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Common mistakes in the process of cleaning the kitchen that you easily make

by phuong.seo
The kitchen is the space for you to cook nutritious and delicious food for the whole family. And a clean kitchen is important to ensure the hygiene and health of the whole family. However, many housewives inadvertently make the kitchen an environment with many potential risks of disease when improperly cleaning the kitchen. Let’s find out with Huttuscon common mistakes when cleaning the kitchen!

1. Do not completely disinfect the surface of kitchen utensils

In the kitchen, there are positions you will contact first before preparing meals such as refrigerator door handles, faucets, cabinet handles.. However, these positions are often neglected by housewives. forgot to clean the kitchen. For example, if you use your hand to turn on the faucet before washing a piece of meat. If the faucet is not cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, pathogenic bacteria will be able to enter the food easily. Therefore, when cleaning the kitchen, you should use a kitchen cleaner or cleaning solution to clean all items in the kitchen to limit bacteria and viruses from spreading through food.

2. Not often washing dish towels

Many housewives often forget to wash dishes when cleaning the kitchen. According to many studies, this item is home to many bacteria, especially bacteria that cause intestinal disease E.Coli, which significantly affects the health of your family, especially children. Therefore, you need to wash and disinfect kitchen towels and dish towels regularly. You can use vinegar , boil a towel or soak in dishwashing liquid with high heat. In addition, you should distinguish different types of towels in the kitchen and don’t just use one towel for multiple uses!

3. Do not clean the garbage in the sink when cleaning the kitchen

During the cooking process, garbage and food residues are often left in the kitchen sink filter, causing odors, attracting flies and mosquitoes, affecting kitchen hygiene. The best way is that you should clean up immediately after cooking or cleaning to limit the growth of bacteria that can affect your health. In addition, you should also perform regular disinfection and cleaning of the sink because this is where food comes into frequent contact.

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4. Only clean the kitchen surface with water

Cleaning the kitchen with water does not ensure that the kitchen surface is cleaned and completely removes bacteria, fungi, and dirt. You should use soap or cleaning and disinfecting products for optimal and safe kitchen space. Currently, on the market, a number of cleaning products are trusted to clean the kitchen including deodorant spray, dishwashing liquid, kitchen cleaner …

5. Do not clean the sink in the kitchen

way to deodorize the dishwasher

This is a dangerous but very common habit. The sink is full of germs from dirty dishes and food leftovers during processing. Both the sink and the litter compartment need to be cleaned periodically, at least once a week for the sink and every 2-3 weeks for the litter box.

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6. Only cleaning, not disinfecting

Cleaning is important, but disinfection is equally important. This important extra step will help kill germs and bacteria.

7. Skip the knob and handle

You wash your hands in the kitchen, but remember to wash everything your hands touch in the kitchen. Kitchen knobs, refrigerator handles and sink faucets all need to be cleaned and disinfected carefully.

8. Leaving dishes, pots and pans dirty for too long

The longer you let dirty dishes sit, the harder they will be to clean. According to scientific analysis, the dry food leftovers, the hardening stains will become even more difficult to clean, not to mention it creates conditions for bacteria to multiply and grow. Therefore, it is better to wash dishes by hand or by machine immediately after use.

If you don’t feel like doing it right after eating, remember this: Leftovers, dirty dishes should not be left in the sink. Remove any leftovers from the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher; or stacked them in tubs. If you have pots and pans that need soaking, fill them with hot, soapy water and remove them from the sink. That way, when it’s time to wash, you’ll make the job easier.

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9. Cleaning tools are both dirty and messy

What do your cleaning supplies look like? You have half a dozen bottles of dish soap that are almost empty, a few broken sponges, etc. The advice is that you don’t need that many items. Most jobs can be done with just dish soap and a microfiber cloth. Having too many cleaning tools not only takes up kitchen space but also makes you confused when choosing items or using the wrong utensils, increasing the risk of spreading bacteria.

So, first, collect all the kitchen cleaning supplies. Please re-evaluate which ones need to be kept, and stored in a clean, dry place. For things like old sponges, food-stained brushes, etc., throw them away.

10. Leaving grease stains on for too long

Clean up and clean up immediately after cooking

Basically, any kitchen cleaning needs to start as soon as the stain appears. You should not leave them for a long time, the more difficult it is to clean them if they stick to the safe. Not to mention, over time, the kitchen will become patchy, old, and unsightly. Specifically, the best way to keep the kitchen clean is to quickly wipe up spills, splashes such as ketchup, fried oil, pasta, etc. If you clean early, the stains will easily disappear. lost return clean space for the house.

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11. Unreasonably arranging cabinets and kitchen shelves

Everything must be in its place! – It is a traditional saying in arranging furniture. If your kitchen cabinets are a messy, disorganized mess, no matter how many cabinets you have, you will not be able to store all of your belongings, which means you will not be able to take advantage of the storage space of the kitchen cabinets. For example, you take out a bottle of olive oil to use. But when you’re done, you can’t find a place to put it back.

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Obviously, if you leave your furniture too cluttered, of course tidying up will be harder than it needs to be. So, please specify the location to fit each item. Make sure they are always arranged scientifically, in the right place, in the right place. If you’re really short on cabinets, consider adding some space-saving appliances; Or make use of the walls and floor to increase storage space, keeping the kitchen tidy. Then, cleaning the kitchen will of course become much simpler and easier.

12. Not cleaning the kitchen every day

The kitchen is the place where delicious food is prepared every day. However, during preliminary processing and cooking; tools and surfaces are covered with grease, smoke as well as dirt, etc. All create a favorable environment for bacteria or mold. From there, infectious bacteria will multiply. Especially for kitchens that lack a vacuum cleaner or do not have enough ventilation. Therefore, keeping the kitchen clean every day also contributes to overall hygiene. It will ensure the health of each family member.

In addition, a clean, fragrant kitchen will make the mood of both the cook and the person enjoying it more comfortable and happy. After a tiring day of work, there is nothing better than when the family is gathered together. Let’s have a cozy meal together in a cool and clean kitchen.

13. Do not clean the kitchen surface after cooking

This is an extremely important area because of frequent contact with food and tools. So take 5 -10 minutes a day to clean this area right after each cooking. You can make use of natural ingredients such as lemon, baking soda or salt to clean the kitchen surface. However, to save time and increase cleaning efficiency, you need the support of specialized kitchen cleaning products.

To keep your kitchen clean and fresh, clean it regularly and properly! With delicious and nutritious dishes from a clean and airy kitchen, your family’s health will be enhanced and protected more fully!

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