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Great tips you can apply to keep your dishwasher smelling fresh and clean

by phuong.seo
keep your dishwasher smelling fresh and clean
Dishwashers are “close friends” of many women today, because of the outstanding features and convenience that the product brings. However, owning modern equipment requires you to regularly maintain and “take care” of them to ensure smooth operation.
Dishwasher is a great appliance that helps to clean your dishes quickly without consuming too much water. Using them properly and cleaning them will help your machine wash dishes faster and cleaner. The chores in the kitchen will be handled much easier. So how to keep the dishwasher fresh and clean? Don’t miss this post!

Clean the dishwasher regularly

After a long time of use, the bacteria and parasites in the washing compartment will leave stains, plaque from leftovers and grease. At this time, you need to clean the dishwasher properly regularly to remove dirt and bring perfect washing effect. 

Better yet, you should clean the dishwasher once a week, and at the same time check all the internal and external parts to promptly detect errors that the dishwasher may encounter.

First: Clean the outside of the device to remove dirt and fingerprints. If your dishwasher has a plastic exterior, use soap and hot water to clean the outside. If your machine is made of stainless steel, spray glass cleaner on a cloth, then use the cloth to wipe the outside of the machine.

– The outside of the machine can get dirty and messy if you share the kitchen.

Second: Clean the feed filter once a week. Pull out the bottom rack of the dishwasher and remove the cover below the sprayer. Lift each part out into the sink and clean them with soap and warm water.

– The filter of the machine is the place to collect food debris to prevent them from falling down the drain. If leftovers accumulate a lot, your machine will have a bad smell and discomfort.

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Fourth: Clean the spray arm once a month. Pull the dishwasher rack out of the machine and remove the spray arm, put it in the sink. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. If the spray holes are clogged with food, use a toothpick or wooden skewer to remove them.

The spray arm is the part that sprays water into the dishwasher, so it’s very important to keep it free of residue and dirt.

Fifth: Clean the gasket around the dishwasher door once a month. Take a clean towel and open the door, wipe along the rubber seal around the door to wipe away food and residue. This will help keep your machine sealed and prevent leaks later on.

Friday: Put vinegar in the dishwasher once a month. Place about 240-470ml white vinegar in a clean bowl and place in the center of the lower rack. Without adding detergent, switch your dishwasher to the hottest setting and start the wash cycle. Vinegar will deodorize and clean to keep the machine smelling fresh and always fresh.

Vinegar also works to remove accumulated hard water

– You can also use commercial dishwasher cleaner instead of vinegar.

Clean the dishwasher regularly

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Rinse leftovers before putting them in the dishwasher

Large pieces of leftover food can get stuck and clog the filter. Therefore, you should remove all leftovers from the dishes before arranging the dishes in the dishwasher properly . 

With greasy dishes, you should rinse with clean water and use a deep cleaning cycle to wash away greasy residue. For low-grease dishes, you just need to rinse off the leftovers and then use the quick cleaning program. 

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Clean up before washing

Removes dirt in the filter

The filter has the function of preventing large pieces of food from clogging the drain pipe. After a period of use, food easily accumulates in the filter, causing the machine to have an unpleasant odor, and the dishes cannot be completely washed. 

Therefore, remove the filter once a month and wash it thoroughly with hot water and specialized soap to remove unwanted deposits. 

Deodorize the dishwasher

Similar to the previous “secrets”, deodorizing the dishwasher will help keep the dishes clean, fragrant and the machine will no longer have unpleasant odors. You just need to buy specialized powders for dishwasher cleaning and run the machine as usual to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Use washing products suitable for dishwashers

Specialized products will be designed to suit the structure and features of the dishwasher. Therefore, you need to choose the right products and use them according to the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, to avoid shortening the life of the machine or the situation of not dissolving soap, causing dishes not to be washed.

Fill the container with detergent exactly to the mark. Put dishwashing liquid or special detergent for the machine in their container. If you use liquid dish soap, fill them up to the correct mark to avoid overloading the wash cycle with soap.

– Absolutely do not use normal dishwashing liquid for the machine because its soap is too much causing the phenomenon to stagnate and spill out of the machine.

– If you see spots on your dishes, it’s possible that the wash water is hard or has too much substance in it. You can use salt or water softener in this case.

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Place the dishes in the tray properly.

Crockery should be turned upside down to avoid standing water and to keep the surface dry. Do not stack dishes on top of each other, this will cover the contact surface and limit the water jet. And after stacking, check if the spray arm can rotate freely without being obstructed by dishes.

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Select the correct program and wash mode.

Just like washing machines, dishwashers have many programs and options to suit different washing needs. Depending on how dirty the dishes are, the right program should be selected to shorten the wash cycle, resulting in perfect, dry and shiny results. Especially with baby bottles and eating utensils, it is necessary to choose an appropriate washing program to ensure cleanliness and hygiene for children. Read the accompanying user manual carefully for detailed instructions on how to choose the correct program and wash mode.

Select the high temperature program.

What a dishwasher can do but washing by hand cannot, is the ability to spray hot water to clean dishes. Selecting the high temperature program, the water in the machine can reach a temperature of 70ºC during the wash cycle, effectively killing bacteria.

Neutralize hard water with salt wash.

great tips you can apply to keep your dishwasher smelling fresh and clean

Hard water contains many metal ions and minerals, Hard water not only causes limescale to be deposited on dishes, but also causes minerals to settle inside the machine, which can cause rust and damage to many parts. .

The salt wash will help soften hard water – just refill the detergent dispenser when the salt addition indicator lights up.

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