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How To Hang Curtains Across 3 Windows Next To Each Other

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How To Hang Curtains Across 3 Windows Next To Each Other

Curtains for three windows in a row

Video Curtains for three windows in a row

Windows provide homes with natural light and warmth and enable you to enjoy the view outside. But if your house has multiple windows and you wonder how to welcome light without compromising privacy, wonder no more! We researched how to hang curtains on three windows in a row properly.

There are different ways to hang curtains on windows, and this is also true for three windows next to each other. Here are some ideas on how to properly hang your curtains depending on the style of your windows:

  1. Hang Two Pairs Of Curtains On A Single Pole
  2. Hang Multiple Panels
  3. Use Blinds And Curtains Together
  4. Hang Three Pairs Of Curtains On Separate Poles
  5. Hang One Curtain On Each Edge
  6. Use Valance Curtains

Continue reading as we discuss each way in greater detail. We will also be answering some frequently asked questions. Let’s get right into it!

Modern tv livng room with couch, new design coffee table and big windows - Modern tv livng room with couch, new design coffee table and big windows

How To Hang Curtains Across 3 Windows Next To Each Other

Hanging curtains is one of the most exciting parts of decorating a house. However, it can also be challenging, especially if you have three windows that are next to each other.

How will you properly hang curtains to increase privacy while beautifying the room? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Hang Two Pairs Of Curtains On A Single Pole

Beautiful Caucasian smiling woman in casual clothes is hanging curtains after washing at cozy home.

This is the most common way of hanging curtains on three large windows that are next to each other. This way will allow you to control the light and increase privacy without making closing the curtains more complicated. This look also creates an illusion that you have only two windows when the curtain is closed while giving a fresh, clean look when they are open.

If the windows in your room are smaller, choose lightweight or sheer curtains so they will not be too heavy to look at. For a more stylish look, make sure to choose a curtain color that will blend with the color and vibe of the room.

2. Hang Multiple Panels

worker repairman hanging and fixing the curtain on the window.

If you’re looking for a way to hang curtains to increase privacy, then this idea is for you. This option will make your room appear larger and more inviting. You can hang multiple curtain panels in every window break for continuity. Choose a bold color for the curtain if you’re concern is for more privacy.

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3. Use Blinds And Curtains Together

Modern tv livng room with couch, new design coffee table and big windows

This option is one of the most interesting ways to hang curtains on three windows in a row. If you have a small window, then this option is perfect for your room. You can install blinds or shades in each window and hang a pair of curtains positioned on each end of the rod.

This look will your window stand out and be stylish. If you want privacy, go for a darker curtain color.

There are many different ways how to hang blinds and curtains together, check out this post “Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together?” for more ideas.

4. Hang Three Pairs Of Curtains On Separate Poles

three curtained windows in an old hotel in Morocco. selective focus . High quality photo

Windows come in different styles and sizes which makes them more challenging to dress. One way to dress a unique window style is to put three pairs of curtains with separate poles on each window.

It can work best with arched windows. This option will allow you to open the curtain you want to open without affecting the other curtains. You can also try to put curtains with different patterns as long as they complement the style you want to achieve.

5. Hang One Curtain On Each Edge

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If privacy is not the primary concern, then you can hang one curtain on each end of the window just like in the example above. For a more modern look, try to look for minimalist curtain colors and patterns.

If your house has bay windows, try checking out this article “What Curtains Look Best On Bay Windows?” for some curtain ideas.

6. Use Valance Curtains

swag curtains with tassles on window with sheers

It is not uncommon nowadays to have three windows in a row in kitchens. If you want to welcome more light to your kitchen, you can use a valance curtain for window treatment. This is one sophisticated way to add style to the kitchen window while controlling some lights from passing through.

Windows with elegant curtains in empty room

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Things To Consider When Hanging Curtains Across Three Windows In A Row

Hanging windows can be quite easy, however, there are many factors to consider before hanging one, especially with multiple windows. Here are some of the things to keep in mind before hanging curtains:

1. Size Of The Window

Windows come in a variety of sizes, this is why one of the most important things to consider when hanging curtains is the window size. The window’s length and width will always determine the length and width of the curtain you need to use.

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Hang long curtains on long and wide windows so it will not look awkward. Also, try to find a wide curtain if you’re going to treat a wide-sized window.

2. Curtain Type And Color

There are different types and styles of curtains that are available in the market. One key to having a properly dressed window depends on the curtain type you choose. The type of curtain should blend with the style that you want to convey in your house.

If you’re into traditional style, then you can go with bold patterns of the curtain. But if you want a more modern and minimalist look, you can opt to use a neutral-colored curtain.

3. Right Curtain Rod

Curtain rods seem to be a small detail in a window treatment, but choosing the right one can change the whole vibe of a room. There are different types, colors, and styles of curtain rods. Make sure to always choose a curtain rod that will fit the style of curtain you have.

4. Purpose

Think about the purpose of why the house has multiple windows. If your purpose of having enough light to enter remains the same, then you can try to hang sheer or lightweight curtains to your windows. However, if your purpose is to block all those lights so you can enjoy watching your favorite show on your television, then opt for a blackout curtain.

Are Curtains Out Of Style?

Because of its purpose and improving designs, curtains will never go out of style. Although there are emerging window treatments like window blinds, curtains are still very popular because they are cheaper than other treatments.

In addition, their designs are also competitive with the modern days which makes them more popular. They are versatile and multifunctional.

Which Side Of Curtain Should Face Outside?

There are always two sides to the curtain, one is the plain side and the other side is more decorative. Most homeowners are confused about whether their curtains should face in or out. This is especially true for houses with large windows which makes homeowners want their curtains to face outside so people can have a view.

However, it is more advisable to make them more decorative side to face the room since we spend most of our time inside the house. This will also be appealing when you have guests.

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In addition, the plain side of the curtain should face outside so that the decorative side will not fade easily or get damaged because of the sun’s heat. But if you want to have a decorative side both inside and outside of the house, you can always go with double-sided curtains.

Double-sided curtains have both decorative sides that you can interchange and not worry about where to face your curtain.

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How Can I Make My Curtains Look Expensive?

A well-dressed window can change the vibe of the whole room. This can even make the room look elegant and fresh. If you’re trying to achieve an expensive-looking curtain, follow these simple tips:

1. Choose The Right Curtain Size

Choosing the right curtain size is very important if you want them to look expensive. If the curtain size is not appropriate to the size of the window, then it will look strange You need to make sure that the curtain size can be hung high and wide so they will make the room appear larger.

2. Match With Your Interior

Another thing to consider is whether your curtain of choice will complement your home’s style and vibe. If it doesn’t blend with the atmosphere, then it will only look weird and out of place.

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3. Right Accessories

There are different curtain accessories that you can use to make them look expensive. Some of them are curtain rods and tiebacks. There is a variety of designs available in the market, so make sure to choose the right one for you.

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Final Thoughts

Windows are an important part of the house so decorating them is also vital. It is fun and exciting to dress a window, but it can also be challenging if you have three windows that are next to each other.

Hanging curtains is the most popular window treatment, and they can be more appealing if you follow the abovementioned ideas on how to hang them.

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