wood for making your walls seem stunning and making your house more attractive. Because of their slip resistance and ease of cleaning, these simple wall tiles designs for the living room are a popular choice. They are also resistant to moisture and frost, so you may use them in the kitchen and bathroom.

Tiles in a beige colour

Wall tile design for living room 06

Source: Pinterest

Wood comes in a variety of hues and patterns, making it a versatile material. Your living area will appear stunning if you choose beige-coloured wood tiles. When compared to wood-coloured wall tiles, they are more durable. The beige shade is an unconventional option that gives your home a modern feel. These tiles are a great choice for a living room’s interior wall tile design.

Tiles in alder brown

Wall tile design for living room 07

Source: Pinterest

There’s no better choice than Alder Brown tiles when it comes to enhancing the appeal of your home’s interior. In comparison to traditional hardwood floor tiles, ceramics are far simpler to clean and need half the time to maintain. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance flooring option, these tiles are a perfect choice. You can count on such wall tiles to stay in your house for years to come. As far as simple wall tiles designs for the living room go, they are among the nicest and most basic options.

3D textures

3D textures wall tiles

Source: Pinterest

Use of 3D texture tiles like these in a neutral set up makes for a grand decor without much effort.

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White or coloured tiles in the form of flowers

Wall tile design for living room 08

Source: Pinterest

There is little to no upkeep required for the 3D floral tiles. For your living area and other rooms in your house, these custom-made tiles have been meticulously created. There’s no need to worry about damaging the finish on these tiles since they can be easily wiped with water. To further enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, these tiles may be combined with others of the same colour or left pure white.

Triangular or diamond shaped tiles in 3D form

Wall tile design for living room 09

Source: Pinterest

Differently shaped tiles will give your property a new lease of life. Add volume and texture to your living area by incorporating these pieces into your decor. These tiles may be utilised in every area in the house, not only the living room. For really distinctive simple wall tiles designs for the living room, consider 3D wall tiles.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns

Source: Luulla( Pinterest)

Moroccan tiles always add glam to the little spaces in your house.

Mosaic artistry

Art deco inspiration

Art deco Inspiration

Source: Society6 (Pinterest)

Tiles inspired by art works are getting popular by the day.

Minimalist elegance

Minimalist Elegance

Source: The Tile Shop (Pinterest)

The evergreen minimalist look always brings in class and fineness in your decor.

Retro charm

Retro Charm wall tiles

Source: Ceramica Fioranese (Pinterest)

For people opting for a retro theme for their home decor, opting for retro tiles in one part of the house will help.

Industrial chic

Industrial Chic

Source: CINCA (Pinterest)

Industrial chic as the name sounds are smart, classy, industrial looking. When you want to change the decor but still maintain simplicity, these are the tiles you should opt for.

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Floral motifs

floral tiles

Source: Lushome (Pinterest)

Floral motifs on tiles look good especially when the decor is based on a green theme.

A half-cement, half-rock wall pattern

Wall tile design for living room 10

Source: Pinterest

There is a variety of half-rock, half-cement tiles that may be used in a wide range of spaces, including bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to using these half wall tiles for the living room alone, you can combine them with different colours to create a dramatic impression in the space. Patterns like this may be utilised in place of specific colour schemes when creating designs. This may be achieved, for example, by laying a chequered floor with matching wall tiles. Chevron, basketweave, and honeycomb patterns are timeless, but new mosaic themes are becoming in popularity.

Wall half tiles in turquoise colour

Wall tile design for living room 11

Source: Pinterest

It is possible to choose from a variety of colours and patterns for the bedroom half wall tiles. A hardwood or marble floor is a good complement to these carpet tiles. They come in a variety of hues to let you express yourself in your living space. Ceramics tiles in huge 4×8, 5×10 inch blocks are an amazing addition to marble blocks for walls. Larger size tiles are becoming increasingly desirable for half-wall tile arrangements in the living area. These tiles are also available in a variety of geometrical forms to enhance the appearance of your interiors.

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