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Brighten Your Kitchen with New Windows and Doors This Summer | Golden Windows

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Brighten Your Kitchen with New Windows and Doors This Summer | Golden Windows

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How many of us have fond memories of spending time in the kitchen? Growing up, the kitchen was a centre of activity and fun. We helped our parents make cookies and muffins. We strolled by the kitchen every evening, as the sunset crept through the kitchen windows, to smell what was on that night’s menu. We even helped do the dishes on occasion!

As adults, we still experience that magic from time to time as we introduce our children and grandchildren to the joy of cooking and baking, or simply make ourselves a nice weekend meal. It is no wonder, then, that kitchen remodels remain one of the most popular renovations. A bright, welcoming kitchen can be the cornerstone of communal activity in a home, a place where generations gather to share knowledge and create memories. It makes sense to revamp it.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, consider adding or replacing your windows with Golden Windows. Our elegant, energy-efficient products can help make your next kitchen renovation a bright and breezy experience. As a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of new windows, we have helped countless homeowners improve their kitchens – and we would be honoured to help you too.

But where do you start? How do you choose the right windows and doors for your kitchen? In this post, we will explore the broad topic of kitchen windows. We will offer a few considerations for the decision-making process, including popular kitchen window styles. We will compare sliding patio doors and terrace doors, and, finally, offer a few tips for integrating your new kitchen windows.

Which Windows Should You Choose?

As the renovation date nears, you will need to make a few decisions about your new windows. Like all renovation projects, the decision-making process involves assessing your unique space, then sitting down with your options. To make the process easier, we have compiled a list of considerations below. We have also listed the most popular window styles for kitchens.

Of course, you should not feel compelled to pick one of the most popular styles. (Plenty of homeowners opt to buck the trend with a big bay window, for instance). But each of the popular styles listed below has merits worth contemplating. For a full list of our windows, visit the link provided.

What to Consider

Before you install new windows, there are a few points to consider. Unlike windows in other rooms, kitchen windows serve a few distinct purposes. They air out the kitchen when it gets too smoky or odorous; they introduce fresh air when it gets steamy; and they shine much-needed light on your cooking tasks.

Before you choose a style, it is wise to reflect on the following criteria.


Often, kitchen windows are beyond the countertops or above the sink. To operate them, you may need to reach. Because of this fact, usability is especially important in a kitchen window. You want a product that slides or cranks effortlessly. If you need to ventilate the kitchen quickly, you should be able to do so with minimal fuss.

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There is a good reason you do not often see kitchens solely fitted with fixed windows. The kitchen is for cooking, and cooking produces a lot of steam, smoke, and odour molecules. To keep your home feeling (and smelling) its best, you want to consider air circulation. To do this, choose one or more operable windows.

If you want cross-ventilation capability in your kitchen, install separate operable windows at opposite ends of the kitchen, or install an operable skylight. As this Washington Post article explains, having openings at low and high spots in the home creates a “chimney effect.” Cool air enters at the low point, rises as it heats up, and eventually vents through the upper windows.

Natural Light

Natural light is an essential feature in any room, and the kitchen is no exception. Natural light has several health and wellbeing benefits: It helps regulate our mood, improve our circadian sleep rhythms, and facilitate our body’s production of vitamin D.

On a more technical note, natural light also helps us see what we are doing. When dealing with sharp knives and hot burners, you want as much visibility as possible. Sometimes, light fixtures alone are not satisfactory.

If you want to increase your window replacement size to allow more natural light, give Golden Windows a call. Our expert designers, manufacturers and installers are happy to help make your renovation vision a reality.


Finally, you want your kitchen windows to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. It must look amazing.

Luckily, all our window products are carefully designed and endlessly customizable to ensure they match your renovated décor perfectly. Choose from our GoldenWood® products for a rustic, homey appearance. Pick our GoldenClad® windows for a sleek, modern aluminum-clad look. Or install GoldenVinyl® windows – an elegant, clean, and adaptable option.

With those considerations in mind, let’s take a look at a few popular window options. These styles neatly slot into any kitchen renovation.


Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an ideal choice for kitchens: they are easy to operate, allow plenty of fresh air, and take up minimal space.

Sliding windows are horizontal in design, with sashes that slide back and forth rather than up and down. In the past, slider windows had a reputation for being creaky, especially after years of use. However, modern versions of the slider window use low friction brass rolling sliders, which allow for smooth operation. They are perfect for horizontal window openings.

At Golden Windows, we offer a Single Slider Window (with a single operating sash) and a Double Slider Window, in which both sashes operate. Our Double Slider Window also allows the sash to pivot towards the interior for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Awning and Double Awning Windows

Awning Windows are perhaps the most popular kitchen window style. The defining feature of an Awning Window is a top hinge that allows the sash to swing outward from the bottom. Because the sash tilts out from the house, you can open it in any weather. This is ideal for those rainy Ontario days when you need to ventilate your kitchen.

