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Veg kothu parotta, Restaurant style kothu parotta

by anhvinh
Veg kothu parotta, Restaurant style kothu parotta

How to make kothu parotta

Video How to make kothu parotta

Kothu parotta recipe, Saravana bhavan restaurant style- Learn how to make veg kothu parotta, Full video and step by step pictures recipe.

veg Kothu parotta

I make chilli parotta when I run out of any dinner idea for Aj and Vj, for a change in the regular dinner menu. Actually never have tasted kothu parotta before. For first time, I tasted in Nalan restaurant.

Then saw Divya’s show in Sun Tv. So wanted to try my hands in trying kothu parotta. I remembered what ingredients I saw in the show and tasted in the restaurant. So tried this way and loved it a lot.

Health conscious people can try kothu chapathi instead of kothu parotta, the same way. I wish once I should taste veg kothu parotta (If available) in road side shop to see how it actually tastes.


What is kothu parotta?

The word “kothu” means kind of pounding with two spatulas to tenderize roughly hand torn parotta. To be precise, mince it along with the other masalas, ingredients like onion, tomato.

I understand, they chop the parottas with two spatullas in the road side shops with that typical sound that makes on the iron tawa. I should try once that way. But this is my own version, without the parotta being kothufied.

This must be a great way for the restaurants to finish off the leftover parotta as well as kurma/ salna. Later became a dish by itself.

What is parotta?

Parotta is different from north Indian paratha. Parotta is made fully with all purpose flour/ maida and at some places it is also with egg. It is a layered flakey flat bread giving a slight puff pastry feel, but in dense and chewy texture.

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I have also successfully tried Saravana bhavan style kaima idli, so I can confidently say if you prepare the same way, you can also enjoy this amazing dish at home.

My notes

Parotta – I used frozen parotta, cooked it and used for the recipe. You can use home made or even leftover chapathi to make it.

Kurma – This is a game changer for this recipe. Gives the flavor and softness to the recipe. I also have seen a restaurant using chana masala/ chana kurma. This adds a bit of nutritional value as well.

So you can use any leftover kurma or empty salna. If nothing is there, just use water plus the masala powders.

Other ingredients – I would love a tempering of a teaspoon of fennel seeds along for best flavor. If you are okay with it please do try.

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Recipe card

Stepwise photos

1. I used Pillsbury frozen parotta. Cooked in tawa until golden. Cool down and tear it roughly into tiny bits.

step 1 cook

2. Heat a pan with oil and temper with the things under ‘To temper’ table, followed by onion, Fry until onion turns transparent. Add chopped tomato and little required salt.

step 2 saute

3. Cook until soft. Add masala powder and red chilli powder.

step 3 masala

4. Give it a fry in low flame. Add torn parotta.

step4 add parotta

5. Mix well until the masala coats the parotta. Make a dent in middle and add veg kurma.

step5 kurma

6. Mix and cook for 2- 3 minutes or until the kurma gets absorbed by the parotta evenly and becomes soft.

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step6 readt

Serve hot immediately with onion raita like me. If you have veg kurma, you can serve as side dish as well.

saravana bhavan kothu parotta

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