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Awning Windows are also simple to operate. They feature a straightforward roto operator that you can easily use from the other side of a kitchen counter. Finally, Awning Windows are energy efficient.

For added natural light, you can create a “combination window” by adding an Awning Window on top of a large, fixed picture window, which gives you the best of both worlds – sunshine and ventilation.

Hung Windows

Hung Windows are basically Sliding Windows that move vertically rather than horizontally. Single Hung Windows have a bottom panel that moves up and down, and a stationary upper sash. On Double Hung Windows, both the lower sash and the upper sash move up and down, typically tilting outwards.

If you have a vertical window opening in your kitchen (between cabinets, for instance), a Hung Window is a fantastic option. Like the Sliding Window mentioned above, it is easy to operate, allows ample ventilation and can be integrated into tight spaces.


Skylights are an illuminating addition to any kitchen renovation project. If your kitchen can accommodate a skylight, we recommend perusing the Velux Skylights we offer at Golden Windows. Their programmable skylights allow you to ventilate your kitchen using a convenient touchscreen remote. And some models even come with an integrated rain sensor that closes the skylight during inclement weather.

Adding Doors to Your Kitchen Remodel

If you have the space, or if your kitchen backs onto the backyard, you may consider adding a Terrace Door or Sliding Patio Door. Adding a kitchen door is an excellent opportunity to further ventilate your kitchen and add even more natural light. Plus, it helps create that popular indoor-outdoor flow.

Terrace doors vs. Patio Doors

Terrace Doors and Sliding Patio Doors are both excellent choices, and your choice will ultimately depend on a few factors:

  • Space constraints
  • Preferred aesthetics
  • Accessibility
  • Preferred locking system

Terrace Doors have a sophisticated, timeless look that matches beautifully with heritage homes, cottages and classically designed modern houses. But if your kitchen is smaller and backs onto a tight space, you may find that terrace doors do not fit your space constraints.

While Terrace Doors are not as accessible for young children (which may be a good thing if you want to keep young children from roaming outdoors), some people find the lack of a bottom track to be less of a tripping hazard. Finally, the Terrace Doors from Golden Windows come with the option of a multi-point locking system to increase security.

By contrast, Sliding Patio Doors have a bright, contemporary look that sits well alongside a modern home. (Although, increasingly, we see sliding doors integrated within older houses and cottages). Since Sliding Patio Doors do not swing out or inwards, they are ideal for tight spaces.

Their large, unobstructed glass panels introduce a lot of natural light, and they are easy for young children to manoeuvre. They do not come with the option of a multi-point locking system, but Golden Windows offers an optional security bar if home safety is a concern.

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Our Sliding Patio Doors are available in GoldenClad® (wood interior with extruded aluminum-clad exterior), GoldenWood® (wood interior and exterior) and GoldenVinyl®. Terrace Doors are available in GoldenClad® and GoldenWood®. To help you choose the right material for your home, we recently posted a material comparison; feel free to read the article at the link above.


Ideas for Integrating Your New Windows

Integrating your new windows takes some forethought, but if you follow some basic tenets, your kitchen will emerge looking and feeling perfect. As you decide on placement, style, and treatments, consider both functionality and visual appeal.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating your new windows:

  • Place operable windows near the cooking range for easy ventilation. If you have a window opening near the stove, consider replacing your current window with Double Hung Windows or Double Slider Windows, both of which vent air very well. If you do not have a window opening near the stove, consider creating a new opening as part of your renovation.
  • Position a window within cabinets to add dimension and visual intrigue. This is a trendy design concept right now. As The Spruce points out, positioning windows between kitchen cabinets creates a fluid, custom and lived-in look.
  • Choose interesting grille patterns for a dappled light effect. Some homeowners prefer a grille-less kitchen window for unobstructed natural light, while others love the patterned light you get from a grille. At Golden Windows, we give you plenty of grille choices, ranging from a simple 2” Horizontal style to a more complex Victorian grid.
  • Dress your kitchen windows with window treatments that reinforce the décor. At the link provided, you will find our recent post on choosing the right window treatments. Treatments are great for managing light, adding thermal insulation and adding personal flair to a space. Choose light, soft treatments for a flowy, airy look or hard treatments for better sun-blocking potential.

If you have specific questions about incorporating windows in your upcoming kitchen renovation, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternately, you can book an appointment at one of our showrooms to see your window options up-close. You will find showrooms for Golden Windows in Kitchener, London and Kanata.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where generations of family and friends gather to make nourishing meals, swap advice and create lasting memories. To make your kitchen as bright and breezy as possible, consider adding new windows to your next kitchen remodel.

Choose from popular styles like Hung Windows, Sliding Windows or Awning Windows, or buck the trend with your personal favourite window style. Add a bright, accessible Sliding Patio Door to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces, or choose an elegant, timeless Terrace Door. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

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